As I lay on the floor, slowly wakening to the late summer
breeze flowing through the open window, my eyes became
mesmerized by the leaves on the cottonwood tree
fluttering against the clear blue sky. What had I become
by letting myself get wrapped up in such depravity? What
made me accept my wife's behavior in the first place, and
what led me even try to live a life where I was just
along for the ride? The answer was really quite simple,
and I remember what a wise man once told me, "Always
remember, a stiff cock has no conscience!" It was
painfully obvious that I wrongfully went along with a
scheme to drag me into a life of sexual perversion
because of my own desire for physical pleasure.

While it was true that my wife exposed me to her secret
lifestyle by letting me walk in on her when she was being
screwed by my best friend, it was also true that the mere
sight turned me on, not to mention that his wife was
pressing her bare body against mine from behind, and
reaching around to make sure I was enjoying the scene.
For some inexplicable reason, in a split second I decided
that I could either stop all this before it started and
never be entertained by that experience again in my life,
or I could see just how far this would go, and how much I
could control the situation. What I didn't realize at the
time was that Jessica had no intention of letting me
"control" anything, and this was just her way of
introducing me to her new way of life. It was under that
false pretext that I allowed myself to be suckered into
living out every man's fantasy, especially after sixteen
years of marriage, and try out this perverted death wish
to the extent that I got off on the experience. Jessica
played into my hands like putty, only it was she that was
making putty out of me, and it was definitely she who was
in control of our new life. By the time I realized that I
should exercise some restraint, it was too late, and I
was just as involved, guilty, and part of this whole mess
as anybody. I had no room for complaint, and I was always
one step behind my wife and her s****r in this spiral of
debauchery. Just when I tried to pull back the reigns on
the swinging, I found out about her addiction to black
sexing. When I tried to understand and handle that, I was
shown her video with the horses. Now the world was
spinning with play slavery, dogs, and having fun making
porn material.

Could I ever escape? Could I slow it down? What was it
that I thought I could do, and how to do it? Or was it
that deep down I was still curious about the


I was fading in and out of sl**p when my eyes opened next
to the sight of two breasts dangling above my face. "Hi,
Honey. How're you feeling?" asked Jessica as her blond
head smiled down into mine.

"sl**py," I whispered, "sl**py, and exhausted from
tension. I really didn't expect to see what I did. It
seems that this whole experience has been in a dream
world, and I'm going to wake up soon."

"Of course your going to wake up, but it's not a dream
world. Well, I guess I really can't say that either. This
really is kind of a dream for Jodi and me, living out the
fantasy and all. I hope you're feeling okay. You were the
last person I expected to have here while we were doing
one of our fantasy weekends."

"C'mon," I asked, "what do you really mean 'one' of your
weekends? You don't do this every weekend do you?"

"Every weekend? Well, no....during our periods Jodi and I
are pretty much inactive, but otherwise...." Her voice
trailed off to a world where she must have been either
remembering or fantasizing about other adventures of
which I knew nothing. I could tell that this might very
well just be the tip of the iceberg if I had the guts to
ask, so I let the inquiry drop until I could sort it out
later in my own mind.

"So, what's in store for you girls next?" I asked,
changing the subject.

She sat up cross-legged on the floor next to me. I
wondered to myself as I glanced at her bald pussy,
"doesn't that thing ever dry up?" Her slit was glistening
with moisture as she rolled her eyes as if wondering what
Jerry had in store for them.

"Actually, we don't know. Jerry alluded to some sort of
party or something for some special guests. We both told
him that was fine as long as he got us fucked, and he
said that it was guaranteed. In fact, he said he had some
surprise for us later. Don't you love surprises?"

"Oh yeah, as long as they don't involve anything that can
hurt you," was my concerned response.

"There again, love, hurt is relative. If you mean a
little game playing, well, that can be naughty and nice.
If you mean really getting permanently damaged, that I'll
have to agree with you on that one. Just to put your mind
at ease, and I know you're probably worrying about
disease and AIDS and all that stuff, well, Jodi met this
guy at the gym who is a lab technician for the bl**d
bank, and he's worked for years on taking and screening
samples for all sorts of communicable diseases. The best
part about it, of course, is that he's a pretty good
looking black man, and Jodi let him take some personal
samples of his own."

"And I suppose you too."

"Alright, me too. He does have a helluva dick....and
that's what keeps him on OUR staff, so to speak. We have
a great arrangement that couldn't be better if we tried.
He screens everyone in the club for a nominal fee, paid
for out of club funds, and he gets all the white pussy he
wants in return. You can imagine that he's been a pretty
steady fuck for Jodi and I, but like I said, he really
does have a great cock."

I retorted, "Tell me Jess, just what makes a cock great
in your opinion anyway?"

"Oh, lot's of things...size for one thing. A long cock is
great because it can slide through my cervix into my
uterus. Then, when it squirts, I can feel all that gushy
white sperm filling me up and covering my little eggs.
The thickness can be important, the way it spreads my
lips and makes me feel particularly stuffed. The size of
the head can either be trouble or fun. A big knob feels
really good inside my pussy when it bumps against my
cervix, but it can be hell up my ass. And you know how
much I like a good anal reaming. A good set of balls is
best, fun to suck on, and fun to feel slapping against me
while a guy has his cock buried inside. Now, if you
combine all those features with some horsepower in the
prostrate department, then there is where you'll find a
solid squirter. There's nothing like a good hard
pulsating stream of semen flowing from a man's prick into
my cunt and up against my uterus. Nothing like the
feeling. I guess that's why I particularly get off on the
horses with their hard jets of cum and volume. Oh, yes,
did I mention volume? Let's face it, every man dumps a
good load on the first try, but after that, the amount of
cum diminishes, so I guess that's part of the reason we
like multiple partners. You know, give the guys time to
recoup, and give some fresh stud a chance to empty his
balls inside us with a full load. Finally, if you take
all those features and stick them on the front of a good
looking, very black man, well, now that's what makes a
great cock in my opinion. Any questions?"

