Brian is gone

It was the first time I had gone out to have a little
fun since my husband had left for Iraq. His National
Guard unit had been called to active duty and before we
had time to take a deep breath he was gone. He had been
gone almost three months and I was bored to death. All
I ever did now was go to work and go home and watch TV
and write letters to my husband. I was a little upset
that I wrote to him every night and I got a letter from
him only once a week, if that.

I knew that conditions were rough over there and that
he was having a hard time of it. But just a note to say
that he was okay and still loved me would have been
nice. We had only been married for a little over a year
and I knew he loved me, but I really worried about him
and I wanted a little reassurance. No, I wanted a lot
of reassurance, not so much that he still loved me, I
knew that he did. Rather that he was still alive and
uninjured and holding up alright.

When I let my friend talk me into attending the party
at her house on Friday evening I certainly didn't go
because I was peeved at my husband Brian for not
writing to me in almost two weeks. I went because I was
tired of sitting home alone in my quiet little
apartment and worrying about him. I wanted to hear some
music and talk to some happy people and dance a little
and have a couple of drinks.

I had no idea how out of hand things were going to get.
My girlfriend, Tanya, wasn't all that wild. I had no
reason to believe that this would be anything but a fun
little party for some of her close friends. It was her
birthday and two of her friends were throwing a party
for her and had reserved one of the pools in their
apartment complex.

I intended to have a couple of drinks and laugh a
little and dance a little maybe, and then go home alone
and go to bed all by myself. I wasn't worried about
anything. I was an independent twenty-one year old
married woman and I was capable of taking care of
myself. Or at least I thought I was.

It was hot and sunny and I had a couple of drinks and
danced a few dances. Then I put my bikini on and spent
some time in the pool cooling off. More than a few guys
were coming on to me and it was very flattering. I
flirted with a couple of them, but I eventually made it
clear that nothing was going to come of it and they
started leaving me alone. I was relieved, because I had
definitely been tempted by a couple of the guys.

When you get used to a fairly regular sex life for a
year or so the sudden move back to abstinence is not
easy, or pleasant.

Once it got dark and cooled off a little I danced a
little more. I stayed in my bikini, but there were lots
of girls dancing in their bikinis, and mine was more
conservative than most, so I wasn't standing out or
anything. After a while I was spending most of my time
with one guy. He was really cute and funny and he
really cheered me up. When we weren't dancing we were
sitting on the pool steps in water up to our necks or
sitting at a small table and sipping a beer.

I had made it clear to him that I was leaving at ten
and he was disappointed, but he didn't argue with me.
He was slightly older, I think he was close to thirty,
and more mature. He had accepted that he wasn't getting
laid tonight, at least, not by me. We were enjoying
each other's company though and I stayed with him.
Mostly I stayed with him because he was fun to be with,
but also because while I was him the other guys were
leaving me alone.

At nine thirty he talked me into one last beer and he
got out of the pool and got the drinks and we moved to
a pair of lounge chairs on the side. The volume of the
music was turned down around eight o'clock or so and we
could talk more easily now. I couldn't deny that I was
having a great time.

I sipped my last beer and kept my eye on the time,
fully intending to leave at ten. That isn't what
happened though. I don't remember what happened. I was
sitting and talking one minute and having a good time.

The next thing I knew it was Saturday morning and I was
waking up in bed with a guy! I didn't know what had
happened. I knew that I hadn't been that d***k and I
assumed that I had been d**gged. I looked at the guy in
the bed and I recognized him as the man I had spent
most of the evening with, but I couldn't for the life
of me remember his name.

I was naked and I looked down and saw that I had tooth
marks on my tits and my thighs and my chest and stomach
and thighs were covered with dried cum. I put my face
in my hands and I realized that I had it all over my
face too.

I got up, feeling very much like I had a hangover, and
looked around for the bathroom. As I moved around I
realized that I was in a lot of pain. My vagina hurt,
my butt hurt and my throat was sore. I was no rocket
scientist, but I quickly realized that it was pretty
likely that I had been ****d last night, and by more
than one guy.

I found the bathroom and went in and stared at myself
in the mirror. There was flaky dried cum all over my
face and body and my long blonde hair was encrusted
with it.

I suddenly felt sick to my stomach and I rushed to the
toilet and lifted the seat and threw up for several
minutes. When I finally stopped and my stomach was
under control I flushed the toilet and turned to wash
my face and hands and there he was, standing in the
door smiling at me.

Before I could say anything he said, "What a waste of
cum. We went to a lot of trouble to fill your stomach
with that cum. Now we have to do it all over again."

I found my voice and even though it hurt my throat I
screamed at him, "You fucking r****t! You aren't going
to get away with this. As soon as I leave here I'm
calling the police. I hate you!"

He just smiled and stared at me like I was some sort of
amusing little pet or something.

I washed my face and hands and dried off on the
cleanest towel that I could find. Then I stormed back
into the bedroom to look for my clothes. He followed me
and watched me look around and when I demanded my
clothes he said, "Your bikini is in the living room."

I stomped down the short hallway and came to a sudden
stop in the living room. There were four men sitting
around grinning at me. They all looked like they had
just gotten up.

I realized that they must have all ****d me last night.
I didn't remember it though and I was very embarrassed
about being naked in front of them. I spotted my bikini
on the floor and I went for it and hurriedly put it on.
I spotted my purse on a table and grabbed it, but the
rest of my clothes were nowhere to be seen. They were
probably still out by the pool.

I started for the door but before I could open it he
said, "Don't leave yet. We have something to show you."

"No you don't!" I yelled and continued for the door. I
didn't get that far though. One of the four men that
had apparently slept in the living room stood up and
blocked my path.

I wasn't scared yet. I was still far too mad to be
scared. I yelled at him to get the fuck out of my way
and he just stood there smiling at me. That just made
me even more furious. I charged at him and tried to
push him out of the way and when I saw how little
effect I had on him it made me even madder.

He got tired of me though and he grabbed a handful of
my hair and nearly lifted me off of the floor. I
dropped my purse and put my hands on his wrist and
tried to free myself. He just ignored my efforts and
dragged me easily to the couch and roughly pushed me
down between two of the men that were sitting there.

He said, "Tom asked you politely to stay and look at
something. Trust me. You are going to want to see it.
It is very important to you."

I reached up and rubbed my sore scalp, causing a
snowstorm of dried cum to fall onto my shoulder and
into my lap. I almost threw up again as I realized what
was happening. Instead, I f***ed myself to take a deep
breath and asked them what was so fucking important for
me to see.

One of them picked up a couple of remote controls and
turned on the television and then started a DVD. I
screamed as the picture came on and I saw myself being
passed from man to man in this living room. I was naked
and I was smiling and apparently having the time of my
life. Their hands were all over me and if anything I
seemed to be encouraging them.

I said loudly, "You fucking bastards!" Then I tried to
stand up and leave. I was half way to my feet when the
men sitting on either side of me pulled me back down.
One of them said, "There is a lot more to see Kim.
Trust me. You are going to find this educational."

I struggled with them and said, "All you have here is
proof that you ****d me you bastards!"

Tom said, "No Kim, you aren't looking close enough.
What we have here is proof that you were a more than
willing participant. Look at yourself, your eyes are
open, you are smiling and animated, you are standing on
your own two feet. No one can look at that and come
away with the opinion that you are being ****d. Just
keep watching."

What choice did I have? They wouldn't let me leave

I sat and watched as the men that weren't currently
occupied groping and kissing me started undressing.
When they were naked they took over and the rest of the
men undressed. Then they returned to passing me around
and groping my naked body. It was humiliating to watch,
especially with the five of them sitting there,
watching me as I stared at the screen.

They finally tired of passing me around and three of
them sat on the couch and one of them asked me in a
friendly tone of voice to kneel between his legs. There
wasn't the slightest hint of f***e or coercion. Even
though I knew without a doubt that I had been d**gged,
I couldn't see any sign of it.

My embarrassment increased as I watched myself take the
first man's cock into my mouth and start sucking
greedily. By now I had come to realize that all of
these men had ****d me. That didn't make it any easier
to sit in the room with them and watch it being
replayed on the TV.

As I sucked off the first man one of the others knelt
beside me on the side away from the camera that Tom
must have been operating and he played with my breasts
with one hand and his other hand reached between my
legs and teased my sex roughly. I watched my reaction
as he groped me and it looked very much like I was
enjoying it.

I felt the tears running down my cheeks and it
infuriated me. I didn't want these bastards to see how
upset I was. I wiped my eyes and continued to watch as
I brought the first of them to orgasm and swallowed his
cum without hesitation. I didn't even do that for my

The man that was groping me moved me over to the next
man and as we watched me being repositioned Tom said,
"In case you are wondering, Rory was second. You had
already sucked me off while I was waiting for my
friends here to arrive. My friends and I share

I sat and watched, horrified, as I sucked all four of
them off. Tom came in from time to time and got lots of
close-ups of my smiling, happy face as I swallowed one
load of cum after another.

Once I had sucked off the fourth man I was placed on a
large hassock on my back and the first man that I had
sucked off moved between my legs and easily slipped his
cock into my very wet pussy. I saw that my pussy was
red and swollen and looked like I had already had sex.

I glanced at Tom and he smiled and said, "Yeah, we
fucked too."

They all fucked me, one right after the other. After
each of them came in my pussy they moved around and
after the next one had pushed his hard cock inside of
me the one that had just had me moved to my face and I
eagerly sucked them clean.

I felt my stomach turning and I put my hand over my
mouth and rushed to the bathroom. I made it just in
time and I threw up again. But my stomach was pretty
much empty now and it was mainly dry heaves.

I waited until my stomach was calm and then I washed my
face and went back out to the living room. I was placed
right back between the two men on the couch and the DVD
was taken off of pause my gangbang movie took right up
where it had left off.

Once they had all cum in my pussy the blowjobs started
again. Tom's second blowjob from me was caught on film
and I was f***ed to watch as I sucked them all again.
This time, though, they didn't cum in my mouth. After
Tom had gotten hard he pulled his cock out of my mouth
and turned me over on the hassock and started
lubricating my butt from a tube of KY Jelly.

I watched as he spent several minutes lubricating and
stretching my ass and then he handed me the lubricant
and I used it to grease up his large cock with apparent

He watched me as I smiled and spread the grease over
his hard cock, then he patted my head and said, "That's
a good girl." Then the camera panned back and forth
between my face and my ass as he began to f***e his
cock inside of me.

I watched in disbelief as it went in easily and I
looked back at him with a look of passion on my face.
Tom said, "That was me taking your cherry. That was the
first time you had ever been fucked in the ass, wasn't

I nodded, still staring at the TV incredulously.

They had had the sound turned off all of this time and
now they turned it up and I heard myself grunting in
pleasure and begging him to fuck me harder. While he
was fucking my ass the others took turns sticking their
cocks in my mouth and letting me keep them hard and
ready for their turn in my ass.

They had all had me twice already and some of them took
a very long time to fuck my ass. Not all of them. A
couple of them came nearly as quickly that time as the
first time. Over all though, this round of ****s took a
long time. Through it all I begged them to fuck me
harder and when each of them had cum in my ass, before
I sucked his nasty cock clean with apparent eagerness,
I begged the next one to fuck my ass.

After that they all just sat back and relaxed and from
time to time one of them would call me over and I would
suck him off again. In between, when I wasn't sucking
one of their cocks, I was obeying orders to pose in
humiliating positions, or play with myself, or to scoop
up the cum dripping out of my pussy and ass and spread
it over my face and hair and breasts for their
amusement. It was the most disgusting thing that I had
ever seen, and it looked like I loved every minute of

I realized that there was no way that I could go to the
police. I don't know what they had d**gged me with. The
effects were obvious though, to me. To a cop, or a
judge, or a jury, they would just see a horny slut
whose husband was in Iraq as she eagerly took on all

I looked at Tom and said, "Okay, you win. I won't call
the cops. I know what would happen if I tried to
convince them of the truth."

Tom smiled and said, "You still don't get it, Kim. We
aren't done with you yet. We enjoyed the hell out of
what we did last night. You are a great cocksucker and
you have such a hot tight cunt, and your sweet ass is
even tighter. We can't let you go that easily. Maybe in
a week or two, but for now, your ass is ours."

I tried to stand up again and I was pulled back down. I
shook my head and said, "No, I can't, I won't. I can't
do those things that you did to my d**gged body last
night. I don't even do those things with my husband. I
won't do it!"

Tom laughed and said, "Sure you will Kim. Because if
you don't, your husband is going to get a copy of the
DVD and then he will wonder why you do those things
with everyone else but not him. At least I guess that
is what he will wonder."

Then he held up my address book which had been in my
purse and said, "I bet there are a lot of other people
that would get a kick out of seeing how hot you are
too." He thumbed through the book and stopped from time
to time and asked what my relationship was with various
people in the book and I didn't answer, but the idea of
them seeing that DVD was even more horrible than the
idea of being f***ed to do the things that were on it.

I slumped down on the couch and covered my face with my
hands and cried hysterically. I didn't think at all for
a few minutes and they let me cry. As my sobs subsided
though, I realized I was going to have to let them do
anything that they wanted to me for as long as they
wanted. I was totally in their power. I knew that I had
been an unwilling participant in the sex acts that they
had recorded last night. Even knowing it though, I saw
no sign of any unwillingness on my part in that movie.
Far from it, at every turn I had looked eager,
enthusiastic. They hadn't even ordered me to do things.
They had asked or suggested or simply guided my willing
body where they wanted it.

I tried to tell myself that it didn't matter much now.
They had already done everything that they could do to
me. From now on it would just be more of the same. I
knew that wasn't true though. For one thing, I would be
conscious now, aware of the humiliating things I was
being f***ed to submit to. That aside though, I had no
doubt they had more and greater humiliations in store
for me.

Tom came over and stood in front of me and said, "We
had a great time last night Kim. You behaved like the
perfect little slut. Personally though, I am looking
forward to doing it all over again now that you are
going to know what's happening to you and hate every
minute of it. That turns me on so much more than when
you were oblivious. Why don't we start by having you
stand up and take that fucking bikini back off?"

He reached down and took my hand and pulled me to my
feet and stepped back. I realized that it didn't
matter. They had not only seen me naked; they had all
had sex with me over and over last night. I didn't have
the faintest memory of it though. As far as my mind was
concerned, this was all new to me.

I looked at Tom, standing nearby with my address book
in his hand and my brain spun madly trying to think of
some way out of this mess. I saw that one of them had
begun recording me standing in the center of the room
and I saw the looks on their faces. The anticipation
and the lust were one thing, but I also saw how much
they were getting off on the idea that I hated this. I
was terrified and I was humiliated and that was turning
them on.

I looked down at the stained carpet and reached behind
my back and untied the top of my suit. As soon as I
untied it the cups fell away from breasts, exposing
them. I reached behind my neck then and removed it and
dropped it on a nearby table. There were a few
chuckles. I supposed that they were amused at my
humiliation. It was obvious that they were enjoying
degrading me nearly as much as they enjoyed the sex. I
have to assume that they enjoyed the sex. They weren't
letting me go.

I hooked my thumbs into the waist of my bikini bottoms
and slid them down and let them fall to the floor. Then
I stood naked in front of them again. I fought the urge
to cover myself with my hands. I realized that it would
be silly at this point, and that they would only be
amused by it.

Tom said, "That's a good girl. Now get your nasty ass
in the bathroom and take a shower. You stink."

As I was leaving the room, biting my tongue to keep
from pointing out that I didn't "stink" before they had
****d me, Tom turned to his buddy with the camera and
said, "John, why don't you go with her. Get some good
shots of her in the shower."

John trailed behind me with the camera and I was
acutely aware of the camera recording my every move as
I turned on the shower and used Tom's soap and shampoo
to wash the dried cum from my abused body and my stiff,
cum encrusted hair.

John kept the shower curtain open enough to watch me
and he filmed every embarrassing moment. I had no
desire to go back into that living room and serve as a
sex toy for those horrible men, but I was really being
creeped out by John filming all of my most private
moments. He even recorded me on the toilet when I sat
down to pee, forcing me to spread my legs so that he
could film the urine spraying from my body. I shuddered
in revulsion as each new humiliating experience was

Before I went back out I brushed my teeth with my
finger and some of Tom's toothpaste. I was able to
finally get the taste of cum out of my mouth. I
imagined that it wouldn't be long before they remedied
that though.

When I returned to the living room Tom called me over
to where he was sitting and pulled me down into his
lap. He sniffed at me, sarcastically, as if to see if I
were actually clean enough to touch. Then he smiled and
said, "Much better. Now, my friends and I have been
planning your day while you were getting cleaned up.
You are smart enough to know that the things that amuse
us won't be as much fun for you as they are for us. The
thing is, you know that you don't have any choice,
don't you?"

I nodded. It was true, no matter what happened after
this, they already had enough information to ruin my
life, destroy my marriage and my reputation.

