I watched as Jerry's car pulled away, carrying my wife
and her s****r off to their planned weekend of playing
slave girls for their black lovers, and posing for a new
series of slick interracial porn magazines. Not only had
it been incredibly erotic to see Jessica and Jodi, two
beautiful blond girls being e****ted down my neighborhood
street by four black men, but for them to be virtually
nude, dressed only in white four inch heels and white
nylons was really mind blowing. It was only a few seconds
before I realized that I had not gotten directions to
Jerry's place, so I threw my car into drive, shook off my
daze, and raced after the dark BMW. Luckily, traffic
allowed me to catch up and follow them to one of the
city's urban renewal sections.

The brownstone three story building was in the center of
the block that had been completely renovated for
exclusive businesses and luxury living. The BMW pulled
into a private garage, and the party began filing out and
around to the front of the building. The girls were kept
nude during the trip, and attracted as much attention as
any blonde housewife would in a mostly black
neighborhood, but were well protected, and in the safety
of their four e****ts. After all, they were there to have
sex with black men, so covering up was of little
importance, just safety. They entered the front and
disappeared behind the closed door. After a few minutes
of noticing lights getting turned on, the windows to the
third story balcony opened, where I could see Jessica
looking out. She found my car, smiled, blew me a kiss,
and waved as she slipped back to the interior. They
didn't make much effort to close the d****s, and from my
vantage point, I could see the two blond figures making
themselves at home, and stepping behind the bar to fix
drinks for their private party.

Soft jazz started to drift from the apartment, and the
s****rs started stripping the clothes from the men. Soon
the picture of two naked white housewives being lovingly
pawed by four nude black men was clearly visible. Just
before I decided to leave, Jodi dropped to her knees to
mouthing the stiff rod of one of the men. Jessica wasn't
far behind as I saw her first straining up to kiss her
lover while stretching his long cock with her small white
hand, then, sinking slowly, she joined her s****r in
sucking off the first of a long list of black pricks that
were lined up for the weekend. As I drove away, both
girls raised their hands to wave (they must have been
told by their host that I was leaving), neither one
missing a stroke from the big black dicks shoved in their
mouths. I mused on the way home that neither Jessica nor
Jodi ever drank very much liquor, thereby keeping their
wits about them when having sex. Jess once confided that
they both preferred to have all their senses about them
when getting fucked, and only drank to take the edge off.
I wasn't that proud. I knew that I would be downing a few
at home, thinking of my wife and her s****r as they
satisfied their lust for black meat, and the fact that
both were just about to get their first good drink of the


The s****rs were insatiable and had an energy level that
would put a professional athlete to shame. Their lust for
sex seemed only interrupted by their need for food and
drink, and occasionally to recharge with a few hours of
sl**p. Even their bodily functions didn't slow them down,
for they sometimes invited some of their kinkier
companions to watch as their little pee holes splashed
golden liquid into the toilet. Not something I especially
enjoyed, but they got to spread themselves in exhibition
for their black friends to examine their most private of
all parts, and that just turned them on all the more.

My wife and her s****r made dinner for their host and his
friends, all the while remaining nude and available for
their every sexual whim. They fucked throughout the
evening into the wee hours of the morning, having removed
the only clothes they wore halfway during the evening.
When they awoke, they were lying naked in bed sandwiched
between black bodies, ready for a new day of playing
their "get me pregnant if you can" games. The girls would
always schedule something like this during their fertile
time of the month, since the adrenaline would be driving
them wild.

As morning broke, the two white slaves set about doing
their chores for their black master, by starting with
breakfast, attending him in the shower, cleaning the
house, and, of course, seeing that he had his choice of
white snatch for his morning fuck. My wife and her s****r
always enjoyed showering with their lovers for a couple
of reasons. The first was obvious, as they got to clean
the orifices that they would be touching and even
mouthing. The second reason was that they had one silly
fetish for their men to be cleanly shaven. Not their
faces, but their cocks and balls. The girls thrilled at
the chore of lathering up their black lover's tools and
gently taking a safety razor the stiffening dicks and
swaying ball sacks. In the end, they voided the men of
any hair that would interfere with blowjobs, and they
claimed that it felt so much sexier to feel a smooth
shiny black snake against their equally bald pussies. I
have to admit that the few times I watched my wife
leisurely lying back while sipping a drink, with her legs
spread wide to the side, and having a big black prick
slowly slide in and out of her stretching cunt was a
beautiful turn-on. She had such a way with casual sex
that she could carry on a conversation with her lover
while she enjoyed a long slow screw.

