Forbidden Affair PART II


It was over Linda gasped a sigh of relief Mark said shamelessly “Linda I mean mom you are so hot I love you I loved every second of what we did there is only just one thing left to do I want to fuck you”. “ Well sunny I love you too and thanks for all the complements I never thought you were horney for moms pussy and I have to confess I enjoyed helping you out but this is it, no more you are my son” she replied taking her hand away from his dick, she got out of the bed “ Where are you going mom” Mark asked as she to picked her nighty her face still covered with her sons cum. “I am going to clean my face, brush and get dressed to go to sl**p” she replied, “ Mom you are not going to sl**p in the other room you have to sl**p here with me” he said in a commanding voice, “ But darling”.....“No but, you can wash your self and you don’t need any nighty for that come back here and sl**p with me please” he said snatching her nighty out of her hands, “Okay but at least let me wear my nighty”she replied, “no mom I want to sl**p naked with you”. She said “But why it makes no sense, it is all over”, Mark didn’t say anything, Linda thought ‘I don’t know what to say how to make him understand this is all wrong, damn its no use arguing with him I guess I have to be nude in front of him tonight at lest every thing is finished o god his cock is still looking so long’. “Okay ill come back as you say but no more fooling around.”

Linda opened the door of the toilet went in started taking a bath ‘Shit what did I just do he’s my son and I sucked his cock I took it in my mouth, well any way I stopped him from screwing me but what difference does it make I did enjoy sucking him, his cock was so massive but how will I go nude in front of him again’ all these thoughts went in her mind as she cleaned herself vigorously, soaping her breasts and pussy which her son had just licked and wiping her face clean of her sons cum, she brushed her teeth’s and her tongue and hated her body for what had happened. She finished her bath and rapped a towel around her breasts covering down till her ass and another towel wrapped around her hairs she thought ‘Any way he’s not gonna let me keep this on for long’. She stepped out of the toilet into her bedroom where her son lay naked with her silk white nighty on his chest, she walked right passed the bed seeing Linda in the towel Mark got angry, but she looked really hot with her huge breasts poking out of the towel her butts shaping out perfectly and the scent of her wet body. Mark felt as if he was in heaven. Linda went and sat in front of the mirror and let her hairs free ‘Let him do the honors for the other towel’ she thought, as she dried her hairs she rolled back on the chair and looked at Mark, he was looking straight at her and he could see the upper half of her breasts and her shoulders with the white lines running down, she smiled bluntly, surprisingly Marks dick started to fatten and got erect slowly and it was a real view for Linda. “Oh Marki”she said a little surprised still looking at his dick and then his eyes, she stopped drying her hairs. Mark rubbed her silk nighty on his dick and then got up and came towards her she rolled towards the mirror facing her back to Mark. Mark held her by her shoulders lifted her to a standing position and kicked the chair aside. “Mark what are you doing, its over you said it” she said looking at her son in the mirror .He replied“ I only said I wont fuck you in your hole”, “Stop it mark you have done every thing ” she said. “Yes I know mom but I told you to stay nude and you didn’t listen to me and besides I just can’t stop myself from kissing you mom, when you’re looking so hot”. He wrapped his arm around her from behind and hugged her tight “I just want to feel your tongue” he said, he held her face in his hand and pulled it back and tried to kiss her on the lips and thrusted his tongue in to his moms mouth. Linda said with helpless expression on her face “Stop it, Please stop it, Its so wrong”. But Mark kept kissing her and sucking her tongue it felt so good her tongue was so soft, Mark squeezed her right breast with his right hand and the left one was massaging her thies. Linda got excited but still said, “stop it” more in a moan of pleasure. Mark only replied “I love you mom” and his hands went inside her towel to her pussy he kept rolling his tongue in her mouth and felt her warm pussy with both his hands. Linda only stood there feeling the sensation his sons tongue and hands were giving to her, she placed her left hand on the back of his sons head and started roaming it in his hairs. Mark got hold of her right hand and made her hold his semi erect dick, Linda knew what her son wanted mom to do, she took his dick in her palm squeezed it and started moving his cock up and down, he took her towel off and dropped it down, Linda said in a laugh “I knew this was coming off ”she kept rubbing his dick and brought it to its full size. He turned her around and kissed her passionately on her soft long lips and hugged her. “Oh son your dick is so hard I’ll get your tension out, do you want me to make you come” Linda said in whispers as she bit his ear she was horney and did what her excitement lead her to. “Oh mom your the best mom in the world I love you, please do it make your son come again and again”. Linda and Mark started kissing again and slowly moved to the bed in their hug, Mark lay down on his back on the side of the bed while Linda stood on the floor bent down playing with her son’s cock and slowly took his cock in her mouth “O mom dear you suck my dick so well, o yes take it completely in your mouth I know you love it so just keep sucking it, I also love your pussy"said Mark, Linda felt ashamed to hear this but was more horney than to care about her pride she wanted to enjoy herself and wanted to make her son come .She kissed on his dick “I only want you to be happy baby and you can bet I will do any thing to make you feel good, even if it means sucking your cock” she said and moved her tongue all around her sons cock .She moved her body on his sons on the bed in a 69position and placed her pussy on her sons face, they both shifted in the middle of the bed, Mark knew what her mummy wanted he reached with both his hands to her ass taking her ass buns in his palm and spreading it ,he started sucking on her pink pussy, “O,om,om yeah fuck, Marki yes that’s the way suck your moms pussy, suck my ass this is the pussy you came from its your to suck” Linda said in loud voice filled with pleasure and she got back to work on his dick moving her lips over his cock skin and masturbating his dick with her hands at the same time. Mark licked her pussy really slow trying to get his tongue as deep in her pussy as possible, in between he flattened his tongue and moved it all over her pussy and pubic hairs after a while he fingered her ass and started to lick her ass and thrusted his tongue in her ass “O yes baby ohm that’s so good, ”she moaned in pleasure “O god fuck it feels so good”.

