Life Of A Slut Wife And Mum, Part 1 (The Beginning

This is the introduction to a planned series on the sexual escapades of my mum. Each part of the story will deal with a bit of background info together with one or two specific sexual encounters that my mum had and I was fortunate enough to witness. Feedback would be appreciated as I do understand that it does take a while to get to the action.

My mum is a Chinese lady, about 40 but still retains a rocking body. The description I always use is to imagine a Chinese Scarlett Johansson. Her general proportions and height are extremely close. Of course, her boobs, abs and rump are less toned owing to 10 years extra under the effects of gravity. A good diet and lots of exercise ensures that her C (borderline D) cups and plump ass still draw lots of attention though, filling out nicely despite the slight sag. Her face on the other hand still retains every bit of attractiveness. In fact, owing to years of expensive maintenance, most people say she looks even more alluring now, a definite MILF.

She’s still married to my dad, a Chinese senior management executive in the corporate world. He draws an extremely comfortable salary but has to travel frequently, which my mum encourages, seeing as it gives her more leeway to behave like the sex kitten she is. From what I’ve been hearing from their bedroom ever since middle/secondary school, they have a pretty active sex life. However, this and the following stories coming up are not about him, but about my mum’s insatiable sex drive and how she has managed to satiate herself without him ever finding out. For narrative’s sake, I’ll refer to my mum as Scarlett due to the resemblance. Without further ado, here’s the story on the first time I discovered my mum’s infidelity. It might be a bit slow but bear with it, lots of juicy stuff coming in the future.

I was 15 at the time and had a good friend; Drew, over at my place after school. We were the only ones around since my mum was out for a spa day with some friends and we spent most of the day on Halo. Taking a break, we started talking about sex like the horny young teenagers we were. Drew started talking about how my mum was pretty hot and we started debating if our parents still had sex at their age. Deciding to take a break from the Xbox, we decided to explore my parent’s bedroom to see if we could find anything interesting. I had never really been inside my parent’s bedroom for an extended period of time so this was pretty much a new experience for the both of us. What we found inside blew our minds.

Going through my parent’s bedside drawers, we found a variety of condoms and a bottle of astroglide lubricant. Several of the condom boxes were open including a few flavoured ones. This got us really piqued and we started to really thoroughly search the room. We found a couple of porn blu rays and DVDs hidden at the back of their TV console but the next interesting find was in the bathroom. My parent’s room has a gorgeous en-suite bathroom with two sinks, a Jacuzzi, etc. They also have a laundry basket for clothes. Within it, we found one of my mum’s robes as well as a matching white bra and panty. The bra had a few stains on it that seemed relatively fresh. Drew then jokingly suggested that Scarlett, my mum had probably given my dad a morning blowjob while we were at school and he’d shot some cum on her bra. I then pointed out the only problem to that theory, my dad wasn’t in town, and he’d left 2 days back for a business trip and wasn’t due back for another week. Knowing my mum had a room sized walk in wardrobe to herself, we decided to look there. However, I know that my mum keeps it locked and air conditioned 24/7. Even my dad doesn’t have the key as my mum claims she wants everything she wears to be a surprise for my dad. We spent a good part of the next hour combing through the room, trying to find a spare key to that walk in wardrobe. Finally, after 45 minutes, we found it, inconspicuously tied to a bookmark on a book my mum was in the process of reading.

Even my dad pretty much never gets into this room and now Drew and I stepped in, ready to explore. Everything was neatly arranged, with dresses, blouses, pants, skirts, shoes, etc all neatly arranged. After a cursory look through everything, we couldn’t seem to find anything interesting other than one column of drawers which were protected by a single electronic lock on the top drawer. I suspected that it contained my mum’s jewellery and possibly some spare cash but it seemed like a lot of space just to hold jewellery. I decided to try my mum’s birthday and amazingly, it worked. The lock clicked and the drawers were accessible. The top two drawers as expected contained jewellery and some cash for emergencies as well as some f****y heirlooms, birth certificates, the usual stuff. However, from the third drawer till the fifth and last drawer, this was where things got really interesting. The third drawer was a lingerie paradise. My mum had an underwear drawer in the unlocked section of the walk in wardrobe but the underwear here was an entirely different thing. She had sheer robes, negligees, teddies, g-strings, boy shorts, thongs, lacy one pieces, etc in every colour imaginable with matching bras, garters and stockings. The bras were mainly push ups and maximizer models in C cup sizes. Things got better in the fourth drawer as this one contained sex toys, more lubricant, costumes and shoes. We found dildos, vibrators and a range of sexy shoes. There were fuck me pumps, boots, sandals, stilettos, etc as well as various costumes like air hostess, nurse, etc.

