Watching wife with BBC (Part 1)

What you are going to read is a true story, the names have been changed to protect the guilty…

My wife and I have always played. Over time, it's gotten more adventurous and naughty over time, but this adventure was my favorite so far.

We went to our local swinger pool to swim, talk, and fuck each other at least and who knows what else. Upon our arrival it was the usual crowd. Lots of couples, some singles. We both spotted a black guy sitting by himself. My wife turned to me and said “well hello!” with obvious intent towards the black guy. He got up and went to one of the two hot tubs. We decided to follow him and got in. We introduced ourselves and he stated his name was Jeff. We made some small talk and he was eyeing my wife’s tits as we did so. I told him he was welcome to touch her and without hesitation he started groping her tits. The started kissing a bit and I whispered to my wife to touch him as well, she stated “I am.” Apparently under the water she was grabbing his cock and getting it good and hard. Soon we started to have a crowd of single guys hanging around, watching and pulling their cocks. My wife and Jeff kept groping each other. It was clean the he was fingering her under the water while she tugged on his cock during which time they made out above the water. I was so excited to see them together and looked forward to more.

After a few moments, my wife whispered in his ear at which point he raised up out of the water and sat on the edge, his cock throbbing. My wife bent over and started sucking his cock. Watching her suck him, her saliva all over Jeff’s big black cock was amazing. I had teased her for years about wanting some BBC and now she’s having it. She was looking at me occasionally to see my reaction and to ensure that she had my blessing still. I let her know without saying anything that I was having more fun than anybody there. After a few minutes, he told her to suck his balls at which point she lowered herself down and licked all around his ballsack, eventually taking one of them into her mouth and sucking on it. This made Jeff raise up and moan, clearly enjoyuing himself. She went back to sucking him, working faster and faster. Soon I heard Jeff make some sort of guttural moan, my wife backed off a bit (she’s not a swallower for strangers) and Jeff shot his load all over her tits…
unfuckingbelievable! Cum dripping off her tits, a BBC throbbing and dribbling out what was left, a bunch of single guys jerking off around my wife… a night to remember. She ended up cleaning his cock up a bit with her mouth (that surprised me… well the whole fucking thing surprised me in general) . He thanked her and we all got out of the hot tub. We got back into the pool and he went and sat down next to the pool.

We swam a bit and I told her that was so fucking hot and I loved her so much. I asked her if she wanted to fuck him. She hesitated and said “I don’t know, what do you think?” I told her she should, that we should absolutely take advantage of this and see what happens. After a bit of debate and discussion, she turned towards me and said “I want to fuck him, but you have to watch…” What more could I ask for? I swam across the pool and got Jeff’s attention. I asked him how was that and he said awesome, at which point I asked if he wanted to go to his room and fuck her. He said “yeah!” I asked him how long he needed to recover. He stated 15 minutes. I said we would love that. I swam back to my wife and told her it was on. In 15 minutes we exited the pool area with Jeff and headed to his room. My heart was racing a thousand miles an hour. I had made sure to grab out bag with the camera in it in the event that he was cool with me taking pics…

We made it to his room and went in…

Part 2 later if there is a call for it.

Check out the pics on our profile to see that evening in his room and hopefully I’ll put the story to it for everybody.


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1 year ago
You're right, MC! We've had the best adventures there....

Hope you enjoyed!
1 year ago
Mon Chalet no doubt!
1 year ago
Fantastic! My fantasy for sure. I come out to CO every year!
2 years ago
great story you guys were at the mon chalet off of colfax i bet
2 years ago
There's a call for it!
2 years ago
i need to read part 2!
2 years ago
got me hard, think we'll use thst one tonight lol
2 years ago
i would love to read part 2!!
2 years ago
Come on with part 2!
2 years ago
Don't stop theready let's hear the rest.