My First's

My first kiss came in the back seat of a movie theater. During our first kiss, she could clearly feel my boner through my pants. On our second date, she could not resist seeing the rock hard thing I had in my pants. I believe the movie we went to see was Signs with Mel Gibson. Since no Mel Gibson movie is actually worth watching we again entertained ourselves in the back seats. This time instead of kissing over the arm rests, she sat on my lap. This made my penis even harder. After a nice make out session, she was ready to view my penis. She unzipped my pants, and felt me. We French kissed as she felt my penis. I tried with everything in me to hold my load. That turned out to be impossible. I got cum all over her hand, and both of our shirts. With hesitation she looked at the cum on her hand. She slowly put the tip of her tongue to her messy hand. After getting the first taste, she licked up the rest of the mess on her hand. She then looked at me to see if I was pleased. I was.

My next girlfriend gave me my first blowjob. We where in her bed at her parent’s house. She was also the one that I felt my first vagina. I was young and did not know much about women. When I put my hand down her pants, she directed me to the place she liked to be touched. She in turn touched me. She already knew how to touch a guy. A month or so after that was my birthday. My present that year was a blowjob. She kissed me down my chest, and then came to my pants. She removed them to leave my bare penis exposed. Her mouth engulfed my penis with strong womanly sucks. I tried to hold it to show that I could last, but her skills were too great. She swallowed. After she was done, she gave my dick a nice suck to make sure my entire load was out. When it was all out, she licked the tip of my penis. The intensity was so great.

I knew that I would also get to lick my first pussy. I started out by kissing her. Then I moved to her ears, and then down her neck. I kissed her all over chest paying special attention to the base of her breasts. While doing this, I lifted her shirt off. She then unsnapped her bra. I licked both nipples to make them moist. After both were wet, I started to rub them. It was now time to go down. When her pants were off, I started to lick the part that I had been fingering for so long, her clitoris. After the first experience, I started to experiment with new things. First I put my middle finger up her hole while I licked her to rub the inner most parts of her vagina. Then I stuck my tongue as deep into her. As time when on, I would lick her with my mouth, finger her with my left hand, and rub her tits with my right. Before long, I was starting to give attention to her back. I would put my middle finger in her vagina to get it wet. I would then take that and put it in her bottom. I would then put my ring finger in her butt as my middle took care of her vagina. Within a short time, I was then licking her ass to get it wet before fingering her in both holes at the same time.

The closest I had ever gotten to having sex thus far was when I joined an adult dating website. She was a 52 year old woman. She was in a play at my local playhouse. I had just turned 18, and preparing to graduate high school and getting my own place. I was still sadly living with my parents. I did not want to bring her to my house. After the play, the actors came out to greet the fans as is done with every play at this theater. She said that she enjoyed photography. There she was holding a camera looking around for me, as I looked for her. To be honest, I got nervous. To this day, I wish I could have slept with her because she was hot.
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good one
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You didn't get to fuck that thing????????