The Woman In Black

It was a cold November evening, it was pouring and I was on my way home. Then I saw her, she was dressed in black, high leather boots, expensive dress and a coat. She just rushed out of the Versace store, here hands where covered by black gloves and in each she carried four large bags, to much to handle for such small hands. She looked like a goddess out of this old black-and-white movies they play late at night on TV.

She looked a bit helpless standing there in the rain, so I walked over and ask if I could help her. She gave me a short look, I could feel how she checked me from top to toes. Then she smiled at me and said: "Yes, of course you can, take this bags and bring it over to my car, it's just over there". She gave me all the bags and went straight to her car, while I tried to get her bags there, too. They weren't heavy but huge and it wasn't easy. So when I arrived at the car, she was already waiting inside, she lowered a window and said "Please put it in the trunk, Boy". It was her voice, it was demanding but friendly, no one called me ever "Boy", at least not since I was 17 and this was years ago. But somehow I couldn't be angry with her, it was her look, the way she moved, her voice... she was a total Lady.

I put her bags in the trunk closed it and said: "Well Ma'am, all is packed well inside, I wish you a good evening". She gave me a smile, reached out to shake my hand and drove away. I was surprised, she just stepped into my live and now she was gone...
When I opened my hand I found a dollar note, this wasn't fair, I just wanted to help, I don't like to be paid for just being polite. I just put in my jeans and rushed to the subway, I was already wet to my bones and it was quite cold.

At home I took a warm shower, made me some tea and slipped into my bed, zapping through the television program. I found nothing, looks like they show all good stuff at one day, at the same time or never. Well today wasn't my day, I saw my trousers beside my bed, grabbed inside and took out the dollar. She still was in my head, I never met such a woman before. I can recall her face, her deep green eyes, her hazel-hair, falling down like a waterfall, her soft, slight-red lips, her small, aristocratic nose. Sad that she was gone so fast. I starred at t he dollar and dreamed. Then I saw the writing, someone wrote with ink on it "Thanks, give me a call at 8 p.m. 555-647890", I glanced at the clock, 20.05 oh my god, I jumped out of bed, ran to the phone and dialled the number.

"You are late, Boy" I haven't said something, the phone just rang once, when I heard her soft voice. I excused, tried to explain, but I just made her laugh. "You don't have to excuse, Boy. Your help was really nice, like a gentleman. It is not very common nowadays. I want you to come over to dinner tomorrow, 8 p.m. better be in time." She gave me her address and then she hang up.

I couldn't wait till tomorrow, I slept only a few hours, at university I didn't get a word and back at home I couldn't decide what to wear, I showered, shaved and choose one of my suits. Then I get myself a cab and drove to her house. It was in the outskirts, a nice house, with a park around and a big door. It was raining again, when I stand in front of the door and pushed the doorbell. It was 19.45 and I was glad to make it in time. But no one opened. So I stand there in the rain, I forgot my coat at home, so my hair, my face, my suit, all got wet. I saw light inside and her car parked in front, so she must be home, but I didn't want to rush her, so I waited 10 minutes before I rang again, but again no reaction from inside. So I waited at while a clock was beating eight times inside, the door was opened, by a black-girl in my age, dressed in a maidens-dress, she was beautiful and I must have looked very surprised. "Madame is waiting for you inside the dining-room" she guided me the way and let me in, then she closed the door from outside.

A warm fire was burning in a corner of this room, it was huge, with a long wooden table, dozens of candles, china and silver, the walls where painted in an old style green and from the ceiling there was a wonderful lustre hanging. "You are very impatient, I don't like that at all". She was sitting at a chair besides the open fire and looked at me, my face turned red, while I searched for an excuse. Normally I can talk like a waterfall but not today, she left me speechless. "I see, you lost your words, well come over here. God, you are totally wet, you have to get out of your clothing" I wasn't sure if I understood, it was like in one of the cheap movies, this couldn't be reality. She pulled at a small rope hanging from the wall and the door opened. "Mary, please lead this gentleman to the bathroom and give him a dressing-gown". I followed the black girl and returned a few minutes later bare-foot, just with the thin cloth reaching down to my knees. I felt uncomfortable, I dressed up specially for her and now...

