Old and New Friends

My new neighbor was a woman who knew what she wanted, and knew how to get it. After experiencing her first time with a woman, she now wanted a double dicking. I called up the boyfriend of my old professor. He was closer to the age of my neighbor, but age did not matter to her. She just wanted to feel two men in her at the same time. My professor was more than willing to give up her boyfriend for a night as long as we would both visit her later.

Like my neighbors first experience with a woman, she was nervous with two men. She had already had sex with me, so that was not a problem. She did not, however, know the other man. After a few drinks she began to get looser. My girlfriend was at least somebody that she had known before getting naked. My professor’s boyfriend was somebody completely new. There was a moment where I thought she was not going to go through with it. There would not have been a problem had she cut out, but it was something that she initially wanted to do.

Out of nowhere my neighbor blurted out “So how big is your dick?” to my professor’s boyfriend.

He looked shocked that she just blurted it out. After a hesitation, he replied, “Six inches.”

“Really? Let’s see it!” With that the evening had started. She took off his pants to investigate his claims. I helped to remove her clothes, while he took the rest of his clothes off.

“Bring that dick up to my mouth so I can have a taste” she said.

He stood up on the couch as she sat down on it. I took care of liquefying her pussy as she worked on filling her mouth with a stranger’s dick. While doing this important job, I took care of removing my own clothes. As her pussy started to get wet, I rubbed her walls. The moisture from her pussy was transferred to her ass by my finger. Also, I licked up loads of her own wetness and spit it into her other hole. When her ass was adequately moist, I put my middle finger up her cunt, and my ring finger in her back door.

She reached down with her arm to say that she no longer wanted to waste time with oral sex. She wanted penetration. She motioned me to sit down on the couch. My neighbor then came down as the piece of meat. He then entered her back as the top bun. Her ass did not break because she had played with her ass before. She had just never had a real piece of meat inside of her ass.

Having two dicks inside of her made her forget about the ending. We both unleashed our loads inside of her. Without thinking she got off of her ride and started to try to push the contents out of her. My professor’s boyfriend got one of the used alcohol containers to catch what came out. Before long, both of our loads dripped out of her and into the bottle. She promptly took the bottle and drank the entire thing.

After she licked her lips, she looked at both of us, “This means I’m a real milf now right?”

We looked at her in agreement.
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3 years ago
You never told her she was a MILF, before the DP? Of course not, why would you? Good story. Thanks
4 years ago
details but good