I picked her up outside her house; she looked nervous but smiled as she got into the passenger seat next to me. Sally was wearing a raincoat, which was buttoned all the way to the top, and she had on a scarf around her neck. I simply asked her if she had dressed how we agreed and she nodded yes. Since the photo session I had seen her many times mainly at hers when her hub was away and we had talked about our fantasies in great detail. She said she would love to be taken out dressed only in what she wore on out first meeting (cupless Basque and stockings) with just a raincoat over the top, I told her that I thought that would be horny and that she should flirt with any men that she found attractive, letting them know what she had on and that she was available to fuck, she seemed horrified at this at first but the more we talked about it the more she wanted too. When she had asked me what my fantasy would be I told her that I would love to watch her with one or more well endowed black guys and be allowed to film and take pictures of the action. Again she wasn’t too sure but as we spoke about it we agreed that if she could have her fantasy first then she would consider mine.

We drove in silence and eventually arrived at the pub which was to be our first stop and I pulled into the car park, the car park was quite well lit but I chose to park in the far corner away from the glare of the lights and turned off the ignition. I told her to take off her scarf and to unbutton the top buttons on the coat, which she did and I took a look and nodded my approval. I told her to tell any guy that I was her hub but that it was ok to do whatever as I found it a turn on; she replied that she thought no one would be interested in a fat old bag like her!! I responded by slipping a hand in the top of her coat and squeezing her left breast feeling the nipple harden in my palm, she moaned and kissed me and then said lets go then and we got out of the car and headed for the bar.

We went to the public bar and found it to be quite quiet a couple of guys were playing darts and 3 where sat at the bar with 2 women sat in the window chatting away. We got a drink and sat in an empty seat near the dart players, as she sat down she undid another button revealing a little bit more of her wonderful cleavage. We chatted for a while watching the guys play darts – they were both in their thirties and every time the walked past us they looked down at her cleavage and they seemed quiet friendly eventually asking us if we would like a game to which we agreed. They were called Tom and Terry and were builders, Tom asked her if he could take her coat and she replied no its ok and when he said you must be hot she just said no I’m naked underneath! They both laughed assuming she was joking but she just said if you are lucky I will show you later. They laughed and said we should be so lucky and we played a few games with them beating us every time. Sally said she needed a rest and the guys carried on playing while we sat and watched again, I excused myself and went to the loo. When I returned Tom was sitting next to Sally his hand was inside the coat massaging her large breast and they where kissing, I walked up and coughed and Tom quickly removed his hand and jumped up. She said you wouldn’t mind her blurted and I said no I don’t but it’s a bit public in here why not take her outside and gave him the keys to my car. He looked at me astonished but grabbed the keys and walked to the door, Sally stood up and followed, Terry watched them go and I turned to him and said lets give them a minute and go and see what they are up too.

Thirty seconds later Terry and I left the pub, we wandered over to where my car was parked. Sally was standing next to the car and Tom was kissing her his hands roaming all over her body feeling through her coat, Sally broke free and undid all of the buttons and let it fall open for Tom to see, he stood back and took in the sight of her 38EE breasts and slim waist covered by the Basque then pulled her to him taking one breast in his right hand and moving his mouth to the nipple. We could see Sally throw he head back letting him suck hard on her breast moaning loudly. I walked up and quickly suggested that we all go back to Sally’s house and get more comfortable and asked Terry if he wanted to join us, he nodded and they all got in the back seat with Sally I the middle. I got in to drive and adjusted the rear view mirror so I could see the action. Sally had removed her coat completely now and she seemed to be enjoying the attention of two burley builders.

As I drove I kept an eye on the mirror – Sally had both of their cocks out one in each hand rubbing them and kissing each of them on the lips in turn, Tom and Terry’s hands were feeling her breasts and I could see both nipples standing proud, I noticed that they were both quite large well above average and getting larger with sally’s rubbing she leant over and took Tom into her mouth sucking greedily on his hard cock Terry was fondling her breasts squeezing then hard which she seemed to love. We were only half way to her house and Sally lifted herself up and offered herself to Tom – thank goodness for the extra headroom in my people carrier, Tom guided her onto his cock and she slid all the way down taking his 9 inches easily his hands came around her and her played with her breasts as she rode him moaning loudly as his cock slid in and out of her wet cunt. I could hear the sexy squelching noises his cock made as it f***ed its way into her. Her left hand was still wanking Terry and she rode Tom for a while then moved up and then over and impaled herself onto his now hard 8 ins. She moaned loudly and reached her first orgasm as we pulled into her drive.

They all stumbled out of the back Sally almost naked with Tom half carrying her to the front door closely followed by Terry, once inside they stripped her completely and then themselves then went to work on fucking her in every conceivable position oblivious of me snapping away with my camera. At one point Sally was riding Tom and Terry climbed on and entered her arse, this drove her completely wild and she seemed to come England. Both the guys seemed to come at the same time flooding her cunt and arse with hot spunk. Terry withdrew Sally rolled off Tom to lay on her back on the floor panting and they guys got up and sat on the settee looking at Sally lying spent on the floor with spunk leaking from her.

Tom turned to me and said your turn mate, and Sally propped up on one arm and said please big man come fuck me. I wondered over to her and stood over her looking down at her and took my shirt off then removing my belt undid my fly and let my trouser slide to the floor, kicking them to one side I removed my pants and my cock flopped into view waving in the air like a menacing weapon. I heard Tom say Christ and I thought I was big, as I knelt down looking into Sally’s eyes lifted her legs over my shoulders I roughly entered her used pussy, she was soaked with Toms spunk so my cock slid easily in to the hilt – she yelped as if in pain but I could see the smile on her face so I fucked her hard in front of her two new lovers. Tom grabbed my camera and took some shots of us fucking and when we were done we all had a drink and I drove the guys back to the pub where they had left their van, thanking me they went on their way and I went back to Sallys and we made love again with me telling her what to expect with my fan

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