Internet Friends 2

My girlfriend has been on her period lately, and so I haven’t been able to do anything with her. It has made me think that it is one of the things that I have not done yet. I went back to my profile to see if I could meet a woman with such qualifications. After a while of looking, I had found a partner somewhat near me.

We met at her place for drinks. She told me her story about how she came to the internet in search for love. She had been happily married for many years when her husband past away. He was a truck driver who was not home most of the time. She had never cheated on him. While he was not home most of the time, he made the most of when he was. Every time he had a chance to come home, he would fill every sexual itch she had to the fullest. The only problem was that some of the times he was home she was not available. She allowed him in knowing that he would not be back for a while. Since his death, she had tried to take care of herself with toys. The toys did not compare to the real thing her husband gave her. A real person would have to replace everything that her husband was, including her rough times.

She was wearing a flowery dress that came down midway down her legs. Her profile said that she was 49, but I would say that she looked a bit older. After drinks we started to make out. Her hands rubbed my chest. My hands felt her chest to find that she was wearing a cloth bra under her dress. It was not thick enough to hide her nipples. Within a short time, I moved down her neck. Her hand fell down to my zipper. They quickly uncovered my cock. She pinched my head followed my stroking my shaft. My hand followed suit by going between her legs. I have always found it extremely hot to find a girl not wearing panties. I do not know why they even invented them. When my finger touched her clit, she showed me that she was happy for my discovery.

I took my finger out of her to lick it, while I descended to her vagina. She moved her body to the edge of the couch and opened her legs. With my first bite, I removed the string from between her hairy lips. After the distraction had been removed, I proceeded to lick her lower nerve endings. She lowered her top to expose her breasts. While I played with her lower half, she played with her top. When I knew she was prepared, I put my finger back inside of her. Her breath deepened as my speed increased. With a gasp she asked me to go inside of her. I got up from my knees and inserted my penis into her. She opened her mouth with excitement. I put my finger which I had used on her into her mouth and she cleaned it for me. I then lowered my head to suck on her nipples as my cock took care of her pussy. My entire bare cock was covered in her vaginal ingredients. Her interior rubbed my cock. It seemed to have an increased intensity because of the moment in which I was with her. I could not take it anymore and unloaded right inside of her.

After my release, she had me lay down on the floor. Once on the ground I found out the reason. She engulfed my dick with her mouth. It did not take long for me to re-harden. Her fluid was all over my cock, and without thought, she took it in encouraging me to add my fluids into her mouth. I obliged.

“You know, that is one of the nice things about making love during this time. We don’t have to waste time with condoms.” She handed me the string I had gotten out earlier. “This is for you since I wasn’t wearing panties.”

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