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The Cuckold Experience: Ok. I want all you small penis men out there to really seriously think about something.

Imagine that this is the kind of man that your wife or girlfriend used to be with before you, and that this is the kind of cock and the kind of hard nasty fucking she’s used to.

Is it at all realistic to think that she’s ever going to be satisfied with your little four inch penis? I mean, she might appear to be at first. Maybe because your penis is such a cute little novelty for her. Maybe it’s because you have amazing oral skills, which many small penis men have developed to compensate for their pathetic little boy penis.

She might really love you, and want to be with you, and might even marry you for any of a hundred reasons. Remember: women don’t marry for cock, they usually marry for love and sometimes status and security.

But you need to realize that her ability to remain sexually faithful to you will be a tremendous challenge for her, especially if she’s very attractive and gets lots of attention from other men.

Realistically, it’s just a manner of time before her pussy needs this kind of attention again. The day will come when she won’t be able to help herself, and she will cuckold you. Hint: it will probably be with an old boyfriend that she had a “good” break up with, for obvious reasons. Think about it. She knows he has a big cock, and can give her the kind of fucking she needs. If you ever notice that she’s been kind of down and frustrated and moody for a while, and then notice that all of a sudden she’s happy and cheerful and smiling, that’s when you know she’s been getting what she needs somewhere else.

And think about something else Let’s assume that your wife or girlfriend is the shy type, that her sexual experiences are very limited, and that she’s never been with a master cocksman like this. Maybe she married young and never got out there to experience things. Maybe you’ve been married for 15-20 years, sex is dull and routine, and you’re looking for something to spark the fire.

Or maybe your relationship with her is new, but you’ve been cuckold before by other woman, and remember what a strange erotic rush that was, and want to experience that again.

And you’re sitting over there having all your little cuckold fantasies about her fucking other men, and get it in your perverted mind that you want her to be a hotwife, that you want her to cuckold you, that you want to watch her have sex with a black bull, and all that.

Now, if and after that happens, and she experiences what it’s like to get fucked by a bull stud like this, do you realistically think she’s going to want to go back to your little four inch penis? That she’s ever going to be satisfied with your little manhood again?

Lesson: be careful what you wish for, because once you go down this road, there’s no turning back.
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25 days ago
This is very true. I encouraged my girlfriend to fuck other guys and tell me about it. She did and it was great. But eventually I discovered she was fucking guys without telling me. I found her diary of exploits, she loved the big cock and stopped having sex with me. I lost her in the end.
3 years ago
mmmmmm i so want to be a cuckold hubby
3 years ago
Good advice if you're with the kind of woman that likes huge cock. It's not universally true though. The big cock and hard fuck is a male thing, they think it makes them the ultimate man, but not something all women are looking for.

I think cuckolding is more a psychological thing than a physical one. So, if your size is a problem she can't live with, with or without another man, the relationship is probably doomed. Move on.
3 years ago
To be shared sounds so sexy,the idea excites thoughts of pleasure in me.
3 years ago
Great story, my first wife is a sexual dynamo. Our sex life was awesome for the first year while we dated. Then we got married and I was in the military and had to move, she stayed back home. It was one month before her libido got the best of her and she called me at 5 in the morning to tell me about it. It was cool with me, and that opened the flood gates. If I wasn't fucking on the weekend, some other guy was. Military life killed the marriage, but we're still friends. Her fucking never stopped either. Cool with me.
3 years ago
I agree, be careful what you wish for. I am that pervert that was always turned on to the idea of having that hot wife that other men were fucking.

Kathy was pregnant and married at 15 and divorced at 16, 20 when we got married. I knew she loved to party and had been with quite a few guy, she even admitted she had fucked my roommate Tim just so he would introduce her to me. I didn't mind, it was what I was looking for. Even while we were engaged she was sneaking off and fucking one of her old boyfriends, I never said anything because it only turned me on.

Kathy was attractive, outgoing, loved to party and men were easily attracted to her. She loved the attention. See her pics on my profile and you can see she had no problem attracting men.

You are right, she was looking for security and stability when she married me and we were in love with each other. She had given up her drinking and partying, but after 6 years of marriage I guess she couldn't suppress her desires anymore. She had started drinking a little and was working late. It didn't take Einstein to figure out she was fucking a guy she was working with. I never said anything because it only turned me on to know he was fucking my wife and it turned me that Kathy was wanting another cock.

After she had been fucking that guy for about three months I decide it was time to find out If her and I were both looking for the same thing.

One night while we were watching some porn and having a couple beers I opened up the subject of wether other men hit on her and did she ever have the desire to fuck any of them. She admitted to me that other men did hit on her and that she had had opportunities but wouldn't do anything because she was married to me.

It was then that I told her that I saw sex as a sexual pleasure to enjoy and that if she ever found herself sexually attracted to someone I didn't have a problem with her having sex with them.

Ofcourse she was open to discussing the idea because she was already fucking someone. She finally told me that if I really didn't mind and the right guy came along she might do it. It was what I was hoping to hear.

If you read my story "FIRST TIME" its a true story of what we did shortly after that discussion we had. That night was the first time I watch Kathy fuck another man, and what I saw was a different woman than I knew. She had no problem fucking him multiple times in front of me and even admitted to me later that it turned her on to know I was watching her get fucked. She was only fireing up my perversion.

After a second encounter with the same guy two weeks later (which she arrainged) I decide to give her the freedom to have sex with anyone she wanted. Within a couple weeks she fucked another guy, and with in about 6 months she fuck about a dozen men.

My wife was a slut for other men and it really turned me on.

Once it started it went on for years and when i urged her to stop one time she said she wasn't going to, she said if I didn't want her to fuck other men like that that I shouldn't have started it. She went out that night and fucked someone.

I spent a lot of nights at home watching her daughter and taking care of things while she was out partying with other men and fucking.

I admit that it was a turn on for both of us and I have no regrets.

Again be careful what you wish for, you might get more than you bargaind for.