My Wifes First BBC

I had always been on to my wife to take black cock we had fantasised about it meny times and had had great sex talking about how I would like to see her fucked by the biggest black cock we could find. However whenever we got close to arranging something she cried off at the last minute. That was until we started talking to James he seemed different to the rest alway complimenting Suzanne (my wife) at every oportunity.

We had exchanged photos and James loved the ones I took of Suzanne dressed in sexy underwear and even once d****d almost naked over her car in our drive, in return he supplied us with pictures of some of his encounters with women, although I felt that this would put her off id did serve to show how enormous his black cock was. He told us he was 12 inches long and very thick but being well endowed myself found it difficult to imagine a bigger cock. We corresponded for months and I could see that maybe this time it would be better and may at last meet up.

Suzanne is 5' 3" with a curvy body and large 38DD breasts that aew vwery sensitive in fact I have been know to make her climax just by sucking a nipple!. She was still unsure about meeting James but we eventually agreed to meet up at a local pub we knew. After all I said if you dont like him we can always walk away.

We arrived a little early at the pub and st in a corner out of view of the bar but in view of the door. We had not been sitting long when in walk a black guy 6' 2" broad muscular shoulders and he spotted Suzanne straight away striding over to where we were sitting. I sat him down next to Suzanne and went and got a drink and when I returned found them chatting like old friends.

I sat facing them and Suzanne was sitting close to him and seemed to be hanging on his every word. Her hand was under the table and I could tell she was stroking his thigh. I told them not to worry as they couldnt be seen and suggested to Suzanne to kiss James. She didnt need a second hint as she turned her face to his and kissed him passionately on his lips her tongue meeting his as her breathing got heavier. I leaned forward and could see that she was indeed rubbing his thigh but soon realised that it was his cock that she was rubbing as it hang down his thigh and it did look huge.

They broke from the kiss and Suzanne sighed still rubbing his cock, James asked her if she liked what she saw so far and she nodded. I said that maybe we should take James home and she agreed smiling broadly. We left the pub and i suggested we give James a lift and we could pick his car up later and also suggested they both sat in the back for the journey.

She needed no more guiding as she slipped into the back sest next to her new soon to be lover. I adjsuted the mirror to see what they were up to and once we moved off they were all oer each other. James released her breasts and started to suck and nibble her nipples she moaned an I heard the sound of his zip being opened. When I looked again she had his enormous black cock in her mouth sucking at it greedily, he moaned and pushed her head further onto it making her gag.

When we got home I parked in the drive and suggested we moved indoors, when they got out of the car Suzannes tits were still free and James's cock was out hard and pointing the way. I led them round the back way which is quite secluded past Suzannes car to the back gate. I turned to see that they had both stopped to have a snog so waited for them to finish When they did ames noticed her car and commented on the nice pic that I had taken of her d****d over it. As if to mimic the pic Suzanne laid back on the bonnett and demanded that James fuck her there and then.

Luckily my neighbour was out so when James looked at me for approval I just nodded and he went straight down to her pussy licking and sucking her clit making her squirm with delight. After few minutes her stood up and entered her roughly causing her to gasp loudly. He then proceeded to fuck her hard and fast telling her she was his dogging slut. Watching that big black cock dissapear into my wife was a real turn on for me and I was hard as iron.

After Suzanne reached her first orgasm I suggested we go inside and opened the back gate. James picked up my wife still impalled on his cock and carried her through to the house pausing for a moment as I unlocked the back door with her against the wall banging even harder into her.

Whe eventually we reached the lounge they were both naked and James had her on all fours on the floor fucking her from behind doggy style. She looked up at me and smiled beconing me over. I stripped and went over offering my cock to her to suck. She took me down her throat and I could feel James's thrusts pushing her onto my cock.

I came all to quickly and sat back and watched them fucking like dogs and eventually we all ended up in our bed with Suzanne i the middle and we both took turns to fuck her for the rest of tne night.......
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Great story.
What about a video? I'd like to see your wife's face as she orgasms looking at the camera.
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