Alice worked for the department store for several years.
Recently she witnessed several changes. The corporate
executives brought in new managers to increase sales.
Mr. Jake Benton was assigned to the store where Alice

When Mr. Benton spoke to the group where Alice worked he
stressed that there would be lay-offs and poor
performance would be grounds for termination. Alice
remembered how large Jake Benton looked. He was black,
over six feet tall and appeared extremely muscular. He
dressed very sharp and his deep voice intimidated Alice.
At first Alice was worried about her job.

She was a single Mother of a 19-year-old daughter. Alice
was 40 years old with long black hair. She was 5 feet, 6
inches tall and a thin 115 pounds. Alice ran almost
everyday to keep herself in shape. Her measurements were
34-24-36 and most people thought she and her daughter
were s****rs. This sort of flattery encouraged Alice to
take care of herself. She went through a bad marriage
and the divorce five years earlier left her self-esteem
at an all time low.

After her divorce Alice tried dating but could not find
anyone that she could was compatible. Her first husband
was somewhat of a wimp and terrible lover and Alice
longed for a strong, dominant man to take care of her
and make the hard decisions. Alice had always worked,
but after her divorce took the job at the department

Since her divorce money was always a little tight. Her
daughter was in community college and Alice's salary was
barely enough to make ends meet. Working in the
department store, Alice worked the cash register and it
was easy to "borrow" a ten or a twenty occasionally.

Alice always promised herself that she would pay back
the money she borrowed, but never seemed to get around
to it. Alice liked her job and the freedom it provided.
The new manager was hard, but Alice knew it was needed
for the store to stay profitable. She needed the job and
hoped everything would continue.

The weekend was a disappointment. Her daughter was
supposed to come over and they were going to go to a
movie on Sunday, but something came up and her daughter
cancelled. Alice went to the movie by herself. After she
arrived home, she went her bed.

While lying in bed, Alice ran her hand over her breasts
and down between her legs. It had been a long time since
she was with a man and Alice was wanting. Alice closed
her eyes when her fingers passed through her thick pubic
hair and made contact with her clitoris. She was not
surprised to find it erect and her slit moist. Alice
thoughts of her fingers as a lover's tongue and rub
herself until an orgasm washed over her. Her wimp
husband would not perform oral sex unless Alice agreed
to do the same for him. He was so lousy at it, that
after two or three times, she quit asking.

Now it was Monday and Alice was tired from her late
evening as she started to dress for work. Today she wore
a calf-length skirt, white blouse and low-heeled shoes.
She hoped for an easy day as she started walking into
her area in the store. She greeted her supervisor, Myra
and was surprised at the response.

"Alice, Mr. Benton audited the stores receipts and sales
over the past six months and there were some major
discrepancies. He wants to see you right away."

Alice's heart raced as she thought about the money she
had taken from the registered. It was only small
amounts, this could not be what they were talking about.

"Do you know what for?" Alice asked hesitantly.

Alice was relieved when Myra said that Mr. Benton was
interviewing everyone. She put her purse under the
counter and walked to the other side of the store where
the administrative offices were located.

"Good morning Alice," Beth, Mr. Benton's secretary said,
"he's expecting you, go right inside."

Alice opened the door and entered the spacious office.
Her feet sunk into the carpet floor as she walked across
the room. Mr. Benton sat behind his desk looking down as
Alice approached. When she reached the desk, he looked
up, but did not asked Alice to be seated.

"Good morning Alice," Mr. Benton said with a familiar

Mr. Benton outlined the discrepancies that have occurred
in the audit of receipt and sales and their suspicions
that employees were taking money from the register.
Alice felt a small bit of perspiration form on her upper
lip and her heart accelerating again. Alice tried not to
react as Mr. Benton talked about the amount being in the
"thousands." He informed Alice that he had video cameras
secretly installed throughout the store to watch the

"We have you on tape taking money from the register,"
Mr. Benton told Alice.

Alice stared blankly for a minute. She was unsure what
to do.

"You are the only one we have caught stealing from the
register and the store is short about 23 thousand
dollars," Mr. Benton said.

Alice felt tears forming in her eyes. She blurted out a

"I didn't take that much," Alice sobbed.

Mr. Benton informed Alice that she would be fired and
that he was going to call the police about the thefts.
If Alice paid the money back, she would still be fired,
but he would not call the police.

Alice's mind raced as she tried to think of a way out of
her situation.

