Evil Wife

A while back I came into contact with a woman I had not seen in a while, she was older then me she was in her mid fortys and i had just turned 21. I had always lusted after her and she knew it. We had been neighbors and we flirted a lot and she would let me rub her huge feet as I have a fetish but we never fucked, untill we met again. Her husband had become a complete ass she told me and did things to piss her off. She told me his latest act had been buying an expensive bed that he knew she did not want. While he was at work one day she invited me to come over, she met me at the door wearing black leather and studs with high heels, my cock stiffened imediatly. She smiled and told me to come in . She told me we where going to break her husbands bed in, She took me into the bed room tossed me on the bed we got naked my stiff cock was hardened beyond belief, we got on the bed and began fucking hard, we made sure to rub our naked bodies all over the expencesive sheets. The more i fucked her the more her agressive she got, I fucked her so hard she kicked the headboard out of place and the bed began breaking ! She then stood up on the bed and grabed the headboard and began shaking her huge ass in my face, I licked her ass and pussy as she moaned passionately. I then grabed her and fucked her so hard she kicked the headboard completly off, at which point i cummed inside of her. She took my wet penis and rubbed all over his pillow. I then began massagin and licking her sweaty feet as she relaxed. Then I grabed her turned her around and fucked her from behind, right then her husband called ! She answers while im cumming inside of her, he asked if she would bring him his tie he left at home she agreed with an evil grin , we took the tie placed it on my dick and she gave me a foot job untill i cummed all over it. The next day she told me she bitched her husband out for buying the bed. She asked if i wanted to cum over, i said yes but what about your husband ? She replied im fixing to run his ass off somewhere, so why dont you be a good boy and come over ? Yes I replied, this time we fucked all over the leather couch and when her husband called she told him she was busy and he had better not come home. After we were done she told him he could come back. Same time tommorow I asked, Yes she said

Cheating Wives

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3 years ago
Revenge is sweet.