They both continued to lick each other in 69 position. After a little while Linda shouted “O my God, I am gonna come again in your face baby lick me lick your lovers ass” Linda shouted, Mark stopped suddenly Linda asked, “What happened darling why did you stop mummy is so horney”. Mark said, “Lay back here mom”. “Ok what ever you say Markie” said Linda and did as asked and lay down in the center of the bed on her back. Mark moved his hand around her pussy for a while Linda kept moaning in pleasure but her peak had gone down Mark let go of her pussy and was started stroking his cock, he went up to the side table and pulled out a cream tube from the drawer and applied it on his dick making it well lubricated and came back on the bed. Linda thought ‘he is gonna fuck me’, “Sunny no don’t do it you promised me don’t do it just eat me”. “Mom you didn’t listen to me and wore a towel now you have to pay, I will also break my promise” he said. “No Marki I don’t want to do it” she said. “I don’t care you said your pussy is mine I can do what I want besides if you are the best mom you love me the most then you have to prove it you cannot say no to me for any thing right”. “No son its ......"she said. “Shut up Linda I know you want my dick you acted as a slut swallowing my cum letting me lick your pussy, your gorgeous pussy needs to be fucked and who better than your own son now stop this act and spread your legs Linda” he said. Linda said again, “Mark you can’t fuck me, please stop it, I don’t have any protection either”. Mark was not moved .She knew some of her body wanted her son to fuck her so she only said “All right dammed do what you want and don’t call me Linda I am your mom”...he replied “Fuck you spread your legs or ill do it for you”. “You mean you’ll **** me after all that I did for you” she asked..... “That’s what it takes to get you out of this stupid act then yes mom” he said. Linda quietly moved her legs up spreading her pussy and said, “I am not a part of this”. Mark said without any care holding one of her thigh “That’s more like it mom you will love it”. He bent down and placed his dick on the lips of her pussy and with a thrust entered his mom’s pussy, “Ahhhhhhhhhoooooooo”she cried in pain “Aaaa slow please” she hadn’t had a dick in her pussy for a while and never had suck a long dick in her, her son started fucking her pussy slowly entering her and withdrawing with every motion he entered his mom a little more until he entered his moms vagina completely. Linda had her hand’s on her titties and she kept moaning in pain.
“your so tight mom ”Mark grunted as he kept up his work .Linda had her eyes shut and was crying loud in pain she grabbed the bed sheet tightly in her arms and took deep breaths. After a while it became a little comfortable for Linda and she started massaging her huge boobs.
“Linda your pussy is so tight I love it, it feels so good mom and you wanted me not to do this,” he said. Linda moved her hands away from her tits and got hold of her legs and lifted them shoulder high “I am sorry son just do what you want to I am not going to stop you any more tonight if you want to screw me do it well and give your mom pleasure”. “In this position your pussy feels even tighter” Mark said and then kissed his mom and entered his tongue in her mouth, at the same time he was moving his dick slowly in and out of his moms pussy, Mark then moved down and started sucking on her nipples they looked swollen and erect up to an inch, he gave her bites on her nipples “Ahhaaaa” she moaned “suck your moms boobies just as you did when you were young, you suck them hard”, hearing all this Mark got horney “I am about to come mom” he shouted....... “Come on your moms boobs darling please” she said ‘I cant let him cum in my pussy’ she thought, it worked he withdrew his cock from his moms pussy and sat on her tummy, Linda held her dick with both her hands and stroked it “come on Markie come on your moms boobies I know you love these jugs cover them with your cream”. He stroked his dick vigorously and came all over his mom’s boobies and Linda held his dick didn’t let go until the last drop was on her boobs. After he was done with it Linda was completely exhausted and said “Happy now Mark you made me, your mom your sex partner I hope I satisfied you” . Mark laid by her side faced her and said “Yes mom you are so hot I am crazy about you, each and every part of your body you don’t look 42 at all and your jugs and pussy is as tight as a teenager can have, you make me so horney.”Linda kissed Mark “Thank you son you gave me a real good time”. He said “I haven’t you haven’t cum yet”. “No it’s okay I am fine” Linda said. “Come on mom you can say it you don’t have to be shy you want me to finish you off and make you cum” he said, she said nothing and just smiled. Mark got up and went in between her legs started licking her pussy and fingering her real fast she didn’t resist this time and came in no time her pussy juices started flowing, Mark licked her like a hungry dog and drank all her pussy juice.
They cuddled each other. Linda kissed Mark all over his body and his dick and then they cuddled and went to sl**p. Linda was very exhausted her pussy was paining from her son’s fuck she went to sl**p in a flash, where as Mark kept feeling his mothers fucked body against his, staring at her gorgeous boobs.

..............HEY all have got more parts, will c how u all respond nd then post....Take care all enjoy......U got one life be happy and relax.
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1 year ago
The lines are very hard to read, as there are no breaks into paragraphs; even many of the sentences are not composed properly. The dialogue is confusing, with out some things said twice, words missing from sentences. The writer needs a good editor, although the subject matter is very good!
2 years ago
awesome, but where are the other parts??
3 years ago
4 years ago
great story very hot!
4 years ago
very hot keep it up !