You naughty girl

I want to know what a girl’s tongue can do to you.

I want to suck on your breasts, lick, tease and bite your nipples.

But your words are only for me.

Whisper to me what she’s doing to you. I want to know every shiver. Each nuance of sensation.

It’s making me so hard to watch you within this much lust, My mind is racing.

When you get closer and closer to orgasm, I want to fuck your mouth. Taste those whispers as they are muffled my my manhood.

I want to spunk in the back of your throat.

perhaps pull out and she could watch you wank me off all over your face.

Make me spunk all over your tits.

Would you like me to lick it off again?


Perhaps i’ll tie you up. Make you watch. Just watch your cunt drool for attention.

Would it drive you insane to watch me fuck her. I bet it would.

With jealousy. With lust.


Would you like to sit on her face as I fucked her.

So you could feel her whispered sinful against your pulsing clit, your hot sticky lips.


Perhaps you’d like to finish me off over her.. and then you lick it off.

While I fuck you. As she thinks of my hard, deep cock and is lost in the jealous that it’s stabbing roughly against your gspot now.


I want every fucking variation.

And still i’m thinking of more.

But my first command comes all at once.

I want her to finger herself and watch you.

As I take off your stilletto .. and slowly fuck you with the front of it.

watch that patent leather glow within the half light.

The danger of the tip.

Such a slow devastating moment.

Contrasting with how hard she’s pushing at her cunt.


Would you like it if she fucked herself with the other shoe.

I bet you would.


You naughty girl.
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