New Experiences

The business meeting was stressful. The meetings amounted to a bunch of special interest idiots just trying to get their way. Sandy could not wait to get out of this meeting and get back to her hotel room. A nice bath awaited her. By the end of the meeting, Sandy was more than ready to leave. She packed up her stuff, and started to the elevator. The elevator was packed full of people. Sandy did not enjoy crowded spaces, but she wanted to leave. She fit herself into the elevator and told the person closest to the panel ground floor.

A young woman was standing next to her. She turned to Sandy. “I like your earrings. They go well with your clothes. Where did you get those?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’ve had this stuff forever.” Sandy looked at the girl trying to stop the conversation. She did not like it when people talked in the elevator. She could not escape the conversation if she wanted. The girl just smiled back.

“I’m here on an internship,” the girl said. “My name’s Vanessa.”


The elevator stopped. “Well, this is my floor. It was nice meeting you Sandy. Maybe we could do lunch?”

“I don’t know. This business deal is taking up a lot of my time.” As Vanessa left the elevator, she left her hand out to slightly touch Sandy’s back. Sandy was grossed out by the fact that she had just been hit on by a lesbian.

When she got to the hotel, she knew that it was time to let her imagination to run wild. Sandy could not get the fact that she was hit on by another woman out of her head. As she started the water to her bath, she started to think what it might be like to be with another woman. Her ring glowed. Vanessa opened the door to the bathroom. She was wearing a pink see-through bra and panties. Her breasts were young and firm just like Sandy’s used to be. Her pussy was neatly trimmed as it stretched across her pussy. Sandy had given up on trimming her pussy.

“Here let me help you with that,” Vanessa said as she took off Sandy’s shirt. She kissed Sandy’s bra as she kneaded her breasts. She then rubbed her hands down underneath Sandy’s dress. As she fingered Sandy’s hole, she could not help but notice that Vanessa had more skills than most men. Sandy took off her dress to allow for more mobility. Vanessa reached around Sandy to remove her bra. She then removed the remainder of Sandy’s clothes.

Sandy gave Vanessa a look saying that she did not know what to do. In return, Vanessa said “Just let me start, and then follow me.” Vanessa caressed Sandy’s naked body. Sandy was apprehensive at first. Vanessa took her hands against Sandy’s to show her what to do. Intermixed with kisses, Vanessa said “Just pretend that I am you.” With that Sandy started to get the hang of things. Vanessa’s young breasts pressed up against the aged tits of Sandy. Their pussy hair tickled up against each other.

Vanessa flung back her hair and started to kiss down her body. Sandy sat down on the toilet. Even the men that Sandy imaged did not kiss her as well as Vanessa. She had a special touch that only a woman can have. When she got to her pussy, Vanessa knew every crevasse of her body. Sandy was overcome by orgasms. Vanessa then sat on the floor with her legs wide open encouraging Sandy to try it out. Sandy just closed her eyes and started to lick. She imagined that she was instructing a handsome young man how to lick her pussy. A young man appeared taking mental notes. Before long, Vanessa was moaning as well. Sandy opened her eyes. For some reason, she started to feel more comfortable with a woman. The young man disappeared.

Vanessa pulled out a double ended dildo. Sandy sat across from Vanessa. She put the fat dildo into her cunt. Vanessa then put the other end inside her. They rocked back and forth on the oversized sex toy built for two. Both women let out moans of enjoyment. As they screamed out orgasms, they looked into each others eyes and smiled.

Sandy stopped and took the dildo out of her cunt. She then took it out of Vanessa. The sex toy was put to the side. Sandy then scooted closer to Vanessa. She intertwined her legs with Vanessa’s. The two women started tribbing. Their cunts once again met. Their pussy lips pressed up against one another. Juices passed freely from one pussy to the other.

Sandy could feel a nice gush of fluid about to come out of Vanessa. She got up and put her face in a position to catch the liquid. Vanessa did not hold anything back as her cum sprayed into Sandy’s mouth. Sandy then lay on her back because she was about ready to blow. Vanessa got her lips over Sandy’s lips just in time to get Sandy’s pussy drink.

The ring glowed again. Sandy thought that maybe she was a little to harsh on Vanessa in the elevator. She just might take her up on the lunch offer.
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8 months ago
Great story. Once again you have made me wet. Always wet for you.
4 years ago
Hot the way women carry on that was great and yes I jacked off again thanks
5 years ago
5 years ago
great story