Unexpected Surprise

As it turns out, my girlfriend left her phone in our apartment to record my actions. She wanted to see how I did with domination. We got back from errands when she asked me to help her with something in our room.

“Are you comfortable?” She asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“That’s good,” she said as she took off my shirt. “I bet you didn’t know that I knew you wanted to dominate. In the two years that we have known each other, I bet you didn’t know that I love leather and ropes too. I found you were on that porn site. I thought I would start a profile to see what you were up to.” (For the record, I do not know her user name or anything. This is the first I heard that she had joined this website.) She got up to go to the closet. “You know I’m not posting anything, but I found out from your favorites that you were starting to save BDSM. That gets me off.” She said as she turned around with a blind fold in hand. She got on the bed and started to kiss me as she put the blind fold on me. “The only thing is that sometimes I like to dominate.” As she said that, she pulled ropes out from the four corners of our bed. Without a fight she tied each one around my arms.

“This is something I had up my pussy all morning,” she said as she put some cloth around my face. The smell of her hairy pussy was directly over my nose. She kissed me down my body until she got to my penis. She stopped. Without warning, I felt her hot pussy directly over my mouth. The only thing that I could breathe was her pussy. There was no air coming from anywhere else. Hairs came off into my mouth. I could not pick them out. She then put her ass over my mouth and farted. I had no choice but to lick it up.

She got off, and returned to my penis. For a moment, nothing happened. Suddenly, a chain was around the base of my penis. She tied it tightly around my trunk. As she gave me a blow job, she rolled the chain up and down my shaft. Her pussy was right above my hand. I tried to touch her. Each time, she slapped my arm. “I’m getting off, not you asshole,” she said. To show she meant business, she gave me an Indian burn on my arm. After a good blow, she came up to give me a big French kiss. I had no choice but to kiss her lips that had just been around my penis. I was able to push her pubic hair from my mouth into hers.

She reattached the chain to my penis and got on top of me. I did not know how wet she could get until I felt the inside of her dominating pussy. The constant smell of her pussy in my nose provoked my penis to cum. I did not want to cum inside her pussy because she just finished her period. I would eventually like c***dren with her, but not at this point.

“I’m about to cum,” I exclaimed. One of the big differences between girls my girlfriends age, and mature women is that they know when it is coming. That is probably one of the biggest mistakes younger girls make and why they end up getting pregnant. She got off my cock, and my load sprayed up into the air and onto my thigh. She then licked it off my leg.

“How did you like that?” She asked as she undid the ties. My smile said that
I enjoyed it. As she took off my blind fold, I was able to see that she had d****d a wet pair of her panties over my face.

After I was untied, we lay there. My girlfriend noticed that even after delivering my load, I was still hard. She stroked it to get it back to peak performance. Since her pussy had gotten most of the attention during the first round, I thought it would be nice to involve her ass. I rolled her over to expose her backdoor. After a nice session, I released my load inside of her bottom. As I pulled out, a small amount of her poop came out onto our bed. I got her already dirty panties to wipe it and my dick.

Later that day we went to a local fair. When we got back, we laid on our bed to relax. As she changed for bed, I could not help but get horny once again. She got onto the bed. I got on top of her in the missionary position. When it was close to my time to ejaculate, I took my cock out. I went up to her face, and shot it into her face to complete the hat trick.

92% (9/1)
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7 months ago
Bondage...yes. Domination...absolutely.
3 years ago
mmmm...more? please....
3 years ago
Has potential