Judy and I plus Mike

I hope that you enjoyed the first part of this particular adventure. When last I wrote Judy and I were alone in bed and it was the morning after our threesome with Mike.

Around 11:30 I awoke and turned toward my wife and looked around in the morning’s light. All of the bed covers were everywhere and the sheets were covered in wet spots and dried stains. All men are different, but for me visuals are most important and then comes scent and then finally touch. Our bedroom was filled with the sweet smell of sex mixed with the slightly bleachy smell of semen and my naked and sl**ping wife was under the covers.

Obviously being the different sort, I thought that I might like having a look under the covers to see how she looked today. So, I reached over the side of the bed and got my little flashlight and then slowly crawled under the covers. I turned on my light and her thighs were covered in flaky cum, but as I shone the light on her pubic region, my eyes lit up and my dick began to stir, as her very light pubic hair was almost fused together and there were little clumps of cum surrounding her slit, but a little puddle of very wet cum was pooling at the bottom of her slit and still dribbling down her inner thigh and onto the top sheet where a puddle of wet formed filled with those clumps again.

Her scent was very think and I reached over to play with the little pool just above her ass(arse)hole. She didn’t stir and I started to probe a little deeper as I parted her little labia. She finally did stir, but she grunted an annoyed no and when I persisted, no I’m sore.

Let me eat you I said and she murmured more protest, but I was able to get her on her back and slowly opened her legs and get between them. The scent of cum got greater and her lips opened as I used both of my hands to spread her cunt open. I touched her clit with my finger and she jumped and said that she was really sore and sensitive and to just use my tongue. I was happy to do that and plunged myself into cleaning her up, but even more cum started to leak out of her and she remained in a half sl**p while I cleaned all of the clumps off and out of her. She said she was not going to be able to cum, but I lapped away until I was content.

She pulled me up to her and kissed me and we talked a little. I asked her if she had enjoyed herself and she shook her head. I said there was a lot of cum still in her and she said she wasn’t surprised as Mike had fucked her twice after I had gone to sl**p. I only remembered the one time as I was completely out and only awoke to let Mike out. But, she assured me she was completely satisfied, had cum too many times to count and she asked me if I had enjoyed the evening. I, of course, had and told her that I was still so excited that I could spend the entire day fucking.

A firm no from her as she said she had nothing left and said to give her a couple of days. I asked her if she had enjoyed the double penetration, as that was a first for us and she said that it had been a bit uncomfortable at first and that when Mike got completely into her ass she felt as though she had to shit, but when he sawed back and forth the discomfort went away and she liked it. I asked her if she was able to climax when Mike and I were both moving inside of her and she laughed and replied that it was as if she was having a constant cum and when I held her in place she felt as if she could completely give herself to pleasure and enjoyed the domination.

She got up and walked to the bathroom and called me. You gotta see this and showed me her hand which she had held under her pussy as she had walked to the bathroom and it was covered with cum that she must have had so deeply inside that it was only when she stood that it drained out. Wow, I replied and I told her that it was a turn on for me to think that sperm from both Mike and I were swimming around inside of her for the next couple of days. She laughed and said it would be a couple of days before any new swimmers were going to be added.

The days passed and we got back into our routine and the next weekend was a break for us as her period had begun. Well, break is a misnomer, as period time was blowjob time for me and her ass was available as well, but vaginal sex was out for that time.

Another week passed and the weekend rolled around and we went back to the same club. Judy had put on a see through blouse and it was so thin that in certain light it appeared she had nothing on and her nipple were plain to see at the top of the swell of her breasts.

An hour or two passed with nothing unusual or interesting, she said she was going to the bathroom and while she was there, I heard Mike’s voice and he grabbed me around the shoulders and thanked me for the great time and was asking if Judy had enjoyed herself.

Judy walked up and Mike encircled her with his arms and gave her a deep kiss and said he had had a blast and he thanked her as well. He looked at me after awhile and asked me if he could dance with her. I nodded and then walked her to the dance floor and they were soon lost is a sea of moving bodies. After the first number the music slowed down and some of the couples left the floor and I saw them again and it looked much like the week before with his left hand around her waist and his right hand under her dress and probably discovering that she had not worn panties this evening.

Just like the time two weeks before they walked off of the dance floor, but this time he was much more confident in asking, not if it was OK with me, but that he would like to go to our house again. I laughed at his new boldness and said that he should follow us again. He said that he would leave soon and she and I left arm in arm, both of us excited at our new adventure to come.

We made it home and sat and talked and got stoned, but he didn’t come immediately. We were getting a bit disappointed, but we must have given him our phone number, as it rang an he apologized and said he was on his way. Judy said she would go upstairs to get undressed and left. The door bell rang and I went to open it and was shocked when not only Mike was there, but another guy, who Mike introduced as Seth who he said was his ride and hoped that Judy would not be angry. I did not know what to say at first, but then replied that it was OK with me, but we would see what Judy said.