Tom continued, "Good, because I don't want to have to
keep threatening you to make you behave. If you get to
be a problem, we can always give you more of that d**g
I gave you last night and you have seen how you behave
then. Trust me. We are a pretty imaginative group. The
pictures could get much worse if we d**gged you again."

There was no doubt in my mind that these men would take
pleasure in destroying me if I didn't do as I was told.
I just wasn't sure if I could do this. I had always
been a very conservative person. I was not one of those
girls that dressed to thrill and liked to show off. I
had never, before last night at least, had sex with
multiple partners and I had certainly never posed for
revealing photographs.

Brian had tried on numerous occasions to get me to pose
for some sexy pictures. He had desperately wanted one
of me in a sexy pose to take with him to Iraq. In my
mind though, I could just see him showing it to his
friends and I couldn't do it. I love him, and I like it
that he thinks I am sexy, but that is just between me
and Brian. Or at least it had been until last night.

As Tom warned me about obeying his orders his hand
moved over my body as if he owned me. I hated it that
when he touched certain places, those places that only
my husband should be able to touch, I felt myself
responding. I knew that it was just a physical response
and that I had no control over it. It was like my body
was surrendering to him though and I hated that. What I
hated even more was that, until he got tired of me, he
did own me.

He pushed me out of his lap and said, "Come on, let's
find you something you can wear. It's a beautiful day
out there. We don't want to spend it cooped up in

I wasn't sure. I didn't want to spend the day here with
these horny men. On the other hand, I was terrified of
what public humiliations they had planned for me.

I looked around at the cruel faces that continued to
ogle my naked body and there wasn't a hint of sympathy
in any of them. These guys were all older, around
thirty or so I guess. That was all that I knew about
them though. So far I only had names for three of them,
Tom, Rory and John. Before last night I had only had
sex with two guys. I had been with my husband and a
previous boyfriend when I was s*******n. Now the total
had increased to seven over night, and I still didn't
know the names of two of them.

I followed Tom back to his bedroom and he said, "We
just need to find something that you can wear to get
you to where we are going. Once we get there we can
find you something more appropriate."

He reached into closet and pulled out a dress shirt and
handed it to me. I put it on and started to button it
up. He stopped me before I could button anywhere near
enough buttons. I looked down and the shirt's tails
just barely covered my pussy in the front. I doubt if
it fully covered my ass. He had made me stop buttoning
it before I had gotten as high as my breasts. It was
loose fitting and the front hung away from my breasts
so that anyone looking from the side could see them.

I was standing there, waiting for him to hand me
something else to wear but he just smiled and said,
"Perfect! Let's go."

I gasped in shock. I had resolved not to keep balking
at his orders. I knew that he was always going to win.
I could get arrested going out like this though!

I said, "Tom, wait!"

He stopped and turned around and I saw the look on his
face. I knew I wouldn't get anything else to wear. He
was looking forward to humiliating me. I hesitated for
a second and said, "My feet, can't I at least wear my

He looked down and said, "I guess. They're in the
living room. Let's go bitch."

I thought, "I'm not a bitch, you bastard!" I bit my
tongue though. I didn't want to make him feel like he
had to prove my new subhuman status to me.

I stopped on the way out of the bedroom and looked at
my reflection in the mirror. I couldn't believe I was
actually going to leave the apartment looking like
this. I turned around and I saw that nearly an inch of
my ass was exposed below the shirttails. I rushed to
catch up with Tom before he felt the need to exert his
authority over me any further and as I entered the
living room again the guys hooted and laughed at my
degrading outfit. I looked around and spotted my
sandals under a lamp table and I slipped them on and
then the guys all stood up and we went outside.

It was nearly eleven on a bright Saturday morning and
there were people out everywhere. There were guys
washing cars and people on their way to the pool and
heading out to go where ever they normally go on
Saturday. Every person we passed stopped what they were
doing and stared at me. The guys all gaped as they
caught flashes of my breasts as the shirt fell open or
my ass which was readily displayed as I went past. The
women stared in shock and disgust.

This was an apartment complex largely occupied by young
singles and couples who were either living together or
had recently married. I imagine that they saw a lot
around here. I had noticed some pretty skimpy bikinis
at the pool yesterday. So it was pretty obvious from
their reaction that I was exposing a whole hell of a
lot of skin. All I could do, though, was blush and keep
my head down and keep walking.

We walked to Tom's car and it was like a clown car the
way the six of us squeezed into his small four
passenger car. I found out the names of the last two of
my tormentors when Tom said, "Harry, you're the
smallest. You sit in the middle and John and Steve can
sit on the outside. The bitch can sit in your lap."

Rory, the largest of the five, sat in the passenger
seat in front and recorded the struggle as the three
men squeezed into the back and pulled me in after them.
It was impossibly cramped, but they just laughed about

Before the doors were all closed, Harry had my shirt
opened and pulled aside, baring my breasts to the
camera and the many people walking around the parking
lot. They all found this incredibly amusing. I was just

I had no idea where we were going. I only knew that
wherever it was I was going to hate it and I was going
to hate what happened there. I slumped down a little in
Harry's lap to keep my head from bumping against the
roof of the car and as we drove off I had Harry's hands
playing with my breasts and Steve and John both had
their hands on my thighs. They were pulling my legs
farther apart and making it easier for Rory to get some
more humiliating pictures of me.

Tom drove to the an area of town where adult oriented
businesses seemed to congregate and pulled into a
parking lot in front of a place called The Camera Club.
He got out and said, "Wait here. This shouldn't take

As soon as he was gone I was turned in my seat so that
my back was against the door and my legs were across
the laps of the men squeezed in the back seat. They
pushed my legs apart and played with my body cruelly
and laughed at my reactions. One of them took one of my
nipples into his mouth and after teasing it to hardness
he suddenly bit down cruelly and I screamed and jumped
and tried to pull away. They seemed to think that was

When they were no longer amused by that, Harry seemed
to be intent on picking me up by my pubic hair. He
reached down and grabbed a large clump of my pubic hair
in his fingers and closed down and started slowly
lifting. I clamped my hands down on his wrist and held
on and screamed in pain and begged him tearfully to

They laughed and laughed as he kept pulling for several
more long moments. He finally lowered my ass back down
and as he took his hand away they laughed again at the
amount of my blonde pubic hair that remained in his
fingers. It had been pulled out by the roots!

I was crying loudly now and begging them to stop. Rory
was filming it all and laughing at my pain and

Tom finally came back out and his friends stopped
tormenting me. I was crying again and as Tom leaned in
the window and said, "Everyone out." I wiped my eyes
with the shirt sleeves and cried out, "Why are you
doing this to me?!"

When I was standing beside the car Tom turned me with
my back to the car and lifted my head and said, "We are
doing this to you because it is fun. You are a fucking
tease. You led me on at that party last night and then
when I wanted some of your sexy ass you suddenly had to
go home. Well fuck you bitch! You won't be teasing any
one else. Next time a guy wants some of your ass you're
going to give him some. You fucking frigid bitch!"

"I'm not a tease!" I exclaimed. "I didn't lead you on.
I danced with you for Christ's sake! Do you think that
every girl that dances with you is supposed to sl**p
with you?!"

Tom sneered at me and said, "You did a hell of a lot
more than dance with me bitch. You spent a couple of
hours telling me how lonely you were and how much you
missed your husband and waiving your tits and your ass
in my face and making me think that you wanted to get
laid. Then you said, "I have to go now after I wasted
all fucking evening on you!"

I just shook my head in disbelief. It hadn't been like
that. I had not led him on. In fact, I had tried to get
rid of him several times. He would not take a hint. All
I could say was, "It wasn't like that. I didn't lead
you on."

He had a look of hatred on his face now and he said,
"Bullshit! You spent hours teasing me and then, when
you had had your fun you just wanted to go home. It's
time you learned your lesson bitch. We're going to
teach you, you get some guy hot for you from now on,
you had best put out. You think that damned pussy of
yours is solid fucking gold or something the way you
guard it. It's just pussy bitch, and it's meant to be

I was just staring at him in shock now. It was
beginning to dawn on me that aside from the fact that
he liked to d**g and **** women, there was something
wrong with this guy. He seemed to think that if a woman
talked to him and then didn't sl**p with him then he
could do anything that he wanted to her and she had it

He grabbed my arm and started pulling me into the
building that he had just come out of. As we walked he
said it again.

"Remember that bitch. It's just pussy."

He pulled me into The Camera Club and I looked around
and saw pictures of nude and semi-nude women
everywhere. There were a dozen men standing around
inside and they all looked up when I came in.

As soon as they saw what I was wearing, or nearly
wearing, they became a lot more interested. Tom smiled
at them and pulled me along to an office in the back.
He pulled me inside and shut the door and I found
myself looking across a cluttered desk at a large black
man in his mid to late fifties. He looked me over and
said, "Not bad. Lose the shirt."

I glanced at Tom, but he just nodded. So I slowly
unbuttoned the shirt he had given me to wear and let it
fall open in front of me. It no longer covered me, but
the black man said impatiently, "I said lose it girl!"

He looked at Tom and Tom smiled and said, "She isn't
too bright, and she is new at this. Don't worry, she
won't be any trouble."

Then he turned to me and said, "Will you, you stupid

I looked down and shook my head and shrugged the shirt
down off of my shoulders and held it in my sweating
hands. Tom took it away and ordered me to turn around

I obeyed, and as I turned the black man commented on my
body. "She's kind of cute. Her tits are too small and
she doesn't have much of an ass. She has a cute little
cunt though. Yeah, I guess she'll do."

When I had finished turning around he got up and took
me back out into the hall and into a room with racks of
clothing. He looked through some of it and pulled out a
handful of clothes and told me to get dressed.

They stood there and watched as I put on the lacy
underwear and then a pair of thigh high hose with lacy
tops that matched the underwear. I put on the plaid
skirt and plain white blouse and a pair of silly
looking saddle shoes and they looked at me approvingly.
I looked at my reflection in the mirror and I saw that
they had dressed me like a Catholic schoolgirl!

The man asked me, "Do you know what is going to happen

I shook my head. I didn't know, I wished to god I would
never find out. I just wanted to leave. I knew that
whatever it was I was going to hate it.

He said, "You are going back out front and mix with the
customers for a few minutes. You better be nice to them
too. I ain't k**ding bitch. I got some other outfits
and some really kinky studio sets that you would hate a
lot more than you are going to hate this one. So you
better figure out how to paste a smile on your fucking
face. You mix with the customers and smile and make
nice and if someone gets fresh, well, that's just too
fucking bad."

"When you have warmed them up a little I am going to
take you down the hall to a private room and you are
going to pose for them while they take lots and lots of
pictures. You pose any fucking way they ask you to
pose. When ten minutes have passed, a bell will ring
and you take off your blouse. You pose for ten more
minutes and the bell will ring again. You take off your
skirt. At the next bell you take off your bra, and then
your panties. After that, you pose for twenty minutes
in just your stockings. Any pose that they ask for
bitch. I better not get any complaints. Do you have any

I was so scared now that I was shaking. In a quivering
voice I asked the only question that I could think of.
"What if they want to touch me?"

He smiled and said, "They can touch you, they just
can't have sex with you. They have to pay extra for

I shuddered in fear and revulsion and covered my face
with my hands and started crying again. Tom suddenly
snatched me up by my hair and said, "That's enough of
that shit. It's time to start practicing that smile you
teased me with last night bitch."

Tom wiped my eyes with the shirt he was carrying and we
started out of the dressing room. "Wait!" I suddenly
said. I had thought of another question. "What happens
to those pictures? Oh god. What if someone I know sees
them. They could end up all over the internet!"

The black man smiled and said, "Shit happens. Now smile
god damn it!"

I tried. I knew it was more of a grimace than a smile.
It didn't really satisfy them. The black man just
glowered at me and said, "Keep working on it you stupid

He led me back out into the front room and pushed me
towards the dozen or so men that were milling around
looking at the pictures of naked women on the wall. He
then got their attention and said, "Gentlemen, this is
our newest model, Little Kim. This is her first time.
She's a cherry so to speak. Look her over and if you
are interested she will be modeling in a few minutes.
Feel free to ask her any questions."

The men swarmed around me. At first they kept their
hands to themselves. They all looked like a bunch of
weirdoes. They ranged in age from early sixties to one
guy that didn't look like he was eighteen yet. Most of
them looked kind of nerdy and it occurred to me that
this was probably the only way some of them ever got to
see a naked woman.

One of them, the one that I assumed was the oldest
asked, "How old are you honey?"

"Twenty-one," I answered in a trembling voice.

"You sound scared," one of them said. "Are you scared?"

I shrugged and said, "It is my first time, I'm pretty

One of them spotted my wedding ring and asked, "Does
your husband know that you are doing this?"

I blushed even more deeply and shook my head.

One of them asked, "Are you a prostitute?"

I quickly exclaimed, "No!"

He wasn't satisfied though and he asked, "Then what are
you doing here? Do you like taking your clothes off in
front of guys you don't know?"

I didn't know what to say to him. I looked at Tom who
was standing nearby listening and enjoying my

Tom spoke up and said, "I brought her here to teach her
a lesson for being such a tease. I hate a fucking
tease. She needed to learn a lesson."

The men around me all seemed to think that was an
admirable goal.

As I stood there surrounded by the geeks several more
came in and after looking at me they went and spoke to
the black guy and gave him money. When he was satisfied
that there were enough of them he said, "Okay
gentleman, the show is about to start. Do you all know
the rules?"

Everyone seemed to nod or mutter something quietly
under their breath. Then he came over and took my arm
and said, "Okay gents, if you will follow me."

He pulled me back down the dark hallway to a room that
was set up in one corner like a small classroom and in
the other corner like a small bedroom. In between was a
small stage, raised about a foot off of the floor with
a nasty looking fur rug in the middle of it.

I was led to the class room area and then the black guy
stepped back and said, "Okay gentlemen, when the bell
rings your time has begun."

Then he moved out of the way. I looked around nervously
and I noticed that the walls didn't go all the way to
the ceiling. I also noticed that Rory was standing on
something and looking over the top of the wall and
filming us with his fucking movie camera! The others,
Tom, Harry, John and Steve were standing in the back of
the room watching. It was obvious that they were
amused, and it was also obvious that they were getting

The bell rang and I looked at the fifteen men that were
ogling me and waited for some suggestions. One of them
ordered me to sit in one of the small student desks and
they formed a semi circle in front of me and I was
quickly ordered to spread my legs farther and farther
apart. When everyone that wished to had taken a picture
of my panties I was ordered to stand and bend over
until my hands were touching the floor. The short skirt
I was wearing pulled up and I suspect that by the time
I was positioned where they wanted me nearly half of my
ass was exposed.

I stayed like that for a few minutes and then I was
placed on the teacher's desk against the front wall.
They didn't tell me how to pose this time though. Two
of them sat me up on the desk and lifted my legs and
positioned them with my heels on the edge of the desk
exposing my panties again. It seemed though, that
positioning my legs required a lot of touching and
their hands had slid up over my thighs, raising my
skirt as they placed my legs where they wanted them.

I looked down and I was dismayed that the crotch of the
panties looked like there was a slight darkening along
the area over my pussy, as though I was getting wet. I
was sure that wasn't possible though. I wasn't aroused
in the least. I was terrified.

After those customers that cared to had taken the shot,
and I noticed that not everyone was taking pictures
thankfully, they pulled me to my feet and put me back
up on the desk on my hands and knees and made me lean
my head down on my arms. They gathered around and knelt
down and took more humiliating pictures. Then the bell

Two of them lifted me off of the desk and they all
watched eagerly as I unbuttoned and removed the blouse.
As I slid it off I couldn't help being aware of how
hard my nipples were and how obvious it was through
this thin, lacy bra.

I heard a lot of comments on the fact that my nipples
were big and hard and could be seen through the lace
that covered them. I returned to posing as they ordered
me around. I put my hands behind my neck and my elbows
back and thrust my chest out for a couple of pictures.
Then I clasped my hands behind my back and thrust my
shoulders back.

One of them stood me beside one of the student desks
and reached down and grabbed my leg and lifted it up
and set it on the desk portion. My skirt slit up and
again more pictures were taken.

I had time for several more photos, each preceded by a
groping as I was placed into lewd and lascivious poses
before the bell rang and I nervously removed the skirt.

Now the older man, the guy who was in his sixties and
seemed to have taken charge, decided to move to the
small stage and I was led over with hands on my ass to
the small stage. I was placed on the fur on the edge of
the stage and they moved my body into more and more

Things didn't start heating up until the next bell rang
and my bra came off. There was a lot more touching then
and as they moved me around they all took turns
squeezing my breasts and pulling on my nipples. Many of
the pictures featured hands manipulating my breasts or
pinching my nipples.

Then the bell rang again and I was pulled to my feet
and two men saved me the trouble of removing my
panties. One of them moved to each side of me and the
rest of the crowd took pictures as they slowly slid my
panties down.

