My Vacation

I thought I would share a small story from my vacation. My girlfriend and I did not meet any swinger, but we still had our own fun. I started by nibbling on her ears and neck. I slowly went down to her breasts to tease her. While I was sucking her breasts, I remembered that I had some baby carrots in my suitcase. I quickly grabbed them. I took her by the feet and dragged her to the edge of the bed while I took off her pants and panties in one swipe. I took one of the carrots out of the bag and tickled her clitoris. The cold carrots made her smile. I then inserted it inside her vagina. After covering the carrot with her vaginal juices I looked at her as I ate it. I then repeated this with a carrot into her butt. I inserted the carrot as far as it could go inside of her. She groaned as it touched her sphincter. I put I hand over her butt to make sure it did not come right out. She then popped it out into my mouth. Finally I took two carrots and inserted one into each of her holes. I rubbed the thin wall between her two holes. She enjoyed that.

The best part was when I realized we had ice in our room. I took two pieces of ice and rubbed them on her nipples. As I rubbed I licked the tips to ensure their growth. When the cubes melted away, I got two more. Her pussy started to anticipate the coming attraction. I rubbed the ice down her breasts and down her stomach. The ice lasted to the edge of her forest. I got another ice cube to rub her clitoris. The freezing sensation made her moan. Her toes curled as her back arched. When the ice was melted down I inserted it into her vagina. With the next ice cube, I rimmed her butt. Each time a cube got too small, I just put it inside of her. Water was dripping all over the hotel sheets both from her naturally created liquid and all of the melted ice. Ice did not last long on her body. Her pussy did a great job of melting it quickly. Each time a new cube met her pussy her back recoiled.

When a great puddle formed, I knew it was time to move on. I took a full cube and fingered it as deep inside her pussy as I could get it. My penis acted as a ramrod shoving the freezing ice against her vaginal wall. The extra lubrication served as added help for my dick. Each thrust was punctuated with a splash inside of her vagina. I knew that I was going to cum soon, and I did not want her butt to be left out. I switched my attention to it while I got another carrot to occupy her vagina. I could feel the carrot rubbing my cock through her vagina. Her eyes were staring at the ceiling in a repetitive orgasm. I thought she had enough and allowed my sperm to flow out into her butt. I took the carrot out and ate it for an after sex snack. The way she hugged me and looked at me after let me know that I had went above and beyond my already satisfying performance. On our upcoming anniversary she said that she would repay me for my actions. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to it.

PS Recently a loyal reader emailed me that he loved my stories, but his wife or girlfriend caught him reading them and got mad. She wanted him to stop reading this smut. I thought that many of you might be in committed relationships too. Unlike my girlfriend, your partner might not want you watching/reading porn as well. I thought that if you ever get caught you could use the same advice I gave him. Just tell your partner that you are not really creative. You get your sexy ideas from the porn sites. Remember that one night I really got you off? Well, that was something I saw/read about on this porn site. It worked for him, and I hope it works for each and every one of you.
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