Friend from the Internet

Just to give all of my fans out there an update, my girlfriend’s computer has a virus on it. As soon as it is cleared, she will finish her story. Until then, I thought I would fill you with my most current sexual experience with an older woman. We met on a social network. She had been divorced for some years. Marriage was not her thing anymore. Sex was taken care of by her vibrator. That was until one fateful day. As she was masturbating, she accidently slipped her vibrator out of her pussy and straight into her ass. The feeling electrified her entire body. She knew that she had to feel a live man’s dick inside her ass. She needed to know what it felt like to have a real piece of meat inside of her. Every now and again I pass through the internet profiles to see if there are any hot women to sl**p with. Usually the better ones are out at bars, but every now and again there is a diamond in the rough online.
From how she described herself, she had the right amount of bush to satisfy me. After a few exchanges of email we choose to meet in person. A few meetings later, we set of a fuck date. I knocked on her door. She opened the door wearing a dress. She pulled down her panties right in front of me. My cock was already hard in anticipation.

We walked over to her couch. I sat down next to her.

“This is the vibrator that I lost my anal virginity,” she said as she showed me her green toy. “I just have a couple of rules. First, I don’t give oral until at least the second fucking. I want to know that you can make me cum first. Second, lick first, and then you can put your dick in either one as you please. Third, I want all your cum in my ass, nowhere else.”

After that brief tutorial, I started to suck on her neck and ears. It was a nice start to her moans. My fingers slowly went down her body reaching her inner thighs. Her pussy was waiting for me as well. She ran her hand down my thighs to see if I was enjoying myself. I lowered my kisses to the valley of her chest. Without taking her top off, I went straight to business. I lifted her dress to see the wet forest I had created. My tongue caressed her clitoris while my finger went deep inside of her. My other hand landed on her vibrator. A thought crossed my mind. Instead of my finger, I inserted her vibrator inside of her vagina as I licked her juices. I then used my wet finger to moisturize her bottom. I could feel the vibrations from her pussy deep inside her rear.

Despite her deep orgasms, she twisted herself around in a way that told me she was ready for a dick. I licked up her ejaculation from her pussy. I then stuck my tongue as deep into her ass as I could. As I took my tongue out, I gave her ass a good spit. My finger made sure the entire interior of her rectum was wet. My dick gave her a second inspection. Her moans told me that it was moist enough.

I loved fucking her ass, but I wanted to give her pussy some action too. I took my dick out of her ass, and to say hello to her pussy. As I penetrated her vagina, I could not help but notice how lonely her butt was. I then saw her vibrator. As I rocked her pussy, I put the vibrator into her lonely ass. As my body smacked against her, the vibrator went deep inside her body. Her tight ass then popped it outward. She was receiving a one man double penetration. Her constricting orgasms made me continue this. Her entire body was curling in excitement. Her eyes and mouth were unable to move from their orgasm.

Before long, I was about to have my own orgasm. I switched the vibrator and my dick so that I could follow her third rule. Shortly my penis released its load into her ass. I continued to run the vibrator until her moans of joy turned to cries of pain.

After a long time to regain her breath, she put her panties back on. I had already gotten dressed while she relaxed. We said it was nice to meet one another again. We said we would keep in touch if the moment seemed right. With that I got in my car, and went back to my apartment.

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