The pictures got a lot more obscene now. I was placed
on my back and my legs were held wide apart and I was
f***ed to spread my pussy open for them. There were
several pictures taken with fat fingers all the way
inside of me.

I was turned over and placed on my hands and knees and
ordered to pull the cheeks of my ass wide apart and I
listened to the cameras going off behind me. Then I was
left in that position for more poses as hands reached
in and defiled my body.

It was horrible and I had never been so degraded in my
life. What made it worse though were the jokes about
the moisture that had begun to seep out of my
traitorous pussy.

Those last twenty minutes seemed to last forever.
Towards the end of the allotted time men were posing
with me in lewd poses that simulated sex acts and the
crowd was laughing at me and calling me nasty names.
Every part of my body was exposed and photographed and
handled roughly by complete strangers, and it was all
caught on film.

The last bell finally rang and the men slowly put their
cameras down. The black man came back in and I was led
outside by Tom and Steve. The black man spoke with the
men inside that had just spent and hour photographing
me and then he opened the door and pulled me back into
the room and tossed me roughly onto the bed in the far
corner of the room.

Before I realized what was happening two of the men
walked up and as the rest of the men took more pictures
the two men pulled their pants off and got on the bed
with me. One of them moved behind me and as I screamed
he f***ed his cock into my pussy and held onto my hips
and began r****g me violently. The other had taken up a
position in front of me and f***ed his cock into my
mouth. The crowd was loud and raucous as they crowded
around and took more nasty photographs from every

I struggled at first, but these two large men that were
r****g me paid no attention. The one in my mouth came
first and after he filled my mouth with cum he pulled
out and held my head up by my hair so that they could
take pictures of my mouth and the load of cum on my
tongue. Then he moved his head down and in a cruel
voice said, "Swallow it bitch. Come on baby, eat that
cum, it's good for you."

I was crying again and you would have thought that
someone in that crowd would have cared. Not a single
man showed the slightest sympathy for me. They all knew
that I was here against my will. Tom had told them that
from the very beginning. I guess the idea that I
couldn't say no to them was a big turn on for them.

Once the man that was fucking me had his orgasm, both
men let me go and got off of the bed. I lowered my head
to my arms and cried, thinking that it was over. What
can I say? I'm a natural blonde.

I felt the bed move again and two more men joined me in
the middle of the bed. The cameras started clicking
away again as the next pair took up where the others
had left off. It went on and on. I don't think that
they all ****d me. Some of them just took pictures. But
most of them took me on that bed.

When it was finally over the customers were herded out
and Rory came downstairs and got some close-ups of my
cum-covered body. After he had let the customers out
the black man came back in and dropped his pants and
pulled me to my knees in front of him and f***ed my
sore lips down over his large, black cock.

He fucked my face violently for a few minutes as Rory
got a lot of close-ups, then he stood me up and bent me
over the bed and fucked my sore, sloppy pussy from
behind. His was by far the largest of the cocks that
had ****d me this afternoon and I was already very
sore. I cried out as he used his cock on me like a
weapon and when he finally came he pushed me back down
on my knees and f***ed me to clean his filthy black
cock with my mouth.

He finally let me go and after he put his pants back on
he picked me up by my arm and dragged me to a bathroom
and shoved me into a shower stall. I don't know why he
was so violent. It was like he was punishing me for
being a victim!

He reached in and turned on the water and a blast of
cold water sprayed over me. I screamed and tried to
scramble out but he just smiled and held me under the
water as cum from a dozen men was washed from my body.

The water finally began to get warm and I stopped
fighting. I stood under the spray with my legs spread
and let the many loads of cum drain out of me and wash
down the drain.

The black man watched in amusement the entire time and
said, "I could make a lot of money off of your skinny
ass. I'm going to have to talk to your boyfriend about
bringing you back in here more often.

I groaned in despair at the possibility of having to go
through this again. He saw the despair in my face and
said, "I love how much you hate it. It turns me the
fuck on. I may have to set up some special shows for
you. The boys seem to like you a lot."

I finally was clean and he shut the water off and
pulled me out, soaking wet and led me down the hall.
Tom and his friends were waiting out in the front room,
along with a growing crowd of customers. Tom handed me
the shirt I had been wearing when I arrived and I put
it on gratefully. It was instantly soaked through,
though, and my breasts and my pubic hair were as much
on display as if I were naked.

The guys were tired of hanging around though. The black
man handed Tom a wad of bills and said, "Pretty good
haul for a first timer, bring her back any time. We
could make some real money off of her ass."

I was pulled outside and we stood around the car for a
few minutes. We didn't leave though. They decided to go
and get a beer in one of the places nearby. We walked
to a bar and as we walked in we had to pass a by a
large man at the door screening customers. He looked at
me in my wet shirt and just smiled and nodded.

We went in and sat down and I had not realized at first
that we were in a strip club. The first clue should
have been the pictures around the entrance. The second
might have been the waitress who was wearing only a
pair of black panties. I didn't fully understand until
the loud music started and a woman came out on stage
and began to dance in not much more than a bikini. The
bikini didn't last long though. In a couple of minutes
she was dancing in the nude and I was sickened at the
lustful looks on the faces of the customers and the way
they started walking up to the stage and inserted
folded bills into the girls garter, often with long
lingering touches and fingers obviously moving over her

She had a phony smile on her face and I had the
impression that she was only barely aware of what she
was doing. I don't mean to imply that she was d**gged
or something, though she might have been. It was more
like while she was dancing she was thinking about her
car payments or the weather or something.

She did not seem to enjoy her work. The guys didn't
seem to care though. They only cared that she was

The guys I was with sipped their beers. I gulped mine,
trying desperately to get the taste of strange men's
cum out of my mouth and throat. Many of the cocks that
had been f***ed into my mouth had been crammed down my
throat and my throat hurt so much that I could hardly
talk. That wasn't a problem though. I didn't have
anything to say to these guys, and if I had it would
have just amused them. So why bother.

When I had gulped my beer down Tom got up and went to
get me another. I sipped it a little more slowly and
the guys kept their eyes on me, but talked among
themselves a little. There wasn't much conversation
though. The music was too loud to talk over

I finished my beer and sat and waited for them to
decide how they wanted to humiliate me next. They
finished their beers and Tom ordered another round for
us, paying for them with the money he had made pimping
me out at The Camera Club.

The stripper finally finished her act and the music
returned to a background level and conversation resumed
around the table. Tom asked me how I had enjoyed posing
and I just gave him a dirty look.

He laughed and then he said, "Your second beer, it had
more of the d**g in it. Not as much as last night. You
won't be oblivious this time. It's just going to loosen
your ass up a little. The stuff has a cumulative effect
though. So I have to be careful. I wouldn't want you to
turn into a full time slut. I want you to hate what we
are doing to you. If you start liking it then it won't
be nearly as much fun. We have another new experience
planned for you though and I want you to look good on
film, just in case we decide to start sending movies to
your husband."

I could feel the d**g working already. I felt it
tingling all through my body. My nipples were becoming
super sensitive and my pussy was tingling and I was
starting to feel very horny.

I asked him, "What is it? What kind of d**g are you
giving me?"

He smiled and said, "Nothing you can get from your
d**ggist. It is a combination of some d**gs and some
herbs and some male hormones that all act together to
make an uptight cunt like you get real horny. If I give
you a double dose you get like you did last night. You
become a cock crazy slut that will fuck anyone and love
it, but the next day you won't remember a thing. A
single dose though, you just get so horny you can't say
no to anyone, even if you wanted to, and you won't."

"If you took it, a lot of it, over a long period of
time it would start to have a permanent effect. I
wouldn't do that to you though. I want you to keep
hating it. Now drink up. It's time to go. You are
feeling it, I can tell."

He was right. In my entire life I had never wanted a
cock in me as much as I did right that moment. Well,
except for last night, judging by the movie they had
made me watch. I didn't remember that though. Yet I was
fully aware and still dreading the humiliation, which
had not abated as the horniness increased.

I gulped my beer down and we left the bar. We didn't go
to the car. I was led to a nearby building with only
one sign outside. A large, neon sign that just said
'open' in big red letters was blinking over the door.
We went inside and on the inner door was another sign
that warned that you must be twenty-one to enter and
that you shouldn't enter if you were offended by

We passed through the inner door and I came to a sudden
stop. I had never seen anything like it. I had never
imagined anything like it. I knew now what this place
was. I had heard about them. It was what was known as
an adult book store. Everywhere that I looked I saw
images of naked women in the most obscene poses. Along
the walls I saw rack after rack of sexual devices of
all descriptions. I saw all kinds of things that I had
no idea what they were used for, beyond the fact that
they were obviously sexual in nature.

There were movies and books and magazines everywhere. I
was so shocked by what I saw that at first I didn't
even notice the men. There were probably a dozen men of
every possible color and age and description. Each was
moving around checking out the merchandise. At least
that was what they had been doing until I came in. Now
they were all staring at me and my nearly see-through
shirt which was nearly unbuttoned all the way to the

The men all stared at me as I was led inside and we
began to move up and down the aisles stopping to look
at obscene pictures. The guys took great pleasure in
pointing out women being fucked by large groups of men,
or being tied up and whipped. They showed me several
magazines about women with women and asked if I had
ever eaten a cunt. I hadn't, of course, and I quickly
told them so.

Tom showed me one movie about a woman being gangbanged
by twenty-five black men and said, "I bet you could
beat that record easy."

I shuddered in revulsion, but my nipples were still
hard and my pussy still tingling and if I had the
opportunity right at that moment I believe I would have
taken advantage of it. I had become so horny from that
d**g that I had to f***e myself to keep my hands away
from my pussy. I felt like if I could just rub it just
a little I would feel so much better.

We moved over to the racks of clothing. They were the
kind of things that husbands bought to get their wives
to look sexy for Valentines Day or something. The
typical male fantasy wear. Most of it was see-through
and some of it was even edible. They looked through the
racks and picked out several articles of clothing.

Tom called over to the clerk who was watching from the
counter, every bit as eagerly as his customers who had
begun to follow us around. He asked if it would be okay
if I tried on a few of the items and the clerk said,
"Sure, anything but the panties. If you try those on
you have to buy them."

Tom grabbed my shirt and pulled it off over my head.
Then he handed me a tiny loose fitting, very thin crop
top that had writing across the front. At first I was
grateful for any covering, until I saw what it said. In
big black letters it said, "Well Fuck Me!!"

I heard the laughter of the men around me and it was
obvious that they approved. Tom left me standing there
in the little crop top and looked through the racks and
came up with what was not much more than a loin cloth.
There was an elastic waistband and a piece of nearly
transparent cloth in front and back. There was a gap
down each hip of at least three inches between the
pieces of cloth. The pieces of cloth just barely
covered my pussy and my ass as long as I didn't move.

The comments were pouring in from the men gathering
around and a lot of them were asking how much. For my
part, the d**g had really taken hold of me now and I
really wanted this to happen. I needed a cock in me. If
it didn't happen soon I was going to start begging, and
I still had enough self awareness that I desperately
didn't want to do that.

Tom started to pull me over to the counter but as we
passed by all of the sex toys displayed on the wall he
stopped and reached up and pulled down a pair of wide
leather wrist restraints joined by a twelve inch chain
and a spiked, black leather collar. We went to the cash
register now and as Tom paid for the clothes and the
other items from my previous earnings, the guys put the
collar and the restraints on me, with the chain running
behind my back. I was then led through a door in the
back wall and into a room about the size of the small
living room in my apartment. The center of the small
room was empty but the walls were lined with ratty old
couches and nasty overstuffed chairs.

One major difference between this room and my living
room was that there was a big movie screen in the front
of the room showing a movie. I don't know what the
movie was. All I could see was a large black cock
thrusting violently into an equally large white pussy.
The screen was filled by the couple's genitals! The
sounds of sex filled my ears and between the sights and
sounds of obscene sex filling my senses and the d**gs I
had been given I was desperate now for someone to fuck

I needn't have worried. That was what I was here for.
Tom started it. He pushed my little crop top up over my
head and let it fall down my back and hang over my
wrist restraints. He removed my tiny skirt and wrapped
it up with the shirt I had been wearing earlier and set
them aside. Then he pushed me down to my knees and as I
knelt I felt something wet on my knees. It was not
until later that I realized I was kneeling in cold,
stale cum.

Tom f***ed his cock into my mouth and down into my
throat in one violent thrust. The men that had been in
the room when we came in, and the others that had
followed us in were gathered around, ignoring the movie
now, and they were all impressed as I let Tom fuck my
face for a few minutes before he pulled me up and bent
me over and fucked my pussy from behind.

As soon as I felt his cock enter me I screamed and
came, loudly urging him on. He laughed and called me a
nasty cunt and as he fucked me violently Rory took his
place in front of me and began to fuck my face with his
much larger cock.

Tom and his four friends all fucked me before they
turned me over to the rest of the men in the room. Rory
had returned to filming, but none of them seemed to
care as they lined up to use one of my orifices.

I have no idea how long it lasted, but even though my
throat and my pussy got sore, I never wanted them to
stop. A few of them fucked my ass too, but even that
was making me cum. In the beginning, after I had fucked
and sucked Tom and his friends, there were probably
close to two dozen men in the room. I had already
fucked a dozen or so men at the photo club. That didn't
matter though. Because of the d**gs I couldn't get
enough cock now.

We were there for hours and men kept coming in from
outside and joining us. I could not begin to guess how
many men used my body that afternoon. I swallowed half
of their nasty cum, all of it that they sprayed in my
mouth and throat. The cum that they shot into my pussy
and my ass was running down my thighs in streams. Just
as they were about to cum a lot of the men pulled out
to spray my body with cum and by the time I had reached
a point that they would no longer touch me I was nearly
covered in it. My hair was completely caked with it.

I don't know if the d**g was finally wearing off or if
I had finally gotten enough cock, but by the time they
ordered me out of that room I was ready for it to be
over. The pain had begun to take over now and I could
hardly walk. I was led out of the room naked, but I was
so covered in cum that no one would touch me.

Tom led me to the men's room and the men inside looked
up and laughed as I came in. I thought I had hit rock
bottom. I was wrong. Tom ordered me to lie down in the
large aluminum trough that was the urinal. It was about
eight feet long and there was a stream of water running
through the center of it. It smelled of piss and it was
really gross.

I looked up at Tom and shook my head and started to
back up, even though there was no place that I could
go. My hands were still fastened behind my back. I
couldn't even open the men's room door.

Tom said, "I warned you. Don't piss me off cunt. I am
not going to tell you again. If I have to dirty my
hands by picking you up and throwing you in there,
trust me, you'll regret it."

I was crying again now. I was crying so hard that I
could hardly see. I could see that Rory was filming
again though.

I slowly approached the trough and I raised one leg and
put it inside and into the cold water. Then I tried to
figure out what to do next. I finally leaned down,
resting the rounded edge of the filthy, piss covered
trough between my breasts and rolled clumsily into it.
Once I was lying there, men started coming over and
pissing on me, washing the cum from my hair and face
and then the rest of my body.

In addition to being pissed on I was laughed at and
called horrible names and some of them even spit on me.
All I could do was lie there and sob hysterically.

They left me there for a long time. Men came in and
pissed on me and then stood around to watch while more
men came in and took their turns. Eventually the cum
was washed away, but now I was covered in piss. I
couldn't believe he would want to take me anywhere now,
not like this!

When he had gotten bored with this, Tom offered a free
blowjob to anyone brave enough to help me up. There
were no takers though and so Tom ordered me to get out
on my own. I struggled, with a great deal of
difficulty, to get to my knees and then I finally
stepped out of the trough. I nearly slipped and fell on
the slick floor, but I managed to keep my feet and Tom
ordered me to stay where I was.

Tom went out and came back a few minutes later and
ordered me to follow him. I was led out through a back
door and he turned on a faucet and hosed me down with
cold water. He even used it to spray cold water up
inside of me and then they all laughed at the huge
volume of cum that was inside of me as they watched it
wash out of me and collect on the ground.

When he was finished my hair was still stiff with cum,
but I was as clean as I was going to get without hot
water and soap. He stopped on the way back through the
bookstore and bought me another crop top. But he didn't
put it on me. He put his dress shirt back over my
shoulders and buttoned it just enough to keep it on.
Then we went to the car.

The guys in the back seat were not as anxious to have
me sit in their laps now, and no one tormented my
abused body as we drove back to Tom's apartment.

When we got there I was led through the parking lot
again and my appearance drew a lot more attention from
the other tenants. I was taken straight to the bathroom
and Tom pushed me into the shower and turned on the
water. It came out cold at first and I screamed, but I
no longer struggled. I was broken now.

He turned me around and unfastened my wrist cuffs and
dropped those and my slutty crop top to the floor of
the shower and ordered me to clean up and to clean off
the top and the cuffs as well. Then he left me alone.

I leaned my head against the wall of the shower and
cried hysterically for a long time before I finally
pulled myself together and began to soap up and wash my
hair and my body. I noticed that despite all of the
sperm that had drained out of me while I was being
hosed off earlier, more of it had begun draining out of
my abused pussy.

