Wife Has a Bang up Time

My wife Joyce and I have had an open marriage for our
entire 14 years together and we have decided to share
our adventures with you, the reader.

Because of her body and looks Joyce receives many
offers from men wanting to enjoy her sexually. Joyce
loves the attention and loves to fuck. I enjoy and
encourage her to date some of these men because I
especially enjoy making love to her after she has been
with another man. I enjoy her telling me what she and
her lover did to satisfy their sexual excitement.

Joyce had been dating David once or twice a week for
about four months. She has accompanied David on several
weekend trips to satisfy their sexual desires. Joyce
has told me of how on their first trip to the coast
they didn't leave the hotel room the entire weekend.
They made love to each other in every way imaginable
until they were so exhausted on the third day that
David couldn't get an erection even with Joyce's
expert oral stimulation.

Sometime in the second month of their dating I met
David for the first time. Joyce invited him to our
house for dinner one Friday and he spent the weekend
with us. That weekend I came to understand why Joyce
enjoys dating David so much. Although he is somewhat
slim his cock is very thick and at least ten inches
in length. When he cums he shoots with the f***e of
a teenager and his cum is very thick even after three
of four climaxes.

That first Friday night as the three of us were
watching an X-Rated video I watched as Joyce brought
David to his first climax orally.

We were all on one sofa, fully clothed, watching the
movie. Joyce began by rubbing David's cock and thigh.
I pretended to be watching the movie but was really
watching Joyce work on David. Soon she had his
trousers unbuckled and unzipped and was slowly jacking
him to a full erection.

Then she turned to me and asked, "Honey, would you
like to see how David and I begin our dates?"

She already knew my answer but I said it anyway. "I
sure would. Live action is always better than a tape."

"It sure is." she replied and lowered her head to
David's crotch. Joyce took David's fully erect cock
into her mouth and began her magic. Within minutes
David head lay back and he moaned softly. "I--I'm
going to cum." he gasped. Joyce now on her knees in
front of David increased her efforts with her magic

She tried to swallow all of David's load but it was
way too much and he was coming way too fast. She
almost choked and a thick white glob of sperm gushed
from her mouth and onto David's cock. It slid slowly
down his shaft as he continued to spill his seed into
Joyce's mouth.

As David's climax subsided Joyce lapped up the thick
white goo that now matted his pubic hair. Joyce was
more beautiful than ever as she looked up to me and
said, "M'mmm, Good to the very last drop."

Then Joyce stood up before David and myself, her lips
still wet with David's cum and let her dress fall to
the floor. She was prepared for the evening because
she hadn't worn any underwear and now stood before
David and myself completely nude. Turning to me she
said, "And now watch as David and I show you what we
do next." Then laying down on the floor before us she
asked David, "Come on fuck me big boy. Please fuck me

David stood and removed his clothing. His cock was
still fully hard and stood at upright attention before
him. Clearly Joyce was in for the hard fucking she

Without a word David lay between Joyce's outstretched
legs and without any hand guidance from either of them
his cock entered my wife's pussy. His first thrust
buried his cock balls deep into Joyce and she moaned
with excitement as her hips arched to accept his every

I lay back on the sofa so I had an excellent view of
David's cock as he pumped it in and out of my wife.
Propping my head with one hand I took my own cock in
the other and slowly jacked myself as I watched the
show on the floor before me.

Soon Joyce had her first climax. "Oh God I'm cumming.
I'm cumming," she moaned, "Fuck me David. Fuck me.
Watch David fuck me honey. Watch David's cock fuck
me." She cried.

I did. I watched with excitement as the two lovers
enjoyed themselves before me. Within a minute Joyce
was climaxing again. "I'm cumming. Oh God fuck me
harder. I'm cumming." Joyce was really getting into
fucking David now as her hips thrust her pussy
violently into David's cock. David's ball's making a
slapping sound as they slammed against Joyce's ass.

Within seconds of Joyce's second climax she was cumming
again. Her legs were high above David's back while her
hands pulled at his back trying to get as much of him
inside her as possible. Suddenly David's back arched
forcing his cock as deep as it would go into Joyce's
pussy. She moaned softly, "Oh yes! Cum inside me! Shoot
your hot load in me!" David continued to spill his seed
as Joyce slowly ground her pussy onto him, draining his

When David's climax subsided he rolled off Joyce and
onto the floor beside her. As his cock slipped free
from Joyce's pussy a thick wad of his cum flowed from
Joyce and began slowly sliding down her ass and onto
the carpet. "Honey, would you hand me the towel on the
back of the sofa? It seems David filled me to overflow-

I hadn't noticed that Joyce had gotten a towel earlier
but it didn't surprise me because she knew she would
getting fucked in the den. I got the towel she asked
for and handing it to her I said. "Why don't I plug
that leak for you?"