"No, no. Thanks for the lecture. I guess I asked for

"Please don't get me wrong. Your cock is nice
too...especially up my ass. But, let's face it, it's not
monstrous, and it's especially not black, and that's the
taboo that's winding these s****rs' clock lately," she
answered, trying to assure me that I was still very much
okay and fun for any woman. I think that I let my
feelings show a little too much, and she became a bit
frustrated, but to my advantage. "Okay, okay, I can see a
bit of jealousy behind that attitude, but that's okay
too. I like a bit of jealousy, so I'm going to see if I
can do you a favor. After all, you've been quite a sport
so far, and we don't want you to cave in if something
wild should happen, so let me see what I can arrange."

"What do you mean...arrange?" I inquired.

"Oh, let's just say that it'll be my surprise gift to
you." And with that, she broke off the conversation and
strutted her naked self off to another part of the floor.
Some minutes later I could see her on the phone, glancing
back in my direction and smiling a devilish grin.

Meanwhile back in the main stage area, bodies were
beginning to rustle and awaken from the tangle of black
and white sl**p. Jodi was up and stretching, poking at
the men to roust them from their sl**p. Jessica saw Jodi
standing, and motioned from the glass windowed office to
join her for a moment. The two girls conversed, both
shaking their head, then seemingly satisfied with their
decision, emerged to join us men. The white skinned
nymphs mingled among their black skinned play masters,
and went around tickling their balls to get them back in
the right mood.

"Oh, shit!" said Jerry looking at the clock. "I didn't
realize it was that late. Well, anyway, I wanted to get
one more series of shots with Nubi. That was great what
you did earlier, now I want you two to give him a doggy
blow job."

"No problem, boss," was the girl's answer as Jodi
retrieved her dog and settled him in the middle of the
photo screen material. Jerry powered up the old camera,
and in no time was taking his first new sequence of
shots. The two blondes knelt on either side of the black
dog, and began fondling his prick, and offered him a
whiff of their cunt. In no time the b**st was becoming
unsheathed, and his huge red boner was dr****g
precariously from his back end. They then took turns
sticking their heads underneath his belly to suck his dog
cock. One by one they pulled the red monster into their
mouths as the other watched and rubbed Nubi's back. The
girls next got Nubi to lie down on his side to where they
could both work on his cock, and with heads side by side,
they took turns again sucking on the massive dog penis.
Their hands looked dainty against his bulging knot, and
they were careful not to rub his balls at this time.
Since this wasn't a video, they took the time to explain
that a dog got particularly sensitive about his balls,
and just might nip some one who got the bright idea to
play with them. Not exactly like a man.

The s****rs kept up their sucking, trading mouths on the
giant cock, with each time one of them feeding the prick
to her sibling. The picture of the s****rs was so
strange, and yet so beautiful. One had light powder blue
eye shadow, and the other had more purple tones. Just a
touch of color in their cheeks, and soft creamy pastel
shades of lipstick accented their fawn like appearance as
their small mouths stretched those colored lips over a
thick, heavily veined dog penis that was reddish purple
and looked like it had just been skinned. Their blond
locks bobbed up and down until Jodi announced that Nubi
was about to come, and fed the dog's boner to my wife.
Jessica sucked and the dog shook, forcing streams of dog
semen into her mouth and down her throat. She backed off
just enough to let the camera catch the jets of spunk
string across her face and onto her tongue for effect.
Jodi was right there holding her face nearby so the
camera could capture the image of the two blondes being
face fucked by their dog. The camera panned back and got
a good group shot of the threesome, two naked girls,
covered in dog sperm, and holding the immense rigid red
tool on display above the b**st.

I couldn't quite believe it when Jessica savored the
taste of the dog cum, then swallowed the white goo, and
continued lapping up the spilled portions. Now, this was
a side of my wife that I didn't quite expect, but,
knowing Jodi, how could I have missed the connection. Of
course she would introduce her own s****r into canine
sex. I finally admitted to myself that this was why
Jessica had been pressing me to get a dog, a rather large
male dog.

The men sitting around watching were all jacking off like
crazy, and were about to pop their corks when Jess
remembered, "No, wait! All of you guys come in the
glass." And she motioned to where I was sitting and the
glass that contained two of my loads, and one from one of
the guys. The three men emptied their balls into the
glass, making a total of five loads of semen. Jessica
smacked her lips, promising to make it a good show when
the time came.

Jessica and Jodi got up and, noticing that they were
covered in a mixture of dog cum and sweat, hastened to
clean up before the party. Jodi put the leash on Nubi,
gave him to me to return home, and gave me one more
instruction. "After you get Nubi settled, we want you to
swing by this house and pick up some one that will be
waiting. Her name is Mia," Jodi instructed. Then Jess
approached and tossed a garment at me saying, "Here, tell
her she's to wear this."

"What's the story?" I asked.

Jess answered, "Mia is a relatively new member of the
club, and it's time for her to get a little more
involved. She wants to see some more of the unusual side
of swinging, and she may even be "inner circle" material,
but first she has to prove herself like we all did. Jodi
and I thought this would be a good starting point, and, I
think you'll like her. You pulled a surprise on me, but
the surprise really turned out to be on you, and you've
been a pretty good sport. Actually, I didn't expect you
to be ready for something like this, so I've just been
keeping it to myself while you were away, telling you
only bits and pieces. At any rate, you shouldn't be
alone, and that's why we figured this would be good for
both Mia and you at the same time. How about it? She will
be my...uh, our gift to you."

"Okay. Whatever." I said.

"And remember, she is to wear this and heels only.
Nothing else. Absolutely nothing else. Do you

I nodded my affirmation and started on my way. I had a
suspicion that I was about to be the e****t of a new
member's requisite nude stroll down a public street.
Well, at least semi-nude. I remembered that one thing
each inner circle member of the club must do is to walk
completely naked in public at least once a year, and
record the occasion for the club library. That way the
membership could tell if someone was getting burned out,
and it helped to verify current limits. Each new member
was required to walk semi-naked at first to get the body
rush and confidence that she can do it, but thereafter,
all nude walks are completely nude. I wondered what Mia
looked like as I left my wife and her s****r behind. They
were gathered around Jerry on the light table, pouring
over the shots of their sexual encounters that he just
developed. Picking out the best shots was fun for the
s****rs, and I could hear them very seriously discussing
such things as which way the cum was dripping,
expressions on their faces as they were being fucked, ass
shots, contrast, gang bangs, and plans for the future.