"Please don't fire me," Alice begged, "I won't be able
to find another job."

Mr. Benton told Alice he had no choice and asked her
when she would payback the money. Alice told him she
could not pay it back and outlined her f****y situation,
the divorce, her teenage daughter, basically her life
story. Mr. Benton never indicated any emotion.

"Please, please, I'll do anything," Alice pleaded, "just
don't fire me or call the police."

This brought a response from Mr. Benton. He stood up to
his full height of over six feet and walked around the
desk and behind Alice. Alice turned to look at him. Mr.
Benton's hand was on his chin as his eyes gazed at
Alice's body. He smiled and Alice suddenly felt very

"Yes, there might be a way you could keep your job," Mr.
Benton said as he sat back into his chair.

"Thank you," Alice gushed.

"Well, let's see how bad you want to keep your job and
stay out of jail," Mr. Benton started, "unbutton your

Alice's mouth gaped open at Mr. Benton's words. She
never expected anything like that.

"No, I won't do that," Alice said and turned to leave
the office.

"Suit yourself," Mr. Benton said, "your fired" and he
picked up the phone. "Beth, get the Chief of Police on
the phone."

Alice stopped and turned around. She could not afford to
lose her job or go to jail. Her shoulders slumped and
she started to slowly unbutton her blouse.

"Beth, never mind," Mr. Benton said and hung up the

Alice continued to unbutton her blouse and Mr. Benton
motion for her to remove it. Alice could not believe
that she was stripping for him. She stood, her head
hanging down with her bra covering her breasts.

"Now the bra," Mr. Benton ordered.

Alice looked up pleadingly, but saw no sympathy in Mr.
Benton's eyes. Alice reached behind her and unclasped
her bra and pulled in from her shoulders. When the cool
air in the office hit her nipples, Alice felt them
hardened like rocks. She was about five days out from
her period so her breasts were a little swollen and

"Nice tits," Mr. Benton commented, "I like `em small and
firm, now the skirt."

Alice blushed red as she unbuttoned the skirt and
allowed it to fall to the ground. She slowly stepped out
of it. Now Alice was only wearing her cotton briefs and
low heeled shoes. She covered her crotch with her hands
and a tear rolled down her cheek.

"The panties too," Mr. Benton said.

Alice sighed heavily and rolled her panties down her
hips and over her legs. She slowly stepped out of them
and stood facing Mr. Benton, naked, her hands covering
her crotch. Alice stared at Mr. Benton as he sat behind
his desk. She could see that he was stroking himself
while he watched her.

"Move your hands," Mr. Benton commanded, "and spread
those legs a little."

Alice slowly moved her hands away and stood with her
legs slightly apart. Mr. Benton stood up and walked over
to where Alice stood, naked. He walked around her a
couple of times without speaking. Alice wanted to get
dress and wanted this to be over. Mr. Benton was behind
her now and he moved close enough where Alice could feel
his breath of her shoulders.

Suddenly she felt his hands slip over her arms and
around to her chest. His massive black hands grasp her
breasts completely and he squeezed them hard. Alice
grunted. Only five days out from her period, not only
were her breasts swollen but they were exquisitely

"Please, don't," Alice begged.

Mr. Benton mumbled something about jail and Alice got
the meaning. His hands left her breasts and he came in
front of her. Alice glanced downward as Mr. Benton
buried his hand over her mons and pushed a finger
between her cunt lips. He quickly found her clit and
gave it a pressured rub. Alice fought back the feelings,
but knew her clit would quickly hardened to his touch.
Mr. Benton's finger slid past her clit and into her

"Already wet, I knew it," Mr. Benton said as he pushed
his finger inside Alice.

Alice was mortified that her body betrayed her in such a
fashion. She started to close her legs as Mr. Benton
worked a second finger into her cunt. For some reason,
Alice could not close her legs against the intrusion.
Mercifully, Mr. Benton removed his fingers and wiped
them in Alice's hair. He then walked back to his desk
and sat down.

"Over here, slut, and give me a blow job," Mr. Benton

Alice just stood, frozen. The word "slut" stung in her
ears. She could not believe what he just called her and
ordered her to do. Alice remembered her wimp husband and
how she detested sucking him and now this black man, her
boss was wanting the same.

"I can't," Alice blurted out.

"Okay," Mr. Benton responded and picked up the phone.

Alice started walking slowly over to where Mr. Benton
sat. She knelt down behind his desk and between his legs
and stared at the bulge behind his zipper.

