1st time meet....continued

He explored her fantastic ample breasts under her vest, her nipples went so hard. She leaned back on the sofa with her eyes closed smiling. I worked my way down kissing as much of her as possible. Gently, I parted her tanned thick, smooth legs and frantically pulled aside her tight small cotton knickers. She was totally smooth and glistening in wetness. She looked so feminine. I got up real close to her beautiful pussy and ever so gently tested her reaction by brushing the clit with my lips. I kissed all around before exploring her with my tongue. First silent and still, then she gently rocked her head from side to side, breathing heavy and groaning quietly with her eyes closed. She seemed lost in the moment as I looked up at her lovely face. I probed further into her, faster then slower teasing her then satisfying her. The momentum gained pace as I pushed her thighs against her to be closer and deeper. She let out a muffled shriek and cried out "oh fucking hell yes". She had let herself go for me, all defences down, totally engulfed in the moment. She was so wet, then cried out "oh yes I think I`m coming, don't stop please". I had no intention, I knew I had her in the moment. My tongue now frantically probed her all the way through leg shaking, then muscle jerking until a powerful orgasm ripped through her. She opened her eyes and looked at me whilst gripping my shoulders and then the sight I love to see. Her eyes rolled over for a second in ecstasy, before closing again and collapsing back into the sofa. She just breathed heavy for 20 seconds before getting up and pushing me back into the cushions.
She opened my legs and just grinned at me as she nestled in between me towards my rock hard smooth cock. She took it and squeezed it gently in her hand whilst stroking my big balls with the other hand. She worked my cock in different directions springing it up and down, then working it more. She gently spat on it and worked it more before kissing the swollen tip. She looked up at me grinning and said "you ready boy". Before I had chance to splutter out a reply she opened her mouth, took my full girth in, wrapped her full lips all around, sat up a little then ever so slowly made my 8 and a half inches disappear down her throat. Slowly coming back up, then all the way down again. She even rotated her mouth a little at the same time in one continuous smooth motion. It was beautiful, she worked me in different directions changing pace and motion. Using both hands effectively on my swollen balls and at the base of my fat cock. I writhed and twitched in excitement and ecstasy. I am very sensitive, but she never made me nervous for a second. She knew how to please a man orally and more importantly she appeared to totally love it. So gentle, firm and eager to please me. She stopped me getting too close to orgasm and stood up. She straddled me pushing her big full breasts in my face. She gripped my cock and hurried to sit on it. When my big cock comfortably slid all the way into her, she paused, steadied herself, then rocked gently to and fro. Then round and round in a circular motion. "You sexy bastard" I found myself saying. She laughed then rose up freeing my cock for a second, then down on me again. She got into a steady rhythm and bounced on me. Her magnificent breasts bounced with her. What a sight. I gripped her full round arse and she arched her back even more. I was in my element with a sexy eager honest `girl next door` plaything.
She turned around and lowered her arse down on me again. She got into the squat position with her feet on the sofa, steady ing herself with her hands in between my legs. She bounced beautifully thrusting her body weight down on me slapping my muscular thighs. "Yes, yes yes im coming again, wont you come with me" I was planning to anyway I thought. Suddenly as she rose up exposing my shiny cock, white come drizzled down my cock. That is such a hot thing to see as I pounded up to meet her thrusting down. The pace increased dramatically as I gripped her curvy thighs. I could feel the material of her skimpy little cotton knickers, so lost in her curves now and pulled to one side. We powered through the orgasm as she screamed out loud. Our energies, our body fluids merging and mixing to create powerful spasms throughout our bodies. She finally collapsed on top of me. I brushed away her long golden hair from the back of her neck and kissed her nape gently for a couple of minutes until her breathing slowed and her moans quietened...........to be continued
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