After dropping off Nubi, I headed straight home to shower
and change. I figured that something casual, but
respectable and easily removable would be right for a
party if it was to be anything like the swing parties I
had attended with my wife in the past. When I was
finished, I headed right over to Mia's house and was
taken aback when I found it located in a rather upscale
neighborhood. My second shock came when she answered the
door, and I found myself staring at one of the most
beautiful petite women I have ever seen. Standing about
5' 2" and weighing a generous 105 lbs. soaking wet, her
jet black hair framed a cream skinned complexion that
housed two absolutely piercing green eyes. Mia was cute
by any standards, wearing her hair in bangs and straight
half way down her back. Her figure was slim, with breasts
that were so perfect that I was torn between thinking
they were artificial and fantasizing that they were real.

She invited me into the living room where another
surprise awaited. Her husband, Roger, was sitting with
their two c***dren watching TV, and jumped up to be
introduced. He wasn't a very big man, less than my size,
and was excitedly curious about Mia's new adventure and
their next step in club ranking. Knowing quite well what
was expected of them as members, they just didn't expect
a surprise call to duty for Mia so soon, so Roger
explained to me that he was to baby-sit the k**s while
his wife was away. One side of me wanted to scream at
him, telling them to stop now while they could still get
out, but another side of me told me to shut up, the side
that said I wanted to fuck this man's wife, and that I
would definitely get my chance.

The k**s weren't too young to know what we were
discussing, so I took some depraved pleasure in giving
Mia instructions in front of her husband. I gave her the
garment that Jessica had made, repeating the instructions
for her to wear only heels with the outfit and nothing
more. She disappeared into the master bedroom to change
while Roger and I talked a little more about the club and
the activities they could look forward to enjoying. He
said that he felt extremely fortunate to have a girl who
would go along with a few of his fantasies, and related
that he was looking forward to another party like the one
that they had with Jodi and her husband. I filed that
comment away in the back of my mind, since I knew that
Jodi's husband never participated in her activities, and,
in fact, led a very separate life. This would have to be
clarified with Mia later.

I could see that the more graphic I was in describing the
various situations and games to be played, the more
heated he became. His breathing was becoming noticeably
labored when I devilishly painted a detailed picture of
how he would be seeing, even helping, his wife get fucked
repeatedly by throngs of other men. About the time I
thought that he was about to pull his dong out right in
front of the k**s and start jerking off, Mia reentered
the room.

Words can not describe the picture of pure sex this lady
exuded as she stood before us visibly excited about her
pending exposure. Starting at her white three and a half
inch heels, her shapely legs were fully exposed up to
just short of her crotch. The dress she was given to wear
was made of pink Lycra polyester material that was semi
transparent. A mock turtleneck held the top in place, as
the dress was completely backless, plunging low enough to
expose the crack of her ass. The front molded around
every curve of her breasts and muscular tummy, while the
sides were held together only with a loose open string
arrangement that left a two inch wide gap, giving
complete visibility to the fact that she was....wearing
panties? "Wait! Hold it right there. What did I tell
you?" I asked.

"To wear this dress," she pouted, worried by my reaction
to what she thought was an incredibly sexy appearance.

"No, I told you to wear that and nothing else. Isn't that
right?" My voice was raising in command of the charged up

"Well, yes, but surely you don't expect..."

"Expect what?" I interrupted. "Expect you to comply? Of
course I did. Now, strip those panties right here, right
now!" Her f****y had stopped watching the TV because of
my loud tone, and she proceeded to reach into the panty
straps, pull them down, and let them fall to the floor.
Now, standing naked from the waist down in front of the
k**s, one other thing was obvious, and this time it was I
who was shocked. It's a common practice for the women in
the club to shave their pussies, and Mia had complied
nicely by having a smooth bald snatch. Her pussy lips
were the puffy variety, but was most impressive was the
size of her clit, which was the size of my little finger.
I had always read about women like this, and had always
wanted to meet one. Wow! This was incredible! It actually
looked like a small penis dangling in the open, and when
I touched it, it sprang to life along with a copious
amount of pussy juice. This girl was obviously hot to
trot, and I knew that I was going to be the jockey. I
couldn't believe my good luck, and in one heartbeat
forgave everything I had thought about my wife's black
sexing. I actually started to feel loved by Jessica in my
own selfish way, since Jess had thought of me and my
physical needs, and fantasized that I would actually
enjoy the rest of the weekend fucking this nymph while
watching my wife and her s****r get stuffed with all the
black cock and cum they could handle.

I stood back to look once again at the creature that
would submit to having every imaginable form of
intercourse with me, not to mention blowjobs. The semi-
sheer material bulged like a second skin around her
perfect breasts, conforming nicely to her erect nipples,
and clung to the curves in her belly and hips. What I
especially liked was the fact that this girl's vaginal
area was so well outlined that her pouty lips and stiff
clit were clearly visible to the anyone close, but the
dress suggested cover from a distance. Her black hair
hung straight down her exposed back, and she was
virtually nude when observed from close up. I took her
hand, and, as I led her to the front door, she turned to
her husband and k**s telling them that she would return
sometime the next day, as far she knew.

"Wait!" her husband said, as we were about to leave.
"What's going to hap...I mean, will she be..."

"Oh she'll be ok," I offered as I realized his meek
position in this relationship. "In fact, she'll be very
ok." My brazenness arose to a level that even excited me,
as I realized that this was my chance to throw a little
shock factor into the situation. I looked him straight in
the eye and said, "Mia here will be fucked well. I'll see
to that, since I'm her e****t for the weekend. She'll
come back with her pussy full of sperm, my sperm, and
maybe some others'. I haven't decided yet, but I assure
you, your wife will be well fucked, her pussy, her ass,
her mouth. Ok Rog?"

"Ok..." came the soft reply.

