A True Mother - Son Experience

This is an expansion of my original post as I have received numerous requests to go into more detail about my experience. I'm not a great writer and I didn’t post this to entertain, so bear with me. I felt compelled to share it because so many of the taboo stories follow similar storylines that never seemed to match what happened with me and my mother. I finally decided since I don’t see stories or blogs that match my story, and because I believe what happened to me is probably more common than most realize, I decided to share my experience so that people can see other sides to taboo f****y sex.

First of all, I don't consider myself a victim because I don't think it “hurt” me that much. Maybe I was lucky in that respect. I don’t currently speak to my mother and it's by her choice, not mine. At the same time, I am not bothered by that. There is a great divide between us that is probably healthy. I think the last time I described her I took a few liberties and while I believe I am correct I will refrain from diagnosing her. She is a very functional, one would never know she is capable of doing some of the things she has done (and I’m not referring to our sexual relationship here). She has few friends because she can’t allow anyone to get too close or they would start to see her true nature, but she is highly regarded by those that know her in a more superficial way. She is and has always been attractive, even at this age, and is sociable and highly intelligent. She is also very cold by nature, calculating, and manipulative with little regard for conventional ideas of right and wrong. She has little if any sense of conscience, highly possessive and prone to jealousy. And because there is sex in this story, she is 5’ – 2’’ about 130 pounds with 34EE breasts.

Unlike the stories you typically read involving a loving mother falling in some way for her admiring son (and vice versa) that sounds very healthy and well intentioned, mine wasn’t like that at all. Skipping to where this started, my mother was going through divorce with my father and she was one of those parents that absolutely believed she had a right to use her k**s as a weapon. I was the oldest of three boys with a great relationship with my father and I wasn't willing to do the things I was being asked – some of these things included spying, stealing and lying to my father on behalf of my mother. The divorce was a crusade for her, an obsession. She wanted to crush him every way she could and by any means necessary.
But I resisted and a second war opened up between mother and son. She tried many forms of punishment and persuasion, but they only made me more resolved and caused me to hate her more and more.

Because she had willingness to do whatever it took, and perhaps partly because she just plain wanted it, my mother started using sex to try and lure me to her side. It started with her walking around the house topless or naked. She always left her bedroom door open and would engage me in conversation in front of her mirror naked getting ready. She also was fond of calling me into the bathroom to have a talk with me while she took a bath, and having me rub suntan lotion on her back when lying out on our deck in the summertime. As I mentioned, my mother is attractive. Brunette about 5' 2'' with big EE breasts. Very pretty but not model-like - more Mary Ann than Ginger. I think she quickly realized I couldn’t help but look at her breasts being a teenage boy and she knew that was her best asset. I stared. I also wanted to see. I played along willingly and used to soak in the sight and run to my room or bathroom and jerk off. I hated her, but I was turned on by her as well.

This went on for about six months before any sex took place. I never anticipated any sex; in fact I really didn’t even picture that when masturbating. I just used the fresh images in my mind and that was enough. The first sexual act began rather embarrassingly for me. After I had a mole removed from my testicular region by the dermatologist she decided I needed "genital inspections" every couple weeks to make sure it was healing fine and that no more moles appeared. I found this awkward and uncomfortable but she was the boss and I knew better than to say "no" to her back then.

The third time this inspection took place she was taking her time and clearly fondling me. She really hadn’t fondled me the other times, but this time she was rubbing my cock and pulling on it. She was on her knees and wearing her cotton robe with a draw string belt. That robe wasn’t very secure and of course fell open as she was "inspecting" me and I started to get an erection. I was watching her big tits jiggle and she fondled me and what else was going to happen, right? She began moving from fondling to light stroking while trying to appear she was looking closely for moles, and when I was rock hard she looked up at me and smiled and took my cock and slapped it against her face one time and said "so you like this, huh?".... And I did. She said it in a half playful, half irritated sort of way it’s hard to describe. I nodded and was throbbing rock hard by then. She then began stroking me and talking to me about my cock and her tits and me staring at them. And then she started giving me a blow job which almost made me fall down my heart was beating so fast and my legs were shaking but my cock was very happy. She didn’t blow me long and knowing how much I loved her tits, she pressed her big tits together and wrapped them around me and said “you want to do this, don’t you?” and let me fuck her tits till I shot my load all over her tits and neckline. She said she like it, asked if I did, and then when I said I did she made sure that I knew it would only happen again if I told nobody and that if I were ever to tell anybody I would be in more than big trouble, if you know what I mean. She laid out some serious threats, but I didn’t care because at that moment I wanted to do it again. I didn’t feel love for her; I felt lust with a hint of anger.