When we had swapped there were two guys and when we did the MMF threesome there were two guys, but never had she been with more, she did not know this man, and I could not guess what she would say.

Like two weeks before I heard the stairs creak and saw through the side of the staircase her naked body with the scarf around her neck, but when she got to the area at the bottom of the staircase where she could not be seen, she abruptly stopped and called my name.

I got up from a chair and left the two guys and she pulled me toward her. Her shoulders were forward, as if she were trying to protect herself and she asked me who was that. I told her what I knew and she said that she didn’t know the guy and was not interested.

I believe that most women, despite all of the equality bullshit we all have been fed, are, at their heart, submissive. I believe that on occasion there is a way to “help” direct them into doing things that we, as guys, want ( and believe me I wanted to get into this MMMF foursome) and my mind was going into overload on this fantasy. So, I got close to my wife and said that this was something I wanted, that she would enjoy it, and that she would have something to talk about for awhile. She said that she was not sure and I replied come here, took her hand and led her naked before Mike and Seth.

Mike smiled and it was Seth’s turn to drop his jaws open. I said to them both that I was taking over the evening’s activities and that Judy, was a bit thrown by everything, but was going to follow my directions, all of my directions.

I told Judy that our new friends would like to be served drinks and some grass and she got them what they wanted and brought the grass to them. Mike’s eyes were open wide, but Seth was transfixed and since he was seated was eye to pussy and was transfixed.

After the guys were more relaxed I took Judy’s hand and walked her to Mike and said that she was to get on his lap facing him with her knees on either side of his wide chair cushion. As she swung her leg across his lap I said, slowly…, and as it moved her pussy opened a little and then she sat. I ordered her to kiss Mike and she pressed her lips toward his and his hands moved up and down her front and he lingered on each of her breasts then reached around her and squeezed each of her ass cheeks. One hand reached completely around her left cheek and his fingers sneaked into the crevice between her thighs and was going up and down her slit and his middle finger was soon sawing in and out of her pussy.

Seth was watching and I motioned him to wait. Her hips began to move a little as the sawing finger began to itch that special spot. Her color began to redden and I could see that she was getting relaxed. Her skin started to get a sheen of light sweat as her hips began to hump on Mike’s pants.

So, here we are, three dressed guys and a naked woman, but I can see that she is starting to enjoy the attention, but I wanted Mike to work on her until she was so excited that Seth’s touch, would be additive and not distractive. When I thought she was ready, as she was now humping and Mike’s fingers were wet as he now had two of them in her and she was making cooing and gurgling noises as they kissed.

I motioned to Seth to get behind her and whispered for him to rub her back and to reach around to her breasts, which he did. Mike moved his hands to her front and Seth eventually replaced Mike’s fingers from behind in her pussy. I told Seth to move back a little and said to Judy to turn around and sit back on Mike’s lap. She did and Mike’s pants had two wet spots, a small one where his dick was leaking and a larger one where my wife dripped pussy juice on his lap. She looked a bit embarrassed as she faced Seth for the first time, but Mike started to kiss her neck and her head went back to his shoulders and her eyes half lidded.

I told Seth to raise her feet, which were together between Mike’s legs and place them on the outsides of Mike’s legs, which he did, and then to pull her knees apart. This had the effect of opening her body completely and she looked completely open and seemed to enjoy being submissive. Her little pussy strained to stay together, but when Seth pushed her knees apart the labia opened on their own and the pink of her insides were completely exposed.

Seth, it’s time to see how well you eat pussy, and, in a moment he was between her legs with his head and lapping away with his tongue. She threw her head back and gave in to the sensations and when he would pull out to take a breath, even her clit was standing out.

Anyway, I didn’t want her to loose interest if she had to get up and walk to the bedroom, so I left them and got bed sheets, pillows, her vibrator, and I (thoughtfully) got some lubricant, as there were plenty of hard dicks and I didn’t really know if she would need it.

When I got back downstairs they were all in the same position, except Mike had taken his dick out and one of her hands was around it. Seth smiled at me and I told her to stand up and undress us all. She drew her knees together and wobbled to her feet and unbuttoned shirts, belts and unzipped zippers until we were all standing around her.

I turned down the lights and placed the sheets on the floor along with the pillows and told her to kneel on a pillow. I took the scarf from around her neck and took each of her hands and placed them behind her and used the scarf to bind them together. We all stood before her and I laughed and suggested that we all place our dicks in her mouth for some mouth fucking. We each took turns and then we stood together and tried to get her to get all of our dicks in her mouth at the same time.