The final drawer however, confirmed that my mum was definitely keeping multiple partners. There was a book with a list of various men, their contacts and some notes about their bedroom prowess both from herself as well as comments from other names I didn’t recognize. Beside the book, there was a phone (not her normal phone) which revealed everything. Drew and I scrolled to the most recent conversation and we found out that just this morning, a man named Brad had stopped by our house to “bang her like a bitch” in the exact words of the text. We started looking through and realized that she had multiple communications with various men and even a few women, all for sexual reasons in this phone. As we were scrolling through, the phone suddenly vibrated, a new message from Brad had just arrived.

The text message simply read, “check your email Scarlett”

Drew and I quickly rushed to my mum’s laptop and booted it up from sl**p mode. Using her birthdate again, we managed to get into her user account and fortunately, it was already logged into her email account. She had just received an email from Brad. It said “Hey slut, enjoy this morning? You’re the first Asian bitch that’s managed to walk me to the door after a session. Tomorrow morning, we’re gonna rectify that. Be ready at 10am in your best lingerie. I’m gonna make sure you won’t walk straight for the rest of the day. Watch this, I want you to think about my cock before you sl**p tonight” Attached to the email was a video which Drew and I played. It was from the morning and had to be taken via a hidden camera as the quality wasn’t amazing.

The video kicked off with my mum on her knees giving a blowjob to a tall, muscular American man, presumably Brad. She was clad in the sheer robe and white lingerie we had found in the laundry basket with matching glossy white pumps. Her manicured nails and lips were a matching rose red. Brad was grunting as he ran his hands through my mum’s brown-black hair, guiding her plump lips back and forth along his pole. It was clear that my mum chose him carefully as his body looked rock hard and together with his thick, 8 inch penis and large balls, he looked like he could really satisfy a woman. The blowjob continued for a good 10 minutes where it became clear it was only for Brad’s pleasure as he vigorously used my mum’s mouth, face fucking her at times. She was barely able to utter a word during those 10 minutes, spending almost all the time with Brad’s shaft in her mouth. Brad however, talked dirty to her, giving us new information on my mum as she sloppily serviced Brad’s cock. As she sucked on his balls, Brad commented “Hey Scarlett, Doug told me you only hook up again with guys who manage to cum at least two large loads. Feel those balls you’re licking. They’re good for three or more… If you’re a worthy slut. Most chicks aren’t worthy of these balls” After about 10 minutes, Brad suddenly started breathing heavily, gripping my mum’s head and sloppily fucking her mouth. “Yeah bitch, you have a great mouth” “Ummph, time for me to glaze your face like the Chinese whore you are” Brad then pulled my mum off his cock, grunting as he started to fire ropes of cum all over my mum’s face. After firing five long jets, he slaps my mum’s face with his cock a few times, smearing his cum all over my mum’s face and his cock before he grabs a fistful of her hair and uses it to clean his cock. My mum was slightly pissed that Brad had gotten cum in her hair and started complaining about how difficult it would be to remove.