I turned to watch Mia's reaction and noticed her wide
eyes, labored breathing and wet inner thighs. I was in
love, but at the moment I was more in lust than anything
else, and turned her out the door to her awaiting
exposure. The car was deliberately parked on the next
block, and the early evening light this summer day lit
our way along the neighborhood that was alive with k**s
playing and the occasional man, woman or couple working
in the yard before supper. To raise the level a little, I
took Mia's hand in mine, knowing that some of the people
would recognize her and wonder who she was with. The fact
that she was walking virtually naked with a man other
than her husband would almost destroy any reputation she
enjoyed as a good mother of two, but more important, it
would cross a bridge that signaled that there would be no
going back.

There was no doubt as to the affect that this stroll had
on the neighbors, and Mia did herself proud by strutting
her stuff in front of them all. One man who was mowing
his lawn stopped to acknowledge her by saying hello, but
it was amusingly obvious that his eyes were glued to her
body. Mia's nipples stiffened at the attention, and she
stood straight up as she walked by, causing her breasts
to press against the thin material even more. Her tits
jiggled and bounced as freely as if she wore nothing at
all, and the giving material left absolutely nothing to
the imagination. As we finally reached my car, I took
advantage of the couple that stood watching the
procession, and, before opening the passenger side door,
I took her in my arms, raised her lips to mine and kissed
her in full view of the stunned neighbors. Stunned,
indeed, because my hand slipped to the crack of her ass,
and her dress rode up her hips to fully expose her butt.
We both were locked in a passionate kiss that I was
soaking in and she was pouring forth. The shivers in her
body told me that she climaxed from feeling my body
pressed against hers, and from the excitement of being
the slut she always dreamt of being. Juice was streaming
down her legs as I opened the car door, and watched the
short dress that couldn't possibly cover her snatch when
she seated herself. I smirked proudly as I walked around
the car, entered, and drove slowly away with my personal
housewife whore.

"Not bad for the first time," I offered as we drove
slowly down the block. I noticed her green eyes were half
closed and crazed from the excitement. She looked over
with a new inquisitive look that told me she didn't
expect the feeling to be so intense, that she was losing
self control, and that she definitely liked what was
happening to her.

It is a concept that escapes most people as they ponder
just why the magic or excitement goes out of any
relationship. I know, it took me long enough to realize
the true meaning of newness. People become complacent in
their dealings with others, whether it's because they
lose interest, or they care too much. Yes, I learned that
caring too much for a person's feelings made me try to
outguess their reactions, constantly trying to please
them, and often times failing. Knowing someone too well
can actually cause a person to become bored with knowing
how their partner will react, and it's for that reason
that they fail to be spontaneous and creative in love
making. Dealing with a loss of interest is one thing, but
dealing with over caring can be just as dangerous.

So it was that I came to know the secret of what drives
most people to try swinging in the first place. The
secret is the unknown. Looking at some one, not knowing
if they have the same wicked feelings as you, then
bursting forth without control into wild sexual frenzy
with a stranger. This was the feeling that was boiling up
inside Mia at this very moment. Her blatant nastiness,
her wickedness, her slutty behavior in front of a total
stranger who vowed in front of her f****y to fuck her. At
that moment I knew that Mia wanted me to dominate her,
tell her what to do, how to act. She wanted me to debase
her, defile her, and to f***e into acts that she never
dreamed of doing. She wanted this because I had no
history with her, or her with me, and she could play the
part of any person in her wildest fantasies for me. Now
was her chance to lose all control for once and she only
wanted the excuse to comply. She didn't want the
opportunity to slip through her fingers. If she liked
what she felt because of it, she could do it again and
again as a new person with a new reputation. If she
rejected ever doing this in the first place, she would
never know anything about these things, and she could
only guess as to what it would be like. She could never
go back once she rejected the chance. Her fire would
forever die, and adventure would no longer exist. She
awaited her guide to take her on that adventure, into new
lands of fulfillment and opportunity for passion. One
lifetime, one chance, that was her choice. She had gone
this far and her body spoke to her of promised flames,
explosions that she only tasted and fantasized about. She
was definitely ready, and I had the fortune to both
understand where she was on her journey, and to also be
her guide, her mentor, her master.

I didn't know this girl from any other. I had no vested
interest in her well being, and therefore I could
consider her a mere fuck toy. That was the beauty of the
strangeness. I didn't know her limits, but, then again,
what did it matter? I wasn't supposed to care. She didn't
expect it of me, and I wasn't going to spoil the chance
to take her and treat her like the slut she wanted to be.
I didn't have to worry about pinching her nipples when I
wanted. I didn't have to be concerned if my cock or any
other guy's cock hit the back of her pussy. It wasn't
important if it hurt if I was so lucky that she had a
short cunt and my cock penetrated her cervix. I was going
to fuck this girl, and she was going to like it. No,
wait, it didn't matter if she liked it or not. It was for
my pleasure, not hers. She was my gift, my fuck toy. At
least that's what I kept telling myself. It was funny,
but I had to loosen up as much as she did if this was
going to work. So, I took a deep breadth and put up the
image of the all-knowing, experienced swinger that I was
ironically f***ed to be.

"He doesn't know, does he?" I asked in a cool manner.

"Who? What?"

"Roger. He doesn't know how involved you are, does he?"

Mia looked at me with surprise, and sheepishly answered,
"How do you know?"

"Call it a hunch. And the fact that he mentioned the
party you two attended. First of all, Jodi doesn't swing
with her husband, so whoever fucked you was just one of
the club members. Second, Jodi & Jessica don't start the
inner circle process with any member unless that person
is pretty well into the scene, and is quite active in
their afternoon sessions. Don't tell me. I'd say you're a
regular at most of the girl's parties, and have expressed
an interest in some of the kinkier stuff the s****rs have
teased you with. Am I right?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"You guess so?"

