Katie's Awakening

Katie had just finished soccer practice when her phone buzzed a reminder.

Dentist appointment.

She was late. Practice went longer than expected and the team had a meeting to hash out some of the drama that lingered from a party that weekend. These are the issues of playing on a women's college team, you not only have the straight girls who have guy problems, but the lesbians also have issues with each other. The team captain had to clear the air about something that happened between two girls on the team. Katie, being a freshman, was still new to this world and so listening to two of her teammates discuss raw details about a girl they were fighting over had her head spinning.

Katie had never been with a girl before and never considered it, but one of the girls who was involved in this meeting had approached her early in the season. The captain said teammates were off-limits for relationships in-season, because it could cause problems on the field. But it was pretty clear that no one followed that rule.

On her way to the field house, Katie called the dentist's office to try to get a later appointment. The secretary said the office closed after her appointment. She had to have her checkup complete to comply for the season and the next appointment wasn't for three weeks? Katie was upset and then the dentist came on the phone.

"Katie, it's Dr. Warren. I have some paperwork to handle so I can wait for you after hours if you'd like." he said.

Katie thanked him profusely and told herself to get there as soon as possible so not to make the man wait.

Rather than go back to her dorm, Katie opted to shower at the field house, which few of the girls did. She stripped out of her socks, shorts, practice shirt and sports bra. She pulled out her hair band and wrapped a towel around her sweaty young body. She headed to the shower area and stepped into a stall where the water was immediately hot.

She let the water wash off the dirt from her knees and shins and clear the sticky sweat from her tanned, toned body. She put a dollop of shower gel in her hand and lathered her skin.

"You don't shave?" a voice suddenly echoed in the shower.

Katie opened her eyes and wiped the soap away. It was Sara, the team captain who just held the meeting. Sara was like a den mother, always looking after everyone. She was a senior, blonde and tall with muscular legs and a friendly smile. She wasn't the best player on the team, but everyone loved her. She was their glue.

Katie was a bit embarrassed and put her hand over her dark muff and laughed.

"No I, um...."

Sara grinned and walked to another stall and turned on the water. She turned to face Katie just as she opened her towel to not just reveal her perky, firm breasts, but a completely shaved cooch. She looked like a Barbie Doll. She then winked at the freshman as if to say, 'This is how it's done.'

Katie finished showering with Sara's image in her mind. She went to dress and as she took the clothes she wore to class out of her locker, she realized her panties were soaked in sweat from practice. She couldn't go back to her dorm to get a fresh pair so instead she went bottomless. It felt weird, but she was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. It was no big deal, really.

Katie walked to her car, feeling herself naked under her baggy sweats. She jumped into the humid car and drove to the dentist office. She kept thinking about Sara's body. She felt herself getting a little aroused and played with her pussy while driving. It was enough to stimulate her, something she'd often done since she hit puberty and figured out how to make herself tingle. Her nipples perked under her t-shirt and bra.

She pulled into the parking lot, which was empty other than one Mercedes sedan, which she figured was the dentist's car. Her arousal subsided some as she entered the office waiting room.

"Katie?" a grown man's voice called from the reception desk area. Dr. Warren rolled his seat around to see her.

"Yes, thank you so much for waiting for me."

He got up and lead her to Exam Room 1, where he would get a look at her teeth, take some x-rays and fill out the paperwork necessary for her eligibility. Katie sat in the chair with her hands on her stomach and Dr. Warren reclined the seat until she was almost prone. Another glance had him notice how her nice sized breasts sat up high off her chest even in that position.

Katie opened her mouth and the dentist inspected her gums. Dr. Warren's mind was already in overdrive. He hardly looked at her teeth as he endured an internal battle over ethics and desire. He told himself he'd never do it again, but here he was, ready to do it again.

"Katie," he then said. "You have an issue with one of your molars. I could clean it out and fill it for you, but it would be rather painful without anesthesia."

Ok, she said, with her mouth open.

He brought her a form to sign that gave him permission to use anesthesia. She signed it and then he proceeded to put the mask over her face. His hands trembled as he tried not to let her see him nervous.

"Just relax, think of something nice and count to 10," he said as he left the room.

Katie thought of Sara. Of her shaved cooch and confidence and sweet smile. Her perky boobs. She felt her body get aroused again but then she was out cold before she reached 7.

Dr. Warren came in and tried to wake her. He touched a sensitive part of her mouth and she didn't flinch. He got quickly to work on cleaning her teeth and polishing them, so her mouth felt like he had done something. Within 15 minutes, he was done.

