Life of a Slut Wife and Mum, Part 2-2 (Airtight)

Airtight on the Marriage Bed

Having received and noted comments and feedback, I will be making some changes to the future episodes of this story. Hope readers will enjoy it more and continue to give feedback so I can make improvements to the way I tell the story. For this part, I’ve taken away most embellishments and expansions of the original story, so what you’re reading now is closer to the truth. (Unlike the rather unpopular club scene in Part 2-1 which was purely added for dramatization) I’ll also try to add more detail into the story; especially for the sex scenes, as some people have requested. Whenever my mum went out over the weekend, all the footage and information on her whereabouts Drew and I obtained were solely from her phone’s cameras and text message. Therefore, there will still be a little bit of assumption made on my part. However, I will keep it strictly realistic now with no more added sex that goes out the window of reality.

Anyway, this story continues on from part 2-1. My mum did go out clubbing with Brad, Jack and Nathan. However, none of the sex in the club happened. There was just a lot of dancing, drinking and flirting before she brought them home.

By the time my mum got home with Brad, Nathan and Jack, the three guys were all rock hard and ready to fuck. The foursome immediately headed for my parent’s bedroom. My mum left her clutch with her mobile phone in the hall so Drew and I quickly switched from the mobile phone feed and went to watch the feed from my parent’s bedroom instead.

As they entered the room, the three men were vigorously fondling, grinding and making out with my mum. “Scarlett, you’re so hot. We’re gonna bang you all silly.” Brad called out. “You flatterer. By tomorrow morning, I want to be completely drenched in cum.” My mum replied, knowing just what to say to get the guys worked up. Drew and I watched as the three guys stood buck naked, cocks standing at attention as they waited for my mum to freshen up. Soon, she emerged from the washroom, clad in a fresh set of lingerie, a simple red bra and panty set with matching red heels.

“Get on your knees bitch” Brad says, as the three guys form a semi circle. Nathan grabs a pillow off the bed and places it on the floor as my mum gets onto her knees, ready to put her manicured hands and beautiful mouth to good use. My mum starts stroking Brad and Nathan’s cock while Jack slides his hands into her bra and plays with her funbags. “By tomorrow morning, I want to be so sore that I’m gonna have to limp out of bed to make you studs breakfast.”

“Chinese sluts look so good when they’re on their knees.” Nathan comments. “Wait till you see this bitch’s pretty face pasted with cum. It’s so hot you’ll immediately be ready for round 2” Brad replies. “Ever been airtight slut?” Jack asks. My mum pops Nathan’s cock out of her mouth for awhile, pausing seductively as if to think before replying that it sounded familiar but she probably needs a refresher course. “Oh, we are gonna fuck you up so good then. I promise that by the morning. You’re gonna be so sore, just like you want.” Brad says. “The three of us did a pair of young Korean uni students last week. Lets just say that after experiencing the airtight package from us at night, they’ve pretty much fell in love with us.”

“Mmm, they sound hot. We should get together with them sometime. First, let’s see you add me to your list of airtight conquests tonight.”

Brad and Nathan had now removed my mum’s bra and were stroking her plump pussy lips through her sheer panties while she made out with Jack. Nathan commented that she was dripping wet and that they should get down to business as he tore my mum’s skimpy panties in two. Soon, the foursome had aligned themselves accordingly. Brad being the guy who first met my mum, got first pick of her orifices, choosing her ass. He laid back on the bed as she mounted him, impaling herself on him and spreading her legs. Jack then plunged his rock hard cock into her wet folds while Nathan positioned his cock by her face and got ready to facefuck my mum.

Brad and Jack immediately started rocking my mum between them, starting slow before rapidly turning up the speed. My mum started moaning as they started dping her. After about 2 minutes of relatively slow sex, Brad called out asking Jack to go full throttle and the two of them immediately went full f***e, pummelling my mum between them. She gasped as they simultaneously went balls deep in her before moaning like a bitch in heat. As the two white studs ravaged her Asian body, she started screaming in delight as she hit her orgasm. After a good 30 seconds of erotic screaming, she just lay back and took the pounding she was getting as Nathan got into the game, grabbing her hair and sliding his cock into her wet hot mouth, muffling her cries of pleasure. Wrapping my mum’s hair up in his large hand, Nathan manoeuvred my mum’s mouth up and down his cock.

Soon, my mum’s eyes started watering, messing up her makeup as Nathan f***ed his thick cock down her throat, grunting and calling her his Chinese MILF as he used her mouth for his pleasure. All the while, Brad and Jack continued to thrust.

“Scarlett’s mouth is amazing b*o” Nathan exclaimed as my mum blew him. “Yeah, the first time I hooked up with her, she gave me an amazing hummer till I creamed her even before we started fucking.” Brad replied. My mum popped Nathan’s cock out of her mouth commenting, “I find it so erotic when I serve my body up to a white man for his pleasure. I think lots of Singaporean bitches do too. I definitely know that all my girlfriends who are dating or married to white guys are far wilder in bed than those with Asians.”