"Ok, ok. You're right. Roger thinks this is all brand
knew, and it's part of some sort of swingers tradition or
something. You're wife and her s****r have actually
gotten me pretty involved, and I guess you might say I've
already screwed my share of men behind Rog's back. But I
did involve him in the one party. I figured if I fed him
just enough bait, he would go along with the idea, and I
could do about anything I wanted, as long as he got to
attend a party every now and then. It's not that I don't
want him involved. In fact, I love to have him around
while I'm being screwed, mostly for the thrill of seeing
his reaction to me being so nasty. It's just that I don't
want him to know everything. That way there's a sense of

I laughed and muttered, "Typical! So, tell me, how much
do the girls have you doing? Details, now! Be explicit."

Mia started getting excited again, and subconsciously
started fingering her exposed clitoris as she spoke,
"Well, let's see. The usual afternoon parties. We
occasionally go out teasing in some pretty sexy clothes.
I....I've had my first gang bang, I guess you could call
it. Oh, it was just three guys, but it was terrific. They
got me going so much, I kept screaming for more until
they just wore out. I guess that's when Jodi decided I
might be acceptable to her inner circle."

"White, black or mixed?" I asked, knowing what this
weekend held in store.


"Were you banged by white guys, or did you go all the way
to black?"

"Oh. They were white. Black's one thing I haven't tried.
Although, Jessica, I'm sorry, your wife has shown me some
videos of her and her s****r doing some black men, and
wow, did I ever get turned on. Maybe I'll get up the guts
to try it sometime. What do you think of them fucking
black guys like they do? Do you think I should try it?"

"Let's just say that I could learn to like it given the
right circumstances." I laughed to myself, again thinking
of where I was taking Mia, and that she was the sole
reason that I was going to enjoy it. I imagined myself on
top of Mia, face to face, with my dick buried in her
obviously tight little cunt, and looking up to watch my
wife and her s****r humping a thick black cock. My prick
was pressing hard against my jeans as I continued, "So
give me some details about you and the club. How did you
get involved, and what do you know about the inner

Mia went on, "Well, I first met Jodi at the gym. After
having a couple of k**s, I felt like I was getting out of
shape, and decided to do something about it. At the
beginning it was the usual treadmill workout, then the
occasional swim. That's when I met Jodi. I saw her
talking to a few of the guys as she was life guarding,
but what caught my eye was the fact that her wet swimsuit
was clinging to her body and the white material was
clearly showing her nipples. Naturally, I looked at the
guys' crotches, and noticed some incredible hardons as
they were staring her down. As I casually swam by, I got
a closer look at Jodi's suit, and saw that the wet
material not only clung to her tits, but the folds of her
pussy lips and clit were clearly visible as well. She
just stood their about three feet from these guys' faces,
casually carrying on a teasing conversation, full knowing
that she was displaying her body. As I swam by, both the
guys and she turned to watch me doing the back stroke and
I noticed her wink at me and nod an approving look.
Actually, their staring made me horny as hell, and later
in the locker room, Jodi introduced herself commenting on
my good shape and the way the men looked at me. She was
really quite forward and blatant with her descriptions
right off the bat, but it attracted me. Well, right then
and there we struck up a friendship based on the common
interest of our effect on the guys. I guess that I kind
of got a body rush listening to Jodi's description of
cocks hardening because of the way I looked, but what
told me there was something more to this was when I
watched Jodi strip in front of me. As she peeled off her
suit, I noticed that she had removed all the lining
material in the bra and crotch area. She purposely made
it so her nipples would show and her cunt lips would fold
around the Lycra, outlining the details of her pussy. And
what a pussy! Bald and smooth as a baby girl's, and pouty
just like mine. Jeez! That was a turn on, and I was
curious as hell. So, when she invited me to her house for
a drink, I was drawn like a moth to the proverbial

"Well, I have to admit. You definitely are no slouch when
it comes to the body department."

Mia actually blushed and went on, "Maybe not, but, all
housewives begin to worry, and I was no exception. I
guess that the fact that I was married young and had
little experience with other men got me wondering about
where my life was going. Besides, still being relatively
young, my libido is really pretty strong, and tending
k**s all day just doesn't cut it, if you know what I
mean. I had to admit, I was curious about those cocks. I
wanted to see more of them, and, in a way that warmed my
skin, I wanted them to see more of me."

"Trust me, I know." My voice must have trailed off, me
thinking of my own situation with Jessica, and knowing
that it must have been the same for her. "But, keep
going, then what?"

"Well, at Jodi's place, she offered me a glass of wine,
and we sat and talked. She was really quite open, and I
really liked having a friend near my own age that I could
open up to. One of the first things she did when she got
home was change into a chemise, saying that she really
couldn't stand wearing clothes around the house. She made
me feel so comfortable and relaxed. We talked about my
feelings and shared secrets. She even told me that she
had an open marriage and she was free to experiment. When
I probed about what she meant, she described the little
things like dressing to tease in the gym and at the
malls. Instead of being shocked, I got more interested,
and started talking about my feelings. About how horny I
was feeling, and about how much I had been fantasizing in
my own mind about things like other men. Then, she really
surprised me."

"Don't tell me.....the album, right?"

"How'd you guess?"

"Call it another hunch," I mused.

"Anyway, I guess she felt like she could trust me, and
asked just how uninhibited I thought I would like to be
if I really had the chance. I answered that sometime I
felt that I could or would try just about anything once,
to which she responded by pouring another glass of wine,
sitting next to me on the sofa, and asking if I would
like to see some pictures of her boyfriends. Of course, I
was curious, and the wine was getting to me, and she felt
so close and warm sitting next to me that I said yes. She
pulled the album from the coffee table in front of us,
gave it to me, and leaned back with her glass of wine
while I opened the cover. At first the pictures were of
some really nice looking guys, the kind that would turn
my head. As I flipped the pages, their clothes started
coming off until they were stark naked with good shots of
some major schlongs. The next pages were of Jodi in a
similar sequence of shots, ending with her as naked as
the men were. What I didn't expect were the pictures that
followed. Jodi and her male friends together in various
poses, naked, kissing, hugging and groping at each other.
I was both shocked and incredibly turned on by the
photos, and couldn't help myself from asking where she
came up with these men, where she found someone to pose
with her like that."

"And that's when she invited you to come along and find
out. Right?"

"Right. Hey, if you already know this story, why are you
asking?" she asked.

"Your hand."