Spreading her legs wide Joyce said. "I'm yours, fill
my pussy."

I climbed between Joyce's legs. David's cum was still
oozing from her pussy as I placed my cock to her mound.
As my cock slid easily into her still stretched and
thoroughly cum wetted pussy. (I love the feeling I get
from sloppy seconds. Knowing I am fucking my beautiful
wife just after another man has shot off in her excites
me so much that I shoot my own load after only a few

"I think I'm receiving a nice hot surprise." Joyce said
as she felt my jism flow into her. I continued to blast
my load into her. "Shoot it all honey. Mix your hot cum
with David's hot cum." Joyce knew talking to me about
David shooting into her only made me more excited. "Two
loads of hot man juice and still I want more," Joyce

As my own climax fell away I rolled off Joyce in my

She now lay between David and myself. I noticed she
was slowly jacking David's cock with one hand. She
must have been jacking him as I shot my load into her.
David's cock was only semi hard now while my cock was
completely drained.

"I need more cock." Joyce said.

"Well I'm afraid I can't help you right now so I guess
it's up to David." I said.

"As much as I would like too I'm drained also." David

"That's not fair," Joyce moaned, "I need more dick

Turning to me she asked me to call someone else over.
"I want to fuck all night," she said, looking at me
with a slutty smile on her lovely face.

"I have a friend I could call." David said.

"Call him." I replied, "lets do him a favor what do you

Joyce jumped up from the floor and tucking the towel
between her legs to catch the two loads of cum she
said, "Great, tell him to hurry over. I'll be in the
bedroom waiting." Joyce trotted away up the stairs to
our bedroom.

David turned to me and said, "Perhaps I should tell
you something before I call him."

"What's that?" I asked.

"My friend. he's black."

"Great, Joyce has been wanting to do it with a black
lover," I said. "She just didn't know any."

"Then you don't mind?" David asked.

"Heck no I don't mind and Joyce will love it."

David placed the call and spoke to his friend for a
few minutes. Cradling the phone in his hand he said to
me, "We may be out of luck. Roger has a friend over
right now and can't break away."

"Male of female?" I asked.

"Male." David said.

"Well then, tell him to bring him along. Joyce won't

David spoke into the phone; gave directions to our
house then hanging up he said, "They're on their way.
I hope Joyce doesn't shoot us."

"Shoot us hell. She'll be in heaven having two fresh
cocks. "Make that three," David said. I looked down at
his cock, it was standing tall again. My cock was
stirring now also.

"Why don't you go up and keep Joyce company, I'll wait
for our guests down here," I said. Then I added. "Don't
tell Joyce your friend is black or two guys are coming.
Let's really surprise her."

"You got it." David said as he turned to go upstairs.

I Waited a few minutes then slipped quietly up the
stairs. Nearing the top I heard the unmistakable sounds
of our bed. David was clearly keeping Joyce occupied. I
eased back downstairs to wait for our guests.

I had just finished mixing a drink when I heard a car
pull up outside. I wrapped a towel around my waist and
walked to the door. I had the door open as the black
men emerged from their car.

They walked to the door and the taller one spoke. "I'm
Roger, David's friend." He said introducing himself.
We shook hands.

"Good to meet you. I'm Bill." I replied.

"Is this for real man, your wife wants to fuck us."

"Oh Yes, she likes more than one man sometimes." I
said. "Come on in."

The men entered and we walked down the hallway and
into the den. I had just passed each a beer when David
entered the room. Standing naked before us, his cock
flaccid but still wet from his being with my wife.
David shook hands with Roger. "Man she's hot tonight."
He said. Then David turned to me and said. "And she
still wants more."

I laughed. "She get this way sometimes. It's good I'm
not too jealous." We all laughed.

From upstairs Joyce's voice rang out. "Is my fresh
cock here yet?"

"Be patient honey. You'll get what you want soon
enough." I said to Joyce then turning to Roger I said.
"Why don't you go on up and see if you can help the
lady just don't mention your friend yet. We're keeping
him as a little surprise." Roger bolted up the stairs.

"Guess he wants some pussy," Roger's friend said.

"When you see my wife I'll bet you want a little pussy
too," I said.

Taking a pile of blankets from the linen closet I said
to both men. "When you finish your beer how about
spreading some blankets on the floor. "I'll go fetch
the horny maid and her shinning knight."