Jerry's guests were treated with the same respect, and
each s****r got filled with hot creamy sperm from at
least two men. Jess and Jodi made perfect white surrogate
housewives for the black men as they went about making
the morning meal in the nude. A complete breakfast was
served, and each man was offered milk for his coffee,
which the girls squirted from their nipples directly into
the cups. Refills were self serve, and they offered their
breasts to the men who squeezed the tender white flesh
until it produced the desired white fluid. The girls were
really having a good time being used by their black
masters, and playing the game of obedient white slaves.

Jerry's friends left after breakfast, leaving him alone
with his harem, and getting on with the day's chores for
his slaves. Actually, chores isn't quite the right word
for it. Fortune had it that he was a professional
photographer who mostly did layouts for newspaper ads and
magazines. However, he also had contacts that would pay
him for good quality porn photos whenever he could come
up with new material, and had mentioned it once to Jodi
and Jess who jumped at the chance for a bit of notoriety.
The girls had actually been turned on enough by the idea,
that they arranged for part of this weekend to include a
real top notch photo session of them being black sexed.
Having relatively good business sense, Jerry got the
notion of making a little money on the side, by selling
the opportunity for his business associates to have their
picture taken with a white woman. The equipment was top
notch, and the lighting was everything needed for the
best quality results. Working alone and owning the
building, he had the advantage of being able to lock the
front door and allow his subjects to roam freely
throughout, and in any state of dress that suited the
job. Of course, my wife and her s****r roamed nude, since
it was what good sex slaves should do, and it just plain
was exciting to both them and Jerry's guests.

Shortly after breakfast, I got a call from Jodi, who
asked if I could run by her house and pick up Nubi, her
dog (pronounced noo-bee). I asked once why the name Nubi,
to which she replied, "Oh, it's short for Nubian." She
proceeded to lecture me on the derivation of the word,
"You know, like in Nubia, the country in Africa. The term
Nubian slave referred to black slaves, and Nubi being
black, well....." It was easy for me to get the picture,
since Nubi was a rather large Labrador retriever/Great
Dane mix. Not knowing or caring why Jodi wanted me to
bring the dog, I merely agreed, thinking it a good excuse
to see how the girls were coming along, or, more
appropriately, just plain cumming.

I arrived at Jerry's place, with the dog slobbering all
over the interior of my car and me. Somehow Nubi made me
feel more comfortable walking in the area, and we soon
were at the front door. The buzzer rang us through, and
we found our way to the second floor, where I heard
voices. As I entered the studio a naked Jodi, who took an
excited Nubi off my hands, greeted me. One black man who
was as equally naked as she accompanied her, and, when I
was introduced as her s****r's husband, the man's hand
went limp in mine, just like Jerry's the day before. I
was beginning to like the effect of power I had over the
men as my confidence rose to new levels. Nevertheless,
the man was as cordial as the men I had met the day
before, and we began talking as Jodi took Nubi to another
part of the large room to settle down.

The studio consisted of almost the entire second floor,
and several different settings for photo shoots. A small
office to the side had an open staircase on the outside
leading to its top. Up top was a loft area filled with
props, racks of clothes, and even a bed. But the most
obvious of things on the entire floor was the activity
going on in the central portion. Continuous pops of light
came in rapid fire as Jerry caught the action of my wife
and two black men. She was moving from pose to pose as
Jerry talked to them constantly. "Ok, now, work it, work
it! C'mon baby, use that body. Wiggle that ass. Yeah
that's it! Good tongue action....oooh, yeah let's see
that pee hole licked. Yeah, baby, now hold that one.
Good...." My blond headed wife and her s****r had really
done themselves up nicely, and their hair was perfect,
and their makeup was just right to exude that soft