"Slut Alice, if I have to ask twice again, I will not
stop in calling the police," Mr. Benton informed her,
"and this is self-service so get to work."

Alice slowly unzipped the pants and worked her hand
inside. She was shocked to find Mr. Benton was not
wearing underwear. She wrapped her hands around what
felt like a baseball bat and pulled it from his
trousers. Alice stared wide-eyed at Mr. Benton's 12 inch
penis that was at least four inches around.

"You'd better hurry it up, slut," Mr. Benton said,
aggravation showing.

Alice licked the tip of his massive cock then placed her
lips around. Mr. Benton pushed her head down onto his
rod. Alice gagged, choked and coughed as the huge tool
hit the back of her throat. Mr. Benton cautioned her
about the teeth. Alice then started to bob her head up
and down on his shaft while licking the sides with her
tongue. After about five minutes, Mr. Benton's phone
rang. Alice started to stop when Mr. Benton held his
hand on the back of her head.

"No one told you to stop slut," Mr. Benton said as he
answered the phone.

Alice was embarrassed and humiliated as Mr. Benton
talked on the phone to someone in the store while she
continued to suck him. When Mr. Benton finished his
conversation, he grabbed Alice's long hair and slammed
her head down on his dick. Alice struggled to breathe as
the enormous dick passed down her throat.

Mr. Benton held her fast and Alice thought she would
pass out when his cock enlarged and shot what seemed
like a gallon of sperm down Alice's throat. Alice felt
at least four gobs of sperm strike her throat and slide
down. As Mr. Benton's cock softened he released Alice
and she sat back onto to the floor cough and spitting.

Mr. Benton congratulated Alice on doing giving such a
wonderful blow job. Alice felt sick at her stomach as
Mr. Benton talked. He told Alice was his slut until her
debt was paid. If she did everything she was told, she
could keep her job and not pay the money back.

Mr. Benton told Alice she was to shave her cunt and ass
completely. She was not to wear any panties to work
anymore. He also told her to buy some sexy garters,
stockings, short skirts, and bras.

Alice would no longer be allowed to wear anything but
skirts to work. Alice slowly got off the floor while Mr.
Benton continued his instructions. He told Alice he and
anyone he pleased would use her like a slut. He asked
Alice if she understood. Alice stood at the desk, naked
with a trickle of cum on the corner of her mouth and

"You're dismissed for now," Mr. Benton said as he placed
his limp cock back inside his pants.

Alice started to dress. Mr. Benton reminded her about
the panties and made Alice give her panties to him.
Alice finished dressing and left the office. Beth said
something to her, but Alice did not respond. When she
arrived back in her department Myra asked her how things
went. Alice told Myra she felt sick and rushed off to
the employee's restroom.

Alice arrived in the stall just as the first wave of
vomited came to her mouth. She spit up into the toilet
and saw the big glob of white sperm that just came up
from her gut. Alice threw up twice more with the same
results. When she was finished, Alice sat on the toilet
and peed. When she wiped herself, she saw the paper
contained a large amount of clear, thick fluid from her

Alice felt herself and when her finger reached her
vagina she found that it was soaked with her juices. She
lightly touched her clit and almost had an orgasm in the
stall. Alice did not know why her body reacted so, but
could not dispute the physical evidence. She took a deep
breath, tried to straighten her clothing and went back
to work.

When Alice returned from lunch her heart sank when Myra
informed her Mr. Benton wanted to see her again. Alice
slowly walked to his office and Beth again ushered her
right in. Mr. Benton was seated in the same place.

"What took so long slut, when I call for you, you come
right away," Mr. Benton chided her. "You'll have to be

Alice was pulled by Mr. Benton over to his desk and
ordered to lean over the desk. Mr.

Benton removed his belt and told Alice to raise her
skirt up to her waist. Alice pleaded for Mr.

Benton not to do this, but he just waited. Alice was
sobbing as she exposed her bare ass to Mr. Benton and
held her skirt around her waist. She heard the swish on
the belt through the air and the sting as it landed on
her right asscheeks. Alice grunted and bit her lower lip
not wanting to scream. Mr. Benton delivered ten hard
swats to Alice's ass with the belt.

She felt each blow and like her ass was on fire. By the
time the whipping stopped, Alice had started groaning
with each stroke. Mr. Benton ordered her to spread her
legs, which she did without hesitation. Alice felt a
trickle of her own juices rolling down the inside of her
thigh. She heard Mr. Benton's zipper and waited, filled
with a curious combination of terror and anticipation,
which confused her.

