Life of a Slut Wife and Mum Ch.03 (Breaking In Lou

Breaking In Louboutins

This story picks up from part 2-2, with my mum, Scarlett recounting the story of how she broke in the pair of shoes she was wearing while she lounged in bed with her three lovers as they recovered from the first round of fucking. This story therefore, is basically entirely from her point of view as she narrates it, while Drew and I listen in from the audio feed of the Mac’s microphone in my parent’s room.

“Scarlett, you look so beautiful with all that cum drying on your face. Come over and tell us that story you mentioned.” Brad asks.

“Why thank you Brad.” “Mmm, your body feels so good” my mum moaned as she stretched her legs and relaxed on the rock hard muscles of Brad who was lying underneath her. Brad is about 1.9 metres tall while my mum was about 1.7 so his chiselled muscles held her svelte Asian body perfectly. With Jack and Nathan flanking her, she slowly massaged their deflated cocks while beginning her story.

I almost always “break in” new shoes with a good hard fucking. Sometimes my husband does the job but usually, especially when they’re a pair of especially sexy shoes, I like a big, muscular stud to manhandle me in my new shoes and really bang me good. With the shoes on, a muscular male body holding me and a huge cock plugging my pussy or mouth, I just feel so feminine. So anyway, the pair of shoes I have on now are classic Christian Louboutin Elise pumps. I have them in a few colours but this red pair has especially fond memories for me because one of my favourite studs, Doug helped me pick them out. I love Doug because he’s the most handsome black man I’ve ever seen, tall, muscular, chiselled features with a body of an Olympian, together with the sexual appetite and stamina of an Olympian. He’s also really sweet and I love hanging out with him. That’s how this story goes as this pair of shoes was my birthday present from him last year.

Anyway, he had asked me on my actual birthday for lunch since my husband was overseas as usual. I remember dressing up, wearing a black Victoria’s Secret push up bra and g string panty set, underneath my black bodycon club dress with some lace details on the short sleeves. This is one of my sexiest dresses as it really hugs my curves and stops mid thigh, allowing me to flaunt my legs. It’s also so tight that I’m always f***ed to either go panty less or to wear a g string with it. I finished the outfit with a red blazer and red and black ballet flats. I really wanted to wear one of my pumps but since Doug had told me he wanted to take me shopping after lunch, I decided to go for comfort.

After picking me up, clad in a casual sports blazer and tight shirt and jeans, we enjoyed a delectable lunch at one of Singapore’s finest restaurants, Au Jardin, a modern French restaurant located in the Singapore Botanical Gardens. After a delightful meal full of great conversation, he took me over to Paragon, a high end shopping centre. After a couple hours of looking around for my birthday gift, I still hadn’t seen anything I liked. Doug kept telling me to get a pair of shoes since the flats I was wearing didn’t accentuate my butt enough. In the end, we headed across the road to Ngee Ann City where my favourite shoe shop, Christian Louboutin was located. When we got there, I immediately saw my birthday present. Their classic pumps, the Elise model had been released in a beautiful new glossy Ferrari red that matched my Blazer perfectly. Being a rather regular customer, the staff had my size on record and quickly fetched a pair for me. By now, I was feeling rather antsy, having enjoyed the beautiful view of Doug’s gorgeous abs and taut butt, covered by little more than a tight silk shirt and slim jeans. Doug has a great fashion sense and he really dresses to entice. The g string I was wearing was soaked by then and I really needed some of his beautiful chocolate manhood soon.

Doug loved me in the Red Louboutin Elises and he immediately paid for them, insisting that I wear them on the spot while carrying my ballet flats in the Louboutin bag. I complied and seeing as it was a weekday afternoon; about 4pm, and the shop was empty, I asked my regular sales girl, Kelly if I could spend a bit of time “trying out” my new shoes in one of their luxurious dressing rooms. I’m one of her best customers and she quickly e****ted us to one of their private dressing rooms. By now, Doug knew what I wanted and one of his large black hands was firmly wrapped around my right butt cheek, as he e****ted me into the changing room. Kelly then told us to take our time as she closed the thick velvet curtain, winking at me and asking me to try to control my volume just before she closed it completely.

