Sexual attraction

I know what is going on with him. I'm not in love with him, I just feel sexualy atracted to him. I wish I could feel his lips on my lips, down my neck, my breast, my tummy, kissing my legs and finaly licking and eating my pussy. Oh yes, I can feel it. His hands touching my boobs while his tongue makes me feel so good, so wet. Right there baby, yes! I can feel his tongue up and dow very fast, Oh! Grabing his long black hair pushing into me, keep going papi, don't stop! His cock, so hard, so big. I want it in my mouth. Rub my tongue on the tip of his penis and giving little sucks. Go deep throat, plaing with his balls. Oh yes baby- he says, he loves it. Me stroking his dick while I suck the head. You like that papi? Am I doing it right? -Oh fuck yes- he says, but I want to feel that 9 inches inside me. He grabs me and throw me to his bed, legs open wide, he licks my pussy one more time and spit on it, fuck me baby, now! He is inside me, Oh yes baby like that, no mercy, harder, yes! The sound of our bodies and my wet pussy. He licking my nipples, bites them, suck them. I turn arround so he can fuck my ass, he finger it first, lick it baby, yes like that, finger my pussy baby, shit! -I want that asshole baby- he says, take it, fuck me! He is inside my ass now, yes papi que rico dale! Oh that cock! so big in my ass, he tuch my clit very fast, Oh he is gonna make me cum! No pares puñeta! Im cuming! YES!!!! Oh Lord! he keeps moving hard inside my ass. I take his dick in my mouth and make a blowjob I fucking love it, he hit me in the face with it, yes baby I want your cum! -Not yet- he says, I'm on top, bouncing and moving back and forth, oh feels so fucking good papi I love it! He grabs my ass and help me to move on top of him. Come here baby fuck me! Me on doggy style he penetrates my pussy and grab my hip and fuck me hard. Ah!! So good baby don't stop now, you gonna make me cum again. Oh fuck! Me vengo! YESSS! OH shit! this one was bigger! You make my pussy so hot, so wet! Holly fuck! Keep going baby, dame leche, I want your cum. -I love when you speak spanish, you are my puta- he says, yes papi, soy tu puta, dame leche puñeta! He is gonna cum! Yes papi dale, vente, dale bellaco! I want it in my face baby, YES!!!!! So hot, so good! I can taste it. Is dripping in my mouth mmmmmmm so good papi...
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1 year ago
Nice and hot, good job.