I shuddered in revulsion as I thought about all of the
cocks that had emptied their loads inside of me today.
I didn't even have any idea how many there had been. I
knew that there were at least fifty men in the two
places that they had taken me. Yesterday at this time I
had been intimate with two men. Now the number was over
fifty, and unknowable. My body hurt all over and I knew
it wasn't over yet.

The water was cold when I finally shut the shower off
and stepped out onto the mat and dried off. I brushed
my teeth with my finger and some of Tom's toothpaste
again, but even after I had done it three times I could
still taste the cum, I could still feel it coating my
mouth where I couldn't reach with my finger.

Finally I wrung out the crop top that was on the floor
of the shower and hung the cuffs over the shower
curtain and went out. I shuffled slowly out to the
living room and I was relieved to see that only Tom and
Rory remained. I hoped that I had seen the last of the
others, but these two were undoubtedly the worst of the

Tom looked up when I came in and said, "Damn bitch! I
was beginning to think you had drowned."

I didn't respond. No response was necessary. I stood
just inside the room and waited for him to tell me what
to do.

He looked me over and said, "Come over here and sit
down. We're going to watch a movie."

I sat between him and Rory on the couch and they
started the DVD in the player. I wasn't even surprised
when the screen came to life and I saw myself being
photographed by a large group of men. They did a lot of
fast forwarding to get to the good parts and Tom
promised me that he would see that I got a good, edited
copy later.

I watched as I posed in fewer and fewer clothes, though
they fast forwarded through most of that. We watched
most of the last part, where I took on almost all of
the men two at a time on the bed and then had sex with
the black man that ran the place.

It was awful, but it wasn't as bad as the next part. I
saw the difference in me as we moved to the adult book
store. I could tell that I had been d**gged. I hadn't
blanked out like I had last night, but it was all a big
blur until we watched the DVD and it all came flooding
back. I was once more an eager participant in my own
****. Right up until the very end. I watched as the men
took me two at a time again. Mostly they were ugly old
men of every description, every race, and every type.
They were not making love of course, just fucking.
Actually, it was more like they used me to masturbate
with. The main goal did not seem to be to have an
orgasm so much as it was to degrade me.

I tried to cover my eyes when they took my cum-covered
body into the men's room. It was just too disgusting to
watch. They made me watch though. They f***ed me to
watch as I crawled into that long urinal and the men
began stepping up and they gleefully washed the coating
of cum from my body with urine. I watched as my hair
and face were frequently singled out by one ugly old
man after another and sometimes several at once and
they laughed and joked among themselves as they sprayed
their streams of urine in my face.

Others seemed to concentrate on my breasts or my vagina
and often there were as many as a half a dozen men
pissing on me at the same time. It all came back to me
now as I was f***ed to watch.

Then, of course, there was the final indignity as I
crawled from the urinal and went outside to be hosed
down, and out. As the DVD came to an end, Tom and Rory
both stood up and pulled their pants down and I was
ordered to suck them both off one last time.

I dropped to my knees and moved between Tom's legs and
he smiled at me and said, "You have really drained me
today cunt. I think I can get off one more time though,
if you really work at it. So get to work."

My jaw was already so tired and sore, but I knew that
if I protested he would make me regret it. So I f***ed
my mouth open and slid my lips down over is cock, all
the way to the base.

He sighed and said, "Damn that feels so fucking good. I
love cunts that can deepthroat. That's good baby, suck
that thing. Get your protein darlin'."

I worked his cock with my lips and my tongue and teased
his balls with my fingers and after a very long time I
finally felt him tense up and I buried my face in his
crotch and let him shoot his cum down my throat.

When he pushed me away I moved over to Rory and I
almost cried. His big cock was only semi hard and I was
so exhausted. I crawled between his legs and began
kissing and licking his balls and then his cock and it
began to twitch and grow. When it was nearly hard I
began moving my lips down its slimy length, struggling
to take him into my throat. Except for the black man at
The Camera Club his cock was larger than any of the
others that I had been ****d with. It was very hard to
take it into my throat. I no longer gagged, but it was
so painful.

I finally managed to get his cock hard and take it into
my throat and I started working on it just like I had
for Tom when I sucked him off. As I sucked him he
reached down and grabbed one of my nipples and then he
sat back and pulled and squeezed my nipple, very, very
hard. I groaned in pain and he turned to Tom and said,
"I love the way her fucking throat vibrates my cock
when she is moaning in pain. That really gets me off."
It may have really gotten him off, but not in a hurry.
It took a long, long time.

When I had brought them both to one last orgasm for the
day I was finally allowed to put on the outfit that Tom
had bought for me and go home. I was ordered to return
tomorrow at ten in the morning.

I put on the loin cloth skirt and the second top that
Tom had bought on the way out of the book store. I
looked down and saw that it too had writing on it. In
big black letters it said, "I Put Out!"

I slipped my sandals on and grabbed my purse. Tom
ordered me to wear what I was wearing now when I came
back tomorrow. I rushed out before anything else could
happen to me and I thought about heading over to the
pool to look for my shorts and my top, but I could see
people hanging around the pool and I couldn't face
anyone in the clothes that I had on now.

I hurried to my car and drove straight home. I parked
in my usual place and looked around. It was Saturday.
It was late in the afternoon and there were people all
over the place. They were sitting around talking or
washing their cars or just coming and going, just like
always. I waited until there were as few people as
possible between me and the steps up to the second
story where my apartment was located. Then I got out
and rushed to the stairs with my eyes down. I was
terrified of meeting the gaze of someone that I knew in
this slutty outfit.

So of course, just my luck, as I was about to reach my
door the two bachelors in the apartment next to mine
came out of their apartment and started towards me.
They spotted my tiny, slit skirt and came to a sudden
halt. I ignored them and fumbled with my key in the
lock, giving them time to read the printing on my crop
top, which was cut so short that the bottom curve of my
breasts was exposed.

We knew each other to say hello to, but we weren't
friends or anything. One of them said, "Hi Kim. I love
your outfit!"

I mumbled a thank you and hurried inside and locked my
door and then I stood with my back against the door and
slid to the floor and cried my eyes out.

I woke up an hour later, curled up in the fetal
position on the floor in front of my door. As soon as I
woke up the memories of my day flooded over me. I
struggled to my feet and went to the kitchen and pulled
out the only bottle of booze we had in the house. It
was a bottle of rum that had been under a cabinet,
unopened, since we got married. I opened the bottle and
mixed it with a little coke in a large glass and gulped
it down.

My stomach warmed up and my brain calmed down a little
and I went into my bedroom and undressed and took a
long hot bath. I struggled not to think about what had
been done to me in the last twenty-four hours. Every
time I started to relax though, my mind was again
filled with those horrible images and I found myself
sinking deeper and deeper into despair. I did not think
that I could possibly f***e myself to return to Tom's
apartment tomorrow for more of this horrible,
degrading, humiliating abuse. Every time my mind
returned to what happened I started crying again.

I sat in the tub until the water was uncomfortably cool
and then I stood up and rinsed off. I put my robe on
and went out and poured another large rum and coke. I
don't particularly care for rum and coke, but it was
all that I had available, and I didn't want to go out.
I didn't want to go out ever again.

I wanted Brian to come home and save me. Yet I was
terrified that he would find out what I had done. Or
what had been done to me. I knew that if he saw those
DVDs my marriage was over. If anyone saw them, anyone
that I knew, I could never face them again. I thought
about getting out the pistol that Brian had left for me
for emergencies and killing Tom and his four friends.
If I did though, then it would all come out. I would
still lose everything.

I realized that I had to return tomorrow. I had no
choice but to put myself back in Tom's clutches and do
whatever he ordered me to do for his amusement. It was
the only possible way to protect the life that I had
built for myself. I could only pray that Tom would feel
that he had tormented me enough, because I could not
take much more of this without losing it. If it wasn't
already too late, I was a little worried about my
mental health at this very moment. I couldn't stop
crying, and I couldn't stop reliving the worst of the
acts that I had lived through today.

I finished my second large drink and when I stood up to
go to the kitchen, I was woozy and I realized that the
only thing that I had in my stomach today, was a few
beers, two large rum and cokes, and god knows how much
cum. I couldn't stand the thought of food though. So I
put my glass in the sink and went to my bedroom and
crawled under the covers and cried myself to sl**p.

It had still been light when I went to sl**p, probably
around six in the evening. I didn't wake up until
almost eight the next morning. I had an awful headache
when I woke up. I struggled to the bathroom and took a
shower and then I brushed my teeth over and over.

I put my robe on, I couldn't bring myself to wear the
items that I was going to have to wear when I left the
house, and I went to the kitchen and had some cold
cereal and juice. I rinsed my dishes out and brushed my
teeth again. I put on some lipstick and brushed my hair
and finally I f***ed myself to get dressed.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I noticed that
from the side, when I moved, the cheeks of my ass were
largely exposed as the rear flap slid to the side with
each step. I knew it was revealing when I had worn it
yesterday but I had no idea just how revealing it was.

The top was just about as bad. Putting aside the
horrible writing on the front, the material was so thin
that my nipples were plainly visible, and it was cut so
that the bottom curve of my breast was visible from
just a fraction of an inch below my nipple. To make
matters worse, as I moved around the top would creep
up. I had to keep adjusting it, pulling it down over my
nipples. All of that capped off by the big lettering
over my breasts. "I Put Out!"

I watched the clock and at the last possible minute I
headed for the door. I thought about yesterday and I
ran back and put my toothbrush and toothpaste in my
purse and took them with me.

I opened my door and stepped out and as I locked my
front door I tried not to think about all the people
that were stopping what they were doing to watch me. I
hurried to my car, conscious of how much of my butt was
exposed by every step that I took. I f***ed myself not
to cry as I drove to Tom's apartment. I parked as close
to his door as I could and then I stared at the clock.
I had nearly five minutes before I had to knock on his
door. I sat there in my car until the last possible

I got out and knocked on his door at exactly ten
o'clock. Steve let me in. Tom was in the kitchen
getting a cup of coffee and Rory and Steve were in the
living room watching the DVDs again.

I didn't look at the TV, but I heard the sounds of me
being ****d, and apparently loving it. I saw that all
of them had hardons and I had a good idea how I would
be spending my morning. I was grateful that Harry and
John weren't there, at least not yet.

Tom came back into the living room and ordered me to
strip. That didn't take long. When I was naked he said,
"You have some morning wood to take care of cunt." Then
he set his coffee cup down and pulled his shorts down
and beckoned me closer with his finger.

I had already surrendered. There was no fight in me or
I wouldn't have been here. My body had recovered to a
surprising degree from the abuse I had suffered
yesterday. My throat was still a little sore, but
nothing I couldn't deal with. I knelt between his legs
and began sucking his cock. I had a hard time taking it
into my throat at first, but after a moment or two I
managed to f***e it down again and once I had broken
that barrier again it became easier. It was certainly
not pleasant, but I could do it.

Once I had gotten started he ignored me and watched my
**** on the TV. They were watching the first DVD again.
It was the first night, when I had been d**gged and
****d, the night that I didn't remember. The sounds of
my passionate moans and my pleas to be fucked harder
and for more cock really turned them on, and they added
so much to my humiliation. I already knew how much they
loved to humiliate me.

The noises in the background were disturbing and
disgusting, but it got the guys off quickly. I was
grateful for that. I didn't so much appreciate what
happened next. I was told to put my slutty crop top
back on and then Tom handed me the bottoms to the
bikini that I had left in his apartment when I went
home last night. They had been altered though. He had
removed the liner.

I slipped into it and looked down. It had been a fairly
respectable garment with the liner in it. Now it was
just as slutty as the crop top. To make it worse he
snugged it up very tight and it started working itself
into my slit. It was opaque when it was dry. I could
make out the individual strands of pubic hair as the
thin material was pulled tight. I knew what was going
to happen when I went in the water though. This tiny
little bikini bottom was going to become invisible, and
there was no question in my mind that that was exactly
what he had in mind.

Tom grabbed a cloth bag with some suntan lotion and a
few beers and we walked out to the pool. The apartment
complex had several pools. One was primarily for small
c***dren, one was for anyone that chose to use it, and
the third was for adults. Not that they permitted
nudity or anything. They just asked that c***dren not
use that one. I don't guess that needs explaining.

We walked over to the adult pool and I was told to sit
in a lounge chair slightly separated from them. I was
also told that I had to go into the water every half
hour, and that when I came out I had to find someone to
apply suntan lotion, front and back. I was also told
that I was not to refuse anyone anything. If I was
invited to leave the pool area I was to go, but not for
longer than fifteen minutes at a time.

I looked around. I was already attracting attention.
There were a few young couples, but most of the people
sitting around were small clusters of single men, and
the occasional woman, or women in pairs for self

Tom handed me a bottle of lotion and a beer and told me
to drink it, and then to go swimming for a few minutes.
Then he and Rory and Steve went to some nearby lounge
chairs. They were close enough to listen in on any
conversations I might have.

I set the lotion down and got as comfortable as
possible. I sipped my beer and tried not to think about
what I was about to have to do. I knew what would
happen to the crop top and the bikini bottom as soon as
I got in the pool. I could see it now. When I got out
of that pool I might as well be naked. There was going
to be nothing subtle about it.

I took as much time with the beer as I thought that I
could get away with. Then I stood up and went to the
pool steps and slowly walked into the cool water. I
heard the comments some of the guys made as I went by.
You know what I mean, the kind of sexist, demeaning
things that immature guys say in that purposefully too
loud voice when a sexy woman goes by.

I just ignored them and walked into the pool until the
water was up to my neck. I leaned up against the side
of the pool and enjoyed the cool water on my skin for a
few minutes. I was dreading what came next though.

I glanced over at Tom from time to time and saw him
watching me and grinning. He got tired of waiting
before I did and he nodded at me. I slowly walked back
to the shallow end and climbed the three cement steps
and stepped out onto the deck. I glanced down quickly
and saw that it was just as bad as I had feared that it
would be. I might just as well have been naked.

I walked quickly back to my seat and tried to ignore
the disbelieving stares as I passed by the people
seated beside the pool. This time there were no
remarks. All conversation stopped. I could only be
grateful for the dark sunglasses I had on. They were
all that I had to hide behind.

After I passed I heard the loud buzz of excited
conversation among the guys. I ignored them and walked
back to my chair as if I were not naked and sat down.
It was only seconds before one of the braver young men
came over and tried to start a conversation with me,
and I had to let him.

He introduced himself and told me how much he loved my
outfit. I thanked him, and then I remembered what else
I had to do. I asked him if he would mind putting some
suntan lotion on me and he didn't seem to mind at all,
if you can believe that.

I handed him the bottle of lotion and lowered the back
of my lounge chair and closed my eyes and tried to make
believe that a complete stranger did not have free
access to my nearly naked body.

As he was opening the lotion bottle he said, "That's a
fantastic shirt you have on. Is it true?"

I looked down to the large black letters. "I Put Out?"
I also noticed my stiff and very visible nipples. I
knew that Tom was listening and I said, "Yes, it's

This guy was working fast. He hadn't even put any
lotion on me yet. He looked down and said, "I'm pretty
horny. How would you like to come to my apartment and
put out?"

I smiled nervously and said, "Okay, but I need to be
back in fifteen minutes." I took the lotion from him
and put it down and I sat up. He helped me stand up and
waived at his friends that were staring in disbelief.
As he led me off I thought, "Oh well, at least he isn't
fat, old and ugly like most of the men that ****d me
yesterday." In fact, he was kind of cute. He seemed
awfully young. I doubt if he was any older than
eighteen. I figured that would work to my benefit. This
would probably go pretty quickly.

As soon as we left the pool area he put his arm around
my shoulder, but it quickly slipped down to my waist
and then down farther until his hand was resting on the
cheek of my ass. When I didn't say anything he began to
squeeze it lightly and he told me all the way to his
apartment how hot he thought that I was.

We never got more than ten feet into his apartment. As
soon as we got to the apartment he was sharing with two
other k**s from the nearby college he lifted my top and
attacked my breasts clumsily. He was rough and
obviously didn't know what he was doing.

After mauling my breasts for several minutes he pushed
my bikini bottoms down and turned me around and bent me
over an easy chair and then I felt him struggling to
find the entrance to my vagina. He was poking me
blindly with his hard cock and it was getting pretty
painful. Finally I reached down and took him in hand
and guided his hard cock to my vagina before it ended
up in my butt.

As soon as he felt my pussy close round his hard cock
he swore loudly and began pistoning in and out of me
like a stray dog. I don't think he lasted a whole
minute, thankfully. He just basically used me to
masturbate. I was even more convinced now that he had
been a virgin. He had managed, finally, to put his cock
inside a woman, but I don't think you could call what
he did sex. I think that after he came in me and pulled
out quickly he was still, technically a virgin. That
just was not sex.

