Panty Sniffer busted Part 1

It all started innocently enough.... I was the handy man of the group of relatives that lived in this area. As usual once a week my wifes 10 years younger sibling called with another job for me as her husband was worthless when it came to home repair. This time it was a bad heating element in her cloths dryer. Just a little back groud. I met my wife when after serving in the Marine corps i came back to live in my home town and got a apartment in town and she and her then boyfriend were my neighbors. I would go over there and watch sports and drink and get high and in the summer my room mate and i would have parties and they would come over. I was never thinking of her as anything but a friend. Then her s****r came over and wow i wanted that but my now wife had other plans for me and never would let me get her alone. So as i had the hots for Lisa i ended up getting a note from my now wife saying she was leaving her boyfriend and the reason was she wanted to be with me. So to make a long story even longer Lisa ended up marrying and i ended up marying her s****r. So now its 15 years later and im her errand boy and everyone elses for that matter. I babby sat her k**s,fertilize her yard power wash her deck and all along i still got the hots for Lisa, im her slave. And all along my wife knows this but dosent say a word about all the time i spend helping her out of jam after jam. So now were back at fixing her dryer. After i find out her dryer type and pick up the part for her dryer its 8 pm and the brats are sl**ping and as she answers the door in a very tight night shirt and as she lets the door open i can see the cool air affecting her now hardening large nipples as my cock stirs to semi hardness as it usually does every time i see her. Concious of this Lisa says shit it got cold and as she puts her arms together to cover her chest her cute little night shirt rides up a little and i get a glimpse of her cute little pink panties when she turns and runs back into the kitchen. she gets me a beer as usual and i head to the basement laundry room. As i get to the dryer and remove the cover to get to the heating element i realize i need another wrench and go too my van to get it i hear the shower running as i get to the top of the basement stairs. I look down the hall and see the oldest girl Emily trying to get into the bathroom with her mom and she is totally naked. I see her bald little pussy and nice shapley ass and big nipples like her mom. She cant see me at first and i cant stop watching her as she bangs on the door for her mom to let her in. I could never touch her that way but my cock is begining to get very hard and as my concious gets the better of me i start to walk for the door and she spots me and screams as her mother opens the door to let Emily in she tells her mom i saw her naked and she tells her so what i changed her diapers hundreds of times and she dosent have anything i havent seen before and she calms down and i go out the door and return with my wrench to replace the element in the dryer. I took all of 5 minutes to change and as im sitting drinking my beer waiting for the dryer to heat up i notice a couple piles of dirty laundry on the floor sperated into white and colors and such. And as im looking i notice Lisa seperated the underwear into a seperate pile and there are Emily's and Lisa's panties. I notice the Pretty pony panties and some Barbie ones and i reach down and pick up the barbie of Emily and slowly raise them to my nose and shit the pungent yooung girl smell gets my cock hard in two seconds. Then i pick up Lisa's g-string type and as i smell i gotta pull my cock out and as i begin to feel my cum boiling smelling Lisa's then Emily's scent im starteled by Lisa's voice she says "what the fuck is going on here" I said oh shit im sorry Lisa dont tell my wife i will be divorced. And as im stuffing my cock back into my shorts she tells me to stop. I look at her and say what? Then outta no where i hear Emily say " you herd my mom stop. Now im going to jail. Lisa looked at me for awhile my cock shrinking, half stuffed back in my shorts.She was making me sweat a little before she comes out and says "My s****r told me you guys sex life has slowed way down soooooo i was gonna give you what you always wanted tonight to repay you for all the stuff you do for us and i catch you with your cock in your hand and Emily's Barbie panties stuffed in your face? What should i do? I said to my defense, Emily is running around the house nude, you with hard nipples answering the door showing me your ass. And me with no sex for 2 months now, i couldnt help myself. I am so sorry. Besides that what did you mean you were gonna give me what i always wanted? Emily said yeah what did you mean mom? Lisa told Emily to shut up and quit starring at my cock. Emily blushed and said mom its even bigger than dads( whom works third and left early to work over time)Lisa got pissed at Emily and asked how she knew how big her dads cock was. Emily replied hesitantly that her dad was doing the same thing i was but in the shower one morning when Emily jumped in with him. That was a relief as the attention went away from me to poor Emily. Lisa asked her what else happened.Emily told her that her dad explained to her that when men clean their Penis that it wasent clean until white stuff came out the end and would she help him clean it. She said she did and by rubbing soap all over his penis until he shot the white stuff all over her face and chest. When they got out of the shower her dad told her she cleaned his penis better than him and asked if she could do it every morning. Now Lisa was beside herself with anger calling Emily a dumb little bitch and now she was gonna learn about dirty old men now and forever. With that Lisa asked her what she thought i was doing. Emily replied cleaning myself. Lisa looked at me and said "this is your lucky day pervert" looked directly at Emily and told her to show her how good she was at cleaning a penis. Oh shit i replied dont get me involved in this. Lisa still pissed asked me would i rather explain to the cops why i was washing my cock in her basement. As i was looking long and hard at Lisa trying to figure her out, she shot me a wink and said she would help Emily to learn better ways to clean cocks. I just looked at her and said you never owed me anything for me helping you with odd jobs and after this i was gonna owe her. She said i know and you are gonna show Emily how men clean a womens vagina, and with that she directed us to the couch in the tv room in the basement, my cock was hard as a rock in anticipation as i was diected to strip and lay on the fold out. Lisa told Emily that the best way to clean a cock was with your mouth. With my cock standing at its full eight inches Lisa took her cloths off and as i tried to help she pushed me away and said i blew my chance to make this a normal encounter. I said "whatever" as she grabbed my cock and told Emily to take her cloths off too cause she was gonna help. I knew i wouldnt last long as i felt Lisa's lips wrap around the head of my cock and little Emily slipped out of her Yogi undies and climbed next to her mom. Lisa stopped sucking my cock as the cum was boiling in my balls. Looking to Emily she told her that you have to make sure you clean the testicles good too and with that she showed her how as she licked and sucked my balls, i got real close to shooting my load. Before returning to my cock she told Emily to clean my testicle. By this time i was on the edge as Emily began to like and suck my balls And Lisa was deep throating my cock. Lisa could tell i was close so she stopped climbed on my chest and shoved her sopping snatch on my face and told Emily to finish cleaning my Penis and uncle Kevin was gonna clean moms vagina. As Lisa started to grind her hot snatch on my face i could feel Emily wwrap he little hands around my cock and Lisa instructed her as how to "clean" my penis fisrt she licked as she rubbed it then to my surprise with Lisa's coaxing she took half in her mouth and got into a steady rythm. As Lisa was approaching her first orgasm it was all too much for me as i let a torrent of hot jizz fill up Emily's mouth all the time Lisa telling her to drink it all down and not let any get on the sofa. The little sweetie cleaned my cock so good as her mom came hard all over my face as i tried to clean her juices shooting all over my face. Lisa Told Emily that is was her turn to get cleaned now. I was thinking hell yeah im gonna love eating that sweet pussy. Lisa climbed off me and told me to get off the sofa sl**per that she had to clean her little girls vagina......[/image]
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2 months ago
I also am so hot for my sister in law! Hot story!
8 months ago
So what happens next?
1 year ago
great story, Can't wait for the second chapter!
1 year ago
super story. more?
2 years ago
2 years ago
very hot
2 years ago
Love all in the family hot hot hot times!!! Thanks for sharing!
2 years ago
Love It.