Mark lay there in bed after just waking up and as usual his 9 inch cock was standing at full attention. He was 35 blonde with eyes that were sky blue. He was about 6'1 and was a runner so his body was really lean and rock solid. this morning was no different from the last except it was Saturday which meant he was off of work. On Saturdays and Sundays he had the little one's having just gotten a divorce from his bitch of a wife who if still married to him would not take care of his hard on always riding his ass for waking up horny, not that he wanted to really fuck her in the first place. She did not look the same in fact she let herself go and you would think that she would have felt lucky that he was still with her. Mark was HOT a fucking catch and a really good guy. He could have cheated on her sorry ass but he never did. He thought as he lay there. Another benefit of her leaving was that he could smoke his pot again, which he did every Saturday and Sunday morning. He always woke up and smoked and had a nice edging session on Saturdays and Sundays something he could not do when married in fact the only time he could jerk off was when he was in the shower or when she left. He got a lot of pussy too but he would bring the cunts back during the week when the little ones were with his ex. He lay there in bed and lit a huge joint and relaxed.

He knew they were still asl**p and would not be up for hours. As he smoked he looked at his massive white cock as it twitched and oozed pre cum. He was so horny and had been since the day before which was Friday. Mark is a social worker and is pretty good at and it got into the field because he wanted to make a difference. On his last stop yesterday he did something that actually caused him to wake up hornier and harder than usual. He had a case # 45229 and he had to make a house call as part of the routine check except this stop was always his favorite because he really liked the f****y. It was a black mother with her two k**s and the her daughter had caught his eye. She was 15 and beautiful and at first he thought that he had an innocent adoration for her. She was bright warm and very nice and truth be told they were out of the woods in terms of needing a social worker and he had dropped their case a year ago when the the d**g dealer father had been sent to jail. It was when he found himself masturbating and thinking about her that he knew he was in trouble but he could not help it he wanted her so fucking bad. Young black teen pussy was all he could think about and he wanted hers but alas it just to be a fantasy and that never hurt anyone. He knocked on the door and was happily surprised when Tiya opened the door. "Hey Mr. Wilson" she said " Come on Tiya how many times have I told you to call me mark" he said with a smile. Little did he know that Tiya had a crush on her hot white social worker and that this young teen was not as innocent as her age made her seem. She was beautiful and slim just perfect in every way.

Her skin was perfect and looked soft. she laughed "I'm sorry I can't help it I'm so used to calling you Mr. Wilson" he stepped in and noticed that it was quiet "where is your mom and b*****r?" he asked "oh well Travis took mom to the city for an appointment and won't be back until late tonight and I have homework so I stayed behind. "so nobody's home?" he said and it was then that Mark's prick began to swell in his slacks as a fantasy of fucking a teen left home alone creeped into his head. He noticed her huge tits in her tank top and could tell she was not wearing a bra due to the fact that her nipples were hard as rocks and poking through her shirt which struck him as odd because it was not cold it was the end of spring and what huge nipples they were too. They were hard because she was turned on by Mark, his smile, blue eyes and hot body and the smell of his cologne was so intoxicating to this teen. Just then She noticed that his cock was bulging in his slacks "Mr. Wilson are you hard?" she asked. Mark's heart nearly stopped until she placed her hand on his cock and started rubbing. He could not believe it and though he knew how wrong it was he could not stop her he wanted her too much. "it's so big" she whispered as he started to kiss her. She had answered the door wearing a white large t-shirt and smelled like she had just gotten out of the shower. "fuck i want you so bad babygirl" Mark said to her as her pulled her young teen tit out and sucked it licking her big dark brown nipple. He could feel pre cum ooze out of his 35 year old 9 inch cock and run down his leg and then when she hiked her leg up he got a whiff of her cunt's scent and it sent in into a lustful state so deep that he threw all caution to the window. Her young black teen cunt smelled so delicious he took his hand as he sucked he tit and slid his hand through the sides of her white cotton panties which were drenched from her pussy juice. Her smooth hairless bald cunt jerked as he rubbed on her clit. "mmmmm...yea you like that don't you..huh tell me you like when I rub your black teen cunt" "I-I like when you rub my black teen cunt Mr.-M-Mark" she moaned and then he slowly slid his finger inside her wet young hole. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as he slid in another finger. He had such large hands and long fingers and she was so wet that pussy juice splattered the floor as if she was pissing. "yea bitch that right let that cunt juice go, cum for me my little jungle bunny" His cock was so hard that it began to hurt yet it felt so good and his pants now had a huge wet spot from pre cum soaking through.

He got on his knees and pulled off her drenched panties and put them in his pocket then he pulled out a small jar and caught a good amount of her cunt juice. He smiled as he did and looked at her and said "That's for me, now let taste that black ghetto cunt." He ate her pussy like only a white man can and had this teen begging for his massive adult white cock to be inside. Marks beautiful long thick white dick stood there jumping and he put it on display so she could see what this sexy hot 35 year old white man was gonna shove balls deep inside black young teen 15 year old cunt. Pre-cum dangled and oozed from his cock head which was now beet red "you wanna taste man cock huh? come clean the pre off my cock " she got on her knees and started by licking his tip which caused him to whimper lightly and jerk because it felt so good soon his whole shaft was in her mouth.