I used a couple of tissues from a nearby box to wipe
myself off and as I pulled my bottoms back up he asked,
"It doesn't seem like you are really into this. Why are
you doing it?"

Like I could have gotten into what he had just done to
me! I wasn't sure what to say to him. I couldn't tell
him that I was being blackmailed. Finally I just said
that I had lost a bet and I tried to evade the rest of
his questions.

Before we left his apartment he asked, "So you have to
have sex with anyone that asks you?"

I hesitated. I didn't want this getting any more out of
hand than it already was. I ended up nodding and he
grinned and said, "Hot damn! That's fucking far out!"

Far out?! Nobody says that anymore! As we walked back
to the pool I asked, "Do you still want to put lotion
on me?"

He said, "Shit yeah!"

College k**s and their rapidly expanding vocabulary!

He followed me to my chair and I stretched out on my
stomach and let him cover my back with lotion. When he
was done he said, "Okay, now turn over."

I glanced at Tom and he was grinning. This was, after
all, what he had in mind, humiliating me.

I turned over, carefully, making sure that my top
covered my nipples. The guy started spreading lotion on
my stomach, but quickly worked his way up under my top
and rubbed it into my tits, after first making sure
that his friends, who were sitting nearby, were

When he had my tits all greased up he moved down and
eased his fingers under my bottoms and wasted all of
that oil on areas that were not exposed to the sun. He
enjoyed it though and his friends thought it was hot.

He was sitting on the edge of my lounge chair as he
applied the lotion and when he was finished he said,
"Thanks for the fuck," and went back to his friends. I
heard them talking excitedly and I knew that it
wouldn't be long before I ended up fucking all of them.

I was right. Before I even had time to get up and go to
the pool and rinse off, another of that small group of
college k**s came over and looked down at me. He read
the writing on my top and asked, "Is it true? Ted says
you'll fuck anyone that asks."

I glanced up at him, then over at Ted, he had never
told me his name, not that it mattered. Ted and six
other guys were watching excitedly as I turned back to
my latest suitor and responded, "Yes, it's true."

He grinned and said, "I'm asking."

I sat up and slipped my sandals back on and stood up
and we walked away as everyone around the pool stared.
I guess it was obvious what I was doing, or what they
were doing to me.

We went to a different apartment this time, but still I
got no farther than the living room. We stepped inside
and he said, "Get undressed," and he slipped his trunks

He sat down on the couch and spread his legs and I knew
what he wanted without being told. I knelt between his
legs and sucked him off. He didn't last much longer
than Ted had, which was good for me, but he had the
most bitter cum that I had ever tasted. I had been
****d enough lately that I had gotten used to the
unpleasant taste of cum. I didn't gag anymore. Not
until I tasted this guy's cum. It was horrible.

I finally managed to swallow it and I stood up and
started getting dressed again when the door opened and
a half a dozen young guys swarmed in. They had
apparently discussed the situation out by the pool and
decided that there was no need to do this one k** at a

I wasn't going to be back at the pool in fifteen
minutes, but there was no way that these guys were
taking no for an answer now. No one asked this time.
They just got out of their trunks as quickly as
possible and I found myself on my knees in the middle
of the room with one cock in my pussy and another in my
mouth for the next few minutes.

It was just drudgery. None of them lasted long enough
to get me excited, even if I could have under the
circumstances. They laughed and joked, all at my
expense, as I serviced them. There was no foreplay,
hardly any touching. They pretty much ignored my
breasts and just filled which ever hole was vacant
after one of the young men in front of them had cum. It
actually wasn't much more than fifteen minutes before I
was on my way back to the pool. I had provided relief
to all eight of them now and it had been disgusting and
degrading, but after yesterday it wasn't so bad. I knew
that it wasn't over though.

When I got back to my chair Tom pointed at his watch
and gave me a dirty look. I shrugged and held up seven
fingers. Then I started to sit down. He shook his head
and I knew that he wanted me wet again.

There were a lot more people here now. Most of the
lounge chairs were in use. I attracted a lot of
attention again as I walked to the pool in my slutty
outfit and hurried into the water.

Once in the water I rested my arms on the sides of the
pool and enjoyed the cooling water. I tried not to
think about what was going to happen when I got out.
While I was relaxing a couple of black guys came up and
took up positions on either side of me. They looked
like they, too, were college k**s. One of them smiled
and said, "I couldn't help but noticed your shirt as
you walked by. It takes a lot of balls to wear that
thing around here. Where did you get it?"

I said, "A friend bought it for me and asked me to wear

The k** smiled and said, "Do you just put out for your
friend, or can anyone play?"

"Oh god!" I thought. "It's never easy."

I finally said, "I can get away for fifteen minutes if
you have somewhere close by to go."

He looked at his friend with a huge grin and said,
"We're sharing that apartment right over there on the
corner. Is that close enough?"

I nodded and he said, "Let's go."

I followed him back out of the pool and across the deck
and I felt everyone there watching me as I left the
pool with two black guys and let them take me to their
apartment. Once we had left the pool area they had
their hands all over me. The one that had done all of
the talking said, "Shit mama! You're just about fucking
naked! Did you know your fucking clothes were invisible
when they get wet?"

I nodded.

He said, "Shit, you must be a real slut, ain't you?"

I sighed in resignation and said, "I am now."

He said, "I got just what you need baby. Me and Nathan
are going to give you all the cock you need baby. And
if that ain't enough, I got lots of friends."

I said, "I have to be back at the pool in fifteen

He said, "Yeah, well, we'll see."

I stopped and said, "No. I mean it. I have to."

He looked at me funny and said, "What's the big deal?"

I gave him a version of the story I had told the first
k**. "I am doing this because I lost a bet. I have to
follow some rules. I have to go with you to your room
if you ask me, but I have to be back at the pool in
fifteen minutes. Otherwise I'm in trouble. If I am
going to get in trouble anyway, I might as well get in
trouble for not fucking you as for fucking you."

He said, "Well fuck, let's hurry up then."

We went into his apartment and just before he started
to close the door I looked up and noticed that I could
see the pool quite well from here and I could easily
see that more than a few people were watching in
amazement as I followed him inside.

He ordered me into the middle of the living room. I
guess nobody around here fucks in a bed! I noticed that
he didn't close the door all the way. I didn't say
anything though. What would be the point at this stage
of the game?

I followed his instructions and took my two slutty
little garments off and dropped to my hands and knees
and they quickly dropped their trunks and one of them
took my mouth and the other my pussy. This seemed to be
just about the only way that I had sex anymore.

I noticed that the stereotype wasn't always true. Both
of their cocks were of average dimensions. The one in
my mouth came pretty quickly. The other one though, the
one that had done all of the talking, he took his time
and used his hands and as much as I struggled not to, I
found myself getting aroused. Just before he came he
started slapping my ass and calling me dirty names and
I don't know what came over me but when he finally
grabbed my hips and plunged into me rapidly those last
few times it drove me right over the edge and I came

I groaned and rested my head on my arms as he stayed
buried inside of me as his cock went soft. He finally
pulled out of me and I rose to my knees and looked
around for my clothes. I suddenly realized that there
were a half a dozen teenagers, boys and girls, standing
at the open door staring in disbelief. I hurriedly got
to my feet and ran from the room as the two guys that
had just used me laughed.

I used the toilet and then wiped myself clean and put
my slut suit back on. They were waiting for me by the
door and as we walked back to the pool together I asked
them if one of them would mind putting more oil on me.
They were, of course, more than willing.

I glanced at Tom as I resumed my seat. I didn't have
the nerve to look around at anyone else. As soon as I
had reclined the guy that had done all of the talking
picked up the oil and started greasing my back. His
hands, like those of everyone else that has been asked
to oil me up, spent as much time under my clothes as on
my exposed skin. It got worse when I turned over. He
poured a bunch of oil on my stomach and as he worked it
into my skin he kept pushing my already very revealing
top up and off of my breasts. I tried several times to
pull it back down and I asked him to stop, but he just
kept moving his large black hands over my breasts and
ignored my protests.

After he was through tormenting me he tossed the oil to
his friend who started at my ankles and worked his way
up my legs until his long, black fingers were under my
bikini bottom. I glanced around and I could see that
there were probably a dozen people sitting around
staring intently as these two young men felt me up and
exposed my breasts for their viewing pleasure.

He finally handed me the oil and thanked me for a good
time and he and his friend went back to their chairs.
He was the only one of the thirteen people that I had
had sex with this morning that had at least been

As soon as I had that thought I thought, "Oh my god!
Thirteen more men! How many more would I have to submit
to today?"

I knew that it was time to get back in the pool and get
wet so that I would have to parade across the pool deck
with my breasts and my pussy and my ass exposed in my
slutty outfit once more. I just needed to rest a few
minutes first. It was only a quarter to one in the
afternoon and I was exhausted.

I was also thirsty. I hadn't had a drink since the beer
they gave me when I first came out here. I was hot and
thirsty and I had the taste of cum in mouth. I was just
about to ask Tom if I could get a drink when he wagged
his finger at me and called me over.

As I approached he reached into his bag and handed me
his keys and said, "Go in and get us each a beer. Then
you can start again once you drink yours. See, I'm
always thinking of your well being."

I didn't say what I was thinking about that.

I walked to Tom's apartment and got four beers. I
paused for a minute and leaned against the refrigerator
and took a few deep breaths. I had to fight back the
tears so that I could go back out there. I didn't dare
dawdle too long though. It wouldn't do to give Tom
another reason to torment me.

I took the three guys their beers and then I returned
to my seat and sipped mine. I wanted to gulp it, but I
knew that when I finished it I would have to get back
in the pool. I took big sips and I used each sip to
cleanse the taste of cum from my mouth. I was half way
through my beer before I could no longer taste the cum.

I was nearly done with my beer when a man came over
and, without even asking, he sat on the side of my
lounge chair. He was older than most of the guys around
here. I would guess that he was in his mid forties at

He smiled at me and said, "I've been watching you.
You're fascinating. You are young and beautiful and
sexy and you are fucking anyone that asks you. You
don't seem to be enjoying yourself though. I'm very

I told him the same story that I had told the others
and he said, "I remain skeptical, but I find the
prospect of fucking you irresistible. Would you care to
join me in my apartment?"

I told him that I would go with him, but that I had to
be back in fifteen minutes. He said that was a shame,
he would really like to spend a little quality time
with me.

I just told him that those were the rules I had been
given and he stood up and held out his hand. I took his
hand and he helped me up and we headed for his

Unlike all the men that had gone before him this
morning, he took me to his bed room and undressed me.
He looked at my body with a look of awe. He was sweet
and gentle and he lay beside me on the bed and teased
my body and by the time he moved his body over me I was
actually getting turned on.

This was the first time I had been made love to since
Brian left and even though I was doing this against my
will, I found myself really enjoying it. Maybe it was
because he wasn't just bending me over and taking me as
though I were nothing but a life support system for a
vagina. His hands explored my body, teasing me and
turning me on. He actually kissed me, despite seeing me
leave the pool with all of those men!

He was very good at this and much to my surprise I
found myself building to an orgasm and before he came I
had a very nice orgasm. I tried not to show it. It was
pretty embarrassing. He knew though. After he came he
supported himself over me and smiled down at me and
said, "That was nice. You don't seem like the kind of
girl that would do this sort of thing, even on a bet.
Is there something that you aren't telling me? If you
are in some kind of trouble I might be able to help."

I smiled at him. It was nice of him to ask. I knew
there was nothing anyone could do though. I just had to
get through this somehow. I thanked him for his concern
and told him that I appreciated his offer and that I
was touched by his concern. I didn't say anything else
though. I didn't think that there was anything anyone
could do. My major concern now was that those DVDs they
had made of me not be seen by anyone.

He finally pulled his soft cock out of me and I went to
the bathroom and cleaned up quickly. I came back in and
put my slut suit back on and thanked him for being nice
and then we went back out to the pool. He walked me to
my seat and I was just about to sit down when I saw Tom
and his two friends stand up and he nodded his head at
me and I went over to see what he wanted. He said,
"That's enough fun for one morning. Let's go."

We went back to his apartment and for the next forty
minutes or so I helped all three of them take a shower.
I stayed in the shower and they all came in with me one
at a time and I soaped them up and rinsed them off.
Then I was allowed to clean myself up.

When I got out they were dressed and I put on my
loincloth and the first top that he had bought for me.
It was that thin little crop top that said, "Well Fuck

Just before we left the apartment Tom put the cuffs
back on my wrists. I was getting a very bad feeling
about this. What had happened yesterday had been
horrible beyond belief. I had hoped, though, that it
had been an aberration. That at least I would just be
****d and humiliated occasionally and then allowed to
go home. Obviously the games were not over.

We went out to Tom's car and this time I sat in the
front passenger seat. Tom started the car and then,
just before he backed out of his parking space he
reached over and lifted my crop top up over my breasts.

Once more I was thankful for my dark glasses to hide
behind. As silly as that sounds, it actually helped
that everyone who saw me riding virtually topless could
not see my eyes. And a lot of people saw me riding
topless. Tom drove slowly through town to a small
restaurant by the river and along the way dozens of
pedestrians and people in other vehicles saw me sitting
there with my breasts exposed.

Tom parked by the restaurant and went around and opened
the door for me and not until he had helped me stand
did he pull my top back down over my breasts. We went
in and through the restaurant and onto the back deck
which was right up against the river. It was a
beautiful afternoon, but a little breezy by the water
and as we walked through the crowd to an empty table my
loincloth was blowing around briskly, leaving me, for
the most part, totally exposed and everyone we passed
stopped talking and gaped at me. There was nothing that
I could do about it though. My hands were still cuffed
behind me. I'm sure that was a topic of conversation
too. I was willing to bet that I was the only person in
the place wearing leather wrist cuffs.

It was getting worse though. As we walked through to
our table I felt my top creeping up and when we sat
down I saw that the bottom half of my nipples was now
exposed. As I sat down the little flap of cloth that
nominally covered my pubic area slid up and then blew
to the side and I was totally exposed below the waist.
I begged Tom to take the cuffs off, or at least
straighten my clothes out, but he just grinned and
said, "You stupid cunt, if I wanted you covered up you
wouldn't be wearing that slutty outfit!"

I could see that everyone on the deck was staring at me
now. Only the ones closest to us could still see my
exposed pussy. What was I thinking! Was I actually
relieved that "only" a dozen people could see my pussy!

Everyone, though, could see that I was wearing wrist
restraints and that the bottom half of my nipples were
exposed. I sat as still as possible and breathed slowly
to keep my top from slipping up any farther. I was
hoping fervently that our waitress would show up and I
would be asked to cover myself.

No such luck. We didn't have a waitress, we had a young
waiter who enjoyed my display as much as the other
customers and only smiled at me and grew a tent in the
front of his pants as he took the lunch orders of Tom
and his two friends. When the others had ordered the
waiter looked at me and I looked at Tom and said, "I
can't eat like this!"

He said, "Order, when your food comes I'll take them

I hadn't been hungry. It is hard to work up an appetite
when you are being degraded. The smell of the food was
getting to me though. So I ordered a sandwich and a
diet coke.

I heard the other customers around us beginning to talk
again. I had a feeling that the subject of their
conversations had changed. I could feel everyone
staring at me and things were getting worse. I felt the
edge of my crop top slowly slipping off of one of my
nipples. Every breath that I took was making it worse.

I told Tom that my nipple was about to be exposed. He
just grinned and said, "If there are any complaints
I'll take care of it."

It was only seconds later that first one and then the
other of my nipples popped free. The three guys at the
table just grinned and ignored me and talked about how
much they could get if they sold the DVDs that they had
made of me this weekend.

I noticed that as people left the restaurant they all
went out of their way to pass our table. I also noticed
that not many people left after we arrived. They kept
ordering drinks and sat and stared at me, waiting to
see what would happen next I suppose.

Our waiter finally returned with our drinks and since
the only way that I could sip my drink would be to lean
forward and sip from the straw I waited. I didn't want
that stupid top to ride up any farther on my chest than
it already was.

It was another five minutes or so before he came back
with our food and finally Tom reached down and
unfastened one of my wrist restraints. I was not
totally freed though. He had Rory fasten the cuff to
the leg of my chair so that I could only use one hand.

I started to adjust my clothing to cover myself but Tom
said, "Don't you fucking dare! You eat your sandwich
and drink your drink and leave your clothes alone. You
look just fine."

I moved as carefully as possible, nibbling at my
sandwich and sipping my drink, fully aware that every
move I made was putting on a show for the people around
me. My top slid up slowly with every move and my
breasts were nearly totally exposed.

I wanted desperately to cover myself. More than that, I
wanted desperately to leave here. I was so totally
humiliated. Things got slightly better when a well
dressed man came over and introduced himself as the
manager. He said, "I hate to have to say this, I have
been watching through my office window and I have
really enjoyed your little show. Unfortunately, I am
about to have to seat a f****y with c***dren out here
and I am going to have to ask you to clean up your act,
at least until they leave."

