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Brad's 11 inch cock pulsed in his pants and he could feel pre-cum slowly run down his legs as he approached the dark alleyway. It was the middle of January and it just so happened to be a sever blizzard taking place. He was dressed all in black that night and everything was still quiet but it was beautiful. He then stopped at what would seem the back door to a tool shed and in two seconds after looking over both shoulders to make sure that no one was watching he slipped inside. It was warm and he was glad that he had set the heat on a timer as he took off his jacket and hat he pushed a button and what seems like a little nonchalant shack in and alley was inside a decked out studio apartment. It was Brads secret hideaway that he had built, it used to be his father's tool shack and it was in back of the main house, which had been given to brad when his parents moved to Colorado. He rented out the main house but kept the shed for himself and turned into his own man cave. The windows had thick curtains on them so that you would never know if he was there at night and the entrance facing the house was always bolted shut. It had wall to wall carpet a flat screen, state of the art entertainment system and so on.

He sat down and took a huge hit from the half smoked blunt that sat in the ash tray. He enjoyed this very much..getting high and eventually getting so horny that he had to bust one and thus end with his chest, couch and face covered with cum. Brad was 38 6'1 185 a thin man and had black hair and had a really nice body, very long and lean and green eyes. As mentioned earlier he had an 11 inch cock that had made many a cunt cum and squirt, shot loads of cum in the mouths of both women and men and had fucked many a fairy's tight ass. He loved to fuck bottom line and on this particular night his friend Rick's young teen s****r had his cock aching for relief. He had just come from there thus the reason his dick was so hard. Rick tried to get him to stay the night because of the storm but Brad new that if he stayed he was gonna try to fuck that 16 year old pussy and he had to resist.

He saw the way she looked at him and could see the cunt craved his cock but it was when she passed him as she crossed the room that he knew he could have that pussy if he wanted it,because her scent filled his nose and his cock got rock hard. It was the scent her cunt was giving off it was fresh and sweet. No he had to leave because he knew he would never say no to a 16 year old teen who offered her pussy and desired his man cock. He sat there thinking about her and after smoking his weed he then began to do what he went to his man cave for he went to edging and cum and moan loudly in his sound proof getaway. Just as he pulled out his massive rod there was a knock at the door. " Who the fuck is that?" he thought. He went to the door in disbelief that someone would be out in this blizzard, then he remembered that he himself was that fool nearly 2 hours before. He was also thinking who in the hell knew he was there because he never took anyone to his spot because he never took people to his spot. In fact none of his friends knew about it. He went to the door and looked through the peep whole and nearly came when he saw who it was. It was Rick's 16 year old s****r Erin and he quickly opened the door. "Erin what in the hell are you doing out in this and how did you know I was here?" He said concern, curiosity and amusement all filling his voice. Not anger or sternness or any other harsh reaction. He knew why, it was because though he left that night to avoid fucking her, he wanted her young teen pussy so bad it made his cock so hard it almost hurt, no you see he was..well he was the guy that you hoped your teen daughter or s****r would never meet because, he was hot and the kinda guy that young teens got a crush on and the kinda guy who would sink his 11 inch cock deep inside her and teach her a lesson about getting dicked deep with a huge man cock filling her pussy up with loads of nutt.

This little red riding Hood had wondered onto the doorstep of a wolf who relished the thought of eating her...well out any way and wanted to fuck her until he collapsed. He was extremely high and any sense to resist was gone. She took of her coat and hat and boots. "Did you follow me?" he said now sitting on the couch and trying to hide his erection. "yes I did and trust me it was not easy sneaking out so quickly, that's why I went to bed early because it would seem as if I had gone to bed hours ago and my b*****r would just got to bed or assume i was in my room sl**ping" Brad looked at her licked his lips as he asked the question that he knew deep down the answer too. "why did you follow me" he said as lust filled his voice and as he watched her. She sat next to him and and slowly put her leg on his and kissed his neck as her inner thigh rubbed on his cock and she whispered "you know why..I want your man dick inside my young little innocent teen pussy" she whispered. Brad's breathing was now more heavy and he did nothing to stop her as he began to grind his hips "you sure you want this man dick deep inside your young pussy huh, can you take it cause I'm gonna fuck you. It's gonna be our little secret right, just me and you right baby you promise not to say anything and you can get this good dick in that pussy any fucking time you teen cunt." this turned her on more and she stood up and undressed. In two seconds the entire room filled with her cunt scent and it mad Brad wild it was so fresh and sweet and it was clearly ripe and begged for some cock. Her hairless pussy lips were swollen from arousal and he had her stand there as he looked at her beautiful body perfect tits long brown hair and light blue eyes she was petite and so slim she must of way 95 pounds and stood at 5'0 feet he pulled out his cock as and stroked it as she stood there sucking on one finger and pulling on one nipple and then he saw her cunt juice drip from her pussy, a long bead tricked down her leg. " you fucking cunt, your gonna find out what happens to 16 year olds who come knockin on a 38 year old horny moral less man's door." she smiled and walked to the wet bar an poured herself a drink and then she picked up one of the huge rolled joints that lie on the table and began to smoke. "I wanna be on the level with you she smiled as she got extremely baked.

