Life of a Slut Wife and Mum, Part 2 (Slutty Tai Ta

For those not sure what the title means, those two terms are commonly used in Singapore, where we reside. Tai Tai refers to a wealthy, well kept lady of leisure. SPG refers to Sarong Party Girl, a term widely used in Singapore that has negative connotations, describing Asian girls, often Singaporean Chinese girls who dress like sluts, may or may not have a British/American/Aussie accent and who exclusively chase Westerners.

This story deals with the day just after Part 1, where Drew and I start to investigate further. Do note it contains references and follow ups to events in Part 1 so do read in chronological order. Part 2 takes place the day after part 1. Hopefully at the end of this story, you can come to your own conclusion if my mum is a slutty Tai Tai or SPG.

It was a Friday, the last day of the first semester and there were basically no lessons. Drew and I took the opportunity to skip class and head to a quiet corner of the school where we could access the webcam from my parent’s iMac through Drew’s laptop.

We started monitoring from about 10 but it seems my mum was out. Around 12, we checked up again and this time, we hit the jackpot. Brad was in my parent’s room, lying back on the bed stark naked, his penis clearly having just been exercised lay semi-flaccid against his right thigh.

After a few minutes, we heard a door opening from the live video and my mum stepped out of the washroom and into view. She must have been freshening up as she looked like she had just applied a fresh layer of makeup. She was clad in a lacy red lingerie set and glossy red pumps. “Let’s go out tonight. I’ve got a couple of friends I think you’d like to meet.” Brad says. “Uh huh. Are they like you?” “Yeah, white alpha males, rock hard bodies and they know how to fuck local sluts like you” “Hmm, sounds good then. My son’s staying at a friend’s place for the weekend and my husband isn’t coming back for another week. So sure, let’s meet with them.” “Great!” Brad replies. “I’d better save myself for the festivities tonight then.” “Hmph. Where’s the bull like stamina you promised? Fine, go replenish yourself and make sure those big balls are full of cum for me tonight. I think I’ll have some black cock in the afternoon then.” Brad then got changed and together with my mum went off screen, presumably as she let him out.

School was pretty much over already and Drew and I stopped our monitoring. After grabbing lunch, we headed over to his house since I was staying over for the weekend. It was supposed to be a gaming marathon with some of our other friends heading over too though none of them could stay over. With Drew’s parents overseas on holiday, we had been looking forward to the first weekend of the holidays for a long time. However, Drew and I now had a new project to work on in between gaming, that of tracking my mum’s sexual escapades.

It was about 2pm by the time we got to Drew’s place. A couple of our friends were joining us to game and dinner from about 5-9 so after having quick showers, we decided to check back on the video feed from my parent’s bedroom. It seems my mum had headed back in after seeing Brad out and put on a casual black dress before heading out. We next checked her cell phone which Drew had hacked to gain access to. She was meeting a guy named BBC Doug in her contacts (We presumed it meant big black cock since she had mentioned it earlier to Brad). They were meeting for lunch and then going to hang at his crib. She’d also messaged Brad to confirm that he was picking her up at 10 to go clubbing with his friends. Seeing that there wasn’t going to be any action on the camera feed till later, we decided to start gaming first. Drew just left the camera feed on, recording it onto the copious amounts of storage he had on his home desktop, just in case anything happened while we were gaming.

After a great session gaming with some friends who had come over to Drew’s house as well as a barbeque dinner, we decided to check up on my mum. Brad had just messaged her saying that he’d pick her up at 10 and told her to dress up. We then checked on the video feed. My mum had walked into the bedroom at 8:24 p.m. clad in the same clothes she’d left in. However, her hair was now a mess, her lipstick was pretty much gone and her eye shadow looked like it had smudged. The plunge of her black dress also had a couple of stains now. She basically looked like a lady on the walk of shame after a thorough fucking. Our suspicions were confirmed when she took her red bra and panties out from her clutch. Or at least what was left of her lingerie, the lacy panties were in two pieces, probably torn by her black lover Doug during their mid afternoon session. It was about 930 now and on the live feed, my mum stepped out of the washroom into view. She was covered in fresh make up and clad in a beautiful skin tight blue silk cheongsam with a thigh high slit. Cheongsams are traditional Chinese body hugging one piece dresses. The cheongsam my mum was wearing was full length but showcased all her curves due to how tight it was. She paired it with a pair of matching blue stilettos that helped push her curvy mummy butt up and accentuate her long shapely legs visible through the thigh high slit in the dress. She picked out a monogrammed clear sapphire crystal clutch; for her cards and phone, from her extensive wardrobe before heading out of the bedroom to wait for Brad.

Drew and I were resigned to spending a boring couple of hours hoping my mum would bring Brad and his friends back to our house instead of going to one of their places. We decided to catch a squash game that was going on to pass the time. Halfway through, Drew had a great idea. Since he had access to my mum’s phone, why not switch on the feed’s from the front and back cameras on her phone and see if we could get any interesting footage by chance. It turned out to be a stroke of genius. Since my mum’s clutch was clear, her phone’s two cameras could record everything and we had turned on the video at the perfect moment. The clutch must have been on a ledge in the toilet cubicle, giving us a superb full view of my mum on her knees in a toilet cubicle, stroking a rock hard cock. The owner of said cock wasn’t Brad but must have been one of his friends. As Brad promised, the guy’s rippling muscles stood out through the tight t shirt he was wearing. More importantly to my mum, his manhood stood proudly erect, long enough that even with my mum’s two hands on it, there was still excess and thick enough that my mum’s hands barely reached around.

