Old Boss

It was the last day for my boss. She had found a job elsewhere. Most of the staff was excited to see her leave, but they did not express it. She thought that she was well liked. As a going away surprise, she invited the staff to her house for a pool party.

I knew that few people would show up. I thought that I would stop by just to be nice so that somebody came to her party. I was sure that whoever showed up would not be swimming so I did not bother to bring a swimsuit. When I made it to my former bosses house there was a table full of food, but nobody was there.

“Hi Def, it’s nice to see you” she said as I placed my dish on the table. “I guess this is it” she said with a f***ed smile.

“Your house looks nice” I said.

“Thanks. Well, I guess you can grab a plate.” We sat and ate. We reminisced about work and made small talk. When we were done eating, she said, “Well, I really wanted to let everybody try my pool I got installed. Did you want to go for a swim?”

“I didn’t bring a suit. Sorry.”

“That’s ok. I think I still have a swimsuit that my ex-husband left in the basement. Did you want me to go check?”

“Sure.” I said not to upset her wanting to show off her new pool.

She went into the house. After a short time she came back with a pair of trunks. “I found a pair that should fit. Did you want to change into these? My bathroom is at the end of the hall on the left.” She handed me the trunks.

She followed me in and directed me to her bathroom. She went to her bedroom to change into her suit. As I changed into the swim trunks, I realized that they were a little too loose. He must have been a bigger guy. I pulled the draw strings as tight as they could go, but it was still somewhat loose. I had to walk like I was riding a saddle to keep the trunks around my waist.

I sat down on the deck and waited for her. When she came out she was wearing a modest one piece purple swimsuit. She handed me a towel and placed hers down on the chair next to me. We hopped into the warm water. We swam and talked. After a while, she asked me if I could get her a beer from the cooler. As I got out of the water, I forgot to keep my legs wide. My trunks came right off. There I was. My former boss was staring right at my bare ass.

“Oh my” she said. I could hear her wading toward me. I could not do anything, but just stand there naked on the deck. She got out of the water and pressed her body against mine. She reached her hand around and started to stroke my cock. She turned me around and placed my semi-hardened cock against her body. I could sense that the wetness in that area was not just from the pool.

“Remember that one time I bent over to pick up a toy off the floor? I don’t think you realized it, but I caught you trying to get a look down my blouse” she said. I just looked at her. “Would you like a better look?” She said as she removed the straps of her bathing suit. She took my hands and placed them on each of her breasts. My penis completely stiffened against her. I started to caress each one. Her mouth opened to take deeper breaths.

She moved my hands to her side, and helped me push down her swim suit the rest of the way. I followed the swim suit until I came to her vagina. She wrapped her leg around my head to press me into her feminine area.

After a few small orgasms, she was ready to have a man inside of her. She put me on my back, and climbed on top of me. She grabbed my penis, and lined in up. Her inside was so warm. Her breasts bounced as her body rocked. When she could control her convulsing, she would bend over to allow me to suck her tits.

She could tell by my convulsing body that I was about to finish. She got off, wrapped her hand around my cock, and started to stroke me. As I looked down at her stroking me, her breasts were right in view. They were just hanging. My cum shot right in the crevasse of her chest. She took her hand and wiped a bit of it, and placed it in her mouth.

“Now it’s your turn to finish me.”

She placed her hairy vagina over my mouth and dropped her body over my face. I pulled her body closer to me. Even after I gave her the first orgasm, she did not let up. I just kept licking and giving her orgasms until she let up.

As we lay on the deck, I wished her good luck at her next job. “I hope this isn’t the last we see of each other” she said with a certain twinkle to her eyes.

“I hope it’s not either” I said.

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9 months ago
Your boss? This sounds peculiarly familiar. I love your mind and your body and of course your cock. Great story baby.
1 year ago
have you been stopping by to play poolboy?
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
Well done.
1 year ago
oooo i liked it