Beth Morggan and her dentures

Beth Morggan; I love this woman, I fantasise about her as she wakes up in the morning, going into the bathroom and removing her dentures and gently brushing them before putting them into a glass of denture cleanser to soak while she has a shower. I sometimes imagine waking up without her dentures in, people are advised to sl**p without their dentures in to give their gums a rest but I bet she keeps hers in.

She dries herself and gets dressed, applies her make-up, rinses her dentures and puts them back into her mouth before applying her lipstick. I like to think that she doesn't use denture fixative but she probably does, she has had false teeth for many years and her gums must have shrunk a bit by now. She goes downstairs for a bite of breakfast. Maybe she has Weetabix, soggy with lots of milk; she could eat that without her dentures in. I imagine her going out to work; she must have a daytime job I suppose. I can see her in my mind's eye, talking and joking with work colleagues, flashing her marvellous smile and every now and then curling her lips in and biting down to ensure that her dentures are firmly in place. She would choose something for lunch that wouldn't prove difficult to eat, maybe afterwards going to the toilet and removing her teeth and re-applying some fixative. Smiling a broad smile to herself in the mirror to ensure that her teeth are properly in place and that no tell-tale pieces of food are stuck between the teeth. In an idle moment she may run her tongue across the smooth plastic roof of her upper denture or along the edge of her lower denture, remembering when she had her natural teeth extracted.

Maybe after work she goes to a pub with friends, I imagine her laughing and showing off her marvellous teeth and the smooth pink plastic roof of her mouth. If I met her in real life I'd be fixated on her mouth, just waiting to catch a glimpse of those plastic teeth.

Back at home she may have something to eat, again, nothing that would prove difficult to eat with false teeth. Before bed she takes her teeth out and again, gently brushes them with one of those curious denture brushes. She puts them into a glass with denture cleanser while she removes her make up. This time she is being good, she leaves her teeth out all night while she curls up in her bed, lovely and toothless.

I image the day when Beth came home from the dentist toothless, maybe she didn't have dentures immediately but had to wait for her gums to heal, I see her looking at herself in a mirror, her mouth swollen and painful, I wonder what her natural teeth looked like, were they really badly decayed or crooked or both. Maybe they weren't too bad but she just wanted to have false teeth for a more beautiful smile.
Maybe she had really badly protruding front teeth, who knows? She does, I wonder if she will ever publish pictures of herself before she had dentures.
The day she came home with her first full set of dentures, feeling like her mouth is too full, smiling in the mirror, trying to make believe that they look natural but feeling like they stick out like a sore thumb. That first evening, dare she take them out at night, will they be too big to ever go back in? When after a while her gums had healed, giving her husband his first toothless blowjob. Lucky man.

I have even imagined a plot for a film.
Beth is at home waiting for the washing machine repair man; she is dressed up to the nines, short skirt, and tight top. The repair man calls, Beth opens the door, they look at each other, Beth has a sparkle in her eye, the repair man looks at her breasts, and they exchange pleasantries and go into the kitchen. The repair man gets to work on the washing machine, Beth looks on appreciatively, the repair man is young-ish and good looking. They get into conversation, the repair man asks Beth to help him push the washing machine back into place,
he accidentally brushed his arm against her breasts, he apologises, she says she doesn't mind, it's been a while since anyone but her has touched her breasts, he says that that is a great shame and reaches out to cradle one of her breasts, Beth likes this and they fall into an embrace, kissing and exploring each other with their hands. They stumble into the lounge and onto the sofa, undressing each other. Beth is lying on the sofa; the repair man gets to work on top of her. They shag, Beth is moaning, throwing her head back with her mouth open.
The repair man notices her teeth and is entranced. He puts his index and middle fingers of each hand into the corners of her mouth pulling her lips back to reveal her teeth. Beth struggles to get free but her top denture becomes displaced, she quickly brings her hand up to shield her mouth and replace the errant plate. The repair man tells her that it's alright; he has a thing for women who wear dentures. Beth smiles, and removes both top and bottom dentures. The repair man can't believe his luck. Beth slides from the sofa onto her knees and takes the man's rigid dick in her mouth, rubbing it against her gums, now his head is back as he moans. After a while he throws Beth back against the floor and mounts her, shagging for all he's worth, Beth is wriggling underneath him, her mouth is open and her smooth gums are plainly in view. The repair man pushed his index finger into her mouth, running it around her gums whilst looking at her dentures which are sitting on the sofa. Beth climaxes followed shortly by the repair man. Beth lays back on the floor, smiling a big toothless smile, the repair man picks up her dentures and studies them, he places them between her breasts and starts to masturbate over them, he cums over the teeth and her breasts then he hands Beth her dentures and slowly she replaces them in her mouth then gives a big toothy, gooey smile.
Well, that's just my fantasy about Beth and her false teeth.
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