Coming of age in the 90's Part 1

My name is Dennis and this is how I became a man. I must thank the most beatiful,thoughtful,intelligent and sexy older woman in the world for guiding me through some awkward years.
As a young boy growing up in a middle class Catholic f****y on the North side of Chicago all sex was taboo and forbidden, there were 'bad' girls in the area but my parernts knew who they were and I certainly had to keep a distance or risk grounding or worse.
Down the street from us lived a woman, Marie, she was nearing 'spinsterhood' at age 36, owning her own meticulously kept home I overheard she had a big management job at a big firm downtown. She took the train, putting few miles on her pristine garage kept Oldsmobile Cutlass.
As with her home and auto, Miss Mueller as I knew her , kept her body in great condition also, not a bikini model, but if she had c***dren today we would consider her an A+ MILF. At age 14 in 1994 I was soliciting summer work cutting grass near my parents home. Miss Mueller agreed to let me help her with her lawn for 5.00 every Saturday weather permitting.
My first day, she was out tending her flowers when I arrived, sandals over perfectly painted and manicured toes, athletic shorts riding up as she bent over I tried not to get caught looking to see if she had panties on a loose V neck jersey revealing ample C+ cleavage to some type of bra that I had never seen before. This old spinster at age 36 was what I looked foward to every week.She instructed me how to cut using her mower, telling me not to bring my fathers anymore, hers was adjusted just right for her lawn. When I finished raking,and sweeping she bent over as I swept the clippings onto a small tool she had just for that purpose. I could see down her jersey, and as her bra shifted i could already notice a tan line. This went on all summer, we would have an ice tea in her kitchen after finishing. The toes and tan lines turning me on more amd more.
This lead to other Saturday or Sunday work from time to time during the school year, my parents liked it beacause it did not interfere with my studies as an afterschool job would. Some of the time was spent explaining my studies to me, and some was helping me through the awkward time, how to date, who to ask, how to handle rejection. It was nice talking about girls as she walked around her house in a robe getting ready to take the Cutlass out on Saturday night.
Every summer she became more familiar with me in the house after yard work, often talking to me from the shower as I tried to peek through the partially opened door. It was the summer of 97 that I was able to get a look at those beautiful teardrop shaped C+'s of hers, for a 39 yr old woman she was in great shape those slightly outward pointing nipples and subltle tummy, I was as hard as a rock and would work it out myself that night, as I had many nights thinking of her.
66% (6/3)
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Tell us more!
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Interesting story. Does it go any further?