He lay there stroking his cock and then she got on her knees and his dick jumped and pulsed as he anticipated this moment. Her hand felt warm and small against his cock and she gently licked the tip causing him to gasp. She opened her mouth and began to suck on his head and cupped his balls and his eyes rolled in the back of his head and he played with his nipples. Soon she was sucking the fuck out of his cock and he sat there moaning at the top of his lungs, she would deep throat she would stroke his cock as she sucked. This young teen was no joke when it came giving head though she had never sucked on a real cock before, she practiced on her the dildo that her b*****r's GF had in her draw at home. "ooooooooooh F-FUCK!" he let out grabbing the back of her head. "suck my fucking cock you young teen jail bait cunt yes baby fucking suck my man cock" he moaned through clenched teeth and started to pump his cock in her mouth. His cock was lodged in her throat and he grabbed her nose so she was f***ed to breath through her mouth and open her throat even more. She loved it, loved the way his cock felt deep in her throat and with no gag reflex he could keep it there for as long as he liked. By bow her pussy was soaking wet and she had dripped juice all over the carpet leaving a huge wet spot. His dick was covered with her slobber and he laid her down on the huge couch and fingered her young pussy. He then began to eat out this teen whore who moaned as his tongue and mouth licked and suck her hairless teen pussy lips. He attached her clit with such a fervor that she was cumming in two seconds...it was her first time and the bitch squirted all over his face and he was in utter amazement.A young 16 year old pussy's squirt juice was the freshest sweetest and intoxicating this you can imagine and he lapped every drop that he could as she lay there shaking and sqiuirming "AH AH AH AH AH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH" she moaned her her sweet adolescent voice filling the room. Brad then spit on his cock and guided it to her tiny hole, she gasped at the warm touch of his cock head on her pussy and he rubbed her clit with the head of his cock which drove her wild and as he relished the wet warm sensation on his tip it soon was too much and he had to get inside her. He watched as his huge head spread her young teen cunt lips and he slowly started to slide in. She backed away at first but he pulled her back "NO you little cunt no fucking running from this cock, you braved the blizzard for a grown man's dick your gonna take it like a grown woman you nasty hot fucking young teen whore, I've been waiting to fuck your young pussy for so fucking long and your gonna keep this just between us cause your gonna love my cock deep in your *u-d-r-ge pussy." he moaned to her and soon he slid every inch slowly into her and ignored her wincing and pleas to stop but then once he was in her pain instantly turned to overwhelming pleasure that she had never known in her life her pussy became so wet and she knew she would be cumming on his cock in no time

He let out a deep moaning growl as he sank into her and he began to pump in and out in and out in very long slow strokes gasping every time on the down stroke "oh you fucking bitch yes i'm fucking that young teen pussy and nobody fucking knows oooooooooh fuck yes" he whimpered in her ear. Her pussy was so fucking tight and wet and warm. You see fellas there aint no pussy like that of a teens and 16 year old pussy is a very good year. "oh fuck my little pussy...oh oh fuck my cunt with your man cock yes Brad fuck my young teen cunt I woan't ever tell I promise.. please just fuck me it feels so good" she moaned as she bucked her hips upward which caused him to moan even more. This caused the pace to speed up as she began to buck faster and harder as she got closer to cumming and they had a great rhythm and thanks to his edging over the years he was able to fight off cumming but he wouldn't for long because 16 year old pussy is too fucking good "oh oh oh oh fuck yes fucking pussy tight on my man cock i'm a fucking predator fucking your teen pussy right now so they can try to catch me if they fucking can" he said out and then it happened her cunt tightened and she started to cum on his massive dick. "OH OH OOOOOAAAAH AH AH UUUUUUUUUUUUGH" she screamed loudly as she came all over his dick. He watched his massive cock slide in and out of her and he was turned on as he saw his vein covered dick's cock red, it was beet red and so sensitive. He pulled out and then started to eat her pussy and finger fuck her "hey my little cunt you gonna let me bust my nutt deep inside your young pussy huh? you want to feel my warm load inside you?" he asked as he made her suck on his cock and taste herself. She managed to mumbled something that signaled yes not that it mattered because he was gonna nutt in her anyway and he took his cock and buried it slowly in her again and started to fuck her nice and slow with slow strokes and with each stroke his pace picked up unitl finally he was pile driving her young pussy and he was moaning with so much lust in his voice. He was getting close but fighting it off as long as he could and he put his head next to her and she whispered in his ear "I'm really 15" when this happened he lost it, the very words she uttered caused him to cum because the taboo fucking became even more so "FUUUUUUUUUUCK YESSSSSSS SAY IT AGAIN" he cried out as he deep dicked her fast and hard and she whispered it again and again even as he busted "I'm CUUMMMMIIIIIING" and he sank balls deep into her and unload the biggest nutt of his perverted life. She gasped as she felt his load shooting hard inside her it was warm against her pussy walls and as he came he turned his head and she could not see the look on his face the expression of one who literally just experienced a bit of heaven tears fell from his eyes as he came because it was so overwhelming and intense in fact he had never felt anything like it. He collapsed on top of his teen nympho cock still in her and could not move. She herself was in a state of euphoria, amazed that her pussy could ever know suck pleasure. The lights in the room were dim and it was nice and warm finally Brad slowly pulled his sensitive cock out of her and cum dripped from his prick and trickled out of her cunt. The room smelled of freshly fucked teen pussy and his cum..a good smell that only kept him horny. "So what am I gonna do, I can't go back in this storm" she said and he was actually surprised that she would suggest that he would make her. "are you k**ding your staying here I will take you home in the morning around 6am when it's still dark that way you can sneak in, no your gonna stay here with me all night and besides I want more of that little pussy of yours" he said with a grin as he tussled her long brown hair. "your cock is so big, I love that you fucked me and I'm only 16 it's so dirty" she laughed "listen nobody can ever fucking know" he said laid back like but serious. "are you k**ding I would never tell, you think I want to mess with up getting more man cock" she laughed and took a hit of the joint. He turned on the big flat screen tv and pulled out the couch which turned in to a huge ass bed and she looked at his beautiful body. Her young pussy got wet and she knew that she was getting ready for round two

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