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It was quiet in the pub I had gone there to meet Dawn, after our previous meeting we had discussed all sorts of sexy scenarios online and on the phone together and I had invited her out to meet not only me but a friend of mine too. We had discussed a MMF situation a few times and Dawn was never too keen but as I am very persistent and I had persuaded her to at least come and meet my mate Ray. He is a very friendly guy who I met some years ago and his appetite for sex is legendary, coupled with the fact that he is endowed with the biggest cock I have ever seen makes him very popular with the ladies, however having spoken to him recently he seemed very down as now he is married he doesn’t get the opportunity to play and going out for a drink with me was a good excuse for him to get away. When I told Dawn about him she wasn’t at all sure, not because he was black, she just wasn’t sure about having two guys at once – so when I mentioned that he was even bigger than me her eyes sort of glazed over and she swallowed and meekly said “well we could always meet up for a drink – see if I like him”, and that day had arrived!
The pub I had chosen is very quiet and has a lovely secluded corner like a booth where two people can sit either side one bench is against a wall and the other opposite has a high back so no one from the bar can see what is happening, the only people likely to be passing are women on there way to the loo to which the door is to the right, luckily these seats where free and I got a drink and sat opposite on the bench against the wall which gave me a clear view of the bar and any fems heading for the loo. I planned to seat Dawn and Ray opposite and see what happens. Dawn arrived first we kissed and I got her a drink and sat her down opposite, she seemed nervous but was dressed as I had asked – low cut dress showing off her lovely boobs which looked amazing especially as it was obvious she was not wearing a bra and I could detect that her nipples where even now hardening so I said “Is it cold outside?” “No” she replied “do they notice that much?” I said “not yet” and smiled. Before we could chat Ray arrived and I introduced Dawn, Ray smiled said “hi” bent down and kissed her on the cheek and then sat down next to her, I left them to get him a drink and on my return found them chatting away. “So how’s it going you two?” I said as I sat down “Ray was just telling me how you two met” said Dawn. We all sat talking away about this and that until Ray excused himself and went to the loo, when he had gone I asked Dawn what she thought and she said she thought he didn’t like her much so I asked why? She said just an opinion. I asked her what she thought of him and she said she thought he was lovely and very sexy! So when he got back I said, “Ray – Dawn thinks you don’t like her” he replied, “what gave you that idea Dawnl?” And he turned to her and kissed her fully on the lips pushing his tongue deep into her mouth, his left arm went over her shoulders pulling her to him while his right hand cupped her left breast fully squeezing it gently as he kissed her. They kissed for what seemed ages and eventually he let her go and said “Does that answer your question?” she smiled and leant against him his hand left her breast and I could see that her nipple was rock hard through her dress. We carried on chatting – Dawn’s left hand was resting on Ray’s thigh and she was stroking it almost lovingly, it was quite a turn on for me to watch and said to Dawn “what do you think about a threesome now then?” and she replied “mmm bring it on”. Ray pulled her to him and kissed her again and when they broke free Dawn said that only one thing was worrying her and Ray asked her what? Well Den says you are bigger than him and I’m not sure I could take much bigger. Ray took her hand and placed it firmly on the bulge in his trousers. I watched as she traced the bulge with her hand mentally visualising it in her head she almost purred with delight. Ray said “only fair I get a feel to eh?” and Dawn moved back in her seat and parted her legs slightly hitching her dress up slightly, I could see from where I was sitting that she was not wearing any undies and then I watched Ray’s had move up the inside of her thigh – her pussy lips were slightly parted and looked moist – Ray’s fingers found her clit and he started to rub it gently her right hand now squeezing his thigh as she trembled at his touch. I watched as Ray inserted first one then two fingers inside her at the same time he kissed her deeply again then as he was kissing her pushed his fingers further inside her finding her g-spot, she was shaking now and I was sure she was nearing orgasm. Soon she went limp as the wave of orgasm hit her Ray’s fingers where making a sexy squelching noises in her wet pussy and she went limp in his arms as he let her go and pulled out his fingers and offered them to her to lick clean, which she did rather seductively. Once she recovered and straightened her dress Dawn asked when we could all “get it on” and Ray suggested the following day as he was free and suggested my place. “Cool” I said “no problem”. Dawn turned to Ray and said “ Do you mean you are going to make me wait till tomorrow before I get to see your cock?” and Ray replied “well why don’t you have a look now!” “What here?” she said and I said, “Sure Hun no one can see and I will keep an eye out”.
Dawn needed no more encouragement and her hand went back to the interesting bulge in Ray’s trousers, she looked at it adoringly and rubbed it and squeezed it through the thin fabric, she moved her hand to his fly and looked at me as if to say “ok?” – I nodded that the coast was clear and she pulled his fly all the way down. Her hand sneaked inside and grasped his now hard cock and she tried to pull it out but there was not enough room so she undid his belt, which opened the top of his trousers right up exposing his cock to her for the first time. She gasped as it sprung into view almost smacking her in the face, it had been a long time since I had seen Ray in action and I swear he had grown another inch! Dawn took his cock in her hand and slowly rubbed it up and down, an action, which caused a flow of clear pre-cum to ooze from the impressive head. Dawn leaned over and lapped this up with her tongue then slowly licked the head running her tongue all the way around it enjoying the taste. I knew she was going to have to make him cum so that he would be able to dress himself again and watched as she slowly started to suck him, one hand wanking him into her mouth. Her body was trembling and Ray had managed to free one of her breasts with the arm he had around her and was pulling at her hardened nipple. After what seemed ages Ray stiffened and groaned slightly and shot his hot cum into her mouth, it trickled down his shaft and on to her hand still pumping his spunk into her throat. She greedily swallowed down and looked up wiping her mouth and saying “yummy”. They straightened up and we all left agreeing on a time for the next day then I took Dawn home and fucked her senseless………… roll on tomorrow!!…………

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2 years ago
Another great story...we'd love to read the about the next encounter with Ray!
2 years ago
nice. more?