We were able to get the heads of our dicks in, but the position made her mouth open too widely to the sides. It wasn’t all that comfortable for any of us, but I wish I had thought of a camera.

I sat back and told the guys that she was theirs and to come up with whatever they wanted to do. They untied her hands and had her lay back. One of the guys placed a pillow under her hips and the other took the vibrator licked its tip and inserted in into her cunt. The backed away to look at her and then Seth started to push and pull the humming machine into her. Mike straddled her head and told her to lick his balls, which she did and then he backed up a bit and placed his dick into her mouth.

Seth simply said this is far fucking out and Judy started to hump back into the machine. Her nostrils were flared and she was having her breath shudder in and out and then her pussy began to do its marvelous sucking sound as she climaxed. I was not involved except that I was watching and enjoying the voyeuristic aspect of the entire scene.

Mike told Seth to change places and Seth placed his dick in her mouth. Mike pulled the vibrator out and she jumped as he placed its tip on her clit. I mean really jumped and her legs tried to close, but he was in between them, so, she tried to bring her knees up to her chest but Seth was in the way. Fortunately, Mike stopped, or she might have really gone completely crazy, but then he got on his knees and started to enter her.

Her hands were behind Seth’s ass and it was difficult for the three of them to get it together as there wasn’t a lot of space, so Seth pulled his dick out of her mouth and started to suckle and nip on her breasts.

Suddenly, Mike stiffened and said shit, I’m going to cum and started to deep dick her while her feet locked themselves around his back. He arched his own back and grunted as he shot his cum into her pussy.

He had the cat that ate the canary look and fell backwards and said to Seth that it was his turn. Seth pulled his dick from her mouth and told her to get on her hands and knees and drop her chest . Her pussy was white rimmed and drippy, but not much of Mike’s cum had leaked out. That changed when Seth entered her. When his dick was half way in air started to escape from her pussy and white sperm bubbled out. I got up and watched from behind him and his balls were dripping sperm as he banged away at her little pussy.

He didn’t last long either and in a few minutes he leaned over took a breast in each hand and started to cum inside of her. As he was cumming he moved his hands to either side of her ass and really banged away at her. After a bunch of non-understandable stuff he bent over her back and his head fell to her back and they both collapsed on the sheet.

Seth pulled out and fell to the side and she turned to her side panting and soggy with her knees bent in an almost fetal position. Since I was still behind her I saw her sweetly hairy pussy peaking backward and simply swollen with semen.

It was my turn and I gently turned her over onto her back and lifted her knees up, open and to her chest. I positioned myself between them and then raised her claves up and over my shoulders and easily entered and pounded her. Her head was tossing from side to side and I kissed her deeply while she clawed at my back and we both shuddered and climaxed together.

In the beginning of this recounting, it was her pussy that was matted, but both of us were covered in cum now and when I pulled my dick out there was a little pop and sperm started to drip out. Then it squirted out and she looked a bit like a human faucet as it coated the inside of her thighs and ass and flowed onto the sheets.

I got up and told her to stay where she was, but to keep her legs open. I went into the kitchen and ran some water until it got warm, got a cloth , wet it and returned and gently wiped her pussy off. She liked the attention, but the after flow kept on leaking out.

She told me that she needed to go to the bathroom so I turned to Seth and Mike and said they should help her to the toilet, which was downstairs, but they were to stay with her and help her back. I had to laugh when she said that she couldn’t go with the two guys there, so I got a warm pan of water and followed them into the bathroom where I saw both of the guys standing before her with each of them holding a knee and her legs open while she had become pee shy.

I got between them all and placed her hands in the water and her head dropped forward and with an ahhhh, piss started to flow from her while the guys laughed and we all congratulated each other for making such a sweaty mess of her. Mike took delight in tearing some toilet paper from the roll and gently wiped her pussy.

We all helped her stand and walked her back to the living room. Mike seemed to be getting hard again and Seth seemed satiated, but I suggested that she clean their dicks with her mouth, and she cleaned them both but by the time she was finished, both were hard and ready again.

She said that she didn’t think she could cum again, and asked if she could blow them as her pussy was worn out for the evening. She looked good, sure her hair was matted and her pussy was covered with white drying sperm, but she didn’t seem too red or exhausted. So, I turned to Seth and said it was his turn to direct, He smiled and told me to lay on my back with my head on a pillow and Judy was to straddle my face facing forward. She placed her hands on the head of the bed and started to thrust her hips back and forth.

I began to eat her and to try to concentrate on her clit with some success. Seth placed his legs outside of mine and got above my chest. He then began forcing Judy’s head downward and placed his hands on her shoulders to get them down which would tilt her hips upward.

He took little time in entering her from behind and as soon as got balls deep in her, I felt his fuzzy sacks bouncing into my chin while I nibbled on her clit. Musky was the scent that they both gave off, and sweat and old cum were the other tastes and sensations I felt.