Soon, my mum was bobbing her head up and down the cock, trying her best to deep throat the stud’s pole. At that point, Drew registered a message in my mum’s phone inbox. It was from Brad, asking her if his American friend; whose name it seems was Jack, was up to her expectations. In the cubicle, Jack as we now know him had anchored his large hands on my mum’s head and was pretty much face fucking her. “Take this cock Scarlett, you Sarong Party Girl slut. Ummph, we are gonna teach you why Asian chicks are made to serve White men.” “Urrk” my mum gagged before replying, “Make me yours Jack, claim me, mark me as your Chinese slut. When we walk out of the toilet, there’d better be no doubt what we did inside you stud.” Jack continued to call my mum names, acting like a colonial master with his beautiful local fuck toy. My mum continued to service his cock, using her tongue to lick it, wrapping her luscious lips around it and even doing a combined blow and hand job, working her manicured hands over the cock while she simultaneously sucked the head and licked Jack cock slit. It was really hot watching her willing to degrade herself, kneeling on a club toilet floor to satiate her white partner. Soon, Jack grunted and said. “Scarlett you bitch, get that cock out of your greedy mouth. Get to work on my balls, I’m gonna make sure there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind what just happened in this cubicle. “My mum obediently started sucking and licking on Jack’s balls as he started jacking off. Soon, he reached his climax and grunted, using his left hand to grab my mum’s hair and pull her face up to perfect receiving height as he used his right hand to direct his explosive money shot. Jack had either not cum in a while or was simply a man with prodigious reserves of cum. He fired seven thick creamy streams of cum onto my mum, shooting into her hair, mouth and nose as well as covering her face and neck. He even shot several times onto one of my mum’s eyes, glazing it shut.

He then immediately opened the cubicle door to showcase his conquest to any other guys in the toilet. Seems Brad and their other mutual friend was there as we heard them congratulate Jack and high five. Jack had stepped out of the cubicle to give the other guys in the toilet a better look at the slut who had just serviced him. My mum was getting up, trying to clear her face of the flood of cum on it and failing. A couple of Singaporean Chinese guys peeked in and started calling her things like slut, Sarong Party Girl, white lover, etc. My mum just told them to shut up. Turning around with cum dripping from her chin onto her silk cheongsam, she told them that Jack could singlehandedly cum more than all of them together and that he’d be claiming her pussy and ass later that night together with Brad and their other friend whose name was Nathan. Brad and Nathan started taunting the Singaporean clubbers but seeing the rippling muscles on the two white alpha males, the group of local guys decided to leave. My mum was busy cleaning off Jack’s still stiff cock with her long, silky black-brown hair, leaving white specks of cum in it. “What wimps. Anyway, Brad, I want you and Nathan to give me a quick hard fuck here in the club. No, wait, lets go to the ladies. I want all the other chicks to see what I’m going to be playing with tonight. Take me guys, make sure that when we leave the club, everyone knows that you White studs own this Singaporean mum’s pussy.

With my mum’s phone cameras still streaming video and audio, the group walked out of the gents and headed into the ladies nearby. “Excuse me, this is the ladies washroom” a female clubber using the sink says. “Uh Hmm” my mum replies as Brad and Nathan had started grinding against her. “Don’t let it bother you girls, I’ll just be serving these two white jocks like any good Chinese girl should.” “Slut” “Harlot” “White man’s whore” A bevy of insults rained down on my mum from the other female clubbers in the washroom as Brad tore my mum’s silk Cheongsam open, slid her panties to one side and having already taken out his impressive manhood, impaled her in one swift motion causing her to cry out in pleasure. Nathan had also freed his cock, a 7 inch long beer can thick monster and had positioned himself right in front of my mum. My mum immediately devoured his cock between her plump red lips and Brad and Nathan proceeded to double team her. Most of the female clubbers who had been in the washroom had left in disgust, probably to complain. There were only a handful who were still watching the show together with Jack who was chatting with a fellow American, telling her how the cum in my mum’s hair was his. Brad and Nathan were high fiving above my mum as they pig roasted her, forming an Eiffel tower position. A couple of clubbers walked in and gasped as the sight before them. One of them shouts at my mum to take her partners home. My mum takes a break from polishing Nathan’s cock to reply that she was and this was just an appetizer to tide her over.

Suddenly, the doors burst open and two bouncers walked in, immediately telling Brad and Nathan to get dressed and get out of the club. Jack quickly walks over and passes them two hundred dollar bills each saying that they’d clear out once they blew their wads. The two bouncers quietly pocketed the cash saying out loud that the threesome had 3 minutes. Upon hearing that, Brad and Nathan immediately picked up the pace and started vigorously fucking my mum. She was moaning like a bitch in heat and soon passer bys had opened the door to the female toilet to see what was happening. After about 2 minutes of intense sex, which to my mum was probably one long orgasm going by the noise she was making, Brad and Nathan were ready to cum. They both grunted in short delay from each other as Brad thrust deep into my mum, firing off a huge load while Nathan pulled out, grabbing my mum’s hair and positioning her face as he creamed her. Brad then pulled his shrinking cock out, immediately inviting a wave of cum to flow down my mum’s thighs. She then got on her knees and allowed Brad and Nathan to wipe their cocks clean in her hair before they all got dressed. The two bouncers then quickly ushered them out of the club. Along the way there was tons of insults directed at my mum. She looked like a downright mess, silk Cheongsam crumpled and torn, face and hair streaked with drying cum, cum flowing down her thighs. The other white men in the club cheered as Brad, Nathan and Jack walked out of the club alongside my mum, with no doubt in any onlookers mind as to how the interracial foursome were going to spend their night.

Hope everyone enjoyed part 2. Lots more to come so please review and comment so I can help ensure the format and presentation is best for everyone.

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Hot little yellow slut.
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love bathroom sex scenes
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Love the second part of this story