Now it was his time.

He lifted her shirt up to expose her breasts in her bra. She was a well-built young girl with tan, very toned skin and supple breasts. He caressed them over her white cotton bra. They were a handful, so surprisingly big for her frame. But you couldn't tell under the baggy shirt she was wearing.

He reached under her and unclasped the bra. A quick glance at the tag told him Katie was a 34C. He lifted the cups away from her tits and looked with delight as they fell only slightly to the sides. Her pink nipples were perked. He suckled Katie's nipples and kissed them. Katie breathed peacefully. He reached for his phone and snapped pictures of her bare tits.

Dr. Warren's cock grew hard in his suit pants and he unzipped his pants and pulled it out. He slapped it against Katie's tit a few times. Precum spit across her skin. He moved the mask aside for a second and pressed his cock head against her lips. He opened her mouth and slipped his cock into it, feeling her warm tongue against his shaft. He fucked her mouth for a few seconds and snapped a few more pictures with his phone of his cock in her mouth.

He put the mask back over her mouth and told himself enough was enough. Jerk off on her stomach, clean her up and get her out of here.

But he first wanted to get a look.

She was wearing sweatpants, Dr. Warren thought to himself. Easy off, easy back on. He just wanted to see her little cooch. Then he'd put everything back and wake her.

He slid his hands to the waistband and tugged them down off her hips. He had to pull harder to get them around her muscular ass. He quickly realized as the sweats slid over her ass and hips that this girl was not wearing panties.

Not only was she not wearing panties, she had a thick, hairy bush. Judging by her age (18), he figured Katie was a freshman. Judging by her hairy, unkempt twat, he figured Katie was a virgin.

He pulled the sweats down to her ankles and parted her muscular thighs. He saw a glisten within her dark thatch and her pink clit somewhat swollen and visible. He hands caressed her breasts gently as he lowered his face to her mound.

He inhaled her scent. Katie was getting aroused.

Dr. Warren nudged her slit with his nose. He parted her thighs a bit more and ran his tongue along her pussy lips. He followed several times the same pattern until her muff was matted with moisture and her clit was swollen in full view.

He slid his tongue into her young virgin pussy. He suckled her juices. His cock bucked wildly and spat precum on the chair between her legs.

As he took off his pants and moved Katie down the chair, he continually said, 'Don't do it. Don't do it.'

But he was about to do it.

Dr. Warren pushed his cock into her tight, wet pussy. It was almost impossible to penetrate just his head. He went to find petroleum jelly and lathered it on his cock. He moved back into position and pushed again into her. This time, the head popped in.

He got only half of his big, mature cock inside her little pussy and gently fucked her. He watched her tits jiggle with his movement. Her hair fell around her face and over her closed eyes. Her mouth stayed open and breathed softly.

He could feel his balls ready to burst in a matter of moments. He held out as long as he could and then pulled out and fired his seed onto her flat, toned tummy. His cum dripped into her muff.

As Katie laid on the chair, naked and fucked, safely under anesthesia, Dr. Warren inspected her body one last time. He then got to cleaning up. He swept the floor, wiped the chair and put Katie's clothes back in place. He clasped her bra underneath her back and pulled her t-shirt back down. He checked her hair for any errant drips of cum. He was glad for one thing: being a jock girl who came straight from soccer practice, Katie didn't have any makeup to smear.

He removed the anesthesia mask from her face and checked the clock. Katie would be awake in about 60 seconds. Dr. Warren went to his office and prepared her paperwork.

Katie woke slowly and felt in a fog. She momentarily forgot where she was and immediately called out for her mother.


Dr. Warren looked up. He went to the door of the exam room and smiled. "Katie, it's Dr. Warren. You're at the dentists office. Remember?"

"Um...yeah. Oh yeah."

"Just sit tight and breathe deeply, you should be OK in a few minutes."

Katie laid there, slowly coming to. She looked around the room. She felt a little pain her mouth and could tell something was done in there. She also felt a strange sensation in her private area. It was a bit of pain and also a different feeling. She was too embarrassed to look. She just wanted to get back to her dorm and sl**p.

"Your paperwork is done. Your mouth is 100 percent perfect now."

Katie took the forms in the folder and sat up from the chair. She felt a soreness down there. Did she pull something in practice? Something just didn't feel right.

"Is something wrong?" Dr. Warren asked.

Katie blushed. "No, just sore from practice. I'll be fine."