Jessica was in the middle of two black men, slowly moving
from one sex position to another, and pausing to get the
best angle for the camera. She was on her knees,
thrusting her ass up to meet the monster cock in her
pussy, and had her mouth and tiny hands around a big
black pole in front of her face. Everything was going in
slow motion as she moved, not caring so much about
getting fucked as she was about getting the best photos
of her penetrations. I stood silently to watch the show
as the camera popped its light to catch the cock just
before insertion, then as it was entering her white slit,
followed at rapid succession as the massive piece of
black meat invaded my wife's cunt until two black balls
were resting on her pussy lips. The shaft impaling her
was every bit a foot long, and the intensely black pole
stretched her vaginal opening on every slow stroke. The
cock in her mouth was an even match for the one in her
cunt, making it difficult for her to engulf the entire
thing, but not impossible. She is a master in sausage
swallowing, and takes pride in lodging huge black pricks
in her throat while looking up in her lover's eyes with
her baby blues. Her neatly cropped platinum bob framed
her soft face and blue eyes as her cheeks bulged with
black meat. Not missing a trick, ample opportunity was
taken to suck the man's ball sack, and to mouth each
globe individually. As this was being done, she raised
one leg for the camera to get a good clear shot of the
black dong fucking her bald pussy. Occasionally, she
would stop, redirect the action, then continue with the

The whole scene was moving in slow motion as I watched by
wife fucking and sucking these two incredibly black men's
pricks. My innocent white housewife and her two dark
skinned lovers were performing in the middle of a large
light blue sheet of material that had been rolled down
from the ceiling and across the padded floor. Jerry was
moving around them like a referee at a wrestling match,
but was tethered to the cable connecting the camera to
the power source. Jessica was being captured on several
hundred frames of film as she moved in a smooth free
flowing dream of pure taboo sex.

Stick (Jerry) was bolstering his collection of photos
depicting white women having sex with black men, and had
invited the two male models to take turns fucking the
s****rs while he photographed. At no cost to the starving
artist models, they jumped at the chance to pork the
blondes, and help their friend out in the process. After
all, he might very well throw extra work their way in the
future, and this wasn't exactly heavy duty work.

I didn't notice Jodi until she was next to me once again,
and accompanied by the man I had met at the door when I
arrived. As the action was driving to the exciting
climax, we continued to watch Jessica's performance, and
sip on drinks that she had prepared as part of her
duties. The shoot was literally coming to an end, and
Jerry was directing the final shots. "Now, why don't we
get a good facial first, followed by a pool of cum on
your back, Sweety."

Jess broke off to say, "I like the facial, but the cum on
my back doesn't tell a strong enough story."

"Okay, we'll work with it, but for now let's get that
prick to explode in your face."

"In my mouth, you mean," she giggled, and began by
licking from the man's asshole, up around his nut sack,
and on to completely cover his huge black shaft that she
continued to pump with her hand. By the time she reached
the bulbous head, the man was ready to explode, so Jess
tipped her head back, opened her mouth wide, stuck out
her tongue as far as possible, and gazed up with those
bright blue eyes. She kept pumping the huge tool, giving
the appearance that the white girl was feeding herself
from the fountain of black seed. Within seconds, gobs of
thick hot semen were spewing from the black rod, and the
camera snapped like a machine gun catching the white
ropes as they flew through the air to my wife's pretty
face. I must say that the man had both excellent aim and
a plentiful supply, for the first gusher splashed evenly
from her upper lip, across her nose, and puddled in one
eye. The following spurts landed perfectly on her waiting
tongue, creating a pool of hot spunk ready for her to
swallow. She held the pose like a trooper while the black
sausage emptied its contents on her face. A final broad
smile was all the still camera had left to capture, and
she finally savored the hot cum before swallowing her

Jess was laughing almost uncontrollably at the facial she
just received. Her laugh was so infectious that I joined
her along with the others. She was laughing so hard that
she was half choking in the process, but that made her
image all the more exciting and innocent. In between
gasps for air, Jess blurted, "Good God, Sammy! How long
have you been saving up? Or, better yet, where have you
been all my life?" It seemed my whole body relaxed when I
saw her enjoying her cum bath, and I watched as this
pretty blonde girl sat nude, cross legged in front of
this huge black cock swinging in her face. Her sweaty
tits, bald snatch, and bright blue eyes were framed in
her blonde hair. I also mused that this was my wife who
was acting so freely wanton in front of me and her
s****r, not a care in the world, and also wondered how
many men would be jacking off to her pictures.

