In the road

After several hours of driving on a motorway monotony, I decided to stop at a rest area. I leave my car and lights a cigarette, while I dégourdi legs a bit, a woman passes in front of me. It is nothing flashy, u blue jeans, a sweater and a scarf around the neck. No sexy outfit that presage what will happen later.
His jeans still shakes his buttocks well, and the center seam is behind égerment reentrant. I take this pretty sight enjoying the buttocks sway from left to right.
After watching a few drags behind this beautiful, young woman turns around and takes me to the fact very quickly. I look away as much as a courtesy light is ashamed of myself and surprise.
It arises in his car a block away from me, she turns her back leaning on his door, looking for something in his car. Her buttocks emerge from more southerly wind.
She looked at me and see that I look again.
She closes her car and returns to the cafe area of ​​the highway.
Repassing before me, she exceeds a few meters, and drops his car keys, and looks to pick them up gently, being careful to keep your legs straight, and offer her buttocks in my eyes already sparkling.
She gets up and turns his head to smile at me.
I am al inside the coffee, she heads for the toilet women.
I'm still paying attention to other women in the toilet.
The brazen car park comes in a booth and closes behind her. I'm a little surprised but not discouraged, I go into the booth next door.
I listen to the wall, I heard his jeans down and sit down, I begin to doubt what I saw outside and I tell myself that I have to make a film.
I hear pee, after a few seconds, I no longer hear anything, I see the folds of his trousers beneath the wall, she was not dressed ...
I finally understood the move, the rustling of clothes, I think that it puts his pants, but when I m ready to go, I see his hand go under the wall, handing me her little black panties ...
I take it and look at it, it falls a little piece of paper with writing on it, now you can come.
I go out of my cabin and then pushes her door, she sits on the toilet, completely naked. She attached to her clothes coat rack.
She has beautiful round breasts and beautiful rings in his nipples, and a nice brown fleece covers her sex.
I come home and shut behind me.
She whispered that she saw that I appreciate her buttocks, and that it does not unpleasant she wanted to show me her body ...
She gets up turns, takes lustful postures are to show me all parts of his body. She opens her thighs plays with his cock, stroking and licking nipples. I'm still enjoying the show and standing bl**d amount in my tail.
She told me to put al if I want comfortable, it really takes things to his account ... So I undress and also find myself naked in front of her, drawn sex and pointing to it.

S exchange smiles, it's up to me and gently masturbate me, my hands rest on her ass so much that I have already watched these beautiful buttocks and kneaded. Her skin is soft and nimble hands ...
She does not want more foreplay, she turns back to me and leans forward ... selected or you want me to tell me she ...
I stroke his cock and her anus open before me, I find it hard to choose, but I think back to her buttocks in front of me .... chaloupait
I took my cock in hand and put my penis on his puck ... it will be her ass, she looks at me with a big smile, and his eyes closed and she nips his lip as and as I was sinking into it m.
First gently from my k**neys and recede, and walls it pushes back to keep me well in it
S speed and movement, I hold her and sodomized her ass more and faster and harder and harder, her moans m incentive to continue on this path, I feel it shaking her ass on my ass ... enjoy wonder t it, enjoy in my ass ...
I still harder and faster, until my semen to expel in the bottom of her ass. I hold it well down on my cock and empty myself deep inside her ass ...
She then retired slowly, turns to me and my tail looks very red, she takes it in her hand and caressed by telling me that c is exactly what she needed ...
I look very happy by telling him that I, too, it's either on the toilet and told me that it must also be empty with a mischievous smile.
I watch her do, enjoying his total lack of modesty and telling me that I will start well.
I get dressed. She greets me and I leave the toilet and returned to my car.
I take the road and n is the night when I got home I see that she slipped her panties in my jacket and leave a message with his phone number .... and a little note telling me she recroiserai well In addition to other breaks of ...
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