A Cop's Mistake

In the town that you live in the black gangs control everything, and the white people who live in their turfs, including yourself are owed by the black gangs.
Being a police officer you hated the situation more than most, but there was nothing that you could do about it. You had tried before and you just ended up being beat up and demoted to the traffic police, and after that no white police officer were allowed to wear a gun.
This afternoon you were called to a disturbance at a mall, and as you arrived there you soon recognized that there were some black thugs harassing some white guys, and you knew that there wasn't anything that you could do, it was the black thugs right to do whatever they wanted.
But never the less you wanted to do something, so you stepped out of your car and went over there.

"Excuse, would you mind keeping it down, we've gotten some complaints." You got the nerve up to say.
"Who the fuck are you to tell us what to do white boy?!" One of the thugs told you.
"Well I was called here to see if we could resolve this... I don't want to have to arrest..." And as you said that you knew that you had gone too far.
"What the fuck did you say fool!" The black thugs then turned their attention to you, and you knew that you had made a horrible mistake.
"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to suggest..." You tried to apologize.
"You damn right you're going to be sorry, you mutha fucka!" Another one of the thugs then hit you in the gut.
"Yo niggas, throw this white boy in the backseat!" The black thug that seemed to be in charge told the other two, as they then threw you in the backseat of your police cruiser.
"Yo dawg, check this out." One of the thugs who had taken your wallet handed him a picture of your wife.
"Who's the bitch white boy?!" He asked you.
"That's... that's my wife." You reluctantly told them.
"Yo give the fool your mobile!" You were handed a cell phone from one of the thugs.
"Now call that bitch wife of yours, and tell her that you're bringing some niggas home with you, and tell her to get undressed." Tyrone told you, as you had overheard his name, but first you hesitated since you felt so anxious and humiliated by what he had told you, but after Tyrone had given you another mean look, you did what he told you.
"Hi honey... I'm on my way home... and... and there's some black guys coming home with me... and... and they want you to be... undressed when they get there." You reluctantly told your beautiful wife, and you felt so jealous when she agreed.
On the way home hearing their trash talk about you and your wife, and what they were going to do with her, made you feel so inferior and humiliated.
Then as you arrived home, your heart was pounding even harder, as you knew what was going to happen, and there was nothing that you could do about it.
"Where you at bitch?" Tyrone called out as they entered your house
"I'm... in the living room..." You heard the sweet voice of your wife say, and as Tyrone looked over at you for directions, you felt so weak when you reluctantly pointing straight ahead.
"Damn bitch... looking good..." Tyrone said in a smug way as you saw your beautiful wife standing there completely naked.
"Now walk that fine white ass of yours over here!" Tyrone told your wife as she slowly began to walk towards them.
"Fuck... these are some soft mutha fucking titties you have here bitch." Tyrone said as you saw him cup your wife's breasts and squeeze them.
You had always loved your wife's boobs, and now here this black thug was pawing on them as if she belonged to him, and though you didn't want to admit it, she did belong to him.
"So bitch... you ready to drain some nigga balls?" Tyrone asked her with that smug look on his face, looking over at you as well.
Just then your wife slowly got down on her knees without saying a word, as she began to undo Tyrone's pants, which made you feel even more inferior and humiliated.
"Damn white boy, seems your wife knows her place." He then said grinning at you.
You couldn't help but to start to whimper as you saw your beautiful wife wrap her sweet lips around Tyrone's fat black cock, and then as you heard her soft moans as she sucked him off, knowing that she was enjoying herself, you felt that familiar knot in the stomach, and it grew even bigger as they took her upstairs to your bedroom, and left you downstairs.
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