Jessica stopped only briefly to wipe the cum from her eye
with her finger, licked its dripping contents, then said,
"Let's get the next one shooting directly into my pussy.
I'll hold it open while he jacks off into me." She
immediately spun around on her back, rolled up onto her
shoulders, and reached with both hands to open her pussy
and provide a nice gaping hole. She kept falling forward,
so I retrieved a bean bag chair, and stuffed it under her
back to prop her up so she could relax and concentrate on
holding her pussy open.

"Ooh! Thanks, love. I didn't even know you were here.
Enjoying yourself?" she said beaming from ear to cum
soaked ear.

"Immensely," I retorted as I smiled and moved back
allowing the action to continue.

Jerry stepped up close to the action, and we all followed
to watch. The man yanked on his massive tool until his
nuts contracted and he announced his impending climax. As
my wife looked up from her contorted position, she pulled
on her pussy lips, opening the entrance to her baby
chute. The camera again picked up its pace to rapid fire,
and caught the streams of semen as they burst forth from
the big black prick and flew directly into Jessica's
vagina. She had been reamed enough that her hole was a
clear open shot, and the man proceeded to empty his balls
into her awaiting orifice. The hot white goo was injected
into my wife's gaping pussy with some pretty strong
shots, and she moaned aloud as she felt its heat inside
her body. Pulse after pulse, jet after jet of sticky
thick cum blasted her between the legs, and soon came to
overflow her cavern.

"Now, push it in me!" she gasped her last command, and
the huge black penis was plunged into her small white
body, forcing much of the cum into her uterus and the
rest f***ed out around the crammed opening. My wife
closed her eyes and groaned at the sensation of feeling
the warm black baby seed being f***ed into her egg
chamber, and the man held the base of his cock so its
stiffness would make a formidable piston. It was fairly
obvious to me that Jessica climaxed easily while being
pumped, but saved her multiple orgasms for later. Her
soft white skin against his dark black body was truly a
magnificent ending to which we all applauded, while Jodi
gasped as she continued to finger her clit.

"Whew! Well, that got ME hot," said Jodi to no one in

"Good," answered Jerry, "Let's all take a break while I
reload and get set up for the next session. Dwayne, are
you ready?"

Dwayne, the man I had met at the door, was more than
willing as Jodi had already helped him with his hard on,
and I suddenly noticed that I was the only clothed person
in the room. Jodi observed, "Uh, b*o? Why don't you get a
little more comfortable and GET NAKED!" She almost
shouted the last command as if in jest, but it had the
desired effect as I sheepishly slipped off my things and
flung them to some unknown location in the room. So what
if my eight white inches was the smallest in the room. It
didn't stop me from springing a hard on at the sight of
my two relatives getting porked by these black guys.

My wife's two lovers lifted her from the floor, and she
came over to me after accepting a drink from Jodi, her
eyes noticing my erection. "Sorry, sweetheart... but,
you'll have to take care of yourself this trip. We
promised ourselves to Jerry, and it's sort of a repayment
for services..... well, anyway, it's for something else."
Then her face brightened, "But I've got an idea, why
don't you jack off into one of the glasses and save it
up. I'll drink it for you later, and I'm sure everyone
would like to see that, especially if I get other
contributions!" She shook her blonde head up and down
excitedly, extracting an affirmation from me, and before
I knew it, I had once again given her unspoken consent to
enjoy herself by turning me on through her orgy
participation. I thought to myself, "How does she do

Jodi couldn't contain herself, and insisted that it was
her turn for some black sexing. Dwayne was her man, and
she led him over to the center area, swinging her white
ass sexily all the way. Jessica smirked while she took a
drink, and looked to see my reaction. "Someday I'm going
to fuck that little bitch!" I retorted.