"My hand?" she jerked her fingers away from her pussy.

"Oh, don't stop. In fact, the other half of the reason is
your other hand," and I took her left hand and pressed it
to my jeans, showing her the effect her story was having
on me as well. She immediately grinned, went back to
fingering herself, and continued her story with the
revelation that this was just part of the process of
getting in the mood, and teasing her creative juices. Mia
relaxed, smiled, and unzipped my pants to extract my cock
before continuing her story. As my now raging boner
sprang from my loose pants, her small hand enveloped the
shaft and she began slowly stroking as she spoke. Knowing
that I probably couldn't contain myself while driving,
and being fairly close to our destination, I decided to
pull into one of the city's major parks. We continued our
conversation in the car with me fingering Mia's clit, her
stroking my cock, and the occasional weekend athlete
jogging by in full view of our ministrations. I really
didn't care if anyone saw us, and actually looked forward
to someone's reaction when they noticed. Was I becoming
an exhibitionist like these women? The thought intrigued

"Well, anyway, like I was saying, Jodi invited me over
for an adventure the next day. I was so excited at her
instructions to go home, shave my pussy completely
smooth, and abstain from any sex that evening that I just
about died. When I showed up the next day, you'd think
that I had just consumed three double shot espressos from
the way I was wired. I guess I played right into Jodi's
hands, as she greeted me at the door in an outfit that I
thought was barely legal. She told me that we were going
out for the day, and the idea was to be as daring as
possible. She said that it was a game, and that I would
be surprised how far women could go in public before
someone got put off. Jodi gave me an outfit to wear that
was identical to hers, except for color. Her powder blue
and my white togs consisted of a jogging bra sans padding
or liner, and a pair of Lycra knit exercise shorts, again
without liners. The top conformed to our breasts so well,
that every curve of our tits were plain as day, and our
nipples were clearly detailed, especially as stiff as
they were. The shorts were like a second skin, running up
the crack of our ass, and the seamless front looked like
it was sprayed onto our pussy lips. My clitoris was like
it was sculpted in porcelain, with each curve surrounded
in minute detail under the thin material. You can see
that as big as it is, I felt like I was sporting a
miniature hard on. Our ass cheeks showed no trace of
panties, and jiggled along with my free swaying tits as I
walked. Bobby sox and jogging shoes, along with a thin
sweater d****d over the shoulder and loosely tied in
front topped off the athletic image."

"Jodi deemed my hair to be just right, long and straight
down my back, but she fixed hers in a pony tail that
pointed high from nearly the top of her head. I couldn't
believe that she wanted me to go out in this outfit that
is until Jessica showed up. That's when I first met your
wife, and realized that this was for real. Jess was
dressed in her own concoction of athletic shirt that had
a bottom hem hanging just below her breast line, and a
tennis skirt obviously meant to be worn with frilly
panties for those times that the wind blew, or when an
athletic move made the material ride up. However, Jessica
was not wearing panties, and the skirt was short enough
to show some cheek. The bottom of her tits peeked from
beneath her thin top that also showed her nipples. Of
course, she wore the same shoes as we did, but her hair
was in her classic bob style. A fishnet open front
sweater left nothing to the imagination. So it was that
we three vixens sallied forth into the world, seeking
attention. My shorts were already so wet that the soaked
spot only served to make my bald pussy more visible, and
when I looked in the mirror, I suddenly realized how
explicit my protruding clitoris was in its erect state. I
was hot, and was looking forward to getting hotter in the
strength of my experienced company."

I asked, "Mia, why do you think Jodi and Jess like doing
these things? I mean, don't they think it's really out of
their league to be running around like that, tempting
fate at getting arrested for exposure?"

"Funny thing about it is that I asked them the same
question just before we went out the door, and I got a
very direct answer. Jodi looked at her s****r, and they
both turned to face me. 'Look at me,' Jodi said, 'Look at
us both, and look at yourself. Now, we know damned well
that these bodies are hot. In fact, we look good! But, we
also know that this shape won't last forever, and once
it's gone, it's gone. Oh, yeah, we can work at keeping in
shape, but our bodies, our fire, our ages...they're all
here and now. In a few years it won't be the same. I for
one don't want to wake up some morning years from now and
realize what could have been, what I missed out on. I
don't want to lose that forever before I get my fill.'
Jodi was very convincing and dead serious. She went on,
'Men play games, sports, and athletics because they dream
of impressing the girls. They dream of being the super
hero, or the James Bond, so they push it in hopes of
sweeping some young innocent off her feet. Well, girls do
the same things, only they don't flex their muscles, they
flex their femininity. They shave their legs, wear high
heels, and low cut dresses that accentuate their breasts.
They play on their sexuality in hopes of sweeping
unsuspecting guys off their high horses.' Then she cocked
her hip and said, 'So, what's it going to be? You have
the equipment. Are you satisfied being told who you are
and what you can do all your life, or do you want to find
out just how easy it is to control the men instead of the
other way around? Want to play?' That cord struck home,
and being the adventurous type, I wondered what it would
be like to have that kind of control over men."

"Excuse me if that doesn't surprise me. Everyone wants to
live some erotic tale of their own, and you certainly do
have the equipment like Jodi said." I rolled her clit
between my fingers as I spoke, and she melted, closing
her eyes for a second at the pleasure. "Go on about your
foray with the girls."

