My wildest dream came true!!!

When I was a young teenage age girl starting to experience sex..i was very curious about everything. I would go to bed with pleanty of thoughts in my head but could not really sort them out aswell as i thought.

In my young teeange life i was a babysitter for awhile and one day i got a call to babysit it was a Saturday night with such a nice soothing wind outside & when I got to Mr.& Mrs.Smith house at 7:30p.m.,they told to put the c***dren to bed by 8:30p.m.bed & we'll be back by midnight..i said ok know problem...go on and enjoy your evening now...Mr.& Mrs.Smith say's ok thank you so much for babysitting...,(MR.Smith... said to me just before can watch movies on my big screen tv but ''DO NOT TOUCH THE TAPES THAT SAY'S PRIVATE ONLY''i said's all good.

It was passed 10:30p.m. & i was getting tired so i got up to close all the lights but i saw a tape on a table so i said to myself i play this just until i fall asl**p...let's just say i could not believe my eyes when i watched this video... i realized afterwoods that this is what Mr.Smith told me not to watch but honestly i could help myself!!!!

Mr.Smith film Mrs.Smith getting one hell of some licking action by another woman...i alway's dreamed of what it would be like to be with another woman so when i watched this whole entire film that was an hour long i said to myself****''I WISH TO BE THAT WOMAN WHEN I'M OLDER****''

...,at thee age of 24 i was at the bar with some friends and after we got invited to have a couple of drinks at one of my friends house and thier were about 10 people that came the night went on a few left..thee others went into guests rooms and i was left alone with a woman who was looking at me as if i was just a some stranger.....,
she say'S to me my name is ''Debbie'' what' your name?...I replyed my name is ''Delicious''...ok cool..
(Debbie replys).. i am a lesbien ..yes i do have a girlfriend but things are so good right now because she cheated on me and i told her i need sometime to think..I reply ohh that's suck'S big time but i'm sure everything will work out if you both want it to...Debbie reply yeah your let's stop talikng about that and if you give me the go ahead i would love to caresse your big titts..

I reply ok..but this is my first time.....Debbie reply...even better you'll love every minute of it & believe me no regrets.
She made me scream just a little within 5mins by caressing my titts and all of sudden ripping my t-shirt off and undoing my bra she wrap it around my neck and squeezed my nipples & say's oh ''Delicious''you are a very sexy yong woman i'm gonna make you wet...I reply mmm ok...i was shaking like crazy thinking my goodness my wildest dream came true..i could not believe my eyes and she made me watch her spread my pussy lips open and licking my clit very soft and slow i was shivering....
Oh Debbie that feel so good...she reply's now suirt!!!!..
I Reply What???...Debbie reply's..relax yourself and within 5minutes i'm gonna make you squirt all over my face and believe it will be more then one orgasm you have ever dream of my sexy girl.....
Well that me just tell you that my one stand to be a two nught stand was never forgotten was a BLAST!!!!

Much more to tell with all more stories to come!!!!!
Feel free tp leave some comments it will be my pleasure to read and answer back if inneed
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1 year ago
you definitely sound delicious!!!