"Yeah, and I'll lick your balls and both your assholes
while you do it!" Jessica threw back at me defiantly. We
both got a good laugh, but kept focused on her s****r who
sunk to her knees, threw back her long blond hair, and
clasped her small white hands around the huge slab of
black meat staring her in the face. Jodi was an expert at
sucking cock, and she especially enjoyed making as big a
show of it as possible by starting at the very bottom of
the man's ball sack and working her way up. She never
failed to have a stiff cock to suck by the time she
reached the top, and this time she was rewarded with a
large bulbous head ready to bulge her cheeks. Her creamy
skin was in stark contrast to the shining dick as her
small tongue snaked its way up the jet black tube,
covering it in saliva and flicking the rather large pee
hole at the end. Before she knew it, the camera was
flashing once again as Jerry was back at it, recording
the actions of the white slut housewife and her black

Even though Jessica had been freshly fucked, and her cunt
was still oozing black seed, she never lost interest in
watching her s****r get laid. In fact, she seemed
fascinated with every drip of pre-cum that Jodi managed
to extract, and had soon nuzzled herself across the laps
of the black studs she had just fucked. My wife's pearl
white body lounged nude, pressing against the black men's
skin, as all three sat on the sofa sipping drinks as if
watching TV. The men were leisurely pawing at Jess's body
parts as she soaked up the attention and looking up into
their eyes on occasion. I just sat back in my overstuffed
chair, and jacked off at the whole scene as expected.

Jodi was always really good at posing with a monster
black dick in her mouth. In contrast to her s****r's
short bob style hair and platinum coloring, Jodi's hair
was a light golden blond, straight, and reached to the
small of her back. Combined with bangs, her blue eyes
created the perfect picture of c***d **** as she knelt
before this big black man and sucked his penis. Several
shots stopped with a black ball in her mouth, then tongue
rapped around the shaft, followed by several close ups of
that same delicate tongue invading the hole that spewed
forth the man's pee and cum. I think a great deal of the
overall effect came from her eyes which she used to peer
innocently up toward the camera lens as if it was the man
looking down.

Jodi's favorite among the shots of her giving head were
those with the big pole in her mouth. She considered
herself an expert at throating a cock, and Jessica
seconded the opinion of her s****r. Jodi first stretched
her mouth wide to accept as much of the black meat as
possible, then grabbed Dwayne's ass cheeks, which she
pulled toward her face. The insertion bulged her cheeks,
and the picture of little white girl innocence was really
quite beautiful as she knelt with long flowing blond
hair, and sucking on this black man's donkey size prick.

Jessica leaned forward with interest for she knew what
her s****r was going to do next. Jodi lay on her back on
several overstuffed pillows to bring her head up to
crotch height on Dwayne. She then thrust her breasts up
and laid her head way back to accept his cock as he
approached her from the top. Jodi slurped in the massive
black tool, placed her hands once again on his ass
cheeks, and pulled his cock down her throat. This was the
part that Jessica liked to watch, for her s****r was
literally forcing herself to be throat fucked, deep
throat fucked! The thick piece of cock was slowly
disappearing on every stroke, and with seeming ease, was
sliding its entire 11 inches down her gullet. The huge
snake had inserted its entire length, and the set of
peach sized black balls came to rest on Jodi's small
turned up nose. She held the pose for several seconds,
allowing Jerry to snap several good shots, then repeated
the maneuver over and over. I noticed Jessica leaning up
on one elbow, holding a drink in her left hand, and
intently watching the display. I also noticed that she
had her left leg lifted up by one of the black men who
was leisurely sliding his stiff black tool into her
pussy. She kept watching her s****r, sipping her drink,
while casually getting fucked on the couch in the
process. I thought to myself, "Well, I guess this is what
they came for," and I didn't know how right I was.

"Oh, yeah, s*s! Suck that thing," Jessica encouraged as
Jodi complied with frenzied pride.