"We drove to the mall, and walked the concourse for
awhile, picking out our victims and strategizing. I have
to admit that planning our devilry was about as exciting
as doing it. It seemed like foreplay as we waved our
bodies up and down past the stores, commenting on the
possibilities, then taking a break at the sidewalk caf‚
where we sat observing the patrons coming and going. We
sipped some iced tea and talked about how sexy we felt,
and especially how daring Jessica looked, sitting there
with her legs crossed, making the hem of her skirt show
an unbelievable amount of leg, and occasionally flapping
up in the breeze clear to her waste on the side. These
girls obviously knew what they were doing, and knew how
to do it, because they next asked if I was ready for part

"Here I thought that we had just about done all we
could," continued Mia, "but was I ever in for a shocker.
The s****rs guided me down the mall to an electronics
store, where we previously spotted a number of good
looking sales reps. Jodi told me to watch her eyes and
expression closely to "learn the tease." We were quite a
site, strolling into the place, and we pretty much had
our pick of the gents when some hunk asking if we needed
assistance approached Jodi. She turned and looked him
completely up and down before holding his stare and
saying that we wanted to look at some custom units. The
guy fumbled as he e****ted us to the store's sound room,
where the special stereo equipment was kept for
acoustically correct listening. We were asked if we had
any particular interests, to which Jodi and Jess replied
that their interests were varied, and that they were
interested to know if his equipment was built strong
enough to handle the soft tones as well as the pounding
f***es of a good sweaty beat. Jodi said this using her
best sexy voice, and in such a way that left the poor guy
speechless. Before he could speak, Jodi asked about
whether a particular pair of floor speakers had an
impedance control on the back. As the man sank to his
knees looking at the back of the speaker, we moved closer
to where, when he turned back to talk, his face was
almost in our neatly outlined crotches. His stare at our
pussies was so obvious that it took a full couple of
seconds before he looked up only to find our hard nipples
under our tops. He fumbled with an answer, flushed at
being caught, and then Jessica asked if the speakers were
compatible for surround sound. As she asked, she raised
her arms, pointing to the rear corners of the room to
indicate other speaker locations, and when she did so,
her top raised to almost fully expose the bottom of her
breasts. From where he was kneeling on the floor, the man
had an excellent view of her bare skin as one of her
nipples slipped below the hem of her top. The fish net
sweater gave only the impression of cover, and her nipple
was briefly exposed to his gaze which was like that of a
kitten intently watching a piece of string. He mentioned
that they were indeed compatible, and went on to offer
that he could offer a free in-home demonstration and
design of a custom system if so desired. Jodi asked
Jessica if that Friday would be acceptable, and Jess, in
turn, asked me if I was willing to undergo a few hours of
demonstration on that day. All eyes turned to me, the
man's continuously going back and forth between my snatch
and breasts, and I found myself agreeing to Friday just
before noon."

"So that was it?" I asked.

"Oh, far from over. We left that store in a sweat, my
heart pounding, wondering what I just arranged for
myself. Jodi and Jessica congratulated me on my
performance saying, 'See how easy that was? That could be
your first victory.' I was totally flushed at what I had
just done, but I was keyed up and in a daze. Of course,
the s****rs weren't about to let this opportunity pass,
so off to the shoe store we went. We went to a shoe
section of an exclusive department store, really shopping
for men more than for shoes. We spotted our next victim,
and Jodi told me to play along. The suave man asked if we
needed help, and Jodi said that both she and I were
interested in thong heels. After picking out several
pair, we seated ourselves as the man helped us with the
shoes. We knew that he had a perfect close up of our
outlined pussies, and we played to his enjoyment as we
shifted positions, giving the material between our legs
ample opportunity to shift over the folds of our lips and
my extra large clit. Man, was I getting hot! There I was
purposely showing a total stranger my vagina like he was
giving me a pelvic exam, innocently making off that I was
interested in the fit of the shoes. We got all the
attention we wanted, and could see the man getting a real
boner, when Jessica asked to see a particularly high pair
of heels. Before he returned with the shoes, Jess told me
to pay attention to her polished routine. When the man
returned with the strap heels, Jessica attempted to strap
the shoes on herself as he watched. You could tell his
interest at her extremely short skirt riding up the side,
but she was expert at not letting him see between her
legs. She then got up and walked to the floor mirror
about six feet away. It was one of those angled mirrors
that let the person wearing the shoes get a better view,
but she knew that it also afforded the salesman a good
view as well. "I just don't know. They seem a
bit....exposing, don't you think?" she said, emphasizing
the word "exposing," as she spread her legs about
shoulder width apart. You could almost see the man sweat
as his eyes were glued to the reflection of Jessica's
exposed pussy in the mirror. She knew damned well that he
was staring directly at her bald snatch, so she just
stood their swing her hips slightly without destroying
the position. After about one full minute, she came back,
sat down and complained about one of the straps. The man
offered to help adjust the thing, and she made her final
move by lifting her leg up to the stool on which he was
sitting, only this time, she made sure that he had an
unobstructed view of her moist slit. She watched, as he
couldn't contain his stare, then, when he looked up
realizing he had been caught, she smiled down saying that
she would take the shoes, and would wear them out. We all
giggled as we left the store, the salesman with a raging
hard on, and me with a feeling of pure power like I
hadn't felt before. I liked what I was feeling."

I was feeling the affect of the story myself, and was
dripping pre cum as I continued to rub her wet clit. Man
that clit was stiff, and I felt almost as if I was
masturbating a small penis, only this was no she-male.
She was all girl and the story of her seduction by my
wife and her s****r was just too much to stop now. I
pressed for more details. "You must have been one hot
bitch by then," I said, sensing that language that she
didn't hear at home excited her.