I immediately smiled up and Doug and pulled him in for a kiss in the luxuriously appointed room. He reciprocated, frenching me, his powerful tongue dominating the kiss. After a good 15 seconds, we broke apart as we took off our jackets and hung them up.

He asked me if I’d done it in a changing room before and I replied affirmatively, telling Doug that Kelly knew all about it, that’s why she winked knowingly before closing the curtain. I had used the Louboutin changing room once a couple of months back, with another one of my guy friends. The guy had been so excited though that he’d actually torn my panties. I didn’t mind though and he fucked me good in the room before blowing deep into me. His cum felt thick and it didn’t seem like anything was leaking out so after getting changed, we left the room, me without any underwear. What I didn’t realize was that my partner’s viscous cum just took longer to flow down and I only noticed it flowing down my inner thigh when Kelly pointed it out. It was so embarrassing because my stupid partner started laughing when he saw what Kelly was telling me about and then another sales girl saw it too. Good thing the shop was empty at the time.
Doug started laughing, thinking the story was pretty funny.

“Well since the staff here already know you’re just a lady on the outside and a freak between the sheets, why not we give them a real show when we walk out of this room?” “You know this shop right? It’s always empty around this time of the week right?” Doug asked me.

“Umm, I’m not so sure about that. Not all the staff know about me, only Kelly and that Aussie girl.” I reply.

“No problem”, Doug says. “Kelly’s the manager right?”

“Yeah, she is. Super talented fashion grad straight out of university. She’s doing a branch management stint here before heading to the design part of the company.”

“Great” Doug replies before he pops out of the room for a moment and asks Kelly to give the rest of the staff other than herself and the young Aussie girl a 30 minute break. Kelly is surprised of course but complies since I’m such a good customer and she’s an expert at building customer loyalty.
As I sink to my knees and start unbuttoning Doug’s jeans, I tell him about Kelly. She knows I have a husband, I’ve shopped with him several times. However, she always remains discreet when he’s around, other than a teasing wink at times. When he’s not around, I usually chat with her when I shop and she knows all about my affairs. We’ve even gone out for lunch once or twice and she’s wonderful to talk to, though she always teases me about that cum down my thigh incident.

I’ve got his beautiful black cock out of his jeans now. It’s semi erect and already about the width of a can and easily 7 inches long. Even you 3 white studs can’t quite compare to his chocolate cock in terms of raw size. I then slowly start licking and kissing it as Doug groans and slides his strong hands into my hair. Doug then started planning how he was going to finish. He kept saying that the shoes were only half of my birthday present and he wanted the two sales staff to see the other half too.

“No”, I said, wrapping my two manicured hands around his cock and working them up and down, loving the contrast between my delicate fair hands and Doug’s dark powerful shaft. “Why not I let you blow in my mouth or give me a creampie? Then, when we get back to your place, I’ll let you do whatever you want.”
Doug used his strong hands to nudge my mouth back onto his cock before replying, “Uh uh. Kelly gave us 30 minutes and I intend to give you at least two loads with the time. Since she’s already seen you take a creampie, I want to give you a birthday treat that Kelly will instantly recognize. I’m gonna bang you so hard on this couch and then I wanna give you a pearl necklace and a facial. I’m sure Kelly will find it really hot, she was practically checking your legs out when you tried on the shoes.”

“Are you serious? You really want to cum on me in public?” I asked incredulous, popping his cock out from between my lips.

“Nah, you can just flaunt the cum to Kelly and that young Aussie salesgirl, then you can clean up before we leave the shop.”

“Fine fine. This is my thank you for spending my birthday with me k? But you better take care of me real good for the rest of the day okay darling?” I reply, before hungrily wolfing down 6 inches of his now fully erect 10 inch monster. My scarlet red lips stretched lewdly around his manhood and I slobbered unladylike on his cock. After several minutes of vigorous sucking on my part, Doug quickly told me to climb onto the lounge chaise in the changing room as he positioned himself behind me.