As much of a stud that Dwayne was, he was no match for
Jodi's ministrations, and he yelled some obscenity as he
literally exploded down her throat. Jodi took advantage
of his mistake, and held him buried to full length as he
shot his sperm directly into her belly. The camera
couldn't adequately capture how her throat bulged on each
pulse, but we all could see her muscles expand when the
jets of cum spewed into her. With no chance to swallow,
she just accepted the injections of the hot semen, and
only after four or five hard spurts did she back off to
allow some of the spunk to puddle in her mouth. Her
expertise was known only to a few, but was a truly
extraordinary and amazing treat to watch. Jodi gasped for
air as the black meat was extracted from her lips, and
one cough allowed a spittle of cum to escape her lips.
All four black men were in awe, and I could only see
through my own climactic haze as my wife climaxed,
getting her second injection of black seed in her pussy
since I had arrived. I caught my ejaculation in my glass,
and Jessica caught the ejaculate of the man fucking her
in her cunt. I think she was having a better time than I
was through this whole time, but that was the intention

Jodi made every bit as beautiful a picture as her s****r,
sitting up with her long blond hair, holding the big
black cock by the base, and cleaning it with her tongue.
This the camera was able to catch, and she worked it
well. However, she was terribly disappointed with the
fact that she was working herself up to orgasm, but
didn't have the chance to come. I think both Jess and I
could tell by her jittery movements that she needed
release, and in a hurry. The girls wanted the weekend to
be full of black sexing, orgasms, and men who would take
them at will at any time. Of course they had no reason to
doubt this arrangement because of their very good looks
and the taboo nature of their offering. Seldom does a
beautiful white woman give herself freely to a black man,
but two blond s****rs giving themselves freely to any
group of black men for as much as they want....well, that
is a virtual guarantee of a constant stream of
intercourse. One other thing that I knew about both
s****rs was that they were multi-orgasmic. I first
discovered this in my wife when I wondered what would
happen if I got right back on her clit after a few
seconds following an orgasm. The results were astounding
as she climaxed rapidly, then again and again, until she
had experienced seven in a row. That night I also found
that once she started, she could be held at a constant
level of excitement until daybreak, experiencing
continual orgasms throughout the night.

That night of discovery was surprising to Jessica as
well, for she then realized why she sometimes felt empty
after sex. She simply needed more sex, and wasn't ready
to stop at one climax. It wasn't long before she confided
in me that her s****r had laughed at her when she shared
the story, wondering why it took her this long to find
out. "You've got to be k**ding!" Jodi said to Jess. "You
mean to tell me you didn't know? Well listen up, we are
the same in more ways than you can imagine. The blessing
of multiple orgasms runs in the f****y, and the curse is
that it drives us to a far greater level of satisfaction
than the normal woman. Hell, the girls in my 'inner
circle' are almost all multi-orgasmic. That's why they're
so active in the club. We're like Olympic stars when it
comes to cumming, girl. That's the beauty of our lot in
life." And I knew this to be true, since neither girl was
ever satisfied with just one climax, just one man, just
one load of sperm. Their need was constant, and their
ability to outpace a group was legendary. Unfortunately,
their frustrations could match their stamina, and right
now, Jodi was almost shaking with sexual frenzy.

Jessica recognized her s****r's need, and offered, "Ok,
s*s, you look like you could use some Nubi," to which
Jodi almost violently shook her head yes.

I wasn't sure what was going on, but the realization
struck me like a ton of bricks as Jessica slid off the
cock that was softening in her pussy, and strode across
the large room to fetch Jodi's dog. The erotic sight of
my petite nude blond wife leading a rather large black
dog to the center of the action was something that Jerry
couldn't resist capturing on film, and her sexy walk and
coy smile told of her unspoken intentions. She noticed my
quizzical, half shocked look, and diverted herself
momentarily to where I was standing.

"What's that matter? You look shocked or something. I
assumed that since you knew about the horses, that....,"
she asked in a hushed tone.