"No shit, I was hot." Right on! She was really getting
into the story and loosening up. She continued with some
excitement now, "But it didn't stop there," she said with
enthusiasm. "I was dripping when we left that store and
took a break at the pub near the mall entrance. The girls
ushered me over to the bar, where we took up residence on
some rather high barstools. Jessica looked fabulous in
her high heels and short skirt, and after our drinks
arrived, we turned to notice that a group of four men two
white and two black had slithered over to the table next
to us. The view must have been something else for the
group. Jodi and I with lycra shorts that fit right up the
crack of our ass, and your wife with a skirt that didn't
quite cover her ass. The men were obviously confused at
what they were seeing, and finally, one made a comment on
the fine d‚cor of the place, asking our opinions. Jodi
turned to face them, approving of their perception in
decorating, and asked me if I agreed. I took the lead,
and turned to face the men like Jodi. Without even
thinking, I noticed that I had positioned myself like
Jodi, heels on the barstool rung, making a perfect
display of my pussy under the thin veneer. I was getting
hooked on the rush, realizing that I could expose myself
to men who would drool over my body. Within a few silly
comments, I, in turn, passed the baton by asking if
Jessica was in agreement of our taste. Well, you could
have written a book about the expressions on the men when
your wife sat up straight and slowly turned to face our
party. She looked me straight in the eye to see my face
when she positioned her legs the same as ours. I couldn't
help myself as I stared straight at her bald cunt, airing
itself on the edge of the stool. From the seats at the
table below, I knew, and she knew that the men were
getting something they hadn't bargained for. Not only was
her pussy visible as she swung her strong muscled legs
open and closed casually, but her tits could also be seen
from the underside, pushing the flimsy top out in front.
Jessica knew exactly what the men were seeing, and she
turned slightly to make sure each man had a chance at the
show. We continued our conversations through our drinks,
and asked for the men's business cards before slipping
off the stools. Jodi and I didn't have to drive the
material in our shorts any further up our moist slits to
make our exposure complete, but Jessica put on the grand
finale as she deliberately slipped from her seat slowly
so her skirt rode up to briefly expose her bare bottom.
The fact that she wasn't wearing panties was blatant as
hell, and we heard a collective sigh at the sight. The
men were business types, out for a late lunch, and were
employed in commercial sales of computer equipment. Jodi
and Jess asked if they could contact them for technical
advice, to which the guys fell all over themselves in
offering their personal service. We all mentioned that we
would be sure to use their services in the near future."

"You mean to tell me that my wife, I mean, I believe it
of her s****r, but, my wife...."

"Yup! Your wife, Jessica, made sure that she was free to
procure their services, and gave them a sample of what to
expect. Now that's what I call power. She was so cool and
collected as these guys nearly overturned their table
getting up in politeness when we left. Jess and Jodi were
cool, but I was getting hot as a machine gun. They knew I
couldn't last, so they asked me what I thought so far. I
could hardly talk, and my drenched crotch made it
apparent that I was ready for something more than just
waving it around. The s****rs conferred with each other,
then asked if I knew now where this was leading. If I
hadn't before, I realized now that they didn't do this
only to go home and take a cold shower. So I asked what I
could expect if I wanted to go farther. "Nothing short of
heaven on earth," was their answer as they told me that
they had one more stop on the way home. I couldn't
believe that they expected me to accompany them into the
bookstore, the kind that sold adult movies and sex toys.
My embarrassment was shooting through the roof as us
three foxy ladies stroll into the adult store. I felt my
skin go alternately hot and cold as the girls e****ted me
past the rubber cocks and implements. They made a show to
stop and ask me my opinion of several of the life like
surgical rubber penises and handed me each one to
consider. I caught my breadth several times, surprised at
how real these things felt, and imagining those monster
dicks penetrating my now flooded cunt. "I think she likes
this one," Jodi said as they both selected a thick brown
model with balls attached. They made me carry the twelve-
inch dick through the store past the magazines and movies
as we browsed. I was in a daze, wanting to hide what I
was carrying, but, at the same time, fascinated at the
variety of sexual delights displayed for our pleasure.
Every imaginable act, thought and perversion was on
display, and my eyes were soaking it all in.

By the time we reached the checkout, I hadn't even
noticed that they had each picked up a magazine for
themselves, and asked if I would be so kind as to pay for
them too, since they had left their purses in the car. As
I stood before the raised counter, I handed the clerk my
purchase, and he asked if there would be anything else. I
was so transfixed at mentally helping him hurry the item
into a bag that I almost forgot about the magazines, and
turned to take them from the s****rs and pass them to the
clerk. As I passed them to the man and he looked at the
covers, I noticed him glancing from the magazines to the
girls behind me. I looked to see what the problem was,
and I noticed each magazine's front cover had the clear
picture of the two girls standing behind me, their faces
splattered in gobs of white sticky cum, and a black cock
dripping the rest onto their faces. These were those
glossy specialty magazines that were filled with only
shots of women being fucked in every hole, and of them
sucking monster black cocks until they came in their
mouths and pussies. Jessica and Jodi were smirking behind
me, fully realizing that the man would notice that they
were the featured starlets. They were watching both the
man's reaction and mine as I was caught in between. Their
enjoyment at my realization was broken when I asked the
attendant if he was finished with the literature, to
which he told me the total. Well, of course I didn't have
enough cash, so I had to use my credit card. I was
further embarrassed, since now the man knew my name and
asked for my ID, further gaining access to my address.
Jessica spoke up say that I also wanted to open an
account for movies, so run the card for five movie

"We went back to Jodi's place, with me now being on
record with an account at the local adult book store! I
thought, my God, what have I done, but when we got in the
house and relaxed with one glass of wine down and next
being poured, the magazines had already been taken out of
the bag and passed around. I was mortified, but
uncontrollably interested in the images before me. I had
no idea that the girls I had befriended were also
modeling for porn material. However, the wine and the
excitement of the day easily overcame the forbidden acts
that I had just done, and I found that the three of us
were soon stripped naked in the heat of the afternoon,
lying on Jodi's bed, reading sex magazines, and talking
girl talk of the day's experiences. I thought to myself,
I love my new friends."

"And, did you?" I asked full knowing the answer. Mia
didn't miss a beat when she told me of her first lesbian
experience. She related how they just started stroking
her skin and talking of their adventures. Of how they
showed themselves off to these men, and how wet they had
gotten. She closed her eyes and shuddered in climax as
she told me of the first time any female had sucked her
clitoris, and the first time she had ever put her own
mouth to another woman's pussy lips and let her tongue
explore the gentle folds and taste of her partner. Mia
said that the feeling of freedom and the friends were
something she had longed for, and that she melted under
the touch, soft sounds of female voices, and the
incredible excitement of venturing into the land of the
taboo. This was a girl that was ripe for picking, and my
wife and her s****r were the master gardeners. I could
tell that the memory of that day was the moment she both
accepted, and was accepted into a way of life that would
change her forever. The only thing I could do now was to
enjoy it with her, and that I did, for I got a thrill out
of watching the man and woman slowly jogging toward us,
and almost tripping over their own feet when they passed
by and saw me fingering Mia as she stroked my cock.

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Chapter 1,2 and 3 are all great!
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can't wait for the next one, but i'll have to.
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Vert Hott. Lookin forward to the next one!