"Please, I don't want to get pregnant," Alice whimpered.

Mr. Benton ignored her and lined his enormous dick up
with Alice's tiny slit. He pushed the tip against her
cunt lips and tried to work it inside her cunt.

"Damn, you're a tight little slut," Mr. Benton said with
a chuckle.

Alice tried to relax as the pain in her cunt increased
with Mr. Benton's pressure. She felt his four inch thick
cock open her cunt and slide about an inch inside of
her. Alice thought she would pass out from the pain. Mr.
Benton threw his hips forward and almost half of his
giant dick filled Alice's cunt. Alice grunted and
groaned as another inch slid into her.

"I'm goin' have to stretch your tight pussy out," Mr.
Benton said and pushed another inch into Alice.

Alice was fighting the mixture of pure pain and agony in
her cunt as Mr. Benton pushed more inside her. She felt
her cervix and uterus move upward out of the way as the
head of his dick plowed further into her cunt. Alice
almost past out with his last thrust until she felt his
balls slap against her clit. Mr. Benton stopped for a
moment and Alice realized she was holding her breath.
She left out a long gasp of air and Mr. Benton pulled
his cock outward.

"Oh God, you're killing me," Alice screamed.

Alice felt as if her insides were being pulled outward
as Mr. Benton extracted his dick almost completely out
of her cunt, then slammed it hard back inside. Alice
tried to brace herself as Mr. Benton started to pound
her cunt in a rhythm. She could feel her vaginal walls
stretching to accommodate his massive dick. His huge
balls slapped against her clit causing shards of
electrifying pleasure to shoot into her body.

Alice did not want to cum, she fought it with every
thought. Mr. Benton buried his cock deep inside her cunt
and she felt it grow. When the first splash of warm
semen hit her cunt walls, Alice exploded. She writhed in
pleasure at the feeling of having her cunt completely

A loud moan escaped her lips as his cock slipped deep in
and out of her dripping cunt. Alice could not believe
it, but she found herself shoving her hips backward to
meet his thrust.

Finally Mr. Benton stopped and allowed his cock to slip
out of Alice's cunt. Alice knew her cunthole was
stretched and remained open. She could feel cool air
blowing against her vaginal walls. She remembered she
was five days from her period and hoped it would be
enough to stop a pregnancy.

"You're quiet the little slut," Mr. Benton observed,
"now clean up this mess."

Alice struggled to her feet and turned around. It was
true, she was a slut. She had just experienced the most
explosive orgasm of her life at the hands of her boss.
Alice knew what was expected now and knelt down and took
Mr. Benton's cock into her mouth. Alice cleaned her
juices from his cock and placed his cock back into his
pants and pulled the zipper upward.

When done, Alice stood up and smoothed her skirt again.
She could feel the cum dripping down the inside of her
thighs and wanted to go quickly and clean up. But Alice
dared not leave without permission.

"Nicely done slut," Mr. Benton commented.

Before she was allowed to leave Mr. Benton reminded
Alice about shaving herself and her wardrobe.

"My son has a birthday party a week from tomorrow,
you're his gift," Mr. Benton said and dismissed Alice.

As Alice walked past Beth she glanced at the ground and
did not look up. This time, she hurried to the
employee's restroom and sat down on the toilet with her
legs spread. Alice watched as sperm dropped into the
water below her and hoped again she would not get

Satisfied no more sperm would leak out the remainder of
her shift, Alice went to the mirror to straighten
herself. She looked a little flushed, but really no
different. Yet inside, Alice felt completely different.
She knew she was Mr. Jake Benton's slut and there was
the overwhelming desire to please him. As she left work
that night, Alice stopped off at the mall and found one
of the women's stores that carried sexy underclothes.

Even though she was on a very tight budget, Alice bought
several things Mr. Benton wanted including three short
skirts. When she arrived home, Alice drew a bath and
proceeded to shave her cunt and ass of all hair. She
tried on her clothes and liked the way it felt to be
bare and pantyless.

As she lay down to sl**p, she thought about being a
birthday present for Mr. Benton's son. Her cunt lips
swelled as she could almost feel the thickness of Mr.
Benton's cock and hoped his son was as well-endowed.
Alice felt sound asl**p, contented and secure for the
first time in a long time.

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Very nice. Loved it!
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looking forward to part 2
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awesome story