Mary closed the doors and I was alone with her. "I don't even now your name, Boy. I guess it would be a good idea to tell me now, while you are standing here half nude." "Aehm, yes Ma'am. My name is Rene, but my friends all call me Ray", I got a cold glance as a response. "Well Boy, I ordered you here, because I liked your way. You seem to have good manors and like to serve a woman, is that true". I don't like the idea of insisting that I like to serve, I preferred saying that I am just polite, but all I could say was "Yes Ma'am". "Good, tell me Boy, how old are you? And do you feel attracted by me?" "I am 27, Ma'am. Yes, yes Ma'am you are a beautiful woman and ..." "... and far to old for you. Forget it. The only reason why I called you, was to introduce you to a friend of mine". The door opened and in stepped a young woman, maybe 29, she wear a tight black dress, pearls and black shoes with metal heels. She glanced at me "Hello Boy, Jennifer told me about you, so is it true that you would like to submit to a woman?" "Well Ma'am, I don't understand, I was just invited for dinner and..." "Answer yes or no, If not you can leave", this was Jennifer talking, the woman I met the day before. "No, please don't get me wrong Ma'am, you just got me ... well... yes, yes it is a thing I ever dreamed of."

The new woman stepped closer "So get off that stupid dress and kneel down". So I did. I wished I could sink in the ground, I was so ashamed, kneeling here naked in front of two unknown women, but it happened and here I was. "Kiss my feet, Boy" I followed the order, I kissed the feet of the new woman, i tasted her flesh, between the leather of her shoes, I licked around her heel. "Listen carefully, you will address me as Mistress Lynn from now on, Jennifer is Milady to you, understood" I confirmed. "Good and know, tell me are you free? Would you like to become my pet? It will mean that you have to move, you will live in my house, as my personal slave, you will be chained and nude all day long, even if friends of me come over. You will never have sex with me, nor will I please you. But you will have to lick me very often, also you'll take care of my body, you will worship me, even drink my golden nectar. If you do well you will be pleased by my other pet Grace, if not I will spank your bottom. I will be strict and demanding for the first weeks, if you are doing well, you can stay, if not I will give you to an old friend of mine, she is 49 and loves young flesh. Do you understand? If you are able to satisfy me, you'll get more responsible tasks and maybe one day... I am still unmarried and in a few years my chance to have a baby will be gone. So you see everything is open. You can say yes or nor, choose well, if you say yes it can be heaven or hell, it will be up to you. If you say no, you are free to leave but you will never no what you have missed."

I was speechless, a thousand thoughts where squeezed inside my head, I saw my entire life, my dreams, my fantasies and it seemed like one of them now came true. But I was frightened but I knew it was my only chance, so I looked a Mistress Lynn and then over to Miss Jennifer. And again to Miss Lynn.

"I see you can't decide yet, you are after Jennifer, right boy?" Well you can't have her at all. She is my girlfriend. We are lovers, maybe you will have to serve both of us, while we are in bed. You can only watch but will be unable to give relieve yourself, because you'll where a chastity belt, maybe you can drink Jen's pee, or if you pleased us well, you can lick her as a birthday present. But don't expect more, of course you'll have to obey her as you will obey me. So it is up to you, yes or no?"

I was so confused, my mind was twisted, I didn't know what to say but finally I realized, that this was, what I ever dreamed of. "Yes..." the words slowly escaped my throat "...Ma'am". Now it was said. I'll become the slave of this woman.