I stopped at the bedroom door and watched Joyce and
her new lover. Joyce was sitting on top of Roger her
back to me. I had a clear view of Roger's black cock
sliding in and out of her pussy as she rose and lowered
herself on his manhood. They had been fucking for about
ten minutes now but I didn't think Roger had cum yet
because his cock still seemed rock hard. I decided to
join them for the finish.

Walking to the bedside I let my towel fall to the
floor. Joyce's eyes were closed so she hadn't noticed
me yet. She was moaning softly as she fucked this
black stranger. She rose above her lover letting his
cock slip from her pussy. "Fuck me from behind," She
said opening her eyes. Joyce noticed me standing
beside her. "I love you," She said to me.

"I love you too." I said. Joyce was on all fours now
and Roger was preparing to mount her doggy style. "Eat
my pussy while Roger fuck's me," Joyce said.

I lay on my back and worked my way to Joyce's pussy as
Roger pumped his cock into her from behind. As I raised
my head to tongue Joyce's clit Roger's balls slid onto
my forehead. They felt cold and furry but soft as they
rolled gently across my forehead.

I began to tongue Joyce's pussy. "I'm cumming! Oh gawd
I'm cumming!" Joyce cried. I began tounging her in
earnest to help her reach her peak. Roger was pounding
his cock deep into her causing the same result. Just
as Joyce reached her peak Roger jammed his cock deep
into her holding on tightly.

I knew he was emptying himself in her pussy. I
continued to tongue Joyce's pussy and now I let my
tongue glide over Roger's balls.

Roger's cum, along with a load of mine and at least
two loads from David were oozing from Joyce's pussy
and into my mouth each time Roger pulled his cock back.
Once his cock slipped out of Joyce's pussy and a glob
of cum fell into my mouth. Roger was trying to get his
cock back into Joyce but it was more in my mouth than
her pussy so I decided to suck him.

I had often tasted my own as well as other men's cum
when eating Joyce but I had never actually sucked a
man's cock. I must admit I liked the feel of Roger's
silky smooth cock in my mouth. I only sucked him for
a few strokes but I knew I would do more of this.

Taking my hand I helped Roger enter Joyce once again.
After only a few strokes Joyce pulled away from Roger
and lay beside me on the bed. Roger stood on the floor
now. "Did you like Roger's cock in your mouth?" Joyce
asked. She had been wanting me to suck a man's cock
while she watched but I had never thought I wanted too.

In fact thinking about it turned me off completely
although I loved to watch Joyce suck cock and I liked
it when on two occasions at a swing party she ate
another girl's pussy. Answering Joyce question I
replied. "I did. I really did."

"Let's suck him off together." Joyce said. I agreed.

Roger lay on his back and Joyce and I lay on each side
of him. We began to work on his cock together. It
wasn't long before we both knew Roger was about to cum.
Joyce said to me. "Finish him. Take his cum." I admit I
gladly obliged. Taking Roger's cock as deep as I could
I began to roll my tongue on his shaft while sucking
him in and out of my mouth.

Joyce was helping by jacking the base of his shaft and
massaging his balls. Suddenly it was happening. For the
first time another man was shooting his load in my
mouth. Now I really understood why Joyce loved to have
a man shoot his load in her mouth. Roger's cum wasn't
salty at all. In fact it was almost sweet with a slight
but great burning sensation as it flowed down my
throat. Yes I swallowed all of it, and loved it.

The three of us lay there on the bed quietly not
thinking about our guest downstairs. We were almost
asl**p when out two friends joined us on the bed. Both
David and Roger's friend had stiff cocks and were
looking for something to fuck. "Looks like we're being
replaced. Let's go get a beer," I said to Roger.

As we left the room I looked back to see Joyce with
David's cock in her mouth and Roger's friend already
pumping his cock savagely into Joyce's pussy. I knew
she was loving it.

I placed a new tape in the VCR and Roger and I sat
back on the sofa sipping our beer while my wife fucked
two men above us. "You really like to watch your wife
fuck other men?" Roger asked.

"I do. In fact she dates other men almost every week.
She's been dating David for about four months now."

"She ever had a black man before tonight?" Roger asked.


"And you really don't mind?"

"Heck no, I especially like to fuck her after she's
been with another man. She tells me all about her
dates when we fuck."

"You mind if I ask her out sometime?"

"Go ahead. I think she'd love it," I said then added.
"Just send her home freshly fucked. Now lets go join
some live action."
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