Tom smiled and said, "No problem man." Then he turned
to me and said, "Okay slut, cover up your shit."

I quickly pulled my top down and covered my crotch with
that little piece of cloth and held it in place. Once I
was covered up the fun was gone and the guys finished
their drinks and after Rory unfastened my cuff from the
chair we left. I was really torn now. I had been deeply
humiliated in the restaurant, but at least I had been
relatively safe. I couldn't help wondering what Tom had
planned for me next. Most of the places he took me I
ended up getting ****d.

When we got outside my hands were cuffed behind me
again and we got back in the car. It was just after
three in the afternoon now. I groaned as I saw where we
were going. Tom pulled back into the parking lot and
parked in front of The Camera Club again. I couldn't
keep quiet any longer. I begged Tom not to do this to
me again. He just smiled and said, "Sorry babe. I had a
blast watching you yesterday, and the money is pretty
damned good."

I was pulled out of the car and we went back into the
club. The black guy that ran the place saw us come in
and smiled. He came over and led us into the back and
right to the changing room. He looked me over and said,
"You know, personally I love the way you are dressed
right now. But the customers want to be teased. They
want some good panty shots before they get to the good

He picked out some normal street clothes for me this
time. I was given clothes that I might have selected
for myself, given the opportunity.

Tom removed the cuffs and while I was dressing, the
manager and Tom walked out of the room. I knew they
were discussing me, making plans for me. I tried not to
think about it. I stood there in front of Rory and
Steve, dressing in normal underwear and a skirt and

Tom came back in, smiling evilly, and when he saw that
I was dressed he said, "Okay, you know the drill. You
go out and mingle with the customers and make nice.
Then you take them back and pose as requested, taking
off something at each bell. If you piss me off he has
an S&M room that we can move this little party into.
But you aren't going to piss me off, are you?"

I shook my head, resigned to the idea that I was once
more going to be a prostitute for their amusement.

Tom smiled and said, "Good girl," and took my arm and
pulled me out to the main room where I mingled with the
customers again.

As soon as I entered the room the men gathered around
me. Some of the braver ones reached out immediately and
touched me through my clothing. A couple of them
squeezed my ass cheeks and one of them put his arm
around my shoulders and let his hand rest on my breast.
The questions they asked were mostly the same as they
had asked yesterday. I told them my first name and my
age and eventually they wanted to know why a pretty,
young, married woman was doing this kind of work.

Tom was right there to answer that one and once more
they soon realized that I was doing this against my
will and they seemed to get a kick out of that, just
like the last group. I guess it was more fun for them
that they got to despoil a housewife as opposed to some
slutty prostitute that was doing it for money to buy

There seemed to be more men this time and I looked
around, trying to get a count. Men kept moving around
and I wasn't sure that I could see everyone in the
back, but it looked like there were about twenty men
this time. It was the same kind of crowd though. Mostly
middle-aged white men, with a sprinkling of younger and
older and this time there were two black men as well.

The manager decided that it was a big enough crowd and
led us back to the studio. It was the same room that I
had been in yesterday. I saw Rory filming over the wall
again. Tom and Steve were standing in the back watching
with amused smiles on their faces.

Since I was not dressed like a schoolgirl today we
skipped the classroom set. We went to the small raised
stage in the center and I started posing as they
requested. Almost immediately they had me lifting my
skirt and spreading my legs and turning around and
bending over and lifting my skirt in back. I had to
hold the poses longer since there were more of them and
they wanted to get some of the poses from different

All too soon I heard the bell ring. I stood up and
unbuttoned my blouse. I slid it down and off and I
heard the sound of camera shutters clicking like crazy.
Then I posed cupping my bra encased breasts and holding
them out to the men pressing in around me. On command I
began teasing my nipples with my fingers.

The hardest part was the facial expressions. They kept
demanding that I smile, and then a sexy pout, then a
shy smile. I don't think they were ever really
satisfied with my smile. I hoped that they didn't

The bell rang again and I dropped the skirt and began
posing in the bra and panties. They got a kick out of
making me pull my panties up tight and forcing my pussy
to bulge out around the crotch panel. They also thought
it was fun to make me reach inside of the panties and
play with my pussy.

I was shocked when I stuck my finger in my pussy, as
ordered, and it came away moist. I was relieved when I
was ordered to turn around and bend over and then lie
down and stick my legs in the air and spread them as
widely as possible. I was hoping no one would notice
that I had begun to get moist, but I heard several of
them point out that my panties were getting damp over
my pussy.

The bell rang again and I sat up and took my bra off.
As soon as my breasts sprang free the men started
posing with me again. More and more pictures were taken
with hands on my breasts, squeezing or pulling on my

I was stood up after a few minutes and two men picked
me up by the sides of my panties. They grasped the
waistband and lifted my feet right off of the floor.
They held me like that as men came in close for
pictures of my pussy bulging out around the crotch of
the panties, and several shots of their hands inside my
panties as well.

Just like last time, when the bell rang the men pulled
my panties down for me and things started getting a
little wilder. They took a few good pictures after they
made me turn around and spread my legs out as far as I
could and reach back to spread my ass cheeks for their
viewing pleasure.

Then they took turns posing with their fingers inside
of me or rubbing their erections over me. I knew that
soon enough their erections would be inside of me. I
tried not to think about it.

After I had posed in every humiliating pose that they
could think of the bell rang again and I was led out of
the room again. I waited in the hall with Tom while the
manager was inside selling me to the customers. I
remembered last time, how frantic it had been. I could
only hope that it would be over soon.

The door opened and I was brought back in and I saw a
bench being carried in from what looked like a small
storeroom through a door in the far wall. It was placed
in the middle of the floor and I was picked up and laid
down on it on my back. A thick leather strap was
fastened around my midsection and my hands were
strapped to the legs. My head hung down and as I looked
out I saw that most of the men had already removed
their pants. I saw hard, drooling cocks everywhere that
I looked.

The manager said, "Gentlemen, since this is a larger
than average crowd, I am going to give you a little
more time. So take your time and have fun." Then he
stepped back against the wall and it started.

As soon as he moved out of the way I had a cock in my
mouth and it slid right down my throat on the first
stroke. I struggled a bit, but then gave up and lay
back as he began to fuck my throat.

I felt my legs being lifted and spread and held down
against my chest. As soon as I was opened up like that
someone shoved a large cock into me violently. I don't
know why all of these men felt the need to be so
violent. It had been the same way last time. I guess
they had a pretty low opinion of women. Or at least
they had a pretty low opinion of me.

As the two men fucked me I became aware of the shutters
clicking again. I could only pray that these pictures
were not being posted on the internet. I doubted if
anyone I knew was the kind of person to search the net
for this kind of thing, but you never know.

It went on and on, much longer than last time. This
time I was taken in the ass more often too. I knew that
after a while they were going around more than once, I
tasted my pussy and their cum on the cocks being shoved
down my throat. I was really getting sore and I started
crying after a while.

I didn't expect sympathy, but I didn't expect what I
got either. They laughed and held my head up using
handfuls of my hair and posed for pictures with their
cocks rubbing the tears around my cheeks and when they
wanted more anguish in my expression they twisted and
pulled cruelly on my nipples.

The manager didn't stop them. He never interfered. He
stood with Tom and Steve and watched until the men were
finished with me. After his customers dressed and he
showed them out I was freed from the bench and led to
the bathroom and allowed to shower.

When I had washed and dried Tom was waiting to take me
back to the room. The manager bent me over the bench
and fucked me from behind and after I had sucked him
clean he handed Tom a handful of money and they went
out of the room for a few minutes.

When he came back in he handed me my slut suit and we
left. We went to the strip joint next door. Tom and
Steve and I went in, Rory said he would be right back
and left us. We went inside and had a few beers. Rory
rejoined us in about ten minutes. He had a bag with him
which he set down beside his chair. I was hoping it
wasn't something for me and I was praying that we
wouldn't go back to the adult book store again. As
horrible as everything that was happening to me was,
that was the worst.

This time Tom didn't d**g me. All of our drinks were
delivered by a waitress and I was the only one at the
table that handled my beers. I hoped that meant we
weren't going to the book store.

Tom kept looking at his watch though, so I knew that he
had something else in mind. It went without saying that
I would hate it, whatever it was.

Tom checked his watch one last time and left some money
on the table and we walked out. As soon as we were
outside we moved away from the door and Rory reached
into his paper bag and handed something to Tom. It
turned out to be a blindfold. Tom put it over my eyes
and I was instantly scared. When I was blindfolded they
turned me around in a circle several times until I was
completely disoriented.

They stopped and when I was steady enough to walk they
led me off down the sidewalk. I was terrified that I
was going back to the book store, but instead we
entered another building.

I knew that we hadn't entered the book store because
there wasn't a double set of doors. It was quiet
inside; or at least no one was talking. I heard people
breathing. I heard footsteps. There were more people in
the room than the four of us.

People started moving around, but I never heard anyone
speak. After a few minutes I was led down a hallway and
into a side room. I heard a lot of footsteps as people
followed quietly after us and gathered around us on all

Once we were inside the room someone took my slut suit
off. My feet were spread apart and secured to the floor
somehow. Then the cuffs that had been removed when I
had entered The Camera Club earlier were put back in
place and I felt more helpless than ever before.

Whoever had been restraining my feet and my hands moved
away and I heard the crowd moving closer. Large male
hands began to explore my body. A lot of hands, I
couldn't count them. I felt my breasts being squeezed
and pulled at roughly and my nipples pinched and
pulled, almost pulling me off of my feet.

At the same time other hands spread my ass open and
explored there while the fingers of at least two men
began to pinch and pull at my pussy. The men seemed to
take turns, feeling me up and then moving away so that
someone else could have a chance to m***** me. This
went on for a while, and the total absence of the usual
raucous and degrading speech was unnerving. I had no
way of figuring out what was going on. I couldn't guess
how many men there were or if they were young or old or
black or white.

The only thing that I knew for sure was that they were
getting rougher and rougher and it was really starting
to hurt. I started crying and when my crying became
noticeable to the men I heard several of them chuckle
as they tormented me.

Someone grabbed a handful of my long blonde hair and
began twisting it. I thought at first that someone was
just pulling my hair to torment me, but then I felt it
being tied up, braided with a rope and another collar
was put around my neck. I was bent at the waist and a
chain was stretched from my collar to the floor.
Finally the rope that was twisted in my hair was pulled
back and wrapped around my waist. Yet another chain was
attached to my collar and this one seemed to stretch up
to the ceiling.

I was in a very uncomfortable position. My torso was
level with the floor but my head tilted back and faced
forward. I was unable to move. I couldn't even fall
down if I passed out. I would just hang by my hair.
Then I heard Tom's voice saying, "Gentlemen, Mrs. Kim
Little is now available for your sexual pleasure.

I heard the sound of clothing rustling and I knew the
men were undressing. Then it started. I felt an
unusually large cock being f***ed into my pussy
roughly. At the same time another large cock was f***ed
into my mouth. Both cocks were very large and the guy
fucking my mouth ignored my pain as he insisted on
forcing his cock into my throat. I was starting to
panic. His cock was much too large and I was sure he
would tear something if he f***ed it down my throat. If
not, I would certainly suffocate. There was no way that
I would be able to breathe around it.

The man that was fucking me began to slap my hips. I'm
not talking about love pats. He was beating my ass. I
screamed after one particularly violent hit and when I
started to scream the man finally managed to f***e his
cock into my throat, cutting my scream short.

The pain was excruciating, but at least the guy fucking
my throat let me get a breath every now and then. I
don't know how long the men lasted. It hurt so much
that it seemed like a very long time. When the man that
was fucking my mouth had cum he pulled his long, fat
cock free and as he stepped away he pulled the
blindfold off.

Through tear filled eyes I was able to make out that I
was surrounded by a large assembly of black men. They
were large, muscular black men with long, fat, hard
cocks. I also noticed two professional looking movie
cameras getting everything on film. I didn't know how
many men there were, but I remembered what Tom had said
when he saw that movie in the book store. He had been
sure I could beat the record of the poor woman in the
movie. So I assumed that there more than twenty-five

As the next two men stepped up to use me I suddenly
remembered Tom announcing my full name when he invited
the men to take me. They knew my name! Oh Christ, what
if the cameras were on when he said that?!

The next two men were just as bad as the first two.
They both had oversized cocks and they were both
violent, seeming to take pleasure from my pain. By the
time the third twosome had taken me I was starting to
get numb. That was when they upped the anti. The next
man to step up behind me stuffed his large cock in my
stretched and swollen pussy, but after a few strokes he
pulled out and the man fucking throat stepped back so
that everyone could get the full effect of my screams
as the man behind me rammed his cock violently into my
unprepared ass. I passed out before he got two inches
inside of me. When I came back around they had both
been fucking me for a while. Restrained like I was I
stayed in position to be fucked from both ends.

It went on like for what seemed like a week. I was
certain that I was being torn. I just knew that the
liquid I felt running down my legs was bl**d. There was
no way that those large cocks driving in and out of my
throat weren't damaging me.

I passed out several times after that, but it didn't
bother them. I had come to realize that it was all
about putting the right number of large black cocks in
my body for the movie that they would be selling.

It finally ended. I have no idea how long it had been.
They left me tied up as the men dressed and left. Then
the camera men moved around and got a few more minutes
of film of the damage done to my body.

When the camera men shut off their cameras and left I
was finally untied. I fell to the floor and curled up
in the fetal position and cried like a baby. I had
never hurt so badly in my life. I was afraid to look at
my lower body and see what damage had been done.

I heard the door open and I saw the manager of The
Camera Club come in. Now I knew where I was. He smiled
at Tom and said, "You were right man! I didn't think
she could fucking do it. They were thirty-five of the
best hung men in town. While they were fucking her I
got that other thing set up. She won't be worth a shit
afterwards, but they pay pretty damned well for that
kind of flick."

I felt someone kicking my back and I finally looked up.
Tom looked down at me with a look of disgust on his
face and said, "Get your nasty ass in there and clean
up. You fucking stink!"

I tried twice to stand, but I couldn't. Tom finally
reached down and grabbed my hair and pulled me up. He
unfastened one of the cuffs and pushed me towards the
door. I almost fell, but I managed to make it to the
wall and support myself. I stopped for a minute and
looked down and was surprised that I didn't see any

My legs were shaking almost out of control as I
staggered along the wall to the door and went down to
the shower room. I sat on the toilet and let the cum
pour out of me. Most of it must have run down my legs,
but the amount that ran out of my pussy and my ass was
unbelievable. There must have been at least a quart of
it floating in the toilet when I finally wiped myself
and stood up and moved to the shower. I took a shower
as hot as I could stand it and after I washed I stood
under the water and cried uncontrollably.

I don't know how long I was in there, but eventually
Steve came in and said, "If you don't get your fucking
ass out of here you are going to be sorry bitch."

I looked at him like the idiot he was and shut the
water off. I dried myself off and went back out to the
room that I had just been ****d in. When I entered Rory
tossed me my top and loincloth and I slipped them on. I
looked around and spotted my sandals up against one of
the walls and went and put them on.

The manager and Tom were still talking, and whatever
they were talking about really amused them, but they
shut up when I came in and once I was dressed we left.

I sat in the back with Steve and stared out the window
as Tom drove back to the apartment. I thought they
would let me leave now. I couldn't believe that they
would want to touch me after what I had just been

It seems, however, that they had really enjoyed the
show and they didn't see how three more blowjobs would
be that much of an imposition. They all dropped their
pants and sat down and I went from cock to cock,
sucking them all off. Then I was allowed to leave.

Tom told me to rest up for a couple of days. He
probably wouldn't bother me before next weekend. Unless
he called me sooner, I was to come back to his
apartment at ten next Saturday morning.

I looked around and located my purse and went out and
sat in my car. I couldn't even drive for a while
though. I was crying much too hard. A few people
stopped when they saw me and asked if I was alright. I
just nodded and ignored them.

I wasn't alright though. I was in terrible pain, mental
and physical. I didn't know how I could come back here
next weekend. I couldn't help thinking about what the
manager of the club had said. What did they have
planned for me that I wouldn't be worth a shit
afterwards? What could be worse than what they had
already done to me?

I finally was able to stop crying long enough to drive
home. I was surprised to see from the clock in my car
that it was after eleven o'clock. I had to go to work
tomorrow! I didn't know if I could make it. I knew that
in the morning I would be damned lucky if I could walk,
or sit. Or talk, come to think of it. I hadn't tried to
speak since it ended.

I tried to say hello as I drove and it was an
unrecognizable croak. To make matters worse, the
numbness was wearing off and my pussy and my ass were
in terrible pain, and getting worse by the minute.

I finally arrived at my apartment and parked. I looked
around and thankfully I didn't see anyone. It was late
and tomorrow was a workday. I took several deep
breathes and then I got out and locked my car.

I looked around and, seeing no one, I began walking
unsteadily towards the stairs. I relied heavily on the
handrail as I pulled myself up the stairs and I walked
unsteadily to my apartment.