He then pulled my g string to the side and start flicking his cock across my pussy lips, drawing moans from me. “You little birthday slut, you’re so wet.” He commented as he teased me.

In one swift movement, he suddenly buried himself balls deep into me, causing a sharp gasp to escape from my lips. Soon, he picked up the pace, fucking hard and deep into me, his balls slapping against my butt with each deep thrust. Very quickly, my mewling turned into full on moaning as I thoroughly enjoyed the fucking I was receiving. “Do your favourite birthday slut!” I called out as Doug railed into me.

“Damn right I will.” Doug replied, suddenly switching to a much slower pace, teasingly withdrawing his cock slowly before suddenly ramming the full length into my hot wet Chinese snatch. “Slutty bitch like you belongs on her hands and knees for mating.” After a couple of minutes of slow sex, Doug decided to go hard again, firmly grabbing my sides and fucking me harder than ever, seemingly bent on drilling his cockhead as deep as possible into my love cavity.
After about 2-3 minutes of this incredibly intense fucking, Doug groaned and told me to turn around and get on my knees. I complied, making sure to unbutton one more button of my black blouse; not wanting to get it stained with cum, as Doug started unloading on my neck and chest. Very soon, my delightfully full Mummy boobs were covered in Doug’s spunk and a healthy amount covered my neck too, slowly drying.

One of the things I love most about Doug as a lover is his amazingly rare ability to stay hard after his first cumshot, ready to go immediately. He didn’t disappoint at all that day and after finishing off his first load, he picked me up, hoisted me up by my thighs and started thrusting into me. I groaned as my sore pussy received this new assault and I quickly wrapped my Louboutin clad legs around Doug’s muscled body, pulling him into me. “Oh darling, yes yes yes.” I cooed. “You’re hitting the spot, don’t hold back, give me the birthday sex I need.”

“I will my yummy mummy, I will.” Doug replied, as he walked forward while fucking me, until my back was resting against one of the velvet walls of the room, giving him a bit more support as he pummelled my lady parts. “I am so looking forward to the looks on the two salesgirls’ faces when they see you glazed with my jizz.”

I’m sure Kelly and the other salesgirl could hear our mating session as Doug was just going absolutely bonkers, banging me like he was trying to impregnate me or as if it was his last fuck on earth. With the amount of energy he was using to fuck me, I even thought maybe his sperm was going to beat the spermicidal cream I had used. Maybe I was going to need morning after pills. I felt wonderful. Fuck my husband, this was the best way to celebrate my birthday. With a black sex god, fucking me in a public changing room. Soon, I had forgotten all pretences of discretion and was screaming out an amazing orgasm which I’m sure Kelly and her colleague must have been envious of.

In no time, I could feel his cock engorge a tiny bit more, which I knew from experience meant he was going to cum. “Urrgh.” Doug groaned as he neared his climax, sliding his cock out and releasing his hold on my thighs. My legs felt like jelly after the fucking and I sunk to my knees, kissing the beautiful black trouser snake that had given me such pleasure.

Doug started to vigorously stroke his cock while I used my manicured fingernails to tickle his large, heavy balls, a trick I knew from experience would make him cum extra hard and with maximum quantity. “Umm” I seductively smacked my lips. “Give me my birthday present my black stud. Glaze my face like a donut.” “And make sure to keep a few shots for my mouth, I wanna taste your babies.” I say in my most seductive voice.

Soon, Doug can’t take the stimulation and he grunts out, “I’m gonna cum all over you Chinese birthday bitch. Yeah, yeah. Take this, take all of my load.” “I’m gonna keep like a third of my sperm to impregnate your mouth and it’s still gonna be more than your loser husband ever gave you.” “A beautiful curvy MILF like you deserves this amount of cum.”