From that point on we would engage in oral sex often. She gave me hand jobs, blowjobs and titjobs but never asked me to go down on her. I was fine with the arrangement. I felt guilty and knew it was taboo and hid it from everyone but I couldn't resist it when the chance came around. It made me feel powerful and helped me release some of the anger I had inside. I loved how hot and hard it made me and it still does today. Her dirty talk was something I had never heard before and I liked it. I mean I really like it. I loved it when she slapped my cock against her face and tits, or told me how much she liked me fucking her tits, or how much she liked stroking and sucking my cock. I had never heard a girl or woman say these things before and it was intoxicating. Again, it wasn't love - it was horny sexual release with an element of anger – with both of us. She didn’t talk lovingly, she talked like a dirty angry slut and I learned to say those same things with the same tone.

After a few weeks of only oral sex and tittyfucking I eventually I went for more. While she was doing the dishes in the late morning on a day my father had my two b*****rs, I came up behind her and reached around for her tits. She initially tried to turn around but I held her there and lifted up her robe. She stopped trying to turn around realizing what I was about to do. She spread her legs and bit and bent over a little as I rubbed my cock on her ass and asked her if she wanted me to enter her. She nodded and I started fucking her and fucking her hard. I would say with a vengeance. I pounded as fast and hard as I could in lust and anger. I didn’t last long. It was cold lustful sex and I was expressing my feelings of both loving and hating her for what was going on between us.

The escalation to full intercourse sex lasted another couple weeks or so – and then I saw what this was really all about. After a few weeks she wanted me to do things I was unwilling to do to my father in exchange for the sexual favors. She basically said if you want it, here is what you have to do. I refused. That ended the sex. All of it. In fact, she reacted by ramping up punishment and isolating me as she tried to get me to obey her demands.

I eventually walked out, left her and moved in with my father. I never told my father what happened, I never told anyone till recently and only in anonymous settings. I would still see her at Christmas and other times but there was nothing there that I wanted to be close to. I ignored her. I didn’t call her, I didn’t care. They say the opposite of love isn’t hate but rather indifference. And that best describes how I treated her after I left. I moved on and have never looked back.
I have not been able to resolve if I regret the sex or not. I am conflicted. I know at some level it was wrong and certainly not the product of love. But I still have the memories and can admit that it was hot, enjoyable (even if misguided and bad intentioned) sex that still today arouses me.

I read and enjoy reading fantasy mom/son taboo stories and role play in person. I am neither proud nor ashamed of what happened. I don't bring it up to people I know because it will make them uncomfortable. I am assuming this but I think it's a fair assumption to make. Telling my story here was a healthy outlet and I am glad I did it. We are only as sick as our secrets, and I needed to get my secret off my chest.

I think the fact that it gave me a release for my anger in those days and that I realized quickly her intentions were not good helped me to get over it and thus I don't think it has inflicted any major emotional damage. My relationships have been similar to those of most my friends. Some of them good, some bad. Some are long term, some short term. Some born of love and some of lust - and with all of these everything in between. I have not married though, and maybe there is some inherent distrust or fear of commitment and/or women that came from this, but I'm happy in life and that's good enough for me.

I doubt many will get off reading this type of account, but I also think that people would be surprised at how many taboo relationships are of this nature. It’s not all rainbows and lollipops. How often do you read about it in places like this? Almost never, right? Truth might be stranger than fiction, but truth isn’t as much fun or sexy or erotic as fiction.

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8 months ago
We have some things in common. I can relate with a lot of your story, tho mine was psychological as much as it was physical. I never hated her for it, tho. More confused and later aroused by it. She's gone now and I wish I knew her as an adult because the tables would have turned for sure.
9 months ago
Hot story. I'm glad you're happy in life.
Knowing now that she was trying to use you wouldn't you have enjoyed a good revenge type fuck?
1 year ago
Thanks for sharing! Twisted, but hot!
2 years ago
2 years ago
thanbks for sharing with us
2 years ago
I can see the point you are pointing at.I am sorry your mother was such a Bitch.take care.
2 years ago
Some physical knowledge gained but not without some emotional damage. Thanks for sharing that with us.