Once inside I moved to the bathroom and began to fill
the tub with mostly hot water. Then I went to the
kitchen and poured another large rum and coke, mostly
rum. I returned to the bathroom and took off my slut
suit. I looked in the mirror and saw that my tits were
covered with bruises. I turned around and my butt was
black and blue too. I used a hand mirror and checked
out my pussy, expecting it to be horribly disfigured.
It was very red and it was swollen, but I saw no
obvious signs of damage.

I shut the water off and eased into the tub. As soon as
I was seated I thought, "Shit! I forgot to take some
aspirin!" I wasn't getting up again though. I relied on
the rum for pain relief instead. I gulped it down
quickly and thought how stupid I was for not bringing
in two of them.

I lay back after my drink was gone and let my head go
back and my eyes close. I tried desperately not to
think. Not to think about what had been done to me and
not to think about what they had planned for next
weekend. I couldn't though. I couldn't stop thinking
about it, worrying about it, dreading it. Every time I
went to that horrible man it got worse. Maybe it was
time to let him carry out his threats. What was the
sense of keeping this secret if I ended up dead?

I sat in the tub until the water was too cool to be
comfortable and then I rinsed off and went out to the
kitchen. I took a couple of aspirins and made myself
another large rum drink. I took it to bed with me and
set the alarm and sat up in bed and stared off into
space and drank my drink. When my glass was empty I
slumped down and went right to sl**p, or passed out,
I'm not sure which.

I finally heard the alarm in the morning, after it had
been buzzing for nearly ten minutes. I sat up in bed
and as soon as I moved I became aware of all the aches
and pains. My stomach ached, my pussy felt like it was
on fire and my ass felt worse. I went to the kitchen
and took some aspirin and then took a hot shower. I
felt a little better when I got out of the shower. I
found some sore throat spray and that helped a little

I probably should have called in sick, but I didn't
want to sit in my apartment alone all day. I wanted to
see a friendly face for a change. I got dressed and
stopped on the way to work for a large coffee. I went
right to my desk and sat down carefully and got to
work. I thought that all of the damage that I had
suffered was covered by my clothes, but several times
people asked me if I was okay. I came to realize that
it wasn't bruises they noticed. It was the look in my

I got through the day though, and I was pretty proud of
myself. It was nice to have something to take my mind
off of my problems with Tom and his friends. If I had
stayed home I would have dwelled on that all day and
gone mad.

I stopped on the way home and bought some more rum and
another twelve pack of coke. I was developing a taste
for rum and coke. As soon as I got home I called up and
ordered a pizza and made myself a rum and coke. I had
eaten hardly anything yesterday and I was very hungry.
But I was too tired to cook.

I changed into some casual clothes and sipped my rum
and coke and felt the pain in my throat begin to abate
thanks to the alcohol. By the time the pizza arrived I
felt able to swallow. I poured another glass of rum and
coke and only ate two slices.

I put the rest in the refrigerator and went and got in
bed and read my book for a few minutes and then I
turned out the light. I lay there in the dark, just
about to drift off to sl**p when I realized that I had
not written to Brian in four days! I almost got up and
wrote him a letter, but I decided that I was too tired
and besides, let him see what it's like to worry
because you don't hear from your spouse for so long.

The next morning I was feeling much better. I took
another hot shower and dressed and had some cold cereal
and juice for breakfast. I didn't even take any
aspirin. I was still a little sore, but nothing I
couldn't live with.

When I got home that night I found a letter from Brian.
I rushed in and opened it before I did anything else.
It made me so sad. I mean, he said all the right
things. He told me he loved me and that he was counting
the days and that he thought about me all the time. He
sounded tired though, and depressed. He said that there
were things that he couldn't talk about, things that
were upsetting him. Now I was even more worried. Now I
felt even guiltier for the things that I had done, and
more determined than ever to make sure that he never
found out about them.

The next day I felt almost normal. The day passed
quickly and I went home and changed clothes and made
myself a BLT which I had with a little potato salad.

Just as I was putting away the dishes I heard a knock
on the door and I panicked. It was only Wednesday. Tom
said he would leave me alone for the week to recover. I
calmed down and went to the door and looked through the
peephole. I was relieved to see that it was just one of
the bachelors from next door.

I opened the door and said, "Hi, what can I do for

I am pretty sure that he had told me his name, but I
didn't remember it.

He smiled and said, "I'm sorry to bother you, but I
really need you to look at something for me. It's very
important. Would you please come next door for just a

I really wanted to say no. I had no reason not to trust
him, except that he was a male and he was single and I
hardly knew him. I looked at him for a second, trying
to figure out how to say no, but before I could speak
he said, "Please, it's really important."

I know it sounded silly, but I finally said, "Well,
just for a minute, but you'll have to leave your door
open. I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea."

He smiled and said, "No problem. It can stay open as
long as you want it to."

That sounded a little strange, but I pulled my door
closed and followed him to his apartment. On the way
next door he turned to me and said, "My name is Bill,
by the way. We were introduced once, but it has been a

He pushed the door open and I followed him inside. He
left the door wide open, and walked into the room. When
he did that it made me feel a little better. I saw his
roommate sitting on the couch and I nodded to him.

He smiled at me and watched as I followed Bill over to
a desk in the corner and he sat down and moved the
mouse attached to his computer. The screensaver went
off and I saw a dirty picture on the monitor. I was too
shocked to react at first.

But then, just as I was about to tell him off, he
clicked the mouse and there was another picture. It was
me! Me and two men fucking on a bed!

He showed me several more pictures and I realized that
they were all from The Camera Club. Bill smiled up at
me and said, "I have found about two hundred of them.
Would you like to see more?"

I covered my face with my hands and cried. Now what!
How was I going to get out of this?

I finally got myself under control and wiped my eyes
and looked at him. He said, "Don't take it so hard.
There are only two of us, and we aren't into rough
stuff, or kinky stuff. We just like to get laid or get
a nice blowjob every now and then. We don't want money.
We don't want to get you in trouble. We just want to
have a little of that pussy you are passing around so

I looked at him in shock for a moment. I decided to try
to explain. "Look Bill, I am not doing that of my own
free will. I was d**gged and ****d and they made me
pose for pictures. Now I am being blackmailed. I am
doing this against my will. Please, don't make me do

He looked at my naked body between those two men on his
screen and said, "I'm sorry Kim. That is a sad story.
But after all of those men, what's two more?"

I pleaded with him to be reasonable. He replied that he
thought that he was. He said that for the first couple
of weeks they would probably want to fuck me every
night. But they would take it easy on me and after the
newness wore off it would probably be only three or
four times a week.

I gave up. What was the use? I asked, "Here, now?"

Bill nodded.

I took a deep breath and said, "Okay, but the guy that
is blackmailing me is making things hard on me. I am
still kind of sore. Please take it easy."

He said that they would, and then he asked, "Do you
still want the door open?"

I looked down in defeat and shook my head. His
roommate, who I soon learned was named Nick, stood up
and closed the door. Then they waited for me to
undress. I was only wearing a loose t-shirt and a pair
of terrycloth shorts and panties. They came off quickly
and then Bill took me in his arms and kissed me while
he moved his hands down and groped my ass.

The bruises had faded on my ass, but there was still
some soreness. I flinched when he grabbed me there, but
he didn't seem to notice.

While Bill was doing that I heard Nick undressing. I
was soon pulled from Bills arms by his naked roommate
and Nick took over kissing me while Bill undressed. I
was led over to the couch and they sat me down between
them and they took turns kissing me while they both
groped me. The groping was much gentler though, and I
was actually starting to get a little bit turned on.

After a few minutes they each took one of my hands and
put it on their cocks. I was relieved to find that they
were both quite average in length and width. I gripped
them and stroked gently. I figured it was to my
advantage to get them aroused and get this over with

Before very long the kissing stopped and I was gently
lowered to the floor between Bill's legs. I took him
into my mouth easily and he didn't last three minutes.
I swallowed his load and Nick spread his legs and
smiled at me. I walked over on my knees and repeated
the process. He lasted a couple of minutes longer, but
still it wasn't something that I couldn't cope with.

Bill got up and brought us all back a beer and we
sipped and they asked me for more details about how I
got into this mess. I fleshed out the story a little,
leaving out some of the worst of it. Then I asked them
about the pictures. I wondered how many there were and
if they were all in one place.

Bill said that he had found a web site called The
Camera Club by accident. He was actually looking for
information on a camera club in the area. At first he
had just browsed the pictures in amusement. There were
dozens of girls with dozens of men. Most of the girls
were very pretty and being a normal, red bl**ded male
he had checked them out. He had come across my pictures
and recognized me immediately of course.

He took me back over to the computer and showed me the
site. He showed me the thumbnails and there were,
indeed, hundreds of them. That was not the most
disturbing part though. The last frame was an ad for my
upcoming movie release. The movie of that gang ****
would soon be available. It would be a two hour movie
featuring me in bondage being fucked by thirty-five
large black men. They also promised more movies to

I nearly collapsed in despair. "Is that the only site
you have found them on?" I asked.

He shrugged and said, "Yeah, but I don't really spend a
lot of time looking around for dirty pictures. I found
yours by accident. The thing is though; guys will
download those and spread them around. They are going
to be posted around. You are too beautiful for guys to
keep them to themselves.

I leaned against the wall and said, "Oh god. My life is

He said, "Once those things are out there, there isn't
anything that you can do about it either."

I shook my head and Bill stood up and said, "I'm sorry,
you really got screwed, and it ain't over yet."

He pulled me down the hall to his bedroom and I didn't
even resist as he put me on his bed and got on the bed
with me and started kissing me again. I just lay there
and let him do what he wanted, until he started moving
down my body, kissing my breasts and nibbling at my
nipples. He licked his way down my stomach and worked
his way between my legs and began eating my pussy. With
all the sex that I had taken part in since I was
d**gged and ****d by Tom, this was the first time my
pussy had gotten eaten since Brian had left.

I wanted to resist. I wanted to lie here quietly and
let him do what he wanted. I couldn't though. It felt
too damned good. I started slowly coming around. My
breathing got shallow and my nipples got hard and I
felt things I hadn't felt in months. Good things.

I found myself reaching down and holding his head,
pulling him closer and thrusting my hips up as he ate
me. I started moaning out loud and then I heard myself
saying, "Oh fuck, that feels so damn good!" Then I
groaned again and I was cumming. I came hard and he let
me finish and start to relax before he started kissing
and licking me again. I was building back to another
climax quickly but he stopped and moved up over me. I
reached down eagerly and guided his cock to my pussy. I
was surprised at how good it felt after what I had been
through. I started lifting my hips to meet his strokes
and we both came very quickly this time.

I was embarrassed that I had given in so easily. When
he had rolled off of me I covered my face and groaned
and said, "Oh god. What am I turning into?!"

He chuckled and said, "Just think of it as therapy.
Something to take your mind off of that other shit you
are doing."

I gave him a dirty look and he just shrugged. He wasn't
embarrassed at all that he was taking advantage of me,
blackmailing me. He was, in effect, r****g me. Fucking

I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned myself
up. When I came out of the bathroom Nick was waiting
for me in the hall. He took me to his bedroom and sat
on the side of his bed. He made me kneel and suck him
until he was hard again, then he just stood me back up
and bent me over on the bed and fucked me from the back
standing up. I never got turned on, but it was easy and
it was over quickly. When he had cum I was allowed to
dress and go back to my apartment.

I hurried back to my apartment and made myself another
rum and coke and took another long hot bath. As I lay
there in the tub I found that what embarrassed me most
about what had just happened was not that two more men
had seen me naked or had sex with me. Or that they had
seen hundreds of pictures of me being ****d. What most
embarrassed me was that I had cum, twice.

On Thursday I somehow muddled through the day
preoccupied with thoughts of the way my life had gotten
so totally out of hand. I got almost nothing done.
Then, driving home, I thought about my two neighbors
and wondered what they would demand of me tonight. I
purposefully avoided thinking about this coming
weekend. I was terrified of what was to come.

I made myself a drink as soon as I got home. I had a
couple of slices of cold, left over pizza and sucked up
a large glass of rum. Then I headed for my room to
change out of my work clothes. I didn't make it though.
There was a knock on the door and I returned to the
living room to answer it. It was Nick.

I opened the door and Nick said, "I just stopped by for
a quickie. Bill and I talked it over and decided to do
this at your house. He fucked you last night before I
got to eat you out. I wanted to go first tonight so
that I could get a taste of that pretty pussy of

I let him in and said, "I was just about to take a
bath. I just got home from work. You might want to
rethink that."

He grinned and said, "I doubt if you worked all that
hard. Let's go see."

I led him to my bedroom and pulled the covers back. He
sat on my bed and watched as I undressed and then he
took his clothes off and we got in bed.

He started out kissing me and touching me gently and
just like with Bill last night it felt pretty good. I
was feeling self conscious though and I wished that he
had let me clean up first. I don't know why. Why on
earth would I want to be fresh for a man that was
blackmailing me into having sex?!

I was uncomfortable though as he began kissing his way
down my body and when his mouth was at my vagina he
smiled up at me and said, "Just as I suspected. Grade
A, Prime U.S. Pussy. It smells just like flowers."

Then he started eating me. Just like last night, I was
unable to resist. I was soon lifting my ass off of the
bed and grinding my pussy in his face and cumming
loudly. I was still cumming when he stopped and
scrambled up over me and sank his cock into me quickly.
I just kept on cumming. I came twice more before he
finally came, and he didn't take very long at all.

After he came he stopped moving and supported himself
over me with just our pubic areas and our legs
touching. His head was looking up and his eyes were
closed and he was silent for a minute and then he said,
"Jesus Christ you are hot! He opened his eyes and
looked down at me and said, "When Bill showed me those
pictures and suggested we use them to get a little of
your sweet ass I thought that after all those guys it
wouldn't be worth the bother. I got to tell you though,
you have a fantastic cunt! Not to be course or

I almost laughed. He was being gross, of course. Still,
it was reassuring. I had been really worried after last
weekend, afraid that I had been permanently stretched
out by those big dicked mother fuckers.

Maybe there was hope for me yet.

Nick got up and started getting dressed. He said, "You
might as well wait here. I'll leave your door unlocked.
Bill will be right over."

I struggled to my feet and said, "Okay, but I have to
go to the bathroom."

I went to the bathroom and let his cum drain out of me.
I cleaned up with some moist towelettes and when I got
to my room he was gone. I sat on the edge of the bed
and it wasn't two minutes before Bill came in. He was
undressing as he came in the door and he piled his
clothes on a nearby chair and sat down and said, "I
love the way you suck cock. Let's start there again,

I moved between his legs and took his cock into my
mouth easily. It reminded me of the huge cocks I had
been f***ed to suck when I was tied up at The Camera
Club. I mean it reminded me of the contrast. After that
night sucking a normal sized cock was so easy.

He lasted a little longer than he had last night, but
not much. After I swallowed his cum he collapsed back
on the bed and I held his cock in my mouth until it was
soft. I pushed his legs apart then and started licking
his balls until his cock started twitching and then I
took it back into my mouth and sucked until he was hard

He sat up and pulled me up onto the bed and after a
minimum of foreplay he climbed up over me and I guided
his cock into me. He was much slower tonight. It felt
pretty good. I knew that I wasn't going to cum though.
Not just from this. Not without more foreplay. I wanted
it to be over though and I put my arms around him and
thrust my hips up to meet his quickening strokes and
soon he was cumming for a second time. I held him tight
and when he had cum I relaxed my grip and let him roll
off of me.

He lay beside me for a while, breathing rapidly for a
minute. Then he sat up and sat on the edge of the bed.
He finally stood and came around the bed and started
dressing. He looked down at my sweaty body as he
dressed and after a long silence he said, "I know I
should feel guilty. I'm not a bad person. I have never
blackmailed anyone before. But you are so fucking hot!
I have wanted you since I first saw you. You are one of
the most beautiful women that I have ever seen. I'm
sorry for what we are doing to you, but I just can't
help myself."

I didn't know what to say to that. There were some
compliments in there, but I wasn't about to tell him
that it was okay if he blackmailed me and f***ed me to
have sex with him and his roommate for the next nine
months until my husband came home and probably killed
all three of us.

After he left I took a shower. I was too tired to take
a bath. I wanted to get to sl**p.

I was distracted again at work the next day. It got
worse though when I returned from lunch and found a
package on my desk.

I sat down and stared at it. It was wrapped in brown
paper and there was no note, no indication of who it
was from. I was afraid that I knew though. I don't know
how he knew where I worked, but I was terrified that he
did, and had left this for me.

I opened a desk drawer and started to put the package
in it. I set it in the drawer and started to close it,
but I couldn't stand it. I had to know. I put it back
on my desk and cut the string that held it closed. I
looked up to make sure nobody was watching and I slowly
peeled back the paper.

As I feared, it was from Tom. Inside was another crop
top. I opened it up enough to see what it said on the
front. It just said, "Sex Slave," in big black letters.

