Well, my girlfriend and I celebrated our two year anniversary together over the Fourth of July weekend. She found out that I have been talking to a few users here on xhamster about domination. For those who are into this type of thing, it was my first time. Hopefully I did well for dominating over a slut.

After a nice fuck session with her, there was a knock at our apartment door. She answered and a woman came in carrying a bag. My girlfriend turned to me and said “I think the two of you have a few things in common. Have a happy anniversary.” She turned her iPod on to play ‘Master of Puppets’ by Metallica. With that she put on her shoes and went out the door.

The second my girlfriend closed the door, the woman looked at me and said, “I’m just a dirty cum slut your girlfriend got to fill with your sperm.” She reached into her bag to pull out hand cuffs. “Put these on me, and use whatever you want in the bag to make me feel pain.”

I thought a small role play would be nice. I came up from behind her to start acting like a cop. “We have a warrant for your arrest. I’m afraid we’re going to have to take you down town,” I said as I slammed the cuffs on her. “You seem like the type that wouldn’t last a day in prison. Maybe I can cut a deal with you to keep you from being rapped.” My hands rubbed her chest and vagina. I then threw her on the bed. “You know what I hate the most of all? Panties! I yelled as I ripped them off her body along with her pants. “Don’t ever wear panties in my presence!” I then took her shirt up exposing her breasts. “That’s more like it.”

I looked in her bag to see what toys she had brought. The first thing I saw was a paddle. I turned to her and spanked her as hard as I could. “Slut! I don’t use paddles. In my house, I use my bare hand. That’s all you are. A dirty cum slut whore. What are you?”

“A dirty cum slut whore,” she said.

“Don’t ever forget that.” I said as I pulled her hair. “What toy do you want me to get out next?”

“I would like the banana.”

“Slut,” I said as I spanked her. “I tell you what you want. You don’t have the brains to do jack shit. Do you understand? Tell me what you are.” I spanked her for forgetting her place.

“I’m a dirty cum slut whore.” I hit her again to ensure that she did not forget.

She had some full ice cubes in her bag. For anybody who has not used ice cubes, they are the best. I shoved an entire cube in her pussy and watched as it dripped out of her. As it melted I rubbed her clitoris as hard as I could. As different parts of her body hardened, I attached cloth pins to her increased sensitive areas. After rubbing a few cubes over different parts of her body, I then took the banana straight into her whore hole. I then pealed the banana and put sections of it into both holes. I put it as deep as I could. I then told her to push it back out. Her tight holes could not keep the banana intact. The mushed banana went back into my hand. I took the oozed banana up to her face. “This was in your pussy and ass,” I said as I threw it in her face. “Eat it!” She ate it as if it was her favorite fruit. I wiped the entire banana down her throat. “Here’s your slut drink to wash it down,” I said as I masturbated a quick batch of cum into her face. I took her vibrator out of her bag to wipe it to her mouth. The vibrator then went into her pussy. “You better get the morning after pill because I don’t want k**s from a slut like you.” I kept her going until she was just about to climax. “If you finish, I’m going to hit you so hard.” With that she stopped and started to bite her lip. I kept the vibrator going just to see if she could hold it.

“Do you want your handcuffs off?” I asked her.

She shook her head yes.

“To get them off, you have to do something for me. I want to watch you piss as I piss down your body. As I do this I want you to masturbate because it is hot for me.” I took her to our bathroom and sat her down on the toilet seat. After a short wait she started to piss. I undid one of her hands so that she could play with herself. My stream shortly followed right down the middle of her breasts into her bush and off with her stream. With the end of my piss, I flew a little up into her face.

After it was over, I took off her other handcuff.

“Wow, for your first time dominating, you did well. I usually don’t hurt this much afterward. After masturbating so many times it makes my clit sore. With that said, I hit her right in the vagina as hard as I could. I then started to rub her still exposed clitoris. She went to the floor in small pain. “Please stop.”

“I’m not going to stop until you stop thinking you can tell me anything slut.” I said in response. After a few more painful rubs, I stopped. She picked up her things, and thanked me for a great night. I thanked her for her time as well. She checked her phone to make sure she had my girlfriend’s number. With that we exchanged hugs. I called my girlfriend to tell her that we were finished, and that she could return. I couldn’t help but think of all the great memories we have had together over the two years we have been together. She had given me some of the best gifts I have ever gotten.
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