Jake's 17 year old cock was about to be dipped deep inside Erin's 16 year old cunt as she lay on the divan in the den, when he heard his mom's young new boy friend Kurt call her name. He quickly grabbed his clothes and jumped into the closet leaving the door slightly cracked. He was surprised that Kurt was naked and his jaw dropped at the size of his cock. Kurt was very slim yet he had a muscular build and he had a goatee and a shaved heard. He was 32 and had tat on his arms and one on his chest Jake was surprised that his young 8 inch cock twitched as he admired Kurt's body. His ass was perfect in his balls were huge and hung low Jake suddenly felt a desire to have them in his mouth. He fought with himself as he watched Erin sit up and get a smirk on her face as if she had done this before. She was a best friends with Jake's s****r Carley and had stayed the night and that morning Carley and her mother had to go out of town for a school trip a trip in which Erin's parents banned her from going but had agreed to let her spend the night seeing as her best friend would be gone for a week. She could drive so she could go home when ever she wanted. She had a slim body and perfect pert and perky tits he cunt was hairless except for a little trail and she was hot. Kurt licked his lips ass he looked at her too and really want to be in her pussy, but he then realized if Kurt's naked and she is spreading her leg to reveal the perfect young pussy "oh fuck" he whispered as he realized they are gonna fuck. This actually turned Erin on knowing Jake would have to watch her tight, wet,warm teen pussy get fucked by a huge man cock. Kurt got on his knees licked his finger and began to play with her clit. She moaned and he said "yea baby girl you gonna let me make that young little teenage cunt sing to day? huh? you want my cock deep in that snatch?" He was so fucking nasty and lust filled and sexy as fuck and Jake began to Stroke his dick as this screen unfolded. Kurt then began to eat that teen's cunt with such perfection that Jake felt like he was in a Master Class. She moaned and writhed her pussy back and forth her nipples hard as rocks and Kurt loved tasting her young fresh teen cunt, she was so sweet so clean and so fresh. Jake rubbed the huge bead of precum over his cock and soon had all the lube he needed. Kurt after eating Erin's pussy until she came then took his finger and slid it inside her. She moaned even louder "OOOOH YEEES...AHHH IT FEEL SO GOOD" and he slipped in another finger and another and soon he placed his hand on her lower abdomen and then finger fucked the shit out of her she began to squirt all over the fucking couch and carpet. Jake nearly came when seeing this and had to stifle his moans. Kurt's perfect 10 inch was now so hard that the helmet was deep red almost purple and it twitched and bounced and oozed thick pre-cum. He took the vein covered prick and rubbed the head between her cunt lips. they were so smooth, so very fucking wet and he moaned as he felt the warm of the pussy on the under part of his head..the tip. He then whispered "you want my man cock inside you cunt? huh? you ready a big dick to dig deep in you little young teen pussy? tell Kurt you want it." he said and she begged like a young litte bitch and he then slowly slid his massive grown man cock into her hot hairless teen pussy he gasped and then moaned out "OH FUCK...OH...OH..FU..FU..FUCK YES." as he began to pump her. As Jake slowly stroked his teen cock he could smell her young fresh cunt as it's scent filled the entire room her smell wafted to his nose and he licked his lips more. He could see that her cunt had started to cream as Kurt's massive man dick slid in and out in and out in and out of this little perfect bald teen pussy.

She played with Kurt's nipples as he fucked her every which way. He began to go deep until his ball were only visible and then once all the way in he would swirl his cock around like he was stirring her cunt juice with his cock and you could hear the wetness of her tight pussy, now you must remember he has a 11 inch cock so while she could take balls deep could be a bit much and she yelped and tried to push him back "no no you fucking take this cock..take it cunt... you wanna mess with man cock teen you will get man cock" he said through clenched teeth in a lust filled voice, holding her arms down and making her take it. She moaned in agony and protest and said "ow ow K-K-Urt please not so deep please nooo St-st-op" But then just as he suspected she soon began begging for him to keep hitting her spot. He knew all her young teen cunt needed was to get used to it and then her pussy would sing and boy did it "FUCK ME FUCK ME YES YES FUCK MY TEEN PUSSY SO GOOD KURT..OH I PROMISE TO NEVER TELL YOU FUCK MY YOUNG TEEN PUSSY..YES YES IT'S OUR SECRET" she moaned out in response to him saying. "FELL GOOD? HUH CUNT? MY BIG ADULT MAN COCK FEEL GOOD IN THAT YOUNG TEENAGE PUSSY? TELL ME BABY TELL ME>>>YES IT"S OUR SECRET TOO RIGHT MY BEAUTIFUL TEEN CUNT?" as he slowly stroked her pussy with his cock. HE pussy was so fucking good to. It was really fucking tight and so wet and the warm as fuck. Her cunt smell filled his nose and he moaned out like a bitch himself because she felt so good. Jake stood in the closet and stroked his hard teen cock and moaned out no more caring if Kurt knew he finally just walked out because he could no longer take it. Little did he know Kurt knew he was in there the whole time and with out missing a beat Kurt looked over and waved him to come over to join. Jake stood there his huge teen cock in his hand dripping fresh teen pre cum. Jake could not avoid looking at Kurt's sexy lean body,Erin saw this and got a sly grin on her face Jake was in to Kurt too. She whispered in Kurt's ear and. Kurt looked at her for a second and then got this wicked grin in his face. "Jake can I suck you cock?" he asked. Jake was stunned and seemed hesitant though deep down he knew he wanted it but as not to seem to eager he played it off. He let them coax him into and pretended to resist a little but soon he found his cock lodged deep in the back of Kurt's throat. "OH..ssss...shit..that feels so good." his young teen voice moaned out as Kurt expertly sucked his big young dick. As he sucked he fucked Erin's hairless teen pussy slowly pumping it and edging his cock with her cunt.