Miss Lynn walked next to me, I saw something in her hand, then I felt cold metal around my neck, heard a snap and instantly know, that she just collared me with something tight and heavy. She then blindfolded me and linked something with the collar. Then I felt someone pulling my collar and I was f***ed to crawl after her, because I was still on my knees. I heard doors open, I felt the fresh air and shivered, she pulled me down the steps in front of the house then she lifted me up from my knees just to throw me into the trunk of a huge car, probably the Grand Cherokee I saw when I arrived. I still couldn't see anything, I was totally nude and collared. So I heard the car getting started and we drove for a long time. I felt asl**p, for I easily get tired in a car and having my eyes closed wasn't a help. I woke up by a pull on my collar, I felt out of the trunk, which hurt badly. But my moans didn't provoke any reaction, I was pulled again and had to follow my mistress, it was a cold ground, felt like street pavement, but covered, maybe a garage. I was to afraid to talk to the person pulling me, I just hoped it was Lynn. I crawled into a lift and out off it, I heard the sound of a heavy door and then my hands and feet where chained. I couldn't move them far away from each other, so the chain between the shackles must be very short. Then I was pulled into another room and a door closed, my blindfold was removed, I saw a tidy, small room, somewhere in a cellar, in it was just a cage and I was put into this one. Mistress Lynn was the one, who closed the door, she said: "So Boy, this is where you'll live and sl**p for the next weeks. I will let you out to serve me and to train you, but you'll spent much time in there, later on my other slave Justine, will share this cage with you. You will wear a chastity belt then, you will not be allowed to satisfy yourself in the first weeks. Maybe I'll allow you later. sl**p well" She turned of the light and was gone. I laid awake for hours, I couldn't find sl**p, the chains where uncomfortable but I couldn't do anything against it. When I woke up, I was still alone, but there where two bowls, one with fresh water, the other with something, looking like stamped potatoes. I was thirsty so I drank and also eat a little, then I laid awake for hours until I felt asl**p. I was woke up by a crop. Mistress Lynn was standing in front of my cage. "This is Grace" she introduced me a blond, young girl, totally nude, small breast, shaved, wearing a silver collar and two nipple piercings. She was gagged and her hands were chained. She was pushed in my cage. "Lesson one. You'll show myself how good you can lick, now!" I felt the crop on my ass, so I tried to get clear at once, I got on my knees and crawled to the girl. I couldn't believe it, like a slut, she spread her legs, her eyes looked friendly but demanding and I could see her lust in them. When I got closer I could see five rings at her blank lips, and a tattoo saying "Property of Lynn" shortly over them. "She is mine for 6 years now, I found her when she was 22 and she is a sweetheart. But she was kept bound for the last weeks, she wasn't allowed to satisfy herself, so you'll better please her good.

I was ashamed licking a woman, while another one was watching, but I did my best and soon I started to enjoy it, my penis got hard and finally Grace came, I could here her soft moans, escaping the gag. Then I felt the crop again. "You shouldn't please yourself, you should please her, I see you'll have to be disciplined, maybe it is time for lesson Two. Grace, now! Better drink all, Boy" I was surprised, but my mouth already filled with warm, salty pee. It was much, I hardly could swallow and it seemed not to end. When it was over, Grace pressed her wet spot in my face and got herself dry by rubbing over it.

Again I felt a pull on my collar, I was f***ed upwards and was attached to the cage top. Then a dildo like think was pushed over my penis and being attached by a chain. My penis was locked away, in addition I also got gagged. "Good night sweetheart, use him as often as you like" the light was turned out again. But this time I got nearly no sl**p. This woman was hungry for satisfaction and I was just a thing that she can use.

The next morning we were freed, led into a bathroom and were allowed to shower and shave. Then Grace showed me the house, all the rooms and what duties were to do. Then she let me in the kitchen where two big bowls filled with water and bread, soaked with milk were waiting for me. The next hours I spent cleaning and she cooked. While lunch was served, I had to kneel under the desk, pleasing Mistress Lynn, she enjoyed it and I heard her saying something about rewarding Grace for preparing me so good.

I was quite tired but day didn't end so quickly. I had to bath my mistress, my eyes where blindfolded, so I just felt her smooth flesh, but didn't see anything. Then I creamed her with a good smelling lotion and gave her a massage. At last I was bound at the end of her bed, while she laid on it, watching television, from time to time she glanced at me and made some jokes. After an hour she called Grace and let her shave me, then she attached a strap-on and I was no longer a virgin. I spend the rest of the evening bound to her bed, with a butt-plug and a blindfold, listening to Lynn and Grace making love. At one time I felt a sl**p and so the second day in my mistresses house ended.
To be continued ...
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