Coming Home

It was late at night and she was lying on her stomach on the floor watching a movie. She wore a skimpy night gown; it clung to her shape and accentuated her plump rear.
The apartment was hot from the day with only a breeze blowing around from a ceiling fan. She was restless and not very interested in the current form of entertainment.
Suddenly there was a jingle of keys and the clicking of the door opening and closing. She turned to see a shadow pass behind her and heard a soft, “Hello Love...”
The gentleman placed his leather jacket over a chair back and tossed him keys on the kitchen table. She didn’t move, only whispered, “Hello.” The gentleman slipped off his shoes and un tucked his t-shirt from his worn out jeans. He then knelt on the floor, placing his knees on either side of his lady’s legs and leaned forward and kissed her neck several times. Lifting her night gown above her shapely rump he noticed that she had decided not to wear panties. He grinned and leaned in and kissed once on each cheek.

She smiled slightly and moved her right knee out so that he could have access to other wonderful places. He touched her legs and caressed her bottom and slowly moved his fingers to her anal opening; stimulating and stroking her there, then moving his touch further and parted her lower lips to feel her wetness. She was excited that much wasn’t hard to tell. He stroked her clit with just barely a touch and she swelled immediately with excitement.
He wet his fingers and stroked her sensitive clit several more times before slipping his digits inside her pussy. She dipped her head and rested it on her forearm as he began a slow thrusting motion. She rocked her hips with each mounting sensation of pleasure. His own need was growing and he desired her more with each passing moment. As her scent filled his senses and her wetness grew, he knew he couldn’t wait long.

She moaned softly, “ I need you inside me....please.” she moved to her back and curved a naughty finger in a “come hither” motion.
He kissed her legs and up here thighs; wanting and needing each soft touch of her skin. He paused at her pussy and took a few long soft strokes to heighten her pleasure. She smiled and squirmed beneath his touch.
“More....” she pleaded, as he went to release her.
“Where are your manners, Love?” he grinned.
“Please....” she whispered.
“Good girl.” he whispered back. He leaned in for more licks of her slick clit.
“ Oh, yes....” she breathed and arched her back. Moments later she took his head and pulled him to her lips, tasting hr flavour on his lips and tongue. He pleased her with his fingers for a moment more as he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his throbbing member to stroke some pleasure of his own. She seen this and volunteered her tongue to serve his pleasure. He lay back on the floor as she took his length into her hot mouth. He grinned wickedly at the sight and then closed his eyes to enjoy her touch.

She wiggled her tongue over his head and took long licks from his base to tip. She massaged his balls with her left hand fingers as she took his length into her greedy mouth. He moaned and leaned his head back as she gave her talents for his pleasure. She moaned as her lips hugged his hardness. She loved to taste him and always wanted more. His hip thrusted as he got closer to his climax.

He loved each second, each feel of her soft lips and gentle fingers touching his firely flesh. She looked up at him and left his member long enough to place a kiss upon his lips to which he took fiercely and decided that he could wait no longer to have her. He told her to kneel in front of the couch, bend over and rest her upper body on the seat of it.
He pulled off her night gown and shed his jeans then, he kissed her back taking in her sweet scent. He toyed with her pussy using his hard member and she responded by moving her hips to sllow him better access. He slipped inside her and began a pleasurably rough pace.
His lady moved, moaned and gasped at all the sensations he provided and he took pleasure in the grip of her inner muscles, the slick heat of her pussy and the sheer sight of a woman enjoying her man. Their moans increased and movements united in an ultimate climax.
He bent over her spent body and kissed her neck and back. She lay half on the couch and breathed deeply, and moaned in satisfaction met.
“Enjoy love?” he whispered through deep breaths.
“Oh yes.” She replyed.
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3 years ago
love the story ! Do you do private readings ?
4 years ago
very hot!!
thanks for posting :)
4 years ago
you're welcome dear. it made things certianly stiff. lol yummy stuff
4 years ago
Thank You. :) i have written better, but that was just a lil quickie i wrote.
4 years ago
so far nice! woo. lol