Caught In The Act Part 4 (The Preparation)

I took another large gulp of burning, twenty five year old scotch and enjoyed the burning sensation it gave. It also helped to ease the growing feeling of unease, as I laid out the clothes on the sofa. I positioned the mirror on the coffee table and sat down in front of it, staring at myself. I had shaved before leaving for Peter's house, but in truth even though I was now 23, I could go days before any stubble took a hold. Although the summer had been long and hot, I was still quite pale skinned, as I preferred the shade to the heat of the sun. I emptied the small bag of its contents and opened the blusher. "Well here goes nothing," I said under my breath, as I lightly brushed the pink blusher onto my cheeks. I applied it sparingly, with only Julie's style of make up as a guide. The light in the room was quite dim, as there were only two lamp stands to illuminate a darkly furnished room, but there was enough light to allow me to gauge my transformation, as I started to apply the bright red lipstick. I pursed my lips together and studied myself in the mirror, not wholly convinced I would make an adequate replacement for Julie.

Rain started to hammer against the large window and the wind had picked up from it's earlier light breeze. The trees still contained their full amount of leaves and could be heard now straining in the oncoming autumn storm. Thunder rumbled in the distance, as I started to strip naked. A cool breeze blew across my body and I shivered even though there were beads of sweat on my brow. I pulled on the black lacy panties, which seemed to fit me perfectly. I was quite surprised at the feeling this gave me, the texture of the material against my cock was more pleasant than I had expected. I then slowly eased the hold ups on, taking care not to ladder them. As with my lack of facial hair, my legs were also very lightly covered and the hairs that I did have, were all hardly noticeable once the stockings were pulled up to my thighs. As with the panties, I felt a slight thrill at the sensation of wearing this very feminine item of clothing. Next, the bra. This was a little bit problematic, but after a little fumbling, I managed to do it up and I placed the small breast forms into the cups. I absent mindedly felt them as I looked into the mirror. I then put the white blouse on, doing up all the buttons and pulled on the tight, short black skirt, which finished just under my ass. The shoes were a simple, black evening-wear type, with 3" heels. I slipped my stockinged feet into them and tried standing. I swayed slightly, but this probably had something to do with the whisky as well as the unusual footwear. I attempted walking across the dark wood floor and while slightly unsteady, the feeling and the sound of the heels against the floorboards was quite intoxicating. Finally, the wig. Once in place, I studied myself in the mirror. It wasn't Julie looking back at me, but I was pleasantly surprised with just how feminine I looked and just how well the clothes fitted me. With a sudden rush of shock - I liked how I looked!

I glanced at my watch. 10:50. It had taken me nearly 2 hours to get ready - now I could sympathise with women for once! I looked again at my watch and decided to remove it - as it didn't suit the feminine image I had now assumed. As I placed it on the table, the lock in the door made a soft click and the door opened wide. Light flooded into the room from the entrance hall and Peter stood there, regarding me with a wide eyed expression. "Very nice. Very nice indeed, Slut. The clothes suit you, just as I'd hoped," he said, closing the door and walking over to me. As he got closer, the smell of whisky and cigar smoke became quite over powering. He looked me up and down, then reached into his jacket pocket. "Now, I have a little something to prepare you for your duties tonight," He removed a box and a small bottle and placed them on the coffee table. "Take it out of the box, Slut,"
Remembering my instructions from earlier, I replied "Yes Master," and opened the box and removed a 3" butt plug.
Peter then opened the bottle and covered the tip of the plug with lube. "I want you to be able to accommodate my guests as they require and I guess you've never taken anything up your ass, Slut. Now turn round and bend over," He said as he rubbed the lube over the black, ribbed plug.

My feelings from earlier that evening, when I had surprisingly enjoyed dressing up in the sexy feminine clothes, suddenly disappeared. A feeling of panic now gripped my chest, but yet again, my choices were limited to two. Leave, with all the ensuing fallout that would cause, or stay and just endure. I turned round and bent over - with a few strands of the jet black hair falling over my face, lightly brushing my skin. Peter lifted my skirt to expose my ass. Pulling my panties down, just beneath my ass cheeks, he gently rubbed some of the cold gel into my ass, ever so slightly sliding his chubby finger inside me. I wanted to yell, but remained silent, as he withdrew his finger and lightly cupped my balls. "I think you might grow to like this, Slut," Peter said, as he let go of my balls and reached for the butt plug. "It may be better if you relax," he said.

I immediately tensed, as I felt the silicon plug against my lubed up anus. Then, I felt Peter slowly push it inside of me, the gel aiding it into my tight, virgin ass. I spread my legs a little wider and almost felt a pop, as it slid all the way in. The feeling was quite intense. I could feel it filling me and it was strangely pleasant. Peter slapped my bare ass cheeks, then pulled up my panties and pulled my skirt down to cover my bum. "OK Slut, you're ready to meet your clients. Don't let me down," Peter grabbed me and turned me round. Then, he took my hand and led me out of the room and across the tiled hallway. I could hear muttered voices from behind the dark panelled door in front of us. Laughter, swearing and moaning, all coming from behind the door. Peter let go of my hand and opened the door, ushering me to enter the dimly lit room.

The air was thick with smoke, as I carefully walked on my heels into the room. Five men sat around the room in large leather armchairs, some smoking, all with tumblers of drink. On the large flat screen on the wall, a porn flick was being played. A girl letting out moans as an enormous cock slid in and out of her ass. I edged further into the room and felt each of them eye me up, a couple of them grinned and raised their glasses at me. As I stood there, Peter eased past me into the centre of the room. "Now gentleman," he started, "as I promised earlier this week, I have a little something different tonight for you. Slut here will wait on you and no doubt accommodate your every wish. Please do not hesitate to make the most of her, as you do with Julie. Slut has promised to be a willing waitress for you, haven't you," It was a statement not a question.

Peter took my hand once again and positioned me into the centre of the room with him. Then, an older guy, possibly in his sixties lifted his empty glass. I took it from him, then carefully walked to the bar in the corner of the room. Heart racing and feeling every man's eyes on me, I filled his glass from another bottle of Malt and presented it back to him. "How about a smile then sexy," he said as he uncrossed his legs. He patted his lap and I noticed the huge bulge at his crotch. Peter slapped my bum and told me to go over to him. Shaking, I nervously walked over to the older guy. I slowly eased down onto his lap and he immediately placed his hand on my chest, squeezing the false tit in my bra. He then undid the buttons of my blouse, just half way down, so my bra could be seen. Brushing my soft black hair from my face, he said "I hope you're going to be a good slut tonight - Peter has promised us a lot of fun," Then he held the back of my head and started to kiss me. His tongue entered my mouth and I felt myself feeling sick as I reciprocated hiss rough kiss. This I knew, was only the start.

To Be Continued...
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1 year ago
final part is up, if you'd like a read :)
1 year ago
mmm I love deep kisses
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come on .. hurry up.. more I like it