"Well, I suppose I suspected, but I guess that I really
didn't include you in those suspicions," I answered.
Jessica was having somewhat of a hard time controlling
Nubi, as he had his nose in her crotch, lapping her
mixture of cunt juice and semen while rapidly wagging his
tail. Jess just stood their with her legs slightly apart,
looking into my eyes intent on our conversation, and
adjusting only slightly to allow Nubi's tongue to get a
better lick.

"I guess this is really a weekend of discovery for you,
huh? Well, let's put it this way, why do you think that
I've been suggesting we get a dog? Jodi started it, and
when she showed me how, it was just another aspect of our
sexual freedom. Besides, I think between the two of us,
we're wearing Nubi out! You do like dogs don't you?"

"Not when they take my place in bed!"

"Oh, c'mon. I think you'll like this. Just relax and we
can talk about what breed to get later. OK?" Her coy look
was that of a young girl pleading to keep the puppy. Only
this puppy just happened to be lapping at her pussy as we
spoke, and had already unsheathed his cock.

Before I could speak, Jodi yelled across to us, "Hey!
Speaking about breeding...will you please not hog the dog
and bring me my a****l lover?"

"Catch you later," whispered my wife as she turned and
continued her procession to where her s****r was
standing. Jodi had her feet spread about shoulder width,
hands on her hips, making quite a pretty picture of this
blond surfer girl. Her long blond hair, bald pussy, and
perky tits accentuated her youthful look in the studio
lighting, and the one true lucky dog in the place was
making his way to his goddess/mistress. Nubi immediately
went to work on Jodi's hairless pussy, diving right in as
she stroked his black head. The s****rs worked as a team
on the large dog, Jodi holding him behind the ears while
his oversized tongue worked its way feverishly in and out
of her slit and over her clitoris.

Jodi's knees first bent to afford the dog better access
to her slit, then they buckled under the strain as she
fell backward to the pillowed floor and spread her legs.
As Nubi kept lapping, Jessica began stroking his prick
and massaging his balls. It wasn't even sixty seconds
before his cock was unsheathed, and his raging nine inch
purple-pink member was hanging below. Now, for those of
you who don't know much about a dog's prick, the shaft
doesn't have a bulbous head like a man's, but it tapers
to a point. The size varies from dog to dog, with Danes
being the largest, and Nubi hanging right in there with
his nine inch boner. Speaking of bones, the penis
actually has a central bone, which keeps it stiff, which
gives extra pleasure to a woman who never has to worry
about a softening dick. Nubi was particularly thick at a
good two inches plus across, and sported what the girls
think is one of his best assets, a large knot at the
base. This knot swells once he is fully inserted, holding
the connection to another dog until the act is complete.

Jodi was going wild from the licking, and Jessica was
holding the base of Nubi's cock while she began to mouth
the a****l's member. She started at the tip, flicking it
with her tongue, then opened her mouth and plunged the
huge dog prick inside. She sucked and licked with her own
tongue as the a****l grew stiffer and her creamy smooth
cheeks bulged with its girth. Jess had chosen to wear
light pink lipstick and powder blue eye shadow, which
really set off her face as that of a young blond as she
sucked off the dog. The image was incredibly hot, and too
much for the one black man that didn't fuck my wife on
the couch as he came over to me, asked for my glass, and
exploded a good load in the tumbler.