Brad replied cockily. “What are you complaining about babe, aren’t you going for a spa after this” My mum replied in an irritated tone, “Yeah, but I’m going with my friends” Brad just smirked as he stood over her and laughed. “More slutty MILFs? I want you to leave my cum on until you meet your friends at the spa.” “What? No way!” my mum exclaimed. Brad replied, “Fine, then I guess that’s it for today and the rest of the week while your husband’s away” “Hmph” my mum replied. “I don’t need your dick. I’ve got a bevy of guys waiting to tap this sweet body” Brad grinned and said “I’m sure you do slut but what I hear is you like new dick. I can go out tonight, pick up another Chinese slut from a club and enjoy her pussy but you I hear are only satisfied with a certain standard of cock. Anyways, I heard from Brad that he did you all silly just two weeks ago and gave you like 3 facials, a creampie and a pearl necklace and you didn’t clean it off the entire day. Is my white man cum not good enough huh? Only black cum accepted by this Chinese slut now is it?” My mum laughed and told Brad “Fine, I’ll leave your cum there for my girlfriends to see later but you better do me good. The reason Doug gets to do anything he wants is because he has insane stamina so whenever I want a marathon fuck, I want him ready for me. I mean, when you manage to fuck me through an entire day, maybe cum like 8 full loads or more then we’ll see. Anyway, less talking more banging. Think of this as your audition.”

The two lovers then moved up on to the luxurious king sized bed where Brad lay back, spreading his legs and relaxing. He then said, “Hey Scarlett, get that ass up here. I’m gonna fuck you till the neighbours complain. All while you’re wearing my cum on your face” My mum then removed her sheer robe, leaving her in her white lingerie and heels before climbing onto the bed and getting between Brad’s legs to suck him to hardness again. The cum on her face was starting to dry but not before some of it had dripped off her chin onto her bra, explaining the stains Drew and I had noticed on her bra earlier. They then swapped positions with my mum lying back and Brad pulling her panties to the side and eating her out. My mum wasn’t very satisfied with his oral performance though and soon asked him to get to business. Brad swiftly moved up, lined up his cock with my mum’s slit and then thrust into her with one quick stroke. He immediately picked up the pace, not bothering with starting slow, pounding my mum in the missionary position. He leaned forward and muttered “Scarlett, you’re gonna walk funny at the spa later” My mum moaned and said “I hope so. Make this sweet Asian pussy yours”

The hidden video camera captured Brad and Scarlett’s fucking from a single angle, limiting the view Drew and I got as we watched the tape. Audio was decent though and we managed to make out Brad’s balls slapping into my mum as they switched from missionary to doggy to cowgirl then back to missionary. After about 10 minutes of rigorous fucking, my mum had cum once. Brad then groaned, pulled his cock out and started ejaculating all over my mum’s pussy and thighs. He climbed off her and went to collect his hidden cam. “Hey!” my mum exclaimed, I didn’t give you permission to film us. “Relax, this is just for some of my buddies and me, you know at those times when you’re not riding me” Brad replied. “Fine, you can keep it. You’ve made the cut to get a second round with this MILF. But you need to improve if you wanna keep tapping this ass. No facials until you get your cunnilingus skills up to par.” The video then cut out as Brad must have stopped it.

Drew and I just sat there for a good couple of minutes. Fortunately, with my mum not due back for another three hours, Drew managed to pop out and make a duplicate of the key to my mum’s walk in wardrobe while I finished putting everything back in place. Eventually, we got everything back looking exactly the way when we had first stepped into the room. Drew and I were still in shock about the whole incident and we tried to block it out by gaming. After awhile though, Drew had a great idea. Why not film my mum. My parents had an iMac in their bedroom and being the technical expert he was, Drew spent the next hour gaining remote control over the Mac’s web camera and ensuring he could access it from his own computer. He also installed a virus into my mum’s phone which allowed him to see everything she said and did with the phone through his computer and phone. Finally, Drew had to head home, not before making me promise that tomorrow at school, we would talk further. When my mum got back at night after the spa and dinner with her friends, I couldn’t look her straight in the face, picturing Brad’s cum dripping off her chin and coating her thighs. Of course she looked perfect now, skin polished to a glow at the exclusive spa she frequented.

Hope everyone enjoyed part 1. Lots more to come so please review and comment so I can help ensure the format and presentation is best for everyone.

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15 days ago
Great story, more please!! ;)
17 days ago
Great story. Fantastic idea.
1 month ago
Fun & very imaginative, love the creative build up...keen to see where it's going ..
7 months ago
I love the way this story is heading keep it up man
7 months ago
Awesome story! X
7 months ago
Great start, i look forward to more installments.
7 months ago
great story love the idea it will go on again and again