They all were moaning loudly. "I wanna watch" Jake said and he sat on the arm of the couch as Kurt started really fuck her teen pussy with vigor. He tore the pussy up good too and his perverted side really shown. "FUCK YES FUCK YES OH OH FUCK! young teen pussy is so good so fucking good oh fuck..oh you fucking cunt..take my cock you cunt. fucking tight pussy having whore. FUCK..YOU..FUCK..YOU..FUCK..YOU" He moaned in raw lust filled ecstasy almost as if he was half crying, which he was and a single tear ran down his cheek as this glazed looked came over his eyes and his face turned red and his mouth froze in a "OH" formation but no sound came out because he had now gone silent. All this because her pussy felt so amazing he could not believe he was fucking a teen and no one would find out and he would never get caught as he relished in his perversion for teen cunt. Then stoked hard one more time and buried balls deep his cock inside her and said "FUCK GONNA CUM IN SIDE YOUR BARLEY LEGAL TEEN PUSSY!!" this of course was almost hard to make out because he moaned,cried,mumbled and whimpered as his cock began to shoot inside her young pussy and fill her with cum. Then he let it out the more intense the nut got with each squirt. "AH..AH...AH..AH HA HA....AH.gasp..gasp..AAAAH" his leg jerking as he came. Jake sat there and stroked his cock and watched this beautiful man have his beautiful nut and Jake watched Kurt's perfect ass buck up and down and watched his perfect cock slide in and out of her pussy. The sight of Kurt's balls almost disappearing and his ass hole and taint pulsing from him cumming sent Jake over the edge his cock head was so swollen that it was red and shiny and his balls tightened and then bam "OH SHIIIIIIIIIT" he moaned out and thick white rope after thick white rope of teen cum began shooting from his dick. Jet stream after jet stream shot directly between Kurt's ass cheeks on on to his hole as well as his taint and balls. Kurt who was still cumming suddenly felt the nice warmth of jizz on his hole and running down his balls it was a great sensation as he came. Jake's nutt was so intense that he almost fell on to the floor. When Kurt came and buried his entire cock deep inside Erin he was still pumping his cock driving it hard and kept hitting her spot and his shaft rubbed her clit, causing her to cum hard one last time. They all lay there panting, sweaty and loving the smell of sex that had now filled the room. It wasn't long before Jake's cock got hard again and Kurt grabbed Jake's cock and guided it in Erin's cunt which was still filled with Kurt's fresh warm load.

Jake could not believe the feeling of pussy and he didn't last long "oh Shit...OH..OH..OH..SHIT YEA...G-G-GAH-GONNA FUCKING CUM! FUUUUUUUUCK...mmmmmmmmmmm....uhg..uhg..uhg..shhhhhit" He said with a lust filled moaned as he whimpered in her ear. Of course seeing this Kurt was so turned on that he too shot a load on Jake's ass returning the favor. PLEASE LEAVE DIRTY PERVERTED COMMENTS IT REALLY TURNS ME ON.
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6 months ago
Mmmm totally hot!!! Yes i agree...jake needs to ride kurts fat erin rides jake!!!
11 months ago
That's one hot story I would love to see Kurt fuck Jake!! ;p
1 year ago
man fuck'n write some more Jake & Kurt must have fucked each other while Erin was sucking their cocks. another episode please
1 year ago
great perversions. next time have Jake and Kurt splashing all over Erin's tits, then they both lick it off
2 years ago
Man that was intense
in the next installment have Kurt & Jake double fuck her & fuck each other Please.
2 years ago
Hot experiences!
Thank you for writing this great story
2 years ago
damn wish i was the to try 2 big dicks n my pussy fuckn the shit outta me then cummin mmmmmm damn im wet
2 years ago
It was hot! I wanted more, the nasty the
better... OH, I love dirty fucking....
2 years ago
God that was a fucking hot story
2 years ago
Loved it...I'd likee to be the clean-up man for all three of them.