My s****r now joins us!

"Honey my s****r is visiting us for the holidays", I told my wife. She winked and replied, "that sounds great....I hope she won't find out about our secret". It brought a smile on both of ours face and I felt my heart beating fast and cock getting hard. I said, "shhhhhhhh....that is out secret" and she replied and "daddy's too". She passionately looked me in my eyes and started kissing me. She paused for a moment and said "honey, daddy is visiting us during the same time...........I cant wait for both of you to do me again". I slid my hand in her panties and said "It's been 3 months now". I remembered how my wife and her father tricked me in having sex with them (read my last post). She pulled my pajamas down and started sucking my balls. She looked up and said "I know you have been waiting for his return from Australia". I replied "yes, honey....thanks for letting me join you guys for the best ever sex anyone could ever have". I could now hear her moan and knew what she wanted. I picked her up and laid her on the bed. I pulled her panties down and smelled her pussy. I then opened her butt cheek and saw her ass tickling like it was inviting me to lick it. I liked it and liked it and liked it until she came. "Honey, you at least do this better than daddy does", she said while catching her breath. She then said "We can have your s****r sl**p upstairs and daddy in the guest room. This way he will be just across from the room from us." I knew she was teasing me. I was mad when I first found out about my high school sweetheart and wife being in an i****tual relationship with her own father but I also found it very erotic as she wanted me to join them instead of keeping it from me. I do not blame my wife for wanting her father with his cock twice my size (not a joke) although I am not small by any means. The next few days until he arrived we were always horny. The big day finally came and my father in law finally arrived. My wife was all over him. I felt jealous but knew she was his little girl as well as a sweetheart. I wanted to give them some private time and left the room. I turned the TV on but could not think of anything but what they were doing in my own bed". I could hear and guess though. After a few orgasms I heard, I heard my wife calling my name. She asked me why I left the room and told me she missed me. That admission was enough for me to lay on the bed with them and pull her legs apart. I noticed cum dripping from her pussy. I was very horny and high and my wife running her hands through my hair and brining my heard closer to her wet pussy made me feel like I was high on something. I kissed her pussy, liked her groin area, ran my tongue up and down between her ass and pussy. I fucked her already fucked pussy by her "daddy" ;)
The next day my s****r arrived. Her husband could not accompany her due to the last minute business trip abroad. We talked about a lot of stuff. We remembered the good old days.
I would often catch my self taking notice of my s****r's cleavage for the next couple of days. I had never looked at my s****r the same way before. "My s****r is so hot", I thought to myself. My wife was an expert i****t. She figured out what was on my mind. She encouraged my to go for my s****r. I told her that she is happily married and would kill me if she found out that I wanted to fuck her. My wife encouraged me to take the risk and "pumped me up", if you know what I mean.
My wife and myself walked upstairs to my s****r's room. I knocked on the door. She opened the door. I asked her what she was doing and she replied nothing "watching TV and getting bored". My wife suggested that we watch a movie. She asked my wife to get comfortable in her nightie. My s****r agreed and went to the bathroom to change. She returned in a white nightie. We had a few beers. My wife then excused herself saying that she was having a headache. We started watching the movie. The whole movie was quite erotic and turned me on even more. A few beers disinhibit me even more. I knew my s****r was very shy and that I will have to make the first move but did not know how to approach my s****r. I did not notice until I saw her bare breasts that she had been inviting me for sex for the last 45 minutes. "What an idiot I am", I said while walking towards my smiling s****r. I sat on the bed next to her. My s****r kept giving me signals that she wanted me. For the first time in my life I realized I was more shy then her :) She finally laid her head on my laps. She then pressed my hard cock with her head. I saw her drool from the side of her mouth. I could smell her pussy getting wett. I turned on her belly and pulled by "Mr happy" out of my pajama. She sucked it for the next few minutes. It felt different than any other times. I was a unique feeling that my s****r was drooling on my dick and my wife was fucking her father downstairs. I took my s****rs clothes off. I liked her from mouth to pussy. I liked her ass. She finally laid me on my back after an hour and told me "b*****r, it is time......I have been ready since you touched me". I creased her breasts. She laid on top of me for a few minutes. She held my hard cock and slid it in her wett pussy. I came within 5 minutes the first time but did not take longer then a few minutes to get hard again. I did my s****r in doggie styles and finally came in her ass. We then fell asl**p. I have just woke up. My wife and her father have not come out of the room yet. My s****r is taking a bath upstairs. This gave me some time to share my adventure with y'all. Gotta go now. Will keep you posted how things are at my end soon.

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1 year ago
That's so hot. Wish I had a sister to play with.
1 year ago
love to hear more about you and your sisters adventures
2 years ago
good but short
3 years ago
As hot as the first thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Excellent story. Can't wait for more. Thanks for posting.