Judy started to climax again and she was dripping into my lips. Her body was getting very hot and after the climax passed she became dead weight held up by my forehead and tongue. Seth really began to hammer into her in this position and I could see that his balls had gotten very tight in his sack and that he was as large as I had ever seen him. Then he pumped as deeply as he could and with his face buried in her back began to pulse his cock full of sperm. Contraction after contraction until he stopped moving and he very slowly pulled his spent dick out from her and sat on my chest. Just as his cock left her pussy a small drool of sperm leaked from his tiny slit and landed on my chin, but then I heard a sluch noise and looked to see several tablespoons of sperm dripping from Judy’s cunt, falling directly into my mouth and on my face. That was a pleasant moment. When as excited as I was the fresh dripping cum from a well used pussy looks, feels, tastes, and excited me greatly.

When the flow had stopped I turned her over and beaconed to Mike to sit next to me. He came over and I whispered in his ear that we could try both of our dicks in her pussy at the same time and he smiled and gave me a thumbs up. So, we took our hard rods and placed them together while on our backs with our legs comfortably placed and then called Judy over to squat on us. I reached for the lube and applied it to both of us and she began to swallow up both glans with no problem, but got stuck at the point where we were thickest. Together Mike and I placed our hands on her hips and pushed her completely onto us.

And the fireworks began for us two guys, as both of us had the most sensitive areas of our dicks next to each other and we were surrounded by nice warm pussy, I do not want this to sound gay, but the pleasure spots on one were being stimulated by the other’s glans as we were fucking back and forth..

Judy was getting excited and was bucking herself, but she almost had to be held up by both of us, or she would have fallen over and been asl**p in an instant, Seth moved over to her and as she started to get closer to climax, he reached over and took both of her nipples with each hand and began rolling them between his fingers. She started to moan like crazy and her body was tensing and getting close to cumming. He whispered that she should tell him when she was just about to cum and that seemed to set her off as she was twisting her hips and bucking. “Now, now” and he responded by pulling her nipples almost an inch outward and began to squeeze them rhythmically and that set her off into a wild bucking climax. Ow, ow, ow as she squeezed our cocks as we pumped and then her head fell forward breaking the grip Seth had on her.

Mike began to cum first and what was a smooth lubricated fuck, became a sloshing noisy mess. His cock popped out and it lay across my balls, and, as it got softer it dripped a last few drops of semen across my sack . Every time I thrust upward into her he was unable to stand the touch as he was so sensitive. I thrust as fast and far inside of her as I could and felt myself shoot what I had left in me into her and dropped my hands to my sides and just saw blue sparks and quiet.

The four of us spooned around Judy and rested for quite awhile. The only way I was going to get another erection was by waiting a day or so, and the guys were just as spent. Judy was more than spent and after the guys left an hour later, I talked with her.

Now that the guys were gone she told me that Seth kept pinching her nipples at the end and that hurt, but that she was usually near a climax and the pain would somehow take her over the edge. She felt slutty and coerced about the extra guy, but still admitted she climaxed a lot and was satiated but was even more sore than from two weeks before. She asked me if I could help her to our bedroom as her legs were shaky, which I did. I placed her in a clean freshly made bed. I brought her some towels to catch more sperm that would continue in her after flow and with a wet warm cloth cleaned her up trying not to brush it over her over stimulated and sore clit.

The next afternoon we finally awoke. She got up and pissed and laughed as more cum flowed out of her. She got back in bed and we cuddled and talked and she discovered how much I had enjoyed the evening and why I liked watching her being submissive. She told me that the submissive side of her was something she was not accustomed to but that there was a moment in which she enjoyed giving herself over, loosing control and her anxiety turned into super-excitement.

Her nipples were the most sore part of her, which surprised me as I would have thought her pussy would have been from our two cocks. But they were puffy and swollen and when I licked my finger and touched them she pulled away and said not now, or for a few days.

She said the two dicks in her pussy felt different and better than the previous double ass vagina penetration,because she did not feel the same immediate need to release her bowels. With both dicks in her the labias were really pulling on her clit. So that seemed to prime it more than usual and she could concentrate more on her pleasure.

It is strange, but we never got together with these guys again. Perhaps we had just missed them, or my wife really did not like Seth, or they had moved, but all of these years later I bet that they still talk about the time they got to fuck a man’s wife in any way they wanted to while the husband watched, participated and enjoyed himself.

This was very close to being the wildest of the wild nights we enjoyed, but little did we know that the wildest adventure was yet to come and it would take place within the year.
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9 months ago
What a fantastic evening of sex! Would love to be involved.
3 years ago
I would love to be involved in a hot night like this one! I'm tasting my precum right now!!!!