Sorry I left most of you hanging. Like I said in the last one, I am searching for a new job. It is taking lots of time putting out resumes and filling out applications. I just now have time to sit down and write out what happened. One of my prospects is a job at a country club. I am optimistic. The interview is May 25, so wish me luck. I just hope there will be tons of rich older women who are lonely because their husbands only worry about golf and work.

The next day I woke up. I assume my student’s grandma woke up with some evidence that she had been d***k and that she had slept with me. I got a phone call from her.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry about last night. I was d***k. Please, please don’t stop tutoring my son. He thinks you’re great. Can you look beyond this, and please, keep tutoring him? I’m so sorry!”

I tried my best to pretend to accept her apology. She was great, and there was nothing to say sorry for in my mind. I did not want her to think I thought it was ok though. “It’s ok; you had a moment of weakness. We all have those. I care about your grandk**, and I want him to succeed. I accept your apology, and I’ll be there for his session next week.”

“Oh thank God. I am so sorry that happened.”

“It’s ok. I don’t want to hear another word of it. I’m coming next week to tutor him, and that’s final.”

“Thank you so much. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.” I said and then we both hung up.

That week I showed up for my usual session. His grandma stayed out of the room entirely. With our first session, she was almost in the room more than me. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that she was peaking through an open door. I could not tell was she was doing. From my angle it looked like her hand was over midsection. Every now and again, she would leave. I could here small screams coming from the room. It was almost like she was masturbating while I was tutoring her grandson.

At the end of the session he left to go hang out with some friends. It was his reward for sitting through the session. His grandma came out.

“So, how did he do?”

“Good, he’s still having some problems with adjectives, but I think he’ll get it soon.”

“That’s good. Here’s a little extra for doing a good job with him.”


“Listen, it’s just that I haven’t been with another man since my husband died. I just cut loose a little too much…”

“I told you not to worry about it. If you want my honest opinion, I thought you were great.” That comment made her blush. “I wouldn’t have thought that you ever had a gap in your sex life.” That made her blushes even more, but she still looked like she wanted to keep making excuses. “Would it help if we had sex with each other while you’re sober?” She did not know what to say. I thought I would say something for her by giving her a powerful French kiss. I could tell she was thinking about pushing away, but her better judgment gave it and she stayed kissing me.

She started by taking off my pants and underwear at the same time. Listening to her masturbate all session long made it easy for my dick to get hard. I took off my shirt to make sure that it did not get in her way as she gave me a blowjob. She seemed to have a natural skill to sucking cock. I just stood there putting all of my f***e to not cumming. I did not want to loose it this early. Her mouth felt like the inside of a nice vagina. Her tongue knew exactly where to go as her head rocked back and forth on my rod. I think she realized that she was doing too well because I was almost ready to ejaculate when she stopped. She wanted her pussy to get some attention as well.

She crawled up on the sofa behind her. As she unbuttoned her pants, I took them down with her panties. I wanted to lick her, but my cock was screaming to go in. I stopped for a brief second to lick her for a short amount of time. Even as my cock was begging me for pussy, I wanted to still be a gentleman and give my lover oral stimulation. I think she was ready for my cock as well, so I cut the oral sex shorter.

My cock entered her as eagerly as I saw it with any other woman. I thrust myself against her; her body getting shoved into the sofa. Each time her orgasm became greater. Her bra confined breasts shook underneath her shirt as I attacked her vaginal walls. Her hands were above her head as if she was riding a powerful roller coaster. The contact of our bodies was deafened by her hairy vagina. I could feel the veins in my penis expanding with each penetration. At my last opportunity, I took my dick out of her to spray my load on her yellow shirt down to the edge of her forest.

“Umm, this tastes familiar,” she said as she wiped up some of my semen. “You know this is the first time I had sex since my husband died.” I looked at her pleased. I could not help to think about how much of her oral sex skills were purely nature given the amount of time she had gone without doing that. “He was never rude enough to put his thing in my butt though.” I gave her a look that I was sorry for breaking her anal virginity especially since it was at her old age. She then looked at me and said “It’s ok; you had a moment of weakness. We all have those.” We both smiled at each other.

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