He watched as she got up from the chair and headed for the exit. "Thank you for making extra time for me," she called back.

"My pleasure," he replied.

Katie went to her car and drove back to campus. The soreness in her crotch had subsided a little, but she continued to feel a strange sensation there. It was more than just the fact that she wasn't wearing panties. It felt like she pulled a muscle, but not in her legs or hip but actually inside her.

She got back to her dorm and went to her room and closed the door. Her roommate left a note saying she would be at her boyfriend's for the night. Katie kicked off her sneakers and slipped out of her sweats and found a fresh pair of panties.

Then she heard a knock on the door. It was Sara.

"Kates, you there?"

Katie pulled her panties on and put her sweats on too. She opened the door.

Sara walked in and noticed Katie looked uncomfortable. "You OK freshie?"

Katie sat on her bed with her arms folded on her lap. The discomfort continued. It was embarrassing.

How do you tell someone about something like this?

"Have you ever, you know, pulled something down there?"

Sara grinned. "What do you mean by down there? You mean your cooch?"

Katie nodded.

"Let's have a look. You know I am a PT major."

Katie hesitated. "No, I um..."

Sara sat next to her.

"Come on, I won't bite."


Sara put her hands on Katie's arms firmly and looked her in the eye.

"Relax," she said softly. "Whatever the perverted dentist did to you, I'll do 10 times better."

Katie gasped. Perverted dentist?

In Sara's firm clutches, Katie felt her body giving way. She wanted to let Sara take control.

Sara laid Katie on her back. She pulled the sweats back down and positioned herself between the young girl's knees. She eyed the hairy, soft pink pussy and began to kiss along Katie's meaty inner thigh.

Katie took a deep breath and slowly let it out as she felt Sara's lips gently graze along her very sensitive skin. She felt her pussy begin to ache and throb from the inside. She wanted so badly for Sara to touch her there. But Sara took her time. Sara knew what she was doing.

Katie laid on her back with her eyes closed, picturing Sara's perfect Barbie body nude in the shower earlier that day. That wink she gave her as she dropped the towel with such confidence. As Katie was lost in her daydream, the image of a mature cock flashed into her consciousness.

Sara's tongue slid along Katie's slit and it made the young girl tense up. She clenched her blanket in her fists and lifted her pelvis to meet Sara's mouth.

Katie inhaled deeply again, then exhaled.

"You really need to let me shave you," Sarah whispered, as she picked a pube off her lip.

Sara went to Katie's cabinet and took out scissors, a razor and shave cream. She snipped the young girl's pubes down to a matted thatch and then applied the cream. Then, she gently, carefully shaved her pussy until it was a fleshy mound of skin. Sara took wipes and cleaned Katie's crotch and lavished it with lotion. Katie laid there, enjoying the erotic pampering.

"There," Sara said. "That's better."

Sara's skilled tongue then worked Katie's young pussy over. With her legs spread wide, her pussy looked like a pink carnation in bloom. Her clit swelled through her lips and Sara nibbled on it, which made Katie moan. Katie let go of the blanket with one hand and slid it up her shirt and to her bra. She fondled her breast and continued to moan as Sara's tongue worked such incredible magic.

Katie felt the orgasm coming and she closed her thighs around Sara's head. Sara took firm hold of Katie's thighs and went in for the kill. Katie's pussy quivered as the orgasm reached it's pinnacle and Katie moaned loudly.

Sara giggled and tossed a pillow on her face. Katie pressed the pillow over her mouth as she cried out two breaths of the orgasm. Sara pulled away and laid next to Katie. She gently kissed the freshman's sweaty forehead.

"Feel better?" she then asked.

Katie nodded and grinned. She laid there on the bed, feeling so worked over. Her body was electric. Her pussy still quivered and tensed. Her breasts so sensitive.

Sara got up from the bed and went to the door. She looked back with a smile and left.

Katie should have been freaking out. She should have been freaking out about a lot of things. What happened at the dentist's office. What happened to her private area. And what just happened with Sara.

But instead, her body was raging hormones and arousal. Her pussy had been teased -- twice, though she didn't know it -- and it was craving more. She felt good, but so unsatisfied. She needed something badly. Something she never really understood, even those moments in the shower or bath or her car, when her fingers got her wet and tingly.

Katie, in words she could only speak in the privacy of her mind, knew what she needed.

She needed a cock. She needed to be fucked.

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hot story
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hope there is more to come
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Don't leave it too long
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Wow! Hot, begs for a part 2!