On Holiday

The moon shone over the ocean, casting it's light over the small beach. A girl, walking slowly in the dim light, her face casting a beautiful picture. Lisa had been on the island for a few days, but was already feeling very at home with the gentle pace of life there. And now, strolling along in the moonlight she wondered if she could be happier than she was right at that moment.

It hadn't been a good start to the holiday. Nothing like an airline to bring the excited mood of a holiday right back down to earth. Passport checks. The endless queuing. The baggage hall. The crooked taxi drivers. But that was all behind her now and she was peaceful with her surroundings.

She had seen him the day before, watching her from the bar by the beach. He was a little bit old, and didn't look in too good shape, but there was something about him that attracted her. Maybe it was the look on his face of pure lust that made her notice him. She knew that he thought that he would never have a chance with her, but that wouldn't stop him window shopping and wishing. Dirty thoughts started to enter her mind. Would he be touching himself and thinking of her tonight? Was he a big man? What would it feel like? She could feel the heat start to build up between her legs, and her heart beat a little faster.

She decided to have a little bit of fun with him. She knew that he was watching from the bar, so she walked over to her towel, but instead of crouching down to pick it up, she opened her legs a bit, and getting her ass in full view, bent right over to pick up her towel. She could feel the bottoms of her bikini tighten around her, and was sure that they really left nothing to the imagination. Looking back for a second through her legs, even at that distance, she could see the bulge in his outfit. She saw his hand quickly go down to the bulge and he got up quickly, heading for the toilets. Still bent over, an image flashed through her mind and she felt a gush of juice from her pussy covering her bikini bottoms. She could see him looking as he walked, and she was sure that he had seen the wet patch appear on her trunks. She stood up straight as he dissappeared from view. She was convinced that she knew where he was going and what he would be doing. She loved the idea in her mind of him wanking his cock while thinking about her, and the wet patch on her bikini. This caused another gush of liquid from her pussy, and now she could feel it dripping down her thigh. Time to beat a hasty retreat from the beach and go back to the hotel. As she left she looked back at the toilet and thought, if he had asked, she would have stripped off and played with herself infront of him as he wanked himself off. Shocked by this thought she quickened her pace.

Back at the hotel Lisa decided that, given what had happened, she should have a bath and clean herself of all that juice. She settled down into the warm water and closed her eyes. Immediately an image of his bulge appeared infront of her, and the way he was looking at her. The lust in his eyes. The rising cock in his pants. The look of urgency. As she remembered all this, and almost unconciously, her hands slid down over her full breasts and down between her legs. Slowly she opened them and ran her fingers gently over her clit. It was swollen and sensitive, and the first touch caused her to gasp. Her hands rubbed a little more urgently, and soon she could feel the wetness of her pussy, even in the bathwater. She slid a couple of fingers inside herself and began to move them in and out quickly. Aware only vaguely of the set of her breathing and the little moans she was emitting, she moved her hand faster and faster. The image in her mind now changed to what she imagined he was doing in the toilet. She could see in her minds eye his cock in his hand and the urgent pleasurable look on his face as he rubbed his cock with more and more lust. She saw his head go back and his hand stop wanking, his cock out infront of him. Suddenly the white cum shot out of the end of his cock and she felt her pussy spasm at this. She too was cumming, her fingers probing deep inside her. She felt her hips pushing up, and pushed her fingers as deep as she could inside her, feeling herself squirt into the bathwater.

Later, as Lisa lay on the bed, flushed from the heat of her cumming and the bath, she decided that she needed some air, and she thought that the coolness of the night would help. It was late, but a stroll on the beach was just what she needed. To hear the sound of the waves and the lapping of the ocean against the beach. She laid a cool long white skirt and a white blouse on the bed. No panties and bra. Maybe the cool breeze would sooth her hot pussy and cool it down a little. Her ex had always said he loved the way that the white had contrasted with her long dark hair, and had made her look like something out of a chocolate advert. All she had needed was a field of daffodils and the chocolate and it would be perfect. She had always wondered about him and that image, so, whilst it was a shock that she had come home to find him in her bed with another person, it had been less of a shock that the other person had a cock up his arse. She remembered that she had shouted at him and started to cry. Being caught seemed to turn the new friend on, and he moaned and pumped her ex's backside full of cum. She threw them out, his belongings exiting in true hollywood fashion via the nearest window. She did vividly remember that she had been turned on by the sight of her ex dripping cum out of his back door as he pulled his jeans on and made a hasty retreat. It was then that Lisa had decided to take a little control back and go on holiday. No romances. No relationships. Just the sun, sea and sand, and none of the sex. Was it working she wondered.

And so she found herself wandering along the shoreline, the cool breeze blowing between her legs, and making her hair wave behind her. She was about to turn back when she saw, off to her left a light flash. the striking of a match lit the area, and for a second she saw the face of the man she had seen earlier. She knew he had not seen her, and for a second she thought that she should walk away. But she liked cats, and how curious they were, so she knew she would have to go across to him.