“Yes, yes. Paint me my lover, I want to taste your sperm swimming on my tongue and covering my face.” I asked in a fevered state of sexual heat.
Jets of thick, rich white protein streams then shot out of Doug’s chocolate piss hole, frosting my face. I quickly shut my eyes to prevent blindness as streamers of cum decorated my face. Streaks fired into my hair, across my cheeks, and onto my chin. One shot even went straight up into my left nostril, filling my nose with the scent of cum. After firing a good 8 or so shots onto me, Doug immediately guided his cock into my open and waiting mouth, placing the head neatly onto my tongue and firing another four thick streams of creamy, delicious baby batter into my mouth. I quickly did what any good lady should do for her bull, sucking hard and using my full lips to clean his cock completely of any cum, drawing all the little drops into my mouth. Having experienced an almighty orgasm, Doug groaned as he wobbled on his feet before sitting down on the chaise as I opened my eyes. Specks of cum covered my eyelashes as I regained vision of the room. As I knelt on the floor, swirling Doug’s cum in my mouth, he lounged back on the chaise, resting after his exertions.

Having clearly been listening outside the curtains and accurately guessing that we had both just cum, Kelly called out, telling us that the 30 minutes were almost up. Doug immediately got up, told me not to swallow and opened the velvet curtain, revealing my cum covered self and his flaccid penis to a shocked Kelly and the young Aussie sales girl who I later learnt was named Melissa. After the shock had worn off, the two salesgirls giggled and gushed, praising me for finding such a wonderful lover in Doug. Kelly laughingly told me that this was probably a better present than the Louboutins. Feeling so horny after such a good fucking, I sluttily opened my still cum filled mouth showing Kelly and Melissa that Doug had produced even more cum than what was coating my chest and face, before swallowing it in one delightful gulp.

“You girls have to try cum like Doug’s one day. It tastes so special. A stud like him produces cum that’s so viscous and creamy, it’s almost like a milkshake. You almost have to chew on it.” I tell the girls. “Haha, you can’t have him though, he’s all mine.” I laughingly exclaim as Melissa kindly provides me with a towel to clean myself with. Doug has already got his jeans back up by now and was thanking the salesgirls for their wonderfully accommodating service and tipping them both handsomely.

With the beautiful red Louboutin Elise pumps that now adorned my feet, Doug and I left the boutique. Kelly and Elise cheerfully wished me a good rest of my birthday, with knowing smiles indicating they knew just how I was going to spend the rest of it. They were right of course. Doug brought me back to his place that day and we fucked like rabbits the rest of my birthday. When we walked out of the bedroom for breakfast the next morning, my thighs were literally covered with cum that had leaked out of my ass and pussy. Plus, that naughty Doug had woken up a bit earlier and masturbated into my new Louboutins, making sure I’d think of him every time I wore them.

Well, that brings me to the end of the story of these shoes, my mum concludes, stroking Nathan’s now rock hard cock with her left hand while her right hand worked Jack’s equally erect manhood. “Umm” she moans. “Brad, your cock feels so good rubbing against my naughty little clitty.” “Looks like my shoe ‘breaking in’ story worked. Your cocks all feel ready to go again.”

“Damn right we’re ready” Jack says. “You don’t look anywhere near sore enough babe. Remember, you’re gonna limp to the kitchen tomorrow morning to get us breakfast. “ Get up mummy and start riding Brad’s white cock like the good Chinese slut you are.”

This story will eventually explore what happens in the end, starting with part 5. However, the next chapter, part 4 will be covering a bit more back-story so hope all your readers don’t mind waiting for the eventual climax of this story arc.

Hope everyone enjoyed part 3 with it’s new presentation from my mum’s POV. Please let me know if you readers prefer this style. Lots more to come so please continue to review and comment so I can help ensure the format and presentation is best for everyone. Do leave me messages on what exactly you’d guys like to read about. My mum’s infidelity spanned a long duration with numerous encounters that I was privy to. There are far too many occurrences for me to detail all of them so do let me know what kinds of pairings/situations you guys are interested in reading about and I’ll sift through my memory and see if my mum was involved in something similar.
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