“Yeah, it’s great. I think Asian chicks love us whites because of our performance in bed.” Jack states as he proceeds to suddenly speed up his thrusts into my mum. “Uh huh. Mmm” my mum drawls. “I love white studs like you guys in bed, especially when they ravage me like I’m just an outlet for them to relieve themselves of their sexual needs. Probably something to do with some white superiority complex built into us Singaporean ladies from the colonial times.”

Jack and Brad laugh as my mum talks before Brad asks her if that’s how she justifies her cheating, that it’s in her genes? My mum sensing Nathan is nearing his climax from her oral ministrations, pulls his manhood out and starts gently stroking him, keeping him on the edge as she replies that yeah, it’s always been in her to be a whore to white guys. She can’t speak for the rest of the girls in Singapore though. Nathan is breathing heavily as my mum keeps him on the edge while she receives her pounding. He starts asking where to cum, quickly seeking his release. My mum immediately tells him she wants a group facial. Brad and Jack quickly get off her as she sinks to her knees on the floor, waiting for the three white studs to mark her as theirs.

“I love it when guys have the stamina to give me a facial before we even get to fucking. It’s so primal. Especially when I’m with a Caucasian, it feels like they’re marking me as their property before they proceed to fuck me.”

“Uh huh. Well, the three of us are gonna definitely mark you. Then we’re gonna spend the whole night fucking your brains out. We’ve just made you airtight. Think we’re gonna have lots more time to try out some new positions. Maybe a little double vaginal? My buddies Jack and Nathan here, they just did that to this Russian chick the other day. She just kept cumming and cumming.”

“Let’s see how horny you guys can get me first.”, my mum retorts to that lewd proposal before smacking her lips and telling the guys to paint her face. Soon, the three guys start grunting loudly as they fire streams of cum onto the pretty Singapore Chinese MILF in front of them, decorating my mum’s face with streaks of creamy white jizz. My mum smiles sluttily and opens her mouth, tasting some of her partners’ man juice as she mewls on her knees. Since it’s their first cumshot of the night, there is quite a bit of cum, with some even dripping off my mum’s chin onto her heaving chest. She wipes the bit of cum that had sprayed near her eyes, before tasting it. “Umm, delicious. Now, while we wait for my cum facial to dry, why not you guys start getting ready for round 2.” My mum tells the guys.

“This Singaporean mum is insatiable. Brad, you really hit the jackpot” Jack laughs as my mum gets up from her knees and climbs into bed between the three guys.

Drew and I were just enjoying this amazing show. Our enjoyment for that night was cut short though as incredibly, Jack commented that he didn’t like having the iMac there while he fucked as it felt like he was being filmed. (if only he knew) My mum laughed at that and told him to cover the camera with her underwear if it bothered him so much. Jack did so, picking up my mum’s red bra and dr****g it over the iMac, cutting off our video footage of the night’s action.

This brings us to the end of part 2 of the story.
I had by now started to feel really guilty about this voyeurism and was seriously contemplating telling my Dad everything once he got back from his business trip or even just calling him immediately. After thinking about it though, in my immaturity at that age, along with the raging hormones of a teenager, I decided not to say anything for the moment. I reasoned that it seems like my mum had been having extramarital relations for quite a while already and since our f****y life was still good, why rock the boat? In hindsight, I was a foolish, horny teenager somehow justifying to myself that since my mum was still a good wife and mother, why not let her indulge her sexual desires on the side. Looking back now, my mum’s dual life was always going to have to come crumbling down sometime.

Drew on the other hand was completely unrepentant, not a trace of guilt on him. He had always though my mum was hot and this was like a dream come true for him. Denied our video feed for that night, Drew and I decided to just head to bed, muting the audio on our side and just letting it record. (Deciding to listen to the recording of the audio feed the next morning) We both headed out of his room to grab a drink before we went to bed. Looking back as I write this, I have now of course listened to the full recording and know what we missed out on listening to live because we muted the audio on our side to go to sl**p.

“You really like wearing shoes to bed don’t you? I remember the first time we banged, you wore your heels the whole time and now you’ve got those beautiful red pumps on.” Brad asks. “Uh huh, I love wearing shoes, especially heels for sex. They perk my ass up. Plus I love the little bit of discomfort from heels, makes it feel more like I’m serving my man. These pumps though, they’re quite special. I’ll tell you guys exactly how I broke them in when I had just bought them. This story should get you studs worked up again so we can maybe try that double vag thing you mentioned.”


To be continued in Part 3

This story will eventually explore what happens in the end, starting with part 5. However, the next two chapters, part 3 and 4 will be covering a bit more back-story (Part 3, completely from my mum’s POV as she recounts the story) so hope all your readers don’t mind waiting for the eventual climax of this story arc.

Hope everyone enjoyed part 2. Lots more to come so please continue to review and comment so I can help ensure the format and presentation is best for everyone. Do leave me messages on what exactly you’d guys like to read about. My mum’s infidelity spanned a long duration with numerous encounters that I was privy to. There are far too many occurrences for me to detail all of them so do let me know what kinds of pairings/situations you guys are interested in reading about and I’ll sift through my memory and see if my mum was involved in something similar.

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