He stood there mouth hanging open and amazed at the way she expertly sucked his cock and he gave over completely now to the lust and perversion and even got turned on more by the fact that not only was she 15 and he 35 but he was her social worker whom she wanted to fuck it was so wrong but so hot. "oh..fuck..yes..suck my cock baby..oooooh fuck yes suck my cock" he placed his hand on the back of her head as she sucked and stroked this beautiful white man's beautiful dick and she licked his shaved balls. She then licked her finger and slowly slid it in his ass causing him to all but collapse and his eyes closed and mouth hung open. It felt so fucking good to have his prostate massaged "Jesus fucking..oh oh fuck..deeper babygirl.ah ah..ah." he moaned and then positioned him self so that she could suck and finger him better. "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK YES FUCK HARDER...OH OH OH MY GOD OH YES HARDER FINGER MY ASS HARDER." he was losing it and when she took her other hand to play with his low hanging balls so that she was sucking, finger fucking his ass, and playing with his balls at the same time he lost it "OH F-FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK" he yelled out as he placed one hand against the wall to brace himself and she felt his ball sack tighten and rise his cock get even harder and his ass tighten around her finger then bam he began to shoot his huge man load in to her teen mouth and down her young throat.

She loved his taste and he came so hard that she nearly had some trouble getting it all. As he came she felt the inside of his ass spasm with each stream of cum that filled her mouth "UH..UH..UH..UH..UH..UH..OOOH" he let out as each rope of nut shot from his cock. He stood there legs shaking as he breathed heavily and in disbelief of the amazing orgasm he just had, but he was still rock hard..he was that turned on and horny. "up bitch up I'm gonna fuck that black pussy" He carried her in to the living room and laid her down on the couch and slowly sank his 9 inch thick white cock deep in her. "OHHHHHHHH SHIT" she moaned "e-easy-ouch oooooo so-so-big" soon his cock was pile driving her cunt and he was beside himself. She was so fuck tight and goddamned wet and warm that though he just blew a huge load there was no way he was gonna last long. The room now smelled of fresh sweaty teen pussy and he Mark's moans were almost b**stly and when he did speak his words seemed mumbled, which was because her pussy was so good that he was a extremely deep state of lust a perversion in other words the pussy was so good the man was gone as he fucked her. He could hear his balls slap against her bald cunt as he repeatedly slammed her snatch and he could hear the the juices of her pussy sloshing around. He looked at his cock and loved the sight of his big white man cock sliding in and out of her tiny young teen pussy.

His shaft all shiny from her pussy juice and the couch soaked. It was when she came again this time on his cock that he lost it to he was really plowing her cunt "! ah ah ah fuck oh oh fucking tight" he said "M-Mark right there right there right there...don't stop..don't stop harder harder yes YES YEEEEEEEEEEEEES" and she started to squirt all over his cock. Well her pussy clamped around his cock naturally and that was it for him "say you promise say it say it SAY IT" he moaned and she knew just what to say and she looked up at her 35 year old white pussy slayer as he drilled her teen pussy "I pormise not to tell my mom" she whispered and he was done for "oh fuck me mutherfucking black teen cunt whore fuck I-I'm G-G-GONNA cum in side your C-CUNT!" and he slammed one last time deep inside her until only his balls hung out and he came inside her pussy "AAAAAAAH...AAAAAAAH...AAAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAA" he let out slight pumping deep inside her. His loud moan ended with him whimpering as the last part of his orgasm subsided. He lay there his perfect hot white lean muscular white body d**** over the teen he had just fucked and who made him intensely cum twice. He had not felt as relaxed and this depleted from fucking in years it was like losing his virginity all over again. He body shook as he slowly pulled his prick out of her because it was so sensitive and still very hard and when he went to stand his legs felt like jelly and he had trouble walking. She lay there legs spread as cum poured from her cunt.

She was amazed at this beautiful man who had violated her, abused his power and she loved it. This amazing white man she wanted to worship him and his cock forever she thought. Mark indeed was a site to see his hot hard body glistening from sweat, his cock head red and a drop of cum dripping fro his head. He got dressed and told her he would stop by next week and to remember their secret. So there he lay the next morning in bed thinking about what he did and smiled at his perverted predatory deed and it made him so horny not to mention that he was high as fuck so he got up and walked to his desk stoking his massive cock. He took the panties of hers from the day before and dipped them in the cunt juice he had collected and lubed his pocked pussy up real nice and he held the panties to his nose and sniffed as he fucked his toy pussy. "oh oh oh fuck oh yes ye oh fuck yes fucking pussy feels so good on my fucking cock yes oh fuuuuuuck" he moaned as he began his edging session he edged for about 3 hours and knew that the k**s would be up soon so he had better shoot soon "AH..AH..AH..AH..AH..fuck yes fuck yes oh FUUUUUCK" and it was at this point he heard a knock and "daddy we want breakfast" but he was already past the point of return and could not hold back nor did he want to and he moaned out as he began to shoot inside his toy "I'm CUUUUMMMIIIIIIING" and as he practically recreated the intense nutts he had the day before. His son who heard him on the other side just thought his dad was telling him he would be "coming" but no daddy was pleasuring his cock and perving out. He smiled after cumming feeling happy and relaxed. I fucking love being nasty he thought and could not wait until they took their nap so he could have round two.

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1 year ago
an amazing story
1 year ago
Love fucking tight teen cunt and then fucking the bitch's mother slack loose wet cunt after she has seen me nut in her daughters tight cunt!
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please please please continue this story, I am leaking
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Hot story I love hearing about a white stud fucking a black cunt , love seeing a black cunt gripping and milking a thick cock
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That was so hot! I love black teen pussy.
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Hot story, love the white girl treating that black cunt like that. I love teen sex too, awesome :-)
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Way to go!! nice to read something different.. getting tired of the bbc vs. White girl.. time for some White guy vs ebony girls.. :)
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hot story!!made me hard!!keep the work up!