Jodi was ready for a good reaming, and got up on her
hands and knees to offer her bare snatch, of course,
doggy style. Her s****r helped by positioning Nubi at
Jodi's back, then, guided his super stiff rod into her
s****r's cunt. Jodi wanted to make it a good picture, so
she d****d her long blond hair over her arched back,
thrust her ass up to meet the dog, and look backwards
toward the camera as the shiny red dog prick began
fucking her in earnest. Her pussy lips were being
stretched from the wide girth, and Jodi knew just how to
fuck the dog down to, but not including the knot. She let
Nubi enjoy himself for about a minute, getting some great
shots of herself and my wife sitting nude next to her.
When the time was right, Jessica advised her s****r, and
Jodi closed her eyes and relaxed to allow Nubi to shove
his entire length inside. The full nine inches of dog
prick disappeared in her pussy, including the knot that
swelled to over three inches across. Now, hopelessly
impaled on the shaft of her dog, Jodi began to enjoy the
intercourse and just rode the thrusting b**st as he poked
and shoved as far into her as he could get. Her cunt was
held captive by the swollen knot, and I could see her
lips swell as the dog was pumping her rapidly like dogs
usually do. Jodi was down on her forearms now, legs
slightly spread, and with her ass sticking high into the
air to make herself more accessible to Nubi's bone. Her
soft blond hair flowed over her back as the dog continued
to fuck her, shoving his mammoth tool up against her
cervix and drooling over her at the same time. Her body
climbed the hill of pleasure and was soon racked with a
shuddering climax from the b**sts pounding. At nearly the
same time, Nubi started shaking and thrust deep into her
pussy, holding his cock tip at the entrance to her womb,
and shot stream after stream of hot dog sperm into my
s****r-in-law. "Oh, God, it's so hot," she said as she
felt the a****l sperm flowing past her cervix, and
starting to swim up to be the first to cover her eggs.
Jet after jet of cum filled her hole, and she continued
to shudder just knowing it was from a dog, her dog that
had his nine inch boner buried in her cunt and tied in
typical a****l fashion.

As the heat of the action started to subside, Jerry was
in a frenzy having just recorded this vile act on film,
and was sporting his own massive hard on that needed
draining. He stepped in front of Jodi, telling her to let
him fuck her, but she added, "You'll have to wait awhile.
Nubi is stuck in me, and until he shrinks his knot, we're
coupled." And so she just lay there with a dog prick in
her pussy, unable to move while everyone else just
watched in amazement. Jodi loved the feeling of having
the knot inside her, and was very careful not to excite
her dog, because any sudden movement could cause her to
tear if the prick was ripped from her.

Jessica understood her s****r's need for Nubi's prick to
shrink, and moved to take her place in satisfying their
black weekend master. She immediately went to her knees,
grabbed Jerry's prick, and covered the head with her
mouth as she began fellating him. It didn't matter that
she wasn't being photographed. This was strictly for
Jerry and my wife's pleasure, and she showed her devotion
to the task by slobbering up and down on the massive
black tool as best she could. The sight of Jodi being
stuck on her dog's cock provided ample stimulus to the
man inside my wife's mouth, and it wasn't but a few
minutes of intense sucking before he was shaking and
gushing his cum into her throat. Jess loved the taste of
semen, especially if it was hot and fresh, and even more
so if it came directly from a pair of pulsating black
balls. My wife sucked the cock in her mouth until its
load was fully deposited insider her. She swallowed
almost all of the man's cum, but deftly reserved a small
sample, allowing it to flow out and around his black
shaft and drip down onto her chin and tits. The act
provided just that extra touch of lewdness, and Jess
loved playing the perfect actress.

By the time Jess had finished cleaning up the remaining
semen, Nubi had slipped from Jodi's cunt and had
retreated to a private corner to lick himself clean.
However, before he reached the corner, Jodi whipped
around and grabbed him by the collar, dragging him back
to center stage. There, the two s****rs went to work on
licking Nubi's prick for him. Two blonde heads bobbed up
and down sucking up a mixture of cunt juice and dog
sperm, then they released the dog, and Jess went to work
on her s****r's bald pussy, licking the same mixture from
her shiny slit. Magically, the camera came to life once
again to capture the moment, but the magic seemed to be
lost on the s****rs, and they soon rolled off each other.
Collapsed and exhausted the small throng of four black
men and the two white s****rs mellowed out into a sl**py
scene of afternoon siesta. We all drifted off to the
music and warm air drifting into the window, but my
thoughts centered on wondering what was next as my wife
and s****r-in-law helped Jerry film his latest
contribution to interracial porn.
95% (17/1)
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2 years ago
Thanks for posting the link and also part 3.. Way to go Deggles!!
2 years ago
Part 3 just added
2 years ago
Part one should be there
2 years ago
sick.. :( i like IR but not this extreme.. poor white girls.. Well, we all have our preferences.. :)Nice one.. but part 1 is missing..
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wherea part one great story