Follow Up Interview

As part of the interview process I had to come in for a second interview. This time I had to prove myself to the regional manager. I wore my nicest tie and suit. I wondered if I actually needed a suit and tie given what happened in the first interview. I got there early enough that the manager was not there yet. After a short while an even older woman came into the office. She had to have been close to retirement.

“Hello Mr. Hendrix, I am the regional manager. I heard you have some pretty good qualifications. This way please.”

The door closed. In the middle of the meeting my potential boss came into the room. “Sorry I’m late, I had some other things to take care of” she said as she buttoned up her top button.

She went over some of the more in depth aspects of the job. “Does this seem like something that you are still interested in?” I nodded my head. “Well you should know by now that there is still one part of the interview that I have to conduct.” She walked over to me and undid all of my clothes. I stood there completely naked as she rubbed my cock. With her other hand she crested her chest at the fuck she was about to have. After she took off her suit top it was apparent to me that she was not wearing anything under her top layer. She took off her skirt and started to massage my cock with her ass. She then grabbed me lightly by the cock over to the desk. She put me in the position that she wanted me to be. I was face up on the desk. She climbed on top of me and slid her pussy to my mouth.

Not wanting to be left out, my potential boss joined in by inserting my cock into her pussy. Both women enjoyed themselves. The boss stretched out to lick the ass of the manager. After a time the manager switched her position to allow us to lubricate the other region. The manager scooted back slightly so that I could once again lick her cunt. The boss then saw that there was enough room on my face for two. She rubbed her pussy up against the manager’s while I took care of licking whatever juices came out of both of them.

The manager got off my face and started to move toward my cock. The boss helped her insert my rod into her pussy. As the manager bounced around, she gave attention to the boss by rubbing down her pussy. The boss gave thanks by licking her nipples. The boss then reached into the desk to get a dildo. As the manager enjoyed my cock, the boss filled in her other hole with the dildo. Without missing a beat, the boss put her pussy back on top of my face. She then moved her licking attention to the manager’s cunt as it moved up and down on my cock.

My dick could not take anymore. The manager got off my dick just in time. My load reached all the way up to her tits. The boss was in charge of cleaning up my mess. She started on the manager’s nipples and worked her way down until she had cleaned every last bit of cum out of her bush.

“There is one more part to this interview” the manager said as she came back to my face. Her pussy hovered over my face as she wildly figured herself. I started to lick her just to help out. The boss did not want to be left out of the action. She wanted a fresh batch of my dicks cum. She gave me one of her world famous tongue blow jobs. The manager was the first to explode. Her warm squirt coated the inside of my mouth. I then rewarded the boss with some fresh out of my dick cum. Everybody looked at one another with satisfaction.

“I think you have the job.”

“Great, when does it start?”

“It starts Monday. We will see you then.”
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8 months ago
Woman on woman. Hmmm.
4 years ago
This sound all reated your stories overlap real well but who am i to cretic what is written hope for more thanks