I felt myself getting faint for a moment. I sat back
and took a deep breath and f***ed myself to calm down.
I looked to see what was under the crop top. It was
another of those loincloth style skirts. This one was
even worse than the other one I had been f***ed to
wear. The small flaps of material that hung down from
the front and rear were rounded off, not square like
the other one. Even standing still I would be nearly
naked with this on.

I started to close it up when I spotted something else
under the tiny skirt. It was a tiny, see-through piece
of cloth. It was a thong, not something that I had ever
worn before, or ever intended too. It was almost all
string, except for a tiny patch of material that may or
may not cover my pussy. It would be close. Then I
spotted the note.

I heard someone coming down the hall towards my cubicle
and I snatched the note and shoved the package into my
drawer. Who ever had been coming turned off before they
got to my cubicle and I took several more deep breaths
before I got up the nerve to look at the note.

It just reminded me to be at his house tomorrow morning
at ten. I was to wear what was in the package and my
highest heels. That was all it said.

I put the note in my purse and pulled the package out
and taped it shut. Then I looked at the clock. I had an
hour to go. I sat at my desk, shaking like a leaf, and
stared at the clock.

When it was finally time to go I walked out to my car
in a daze and as I got in I tried to remember how much
rum I had left. I couldn't. So I stopped on the way
home and bought another bottle, just in case. I didn't
figure that it would go to waste.

I got home and went right for the rum. I was still
making my drink when there was a knock at the door. I
said, "Oh shit!" I said it quietly, to myself, as I
went to the door and let Bill in.

He looked at me and saw I was upset and he asked, "What
the hell is wrong? You look like shit!"

I finished making my drink and took a long gulp before
I handed him the note and set the package on the
counter. He read the short note and after glancing at
me he opened the package and one at a time he held up
the three garments inside.

He tried to look sympathetic, but he couldn't hide his
hardon. Fucking men!

He may have felt bad for me, but it didn't stop him
from taking advantage of me. He grabbed the package and
my drink and pulled me down to my room. Then he set my
drink on the nightstand and said, "Try them on. I have
to see this."

"Asshole!" I thought. I got undressed though, and I
pulled on the tiny thong. The tiny piece of transparent
material covered only my slit. It was about three
inches long and no more than half an inch wide. I saw
that I would have to shave off my pubic hair before I
left here in the morning.

I put on the tiny skirt next. The front flap started at
my hip bones and curved around in a semi-circle. I had
to push the waistband down below my naval before the
little scrap of material covered my pubic area. The
rear flap was even smaller and bisected the cheeks of
my ass. It was only about five inches wide in the back
and I turned my back to the mirror and saw that even
pulled down as low as it was there was about an inch of
the crack of my ass showing.

I put the tiny top on then. It was as thin as the
others, so that my nipples were obvious. And it was cut
the same way. The bottoms of my areola were exposed as
long as I didn't move. It got worse when I moved.

I doubt if hookers would wear something like this!

I sat down on the bed and held my face in my hands and
cried for several minutes. Bill may have felt bad for
me, but not bad enough that he was going give up his
free pussy. He said, "You have to admit, you look
pretty fucking hot! Jesus!"

He picked up the phone beside my bed and called Nick
and told him to come right over, there was something he
needed to see.

When he had hung up I looked up at him and said,
"Thanks. Thanks for all the fucking help!"

He smiled and shrugged and then Nick was there. They
made me stand up and pose in my new outfit. Then they
both started undressing. I got out of my new slut suit
and they put me on the bed on my hands and knees and
then they took me two at a time like they had seen in
the pictures.

They both came quickly and then it wasn't long before
they switched ends and fucked me again. Thankfully the
whole thing only lasted about fifteen minutes and they
left, talking excitedly about my new outfit. I heard
them joking about how good the pictures were going to
be. Bastards!

I finished my drink and took a shower. Then I went out
to the kitchen and made another drink. I didn't really
feel like eating. I was getting a steady diet of cum
lately. I decided to make a tuna fish sandwich and I
ate it at the kitchen counter before going to my room
with the remainder of my second drink.

I sat up in bed and stared at the new outfit that was
sitting on my dresser. I sipped my drink and wondered
what was in store for me tomorrow. I started thinking
that I might as well not go. That bastard from The
Camera Club was posting my pictures on the internet and
he would soon be selling the horrible movie that he
made. Eventually people I knew were going to find these
things. Why not just tell Tom to go fuck himself?

I couldn't though. The thought of what Brian would
think when he saw those pictures and movies stopped me.
I knew that the bastard would send them to him too.
There was no doubt in my mind. I knew that my father
would have a heart attack if he saw them. I didn't know
if I would lose my job or not. I wouldn't be surprised
though. I had to go back there. I was trapped.

I got up the next morning and put on my newest slut
suit. I looked outside and to my dismay I saw that it
was a busy Saturday morning. Lots of people were
around, and worst of all, lots of k**s. I knew that I
was going to hear about this. I waited until the last
possible moment and then I made a rush for my car.

Everyone stopped and stared, just as I knew that they
would, but I made it to my car without any problems. I
saw the shocked looks on a lot of mother's faces though
and I knew that there were going to be repercussions.

I drove to Tom's apartment and went to his door. It was
the same three men today. I guess Harry and John were
not a regular part of the group. As soon as I arrived
they checked out my new suit and complimented me on my
close shave. Then I gave all three of them blowjobs.

When they had all cum Tom told me that they were going
to pass the morning and early afternoon just like they
had last week. We were going to the pool, and I would
be taking on all comers. He said that he had come to
realize that fifteen minutes in the apartments was
restrictive and he would make allowances for
circumstances this time. He gave me a bottle of lotion
and a can of beer and said, "We'll do this the same as
last time. You remember all the rules, right?"

I nodded and they started for the door. I called out,
"Wait! Where are my bikini bottoms?"

Tom smiled and said, "Today you just take off your
skirt and wear those panties for bottoms. Remember, if
you aren't being fucked or hit on you go in the pool
for a few minutes every half hour. Then you find
someone to oil you up. Now get your ass out there."

I couldn't breathe for a minute. I f***ed myself to
take a couple of deep breaths, and then I pulled the
top back down over my nipples. I struggle with the
tears as I went outside and looked over at the pool. It
was getting crowded already and as we got close I saw
several people that I recognized from last week. The
college guys were there, and they were obviously
excited when they spotted me. I saw the older gentleman
that had seemed so concerned, but had fucked me anyway,
and the two black k**s.

I couldn't look at anyone as I unbuttoned my skirt and
tossed it under my chair. I heard the people near me
though. The hushed, "Oh my god," and the woman saying,
"Look at that slut!"

There was more, most of it was unintelligible. I could
tell from the sounds of their voices what they were
saying, what they were thinking. I sat down and took a
big sip of beer. The thought of having to walk to the
pool in this tiny outfit, naked for all intents and
purposes, was just about all that I could take. I was
so scared I thought that I was going to throw up.

I almost hoped that someone would come and make me go
to their apartment before I had to go in the pool. I
thought that it would be better to be fucked in private
than to parade around the pool like this. As it turned
out, I got my wish. One of the college k**s came over
and looked down at me. He was grinning like an idiot,
but he knew what he wanted.

I looked up at him and he said, "Sex Slave huh? Does
that mean that you are still putting out?"

I nodded.

He said, "Great, let's go."

I set my beer down under my chair and picked up my
skirt. I stood up and started to put it on but he said,
"No, you don't need that. You look hot as hell just
like that."

I glanced over at Tom and he just smiled.

So I dropped my skirt over my beer can and I was led
off by the college k**, followed closely by his seven
friends. I felt a little better about walking around in
this tiny thong with all of these guys around me. I was
still not looking forward to having sex with them, but
I wasn't as upset about it as I was last week, before I
made that god awful movie.

They were all quick to undress and of course it took me
no time at all. Then it was back to my hands and knees
and two cocks at a time. They didn't seem to last any
longer than they had last time. I doubt if it took much
longer than fifteen minutes to satisfy all eight of

I used the bathroom when they were done and then they
e****ted me back out to the pool. I sat on my chair and
drank my beer which was starting to get warm. I had
enough left in the can to rinse the taste of cum from
my mouth. Then it was time for that walk to the pool.

I knew that thongs were not allowed in a lot of places
in this state. I didn't know the rules for apartment
complex pools. But even if a reasonable thong would be
permissible, this tiny, nearly invisible thing that I
was wearing would be i*****l anywhere but a nudist
camp. No one was going to believe that this was the
bottom of a bathing suit. I was obviously wearing a
panty. I was obviously wearing the kind of panty that a
woman wore for a man, to turn him on. There was no
other reason for a garment like this to exist.

I steeled myself and stood up and walked past a dozen
people, all staring in disbelief at what I was wearing.
I wanted to run and hide. Instead I f***ed myself to
walk to the pool steps and go in up to my neck and cool
off. I didn't relax though, because all I could think
about was how much worse it was going to be when I got
out of the water and returned to my seat.

I was resting on my arms, expecting at any minute that
someone would come over to me and I would be led away
once more to fuck some stranger, or some group of
strangers. I wasn't disappointed. The older gentleman
from last week that had been so concerned and had
offered to help if I were in trouble came over to me
and said hello.

I said hi and he said, "I see you lost another bet."

Despite the terror I felt, I smiled at him. I said,
"Yeah, I must be quite a loser."

He took my hand and said, "Come on, let's go."

I allowed him to pull me out of the pool and he led me
quickly across the common area to his apartment. He
left me standing in the living room this time and told
me to wait there.

When he returned he had a robe and he put it on me. I
looked at him curiously as he guided me to his couch
and pushed me down on it. He left the room again and
came back again with two highball glasses. I didn't
know what was in it, but I didn't care. I gulped it
down gratefully.

He sipped his and stared at me for a minute and said,
"Okay, that's enough of your bet crap. What the hell is
going on?"

I looked at him for a moment, and then I just broke
down. I started crying hysterically and he set his
glass down and put his arms around me and held me and
let me cry.

I got myself under control, slowly, and he kept holding
me until I pushed him away gently and sat up again. I
said, "I'm sorry. It's all a bit hard to take
sometimes. I appreciate that you want to help, but
there isn't anything that you can do. I am in a world
of shit right now, and I don't think there is anyway
out. Not even with help from well intentioned men like

He smiled at me and took a sip of his drink. Then he
said, "What do you have to lose?"

I realized that he was right. I had nothing left to
lose. I asked him if I could have another drink and
after he returned with it and sat back down I told him
the whole ugly story. He listened intently, interrupted
a couple of times with quick questions, and never once
looked at me in disgust as I told him every lurid
detail. It felt good to get it off of my chest. I was
glad that he had made me tell him. I suddenly realized
though that I was way over my time limit and I was
going to be in trouble. He saw the look on my face and
asked what was wrong.

I told him about the fifteen minute time limit and he
said, "Oh, that's okay. Don't worry about that. I'll
take care of it."

I sighed and said, "Mr., I'm sorry, I don't even know
your name."

He said, "Call me Danny."

"Danny, I feel better now. It was nice to get this off
my chest. There isn't anything anyone can do for me now
though. I fucked up, and I don't think there is any way

He smiled and said, "You didn't fuck up. You were
d**gged and ****d and blackmailed. It wasn't your
fault, and I do believe that I can help."

He picked up his phone and I listened as he made a half
a dozen phone calls. Each time he said the same thing.
When the phone was answered he said, "This is Danny. I
have something going down. I could use a hand."

That was all that he said. In fifteen minutes there
were six more large men in the room and he was giving
them the severely edited version of my story. When he
was done, four of them stood up and one of them said,
"Let's go for a ride." Then he turned to Danny and
said, "This shouldn't take long."

Danny stood up after they left and he said, "Kim, you
wait here. This won't take long."

I was really scared now. I watched out the window as
Danny and his two remaining friends walk out to the
pool. They went over to Tom and Rory and Steve and the
next thing I knew Rory was rolling around on the cement
pool deck and Tom and Steve both had their hands in the

I watched as one of them pulled Rory to his feet by his
hair and they marched them all back to Tom's apartment.
I poured myself another glass of what turned out to be
bourbon and sat down and tried not to get my hopes up.

It was probably fifteen minutes before they returned.
Danny had my purse and a camera and a bag full of DVDs.
He picked up the phone and made another call and had
the guy that had sold Tom the d**gs he used on me
arrested. It wasn't until that minute that I realized
that they were all cops!

The others got glasses and we all sat and sipped
bourbon for a while as Danny told me what he had done.
What he had done was scare the shit out of Tom and his
friends. Well, first they had given them the beating
they felt that they deserved. Then they had scared
them. They had taken the camera and all of the DVDs
that Tom had. Then they had taken Rory and Steve to
their apartments and gotten the other copies of the

Danny had taken every penny that Tom had in the
apartment to give to me on the assumption that most of
it had been made by me. Just as he finished telling me
about what he had done his friends showed up. They had
more DVDs, including the ones that had been made from
that last horrible movie. They had gotten every copy,
including the masters. They had sat in The Camera Club
manager's office with a gun pointed at his nuts while
he took down the internet site and then they had taken
all the cash that they could find on the premises.

I was in shock. I wasn't out of the woods. There was no
telling who else might stumble across my pictures as
they were reposted on the internet. But I had a chance
now. I had my address book back and all of the DVDs.
Maybe I would survive this yet.

I started crying again. I ran over to Danny and wrapped
my arms around him and I tried to thank him but I was
crying too hard. He pried my arms from around his neck
and held me until I quieted down again. Finally I could
talk again and through my tears I thanked them all. I
didn't know what else to say.

Danny thanked his friends and I hugged them all as they
left. Then he went into the back and came back with one
of his shirts for me to wear. He put it on me and
handed me my purse and said, "Come on, I'll follow you
home. We have one more call to make."

He followed me to my apartment and I pointed out the
apartment where Bill and Nick lived. He knocked on the
door and when they answered it he shoved it in and I
heard a scuffle inside. Then the door slammed shut and
it was quiet. Ten minutes later he came back over and
handed me the hard drive to Bill's computer.

He smiled and said, "They won't be bothering you
anymore. If they do, call me, but I suggest that you
move out of here anyway. Just to be on the safe side. I
am pretty sure that no one will bother you again. I am
going to leave you my number just in case. Still, I
would feel better if you moved."

I said, "I'll try. I took a big financial hit when my
husband got called to active duty. It may be a couple
of months before I can afford to move."

He shook his head and grabbed my purse and dumped it
out on the table. He said, "This is the money we got
from Tom and that sleaze ball Matthews at the club.
It's yours. You have it coming for pain and suffering
and the embarrassment they have caused you. It's almost
two hundred thousand. Matthews kept a big stash in his
safe. We figure he made a lot of it off of you."

I asked, "You don't think he'll come after that?"

Danny smiled and said, "Not unless he wants his nuts
shot off."

I hugged him again and said, "Will you stay for supper?

He said, "I would be honored."

I ran into the bedroom and took a quick shower and got
dressed in real clothes. Then I went back out and I
said, "I don't have shit to eat around here. Let me
take you out to dinner instead."

He laughed and said, "I know a great place. Do you like

I took his arm in his and said, "I love steaks."

It turned out that the great place he knew about was
his b*****r's steak house. Not only was it the biggest
and best steak that I ever ate, they absolutely refused
to let me pay for it. I said, "Okay, if you are going
to be stubborn, next time dinner is at my house. I have
a real talent for roast pork."

I quickly found a new apartment. And it's a nice one
this time. I moved what I could, with Danny's help, and
paid movers to take the big stuff.

Danny eats dinner at my house once a week now, and
takes me out once a week. I have had a couple of big
dinners for his six helpers and their families. They
are like one big extended f****y, and it wasn't long
before I felt like a part of it.

I never heard from Tom and his friends again. I never
heard anymore from The Camera Club. I was worried about
that because they knew my name and I had a feeling
there were some rough people involved in that place.

Brian is due back from Iraq in three more months. I
suppose that I am going to have to tell him some of
what happened. Danny says I shouldn't. I keep thinking
that if I don't, then one of these days he is going to
come across one of those pictures of me that were on
the internet. I guess I'll take that one day at a time.
I don't want to dump on him as soon as he comes home. I
know he has been through a lot and will need time to

I can't wait to introduce him to my knew f****y. The
guys are all ex military. Maybe they will be able to
help him readjust to civilian life.
58% (15/10)
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4 months ago
Shit! That's a fucked up week! Love the imagination.
9 months ago
sorry people but if some poor sap is serving his country I get a bit upset with the misserable bastards who fuck with his family and while I was glad to see what someone else called a john wain ending Iwould have enjoyed the loss of bollocks more, well written but bordering on repetitiously long
2 years ago
great story for about 2/3's of it, until the second weekend. then it got very good at the end with Danny and his friends that cleaned things up the old "John Wayne" way.
2 years ago
Very hot, and very well written.
2 years ago
A really fucked up story but shit happens....