Panty Sniffer busted Part 2

Now i was in a bind as as i sat in the recliner watching Lisa and Emily in a hot 69 my cock started to get hard again as i was thinking about looking my wife in the face knowing i just fucked Lisa 10 years younger and little Emily, oh that sweet pussy needs my cock so bad as she builds to her first ever lesbian orgasm let alone with her mom. As i reach full mast Lisa waves me over to her eager mouth and deep throats my hard cock in one big gulp all the way to my balls. As she backs off she sc****s her teeth just enough to make it hurt a little looks up to me and tells me to be gentle with her and then says this is what she meant when she said it was my lucky day and to grab a towel to put under her as she is a virgin and will make a mess. Now shit i was asking myself "do i wanna take little Emily's virginity?" Oh hell yes as the tip of my cock slid in i think i"ll be hitting this hot piece of ass regular as well as Lisa. I meet almost immediate resistance as she yells and lurches foward Lisa grabs her legs and looks up to me and nods then says do it and with one quick thrust i feel her cherry pop and the tears start as she tries to pull away from my steady thrusting and as she was once trying to get away she starts to meet my constant plowing. Lisa moves away and i lay on top of Emily as i feel the cum boiling in my balls. Emily is screaming in orgasm as i feel Lisa begin to lick my ass and balls its all too much for me as Lisa eggs me on to shoot my load into Emily's tight little pussy i loose it and my cock begins an orgasm the intensity i have never felt before.all the time Lisa licking my balls. It felt like it lasted for ten minutes and as it subsided Emily looks into my eyes and tells me she loves me and i say the same to her as i turn to Lisa i say to Lisa i love you too and she says the same back to me then looks me in the eyes and says sit in that recliner, and after she cleans up Emmie im gonna give her a good fucking like that too. As im sitting there getting my energy back Emilys sibling Tommy peeks his head around the corner and says WTF Then Lisa walks back into the room and comforts him not to worry and as she explains the situation i can see him getting a hard on as he dosent take his eyes off my cock. He then says " i wanna fuck Emmie" Lisa looks at him and says ok suck Kevin til hes hard first though. What Tommy and both say as she looks at us and said you heard me now Tommy take your shorts off and get busy. He drops his shorts and i get to see that beatiful cock of his. What they both dont know is im Bi and have sucked plenty of cock. As he comes over to me im thinking i wanna fuck Emily again too so im gonna make him cum quick maybe twice to wear him out so he wont be ready to fuck Emily when i am. As he kneels down i tell him to wait i get up and tell him to sit down as i wrap my hand around his rock hard cock it lurches and think this is gonna be easy. I slowly take his beatiful cock head in my mouth as he begin to moan and i know this will be easy. I wrap my thumb and index finger arond the base of his cock as deep throat him about a dozen times he shoots a big hot load down my throat and i swallow it all Lisa says wait a minute he was suppose to be doing you. I said oops my bad and i lay on the sofa as he tenativley takes my cock in his mouth we get into a 69 and Lisa is rubbing her and Emily's clits watching us . Emily chuckles and tells Tommy to suck it til its hard cause she wants uncles fat cock in her tight pussy again. That helps me as i work on Tommys now hard cock again. my cock is hard too and hes learning fast as i feel his cum boiling up he shoots another hot load down my throat. I save some for Emily i go over to her and as i kiss her i swap Tommys cum in her mouth and as she says ummm I know Ive found the little slut ive been looking for. Stay tunned
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1 month ago
Sound like fun!
1 year ago
Great story, I'm as hard as a diamond, Thanks for posting. :)
2 years ago
Very very very exciting and so hot! My 3rd part of my story is up as well!!!
2 years ago
please comment thanks for reading
2 years ago
read part 1 first please