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Coming of age in the 90's Part 2

Saturday June 6 1998 (my father insisted I have the initials DDE) was my 18th birthday, little did I realize Miss Mueller had been looking foward to it as much as I had. I arrived at her house at 9am, she was in the kithchen making tea to ice while we worked on the landscape. She had her usual V neck jersey but was wearing sweat pants and athletic shoes as it was cool and still damp out, the grass was as high as I had seen it in the previous 4 summers. We went to work, her edging and I cutting the grass twice. The cleanup went slow to to the dampness and quantity of clippings. At 18, I had little trouble keeping up with the 40 yr old woman. She had increased my wage to 10.00 per hr as I was able to do much more work than at age 14 when I started.
Our cold tea in the kitchen had her apologizing for the green shoes and pantlegs I had aquired during our 2 hours on the lawn.She insisted that she wash them for me but I told her I need not come back with my dirty laundry once I go home. She insisted and told me to go to the basement laundry room and put on an old sweat suit she had in a drawer down there. I wondered who's it was but did not ask, it fit ok as I tied the string she came in and put my clothes in the laundry, then before I could pull the sweatshirt over my head she insisted I get in the shower, as it made no sense to put clean clothes on a sweaty body. I agreed.
The shower was big, I guess 4'x 8' her basement was one of the nicest i had ever seen, but never used the facilities before. I heard the wash machine start and her call out not to worry about hot water, The builder had done thing right in the 50's she would never run out.
I must admit, the hot water felt good and I let myself linger too long when I heard the glass door slide open and Miss Mueller stepped inside naked to my dismay, delight, and confusion. "Happy Birthday" she said as I turned my back to her trying to be modest, and apologising for taking too long. Miss Mueller then soaped my back and began to massage it the insisting I do hers. She was about 5'6" 145 I guess, good shape and finally she she turned around and told me to wash the girls, her beautiful teardrop shaped C+ tits with the pink areolas and slightly outward pionting nipples. All my Catholic inhibition and modesty was going to be swept away that summer, as was all of my curiosity about miss Mueller.

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4 years ago
I like it so far.