As she approached he turned to look at her, and then realising his embarressment, turned to leave, but he too decided to wait, and turned back toward her. She approached him, and in that instant she knew that she wanted him. She didn't want to know his name. She didn't want him to speak. She only wanted him inside her. And as she reached him she put her hand around the back of his head and pulled him close, kissing him deeply and passionately. her other hand reaching down to his crotch and gently massaging. She felt his cock rise inside his trousers and him push his hips against her hand as she rubbed. She kissed him harder and ran her hand over the zipper. She pulled it down and slid her hand inside. Instantly she realised that he had no underwear on, and her hand gripped the warm flesh of his hard cock. Her hand slid up his shaft and the head was wet already. She pulled his cock out of his pants and slid down his body, taking his hot member in her mouth. She tasted the salty pre-cum that was dripping out, and loved it. her hand clasping round his cock, jerking it forward into her mouth. His eyes closed, she listened to the gentle moans that he was making. His hips pushing his cock further and further into her mouth. She unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall to the ground. Her hands seeking out his ass, and gently fingering his hole. For a second she wondered if he didn't like that, but now his hips were pushing back against her hand, trying to get her finger inside. She duely obliged and slid a finger inside his tight hole as far as she could, her other hand pulling his cheeks apart as much as she could to expose his anus. For a second she realised that she had a total stranger's cock in her mouth and her finger up his arse, and wondered how she had got there, but that moment passed instantly when she began to gag on his cock. That was one thing that she really loved, and always made her pussy squirt. And sure enough, she felt he pussy spasm and a stream of liquid squirted out between her legs and onto the sand. She wanted his cock inside her so much at that moment.

Lisa got down on all fours on the sand and pulled her skirt up over onto her back. She lifted her ass up and presented it to him, her legs open and her pussy dripping. She looked back over her shoulder and saw his hard cock in his hand, glistening in the moonlight, covered in her spit. She put her head down on the samd and waited. She felt his hand slide slowly up her thigh, gently caressing her skin. Slowly it climbed higher and higher until finally it touched her wet pussy. She closed her eyes and passed everything over to the sensation of his hand touching her. His fingers searching within her, stretching her open. Feeling her wetness covering his fingers. And then feeling his fingers tracing a line up to her ass hole. She tensed as his finger approached, but his fingers were so wet that they slid deep inside her bum. Again, for the second time that day she heard the sound of moaning and realised that it was her. She could feel his fingers deep inside and she was begging in her head for his big hard cock to enter her. She was so turned on that she didn't actually care which hole he used. She wanted to feel the thickness of his cock stretching her open. And she didn't have to wait long. His cock pressed against her pussy and then in one hard thrust he pushed it right in, right up to his balls. She screamed at the invasion of her, the sudden intrusion, but also the wonderful feeling of his cock suddenly inside her. Slowly he pulled his hips back and pulled his cock back out, her lips holding on as tightly to his shaft as they could manage. And then again, with one push her was deep inside here again. This time harder. This time faster. She felt a grunt in her throat as he started to fuck her. Her bum pushing back against his cock, wanting him to slide into her completely. And then suddenly he was out of her, his cock sliding up between her cheeks. A moment of panic and exhiliration spread through her as she knew what he was about to do. The head of his cock rested on her back door, and she was a bit worried about how big he was, but at the same time she ached for his cock to stretched her tight hole open wide. and then, as if her wish had been granted, he pushed the head of his cock harder against her hole and started to slide it inside. The feeling of stretching and pushing and the tightness of her ass was making her pussy drip, and her hand went to her clit and started to rub. His cock was now sliding deeper and deeper into her ass. She thought that it would go on forever, stretching her anus wide open. Finally he was fully inside her, and she felt so full. He pulled back, and she felt his cock sliding out. The movement exciting her, and her hand was now furiously rubbing at her clit. He pushed back harder and she could feel him pushing deeper into her. Again, the feeling of fullness as his cock filled every available space inside her. And she now she felt her pussy begin to spasm. The lips of her pussy were engorged and she knew she was about to cum. She wanted to hold the feeling of anticipation forvever, but she knew she couldn't. She could feel it rise in her body, and then as suddenly as the feeling had arisen, she was cumming. Her pussy squeezing her fingers inside her, pulsing against them. And she could feel the way her ass was squeezing his cock inside her. She could feel his cock grow in her ass, and the urgent noises he started to make were a sure sign to her. And then he exploded, pumping her full of his hot sticky cum. Her ass filling up with his spunk, filling up to the brim and overflowing.

He paused for a moment, his cock still deep inside her, and then pulled out. His thick cum splashing out of her and onto the sand below. He watched her drip for a second and then pulled his trousers back up. Lisa lay down on the sand, turned to and looked back at him, and the unspoken bond between them was forged. Without words they both knew this would happen again. He smiled, leaned down to her cheek and kissed her. Then he turned and walked away.

Lisa lay there for a little while, listening to the sea rolling onto the shore. She could still feel his cum inside her bum. She stood up, a little bit unsteady, pulled off all her clothes and walked into the sea to wash. Maybe this holiday was exactly what she needed after all.
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