He had teased me into a damn near c***. My body fresh off a third orgasm was so spent I just wanted to collapse, but he had yet to fuck me.
Knowing the cockslut I was for his beautiful cock, he had me begging repeatedly for him to fuck me. But he would have what he wanted, and I would willingly give it.
Face down on the bed, my voluptuous, pale ass high in the air I heard his growl. Nearly cumming from the sound of it alone I wiggled my ass begging him silently, then I begged vocally. There was no shame in my tone.
“Please, baby. Fuck my ass please,” I begged over and over whining like a petulant c***d.
His low words priming my body even further.
“My little cock whore. Do you want me to fuck that pretty ass? Is it mine?”
My breath hitched as a whimper let loose, I was unraveling before him.
“Yes, baby it’s yours. Please fuck it, make it hurt.”
His continued low murmurs set my lust anew, as his smooth dark cock penetrated where we both wanted him most.
I tossed my head back in pure ecstasy, as my body accommodated him exquisitely. Once settled deeply the first snap of his hips told me all I would need to know.
I was about to get what I begged for.